Dr. Eric J. Dingwall

To: Altairboy@aol.com
Date: 97-05-09 23:47:03 EDT

I bid you Greetings!

I have seen referenced in the various sub chapters of your Web Site, references to Eric Dingwall's Book on Chastity Belts. It appears that the consensus is that it is unavailable. Correction, It is in print.

If you will consult the latest Barnes & Noble Book Sellers catalog, you will find it on page 31. It sells for $7.98 plus $4.95 shipping.

The Girdle of Chastity
A History of the Chastity Belt
By: Dr. Eric J Dingwall
Item # 183 5289 Page 31
Catalog Key H34M 699K
Barnes & Noble 1 800-843 2665
(24 hr. Order Line)

Suggest you waste no time, and order ASAP as there is no telling how many, and how long this book will be around.

Dingwall's book is interesting, but in his attempts to be "Oh So Scholl- arly", he uses quotes in their orignal French & German languages. If you are not fluent in these languages, you are at a total loss to under- stand his point. Mayhaps, after you get your volume, you could get some enterprising person fluent in these languages, to translate them, and put them on your Web Site, for us less fortunate. Myself, I am fluent in Hexidecimal, Latin & Russian. (But just enought to get into real trouble)

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