Wedding Report

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You will fuck me again after marriage. CLICK my Chastitybelt was locked.

Maybe I'm joking she mocked, about fucking me again, of course. It was the 1st of April.

Our marriage date was the 14th of May. Discussing our rarely intercourses was the reason for my locking up.

Last time I was inside her was long before Christmas. She gave me an passionate kiss. I'm sorry for you but your tongue is much better than your little member. She grabbed my Chastitybelt and I was going down to fulfill her need's. Normally I was allowed to come on her stockinged feet, once a week, sometimes in her hand and seldom in her mouth. (only when I was blindfolded and in heavy bondage for hours before)

On our wedding day I was nearly insane. 6 weeks of merciless teasing, with only 2 perfectly ruined orgasms, behind me, made me more than ready to explode on the slightest touch. I felt the sheer white stockings on my legs, the garterbelt and the little nylon panty over my stiffen cock while driving to the registry office. My Chastitybelt was opened the evening before. It should be a FREE decision, she mentioned.

She was wearing a short Businesscostume, ultra-thin tan pantyhose, 4 inch heels an sight driving me more crazy. The ceremony was short, the consequences of my nearly shouted "Yes I Will" will last much longer.

What the Registrar did not know was that underneath my dark grey suit Mistress had had great fun dressing me in exquisite bridal lingerie - a tight white satin basque with panties and sheer white stockings complete with fancy garter.

And when I handed over a small key to Mistress after the ceremony, it was not a piece of 'New-Age' symbolism, as the Registrar would vaguely have supposed, the key was for the lock of my chastity cage From that moment on any sexual outlet I was going to have was to be totally at the discretion of my new wife and Mistress...

After some Champagne with friends, we drove directly to the luxurious cottage at the Lake she rented for 10 days honeymoon.

After some food in a nearby restaurant we were sitting on an outside couch, kissing and cuddling passionately. I really had to concentrate not to squirt in my panties while kissing, cause she rubbed my hardon nearly all the time.

It seems our little friend cannot wait longer for his marriagefuck, she mocked, taking my trousers down. I was still in my white wedding lingerie, the little panty soaked with precum. I will cane you tomorrow for soiling your panty, tonight we will see if this impertinent little thing is able to satisfy me. After taking out my stiff cock through one leg of the panty She directed me on my knees, unbuttoned my shirt and start pinching my nipples.

As the masochist I am a little pain makes me almost more horny. I think it's time to carry your wife over the treshold, go on all fours. She put a red collar around my neck. Some matching wrist and anklecuffs followed. Her skirt was falling down in front of me then she took place on my back A little riding-crop in her hand directed me to the bedroom, were an incredible beautyful transparent white night-gown was waiting on the bed.

She connected my wristcuffs.

Take my panty down. I realized that she was wearing the same white Panty as I, but wondering, cause it was over her Pantyhose. I took it down with my mouth and saw her wet gleaming privates framed in nylon. It was a crotchless pantyhose which was a wild turn on for me. Take the Panty on the same way as the other one my little Pantyslave. A minute later my pulsating genitals were squeezed a little bit, by the two pair of panties around.

Know sitting on the bed she put on a pair of shiny white stockings with a wide floral border. Her feet playing with my cock until my body starts to shiver. Better we bind you up for fucking. She took a garter around my balls and pulled me on the bed, were I was tied up in seconds. Then she changed her blouse for the night-gown.

She looked so adorable, my cock pulsed. She grabbed me hard and start to suck me furiously. After a minute I start to beg.

Please Mistress I will come when you don't stop. I was a second before the point of no return when she stopped. No, no don't come you have to fuck your wife proper before. And then she mounted me and took her body down the whole way in one hard push. Fuck your Mistresswife she cried, going up and down again. I couldn't behave myself longer and start squirting after maybe twenty seconds inside her. My Orgasm was so strong I thougt I would go numb.

She was sitting totally still for a minute, then she slapped my face. Did you cum already you useless slut. I'm sorry Mistress I'm soo sorry but it's only because you're so beautiful, I tryed to argue. She silenced me by sitting on my face. Lick out every drop of this 30-second-joke, as she called it from now on. After some minutes I swallowed a mixture of juices while she was screaming in extasy. After her first climax she turned around, reached for the riding whip and started to punish my now shrunken cock.

Useless (Whap) completely useless. (Whap, WHAP, WHAP) Directly after climax the pain was extremly intense. She silenced my crying by pressing her ass on my face. This will be your future place, you will not be allowed to cum inside your Mistress again for a very long time. So remember these evening well as the beginning of your new Life as my totally subjugated hubby. Maybe You will be Never allowed to cum like this again.

To make a long story short - She is true to her word up to today nearly 3 years later.

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