Books Devoted to Chastity Belts

Somebody wrote me, asking a question:

Can you refer me to any books on the subject of Chastity belts? I have not had much luck in that area, and of course with the Neo Puritanism, afoot in the land, The Libraries, are not much help. All I have found was Dingwall's book, and a buch of "Sex Toy" catalogs. I would like to find a few serious volumes, and some pictures, on the subject. Can you help?

There are many books books devoted to the subject. Two that I am aware of have been mentoned on this website. Others may know of more titles, or may own a copy and wish to provide a review. I will gladly add them to this page as they become known to me.

Dr Eric J Dingwall, The Girdle of Chastity
Lorenzoni, Chastity Belt's Secret Story

More titles:

  • T. Caufeynon, La Ceinture de Chasteti, Paris 1904. In French of course, contains 125 pages and some drawings. A partial translation into English with no reference to the original title appeared as Padlocks and Girdles
  • Padlocks and Girdles of Chastity, The Big Dollar Books Company, New York 1932, Golden Hind Press, 1932, and a Third printing, April 1933
  • Alcide Bonneau, Padlocks-Girdles of chastity, private edition, New York 1928
  • Chastity Safeguards, a small booklet republished by Gauntlet by A.E. Niemoeller - A study of the mechanical means of preventing sexual indulgence in both men and women, employed in different times and countries. Originally published in 1947 by Haldeman-Julius Publications in Girard Kansas. It sells for less than $5.00, and you can order one from Gauntlet by calling 800-746-4728
  • *Plaidoyer de monsieur Freydier, avocat a Nismes, contre l'introduction des cadenats ou ceintures de chastete, Monsieur Freydier, KJV332.F74 1750
  • *Chastity Belts, An Illustrated History of the Bridling of Women, Esar Levine, Panurge Press, 1931
  • *Sex Control, Curious Customs of Medieval Times, Taylor Hemingway, Pioneer Press, 1953
  • Al Tempo de La Cintura Di Castita, Vargas & Nider, 1967
  • *Dialogues of Luisa Sigoea, Nicolas Chorier, HQ461.C554
  • *La Torture A Travers Les Ages, Suive dune Etude Sur Les Ceintures de Chastete, Gerard de Lacaze-Duthiers, HV8593.L3
  • *La Cintura Di Castita, Pitigrilli, Casa Editrice, Sonzocno Milano
  • * can be seen or read at the Library of Congress, Washington DC

Panati's Extraordinary Endings of Practically Everything & Everybody by Charles Panati, Published by Perenial Library, Harper & Row Pub. New York, Copyright 1989 ISBN 0 06 055 181 X - Sold for $10.95. Information is located in Chapter 3 Past Sex Practices - Hers, Sub Chapter titled: Chastity Belts, Pre Christian Era to 19th. Cent., Pages 337 thru 340. This is an anthology thpe book, one with a lot of interesting facts. Only four pages, but interesting to read.

Norbert reports: One page of text and 9 pictures appeared in the encyclopedia -Feldhaus, Heinrich-Maria, Die Technik der Vorzeit, der geschichtlichen Zeit und der Naturvoelker. This Book can still be found in several public libraries in Germany. In the catalogue of the Munich libraries I found at least two copies listed.

Someone else said: I found a copy of a book in German - unfortunately I forgot to copy the title page. Its title is something like:

  • Alexander ..., Das Band der Venus, 1984, Adreas Schulz Fotosatz, Alpenblickweg 8, D-88316 Isny/Allgaeu, Phone: +49-7562-3866

While not strictly devoted to chastity belts, these books have a couple of items on the subject:

Levins, American Sex Machines
The Woman of the House, Femdom Fiction with chasity belts

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