Abby and Keith Submit Together

Submitted by: Sam A.

I have been the lucky keyholder, employer, landlord and Master of a submissive couple for over 3 years. I found them on Fetlife. Initially, it was a casual hook-up arrangement where I was their 'bull' and I fucked Abby a few times while Keith listened or watched. But once friendship and trust was established between us, things developed fast.

Abby and Keith aren't married but they've been together since college. They're 27 and 26 now while, in my late 40s, I'm 20 years older. I own a retail company and they both work for me. Abby was working as a sales assistant in another company and she's now a deputy store manager in mine, while Keith was a freelance I.T. and he now works in my head office. Both were recruited at my suggestion but via the proper channels and both are paid the market rate for their roles, no more, no less.

I have a buy-to-let portfolio of apartments and Abby and Keith are my tenants. Again, it's a legitimate deal at a market rate. The only difference is that I dealt with them direct rather than through my managing agents, as the legal contract is slightly unusual.

Please be assured that everything here is true and consensual. There's no pressure let alone blackmail involved. I am their 'boss' in all senses of the word but it's what both of them want, Keith every bit as much as Abby.

Their chastity is the basis of our relationship. Keith has a Prince Albert piercing and he wears a steel Jail Bird cage 24/7. It's 100% secure, hygienic and wearable at home and at work. Abby is pierced along her labia - 6 steel rings in either side - and I use a Lustlock Type C padlock to secure them together. The combination of the placement of the upper rings and her small clit prevents her being able even to masturbate. Both of them remain celibate and chaste except with my permission.

I am divorced and single. Although I do have a girlfriend, she's kink-friendly (I met her via Fetlife too) and our relationship is 'open'. In fact, occasionally, she holds Keith and Abby's keys for me. I rarely see Keith at work during the day and almost never visit Abby's store. Our work relationship is entirely professional.

However, our evenings and Sundays are very different. I drop in on them 3-4 times a week to inspect my 'property'. This is when I review their performance and unlock them. Abby presents me with my laundry she's washed and ironed for me, while Keith serves me a drink. I usually enjoy a blowjob from Abby while Keith goes outside and washes my car or polishes my shoes, that kind of thing.

I am in complete control of their sex life. They can kiss and cuddle freely but they cannot touch each other sexually without my permission. Abby is cute, girl-next-door pretty; she's only 5' 1", with honey-blonde hair, big boobs and a big smile. Keith is nice looking too, in a geeky kind of way; curly hair, glasses, slim. They've been dating 7 years and started out vanilla before drifting into kink slowly but surely.

About half of my weekday evening visits I unlock them so they can take a hygienic shower and enjoy maybe a little supervised edging, but they stay denied. I'm usually in and out their apartment in less than an hour; drink, blowjob, their shower, my clean laundry, polished car. I can be with them by 6.30 p.m., out by 7.30 and meeting somebody else by 8.

But the other half of my visits I stay longer, often for a bite to eat. On these occasions, I might allow one of them to cum, but not the other, rarely both together. Normal penetrative 'romantic-couple' sexual intercourse is a rare privilege (a handful of times a year). If Abby is to get to cum, I unlock her labia and have her sit on Keith's face while I eat, and she and I chat. Keith stays locked and she teases his cock while he tongues her ass. I watch her masturbate herself until she cums. Sometimes I let Keith lick her ringed pussy to orgasm but that's rare. Our triangle is based on me limiting their sexual intimacy together as well as their individual orgasms.

Keith gets to cum only about once to every three of his girlfriend's orgasms, which works out at twice a month, only if he's good. Generally, he gets a blowjob, but ending in a hand job. He never actually cums in her mouth. I like his releases to be pretty quick and routine; a suck, a lick, a jerk and it's over. A few minutes, tops. But if I'm there for the whole evening, I'll watch a DVD with Abby while Keith is tied on the floor in bondage. Abby teases his erection with her feet, and occasionally her hands, making him wait a couple of hours. I like these ones to end with only a ruined orgasm for Keith. Abby brings him off with her bare toes and whips her foot away just as he reaches orgasm.

Then, fifteen months ago, we finally took the plunge and started involving other people in our play. Although that was something we'd talked about from the start, none of us was in a rush. I had never shared a female before but it's now my favourite part. We have a joint profile on Fetlife, as well as, that solely I control. I post photos (faces always hidden or blurred) and exchange messages with a small number of contacts we've built up. I go for quality over quantity.

These are the guys who give Abby's young body and holes the serious work outs she occasionally needs. All penetrative sex is wrapped (ie. condoms are a must) but unprotected oral and bukkake are fine. Abby swallows and even drains the used condoms. Most Sunday afternoons (or sometimes Saturday nights) I'll put together a group of 3-6 guys for a mini-gangbang. I like to invite a cross section too; different ages, body shapes, ethnicities.

It's easiest to find younger, single guys, 20s/30s for obvious reasons. Quite a few are black. But the ones I give priority access to are older white men, in their 50s/60s, and married. They really appreciate having a pretty slut like Abby for no-hassle sex. There's nothing in it for her except the masochistic thrill she gets from being used by men twice her age; bald, overweight, whatever. Although I usually unlock her pussy on those days, her tight ass and willing mouth get the most use anyway. She is forbidden to cum even if she gets excited.

Keith is not gay and 'forced bi' is a hard limit for him that I respect. Nevertheless, he is expected to be extremely deferential to all our 'Sunday guests.' He is locked in chastity and remains uninvolved, serving drinks, sometimes dispatched down to wash cars or perform chores. One local married guy brings a shopping list and Keith does his shopping for him. This enables the man to use 'doing the shopping' as an alibi to tell his wife, when he's in fact for coming round to get a weekly blowjob from Keith's girlfriend.

Obviously no money changes hands. However, the guests often turn up with booze and little gifts for Abby, including lingerie and sex toys, but also rewards for me like football or theatre tickets, decent wine or whisky, etc. The only person who never gets given anything is Keith.

What's in it for them? Well, obviously masochistic submission, although nothing involving actual pain takes place. The fact that they have decent jobs and a place to live are side benefits they could get without me. What I give them is my dominance. I hold their keys. I control their sex lives, their orgasms. Only people turned on by the thrill of chastity can really understand that. They know they're safe with me. I am trustworthy. I'm strict but caring.

And what do I get, aside from the obvious? The buzz of owning a couple who have willingly handed over control of their sexuality to me. I never set out to be the key holder, employer, landlord and owner of two people but that's what I've become. How will it end? I have no idea but it shows no sign of ending any time soon. We have discussed Keith going longer and longer periods of chastity. The target is a month without any orgasm and even then it will be ruined. One day they want kids but the fantasy of Abby becoming pregnant by a stranger will remain exactly that, a fantasy. In the meantime, however, she'll fuck and suck me, and as many men as I can find to enjoy her naught little body. She too wants to be trained as a fucktoy with locked labia whose ass and mouth are used while she only orgasms as rarely as her boyfriend.

I'll let you know how things develop.

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