A Warning About Long Term Orgasm Control

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Hi folks, teddy (BuckcuB) here:

Some information on the potential long-term effects of male orgasm control, shared with me by a kink-friendly urologist with whom I've discussed this issue a number of times:

The male anatomy has a built-in safety valve for an oversupply of semen: involuntary ejaculation (e.g. "wet dreams").

However there are various commercial and home-made devices to prevent these emissions, which can be used for long-term chastity control.

There are, however, some dangers in preventing ejaculation for long periods of time. Prostatic fluid, the major component of semen, is continuously produced by a man's prostate gland. Unlike many of the body's other glands, the prostate is partly muscular -- and, as we all know, muscles have to be exercised or else they will atrophy (shrink and weaken). So two of the dangers to long-term non-ejaculation are weakening of the prostate's musculature -- which can cause difficulties in emptying the gland's contents; and an oversupply of prostatic fluid within the gland -- which can lead to several problems.

Men, if you've ever had a prostate exam (and if you're over 35 and you haven't, schedule one NOW!!), you know that the doc palpates (feels) the gland inside through your rectal wall. If the doc detects any enlargement, the *first* question is going to be "When did you last ejaculate?" BPE -- benign prostatic enlargement -- is common as men get older, but the prostate can also become enlarged by too-infrequent ejaculation. This can lead to a form of prostatitis -- a painful inflammation of the prostate, which besides being painful (in a not-fun way!) is harmful to the gland. Many people in the medical community believe that too-infrequent ejaculation and the consequent "boggy" prostate is a contributing cause of prostate cancer.

The doc I mentioned earlier told me he frequently has to "prescribe" masturbation to older men who don't have partners for sexual outlet, to help prevent prostate problems.

He has also treated a man who prevented himself from ejaculating for nearly nine months (not as kink; he had some kind of obsessive mental disorder involving delusions about sex) who developed a shitload of problems as a result. The doc said this guy's prostate felt like a rock when he examined it! He also had a very painful inflammation of the seminal vesicles -- those little tubes you can feel inside your scrotum when you give yourself your monthly self-exam for testicular cancer (you ARE doing this I hope, guys!), as well as epidydymitis (sp?), also a painful inflammation of the in-scrotum sperm delivery system.

The doc tried to empty some of the patient's prostate by forceful massage ("milking"), which had to be done under anasthesia because of the pain, but he was unable to get any of the stuff out. Finally as as last-chance attempt to avoid removing the man's prostate, he was convinced to masturbate. When he came (screaming from the pain!) thick clots of stiff, jellied stuff squeezed out of the head of his dick. The doc said it looked like dirty spaghetti being extruded from a pasta machine, and the smell was nauseating. It didn't work, either.

The man had to undergo surgery to remove his prostate and some of the surrounding tissues, as well as a long course of therapy to treat the inflammation in his sperm tubes, and he lost most of his sexual function.

There are dangers to extreme chastity control for men, as the above points out. I would suggest that *anyone* submitting to this kind of training should secure permission to be periodically evaluated by a urologist! Every man has different levels of tolerance for safe periods of non-ejaculation, so I don't think it's possible to set a standard for this. If you want to learn more about the potential dangers of prolonged non-ejaculation, *please* consult your doctor or urologist. I doubt that any good Master would deliberately damage His property, so I believe permission for periodic urological evaluations is a reasonable request if you're going to undergo chastity training.

And, lest anyone think I'm some kind of expert on kink-related health issues -- I'm not. I feel comfortable sharing the above because I've known this particular doc for some time, and he sees quite a few men into kink who develop problems. (Note: he says the number-one kink-related problem he sees is urethritis from dirty or improperly-used sounds and catheters, so be careful!) But as I mentioned, please see a real doctor for specific information; I am not an authority.

thanx 'n' spanx,

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