Stainless Steel Chastity Belts, Collars, and Bras

From Devonshire Productions - Catalog - $5.00

simone01.jpg Each piece is hand crafted to the measurements of the individual for whom it is ordered, providing perfect fit, prolonged comfort and satisfaction. All parts are individually cut and polished. All pieces are of stainless steel single piece construction, edged with neoprene rubber, and come with high security locks and two sets of keys. More than ten hours of loving craftsmanship go into the making of each custom chastity belt.

simone02.jpg Two styles of chastity belts are available for women. Shown here is the Female Traditional Style, with a continuous piece of steel running from the front of the belt through the legs to the back of the belt. A secondary shield has been added over the front to prevent self-gratification by the wearer (optional). The Female Classic Style has the same front, but has chromed steel chains ascending over the buttocks in the back.

With either style, no matter how the body is moved, the chastity belt remains securely in place. "D" rings and "plugs" can be ordered for an additional cost. Once we have received your PREPAID order, we will send you a detailed measurement chart. Measurements cannot be taken by the wearer, so you will need a friend or lover to help! Due to the high level of craftsmanship, allow approximately two months for delivery.

Also available, Metal Bra and Collar made from stainless steel, and edged with neoprene. Devonshire Productions ONLY sells female chastity belts.

Devonshire Productions
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