Be careful what drawers you open

Submitted by: Robert

One day about a year ago I'm sitting home alone while my wife was out with her friends for the night. My mind stared wondering and thinking about all my wife's sexy underwear. I always had a secret fantasy of being dressed as a sexy little slut. So I had an idea, my wife won't be home for hours, let's go up stairs and try some things on, we are nearly the same size. I went into the kitchen grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass and headed right to the bed room. I poured myself a glass of wine and stripped completely naked. I opened each drawer slowly and carefully and picked out the sexist pieces - bra, panties, garter, stockings, and even a corset. I laid them out on the bed wondering how I would look. I poured myself another glass of wine then took a shower. All clean, I admired the wardrobe I picked out. Poured another glass of wine and slowly put each piece of garment on. What an amazing feeling, all dressed except for the corset. I wasn't sure how that went on, so I went down stairs and googled how to put on. After that I grabbed another bottle of wine and headed back to the bedroom.

So I stood in front of the mirror and tightened each lace till I almost could not breathe. I sat and admired myself and how good it all felt. I poured another glass of wine and realized I should try some high heels . I barely fit in her 4 inch heels but I squeezed into them. Wow this looks and feels great I thought to myself. I put on some lipstick, had another glass of wine. All of a sudden, the wine must have caught up to me. I felt a little light headed so I laid on the bed for a moment.

Hours must have passed because my wife Jennifer gently rubbed my head and woke me. I must have turned a shade of red that hasn't even been made yet. Jennifer sat down aside me and started caressing my penis and said "my my, what do we have here?" She whispered in my ear - "I had no idea you liked this kind of thing." I was silent, then tried to get up and remove her clothes. Jennifer grabbed my arm and pulled me back on the bed and said leave all the clothes on, even the shoes. She then stripped herself and proceed to make love to me.

That morning at breakfast, I was so embarrassed. Jennifer smiled and said - "That really turned me on seeing you like that." - Then she asked if I would do it again and why did I do it? I said I used to dream about dressing in bras and panties . She smiled and said "let's take a trip to the mall." So Jenn and I headed into the mall and proceeded to Victoria's Secret. I stopped at the door and asked what are we doing? "Simple honey, we're gonna get you some sexy underwear and bras to wear under your clothes." So with that I now wear sexy bras and panties 24x7 and I actually love it. Now since this happened Jennifer has become very kinky.

Today at dinner Jennifer asked how much I loved her and would I do something for her. I exclaimed of course anything for you babe! Great. I would like to measure you waist, legs and your private area. "WHAT FOR ?" - "It's a surprise" was her answer, and so she did. Nothing else was said about that for weeks. The sex continued to get better and Jennifer became more and more kinky.

She enjoys tying me to the bed spread eagle, blindfolded and sometimes even gagging me, teasing me for hours at a time. Sometimes leaving me till morning like this.

Friday morning at breakfast Jennifer told me she ad a surprise for me and I would love it and she could not wait to give it to me. I said ok let's have it, she kissed me and said tonight dear, be patient. All day at work I wondered what it could be. Friday evening came and she said are you ready? Yep

Take a shower and shave and I'll meet you in the bedroom. When I came out she was dressed in a tight leather outfit with 6 inch heels ( wow). She said lay down. I did just that. She tied each limb to the bed post, then she inserted a large red ball gag, and put a leather hood over my head and fastened all the straps tightly. I couldn't speak or see anything. Jennifer then gently rubbed, massaged and teased me for what seemed like hours. Then she whispered lift your butt up. I felt something cold going around my waist,but paid it no mind. I heard all sorts or rumbling and then I felt something get tight around my waist and then a click! Then I felt something pull between my legs and through the crack of my butt. I wrestled and moaned, Jenn said be quiet, it's ok. Then Jennifer grabbed my penis gently and pushed something over it and then I heard two more clicks and my private area felt compressed.

Jenn then got up and left me tied, gagged,and hooded and it sounded like she went to take a shower. It seemed like hours before she came back. Then she straddled me and whispered are you ready for your surprise? I moaned yes. She removed the restraints, hood,and gag.

Well what do you think? I looked down and my private area was no more, it was completely covered with a piece of shinny metal locked on to a belt. I wasn't able to see, touch or feel anything down there. I asked what is this for? Simple honey I own you now!!! You will be released only when I say so and this is to keep you from pleasuring yourself when I'm not around. Besides you dress like a woman so you should act the part. She kissed me on the forehead and said with a laugh "I guess there will be no more toilets seats left up."

Enjoy dear, I'll see you tonight.

It has been nearly a year wearing a chastity belt. At times it truly does suck especially sitting to pee when we're out, but knowing that my wife holds the keys makes it alright. Remember be careful what drawers you look in.

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