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This is just a short story. Part reality and part fantasy. It all started with a dream and my intense love to be restrained and left.


For some time now, my job has allowed me to work from home. This creates opportunity for a little fun and play time for me when the timing is right.

Our normal morning routing is pretty consistent. We wake up the kids and get them ready for school. With the youngest off to school already, it comes time to drop off the eldest. My wife heads out the door to drop him off at the same time every morning. She drops him off and gives me a quick call before she heads into the gym and then off to work. This is usually when I take a little “me” time and have some fun with myself.

Often times for me this means that I can play a little self bondage to an extent. I always start with locking on my chastity cage. I have to do this quickly as to not get an erection and my cock never fit in. Once I have the cage in place and locked, I quickly follow up with the nipple clamps. I love the intense rush of pain as they clamp into place. Finally comes the strict leather deprivation hood. The hood laces up tightly with thick padding over the ears and eyes. Once the hood is fitted properly, no light can be seen and all sounds and muffled. I like to add foam earplugs to the mix for a little more deprivation (sometime even pushing my wife’s panties into my mouth before putting on the hood imagining it was her doing it). Once laced tightly, there are straps that go around the neck, over the ever and under the chin. Each strap has an option to secure with a tiny luggage lock. Of course I immediately threw out the cheap locks it came with and replaced them with Master locks. There are no nose holes, only a small hole over the mouth to breathe through. This is an extreme deprivation hood. Lastly, I fit a pair of shackles around my ankles for added restraint. I always attach the key to the cock cage to the master key and handcuff key so that nothing gets misplaced.

With everything securely locked in place, I am left for my imagination to run wild. I lay in my bed and dream of many different situations about being bound and used, or restrained and left frustrated and horny. The combination of this really gets me going. My hands wander my body, squeezing my balls and pulling on the nipple clamps. My body in total ecstasy from sensory overload. Most of the time I get myself so worked up, I cannot get the cock cage unlocked fast enough to stroke my cock while still locked in the hood. It is not until I have a powerful orgasm that I feel my way around for the keys (I always leave them in the same place) to unlock the hood and clean myself up.

Today started as any other day except today was a down day from work for me. The kids off to school and my normal phone call from my wife as she headed for the gym. With no work to be done, I would have a little more time to play! I rushed upstairs and started my process of securing everything in place. Knowing I had time, I took extra care in securing myself more effectively that ever before. With the cage locked on and nipple clamps in place, I slowly pushed her panties into my mouth and instantly tasted her. Having the earplugs in, I placed the hood over my head, I laced everything up and then proceeded to go over the lacing twice more to ensure it was tight as it could possibly go. Never before have I been in the hood so tightly. Tying off the laces, I pull the collar strap to it’s limit as well and secure it with the first lock. I take care with the blindfold strap and the chin straps. I work each strap until I am confident that there is no way they could possibly go any tighter and lock each one with the locks. I am now chaste, blind, gagged and deaf to the world with no hope of escape without the keys. With the extra time, I decided to do something a little different. Before locking everything on, I set aside the pink vibrator and the black anal plug, being sure to lube them both beforehand. Using the vibrator, I maneuvered my body in many different positions as I fucked myself hungrily. The vibrator pressing against my prostate over and over. I feel as though I am going to explode and as I worked it faster and faster. Riding the edge of cumming from the prostate massage, I quickly removed the vibrator and replaced it with the plug, taking extra care not to push myself over the edge and prolong that burning desire and need. I rigged up the handcuffs to unclip from the chain holding them to the headboard. I placed my hands in the cuffs for a little extra stimulation and the illusion of being even more helpless (knowing the key is on the keyring with the Master lock key and the key to the cock cage). All I had to do was unclip the cuffs from the chain and retrieve the key, but first I needed to feel that helpless feeling.

The combination of the ear plugs and hood proved to be very effective as I failed to hear the phone ring. My wife had forgotten her running shoes and was headed home to get them so she could get in her workout before work. I never heard the door. Little did I know that she had been watching almost the entire process, starting with as I got the first lock shut. I never knew she was there. She watched with intent while she snapped pictures and video as I secured everything in place and raped my own ass with the vibrator. Now here I was, the vibrator replaced with the plug and my hands in cuffs and clipped to the headboard. This is when she decided to make her move. While I tossed and turned on the bed enjoying the sensation of being helpless and on the edge, she quietly made her way to my nightstand and picked up the keyring. I never heard a thing through my panting and moans into her panties and the hood. I was lost in the moment as she continued to take more pictures and video. She could tell I was nearing the point where I was needing to release myself and explode, so she quickly grabbed her shoes and made her way to the door with the keys to my freedom in hand. It would be hours before she returned from work after the gym. I was unaware that she was even there much less that she left with the keys.

When I am left bound and helpless, my mind comes to life and floods with fantasies and very extreme situations. My body was trembling with desire and I needed to cum NOW! It took a few moments, but I finally got the handcuffs unclipped from the chain and immediately had to reach for my balls. I massaged them for a few minutes trying to savor the moments before I remove the cage. After squeezing my balls hard a final time and pulling on the chain to the nipple clamps, I knew it was time. In a frenzy, I reached for the night stand to take off the handcuffs and cock cage, but nothing was there. My keys were GONE! I always take extra care to put them in the exact same spot every time. This couldn’t be happening! Did I accidentally knock them off?? I tried reaching around to pull the plug out, but the handcuffs made it an impossible task. There simply was not enough slack to reach fully behind me. I was starting to panic when I faintly heard the phone ring. I managed to tap at the screen enough to finally answer. As I heard the phone to my head I could barely hear as my wife’s voice called through. I could tell she was speaking loudly so that I could hear her. “Is there something you are missing?” I heard her let out an evil laugh and the phone went dead. I was caught and she had my only keys to freedom. I could feel and move about the house, but I could not get dressed, nor remove any of the restraints or plug. All I could do was live in my self made prison of extract and sexual frustration and wait for her to return…

If you like this story, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts! Might be fun for others to pick up and continue.

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