The Tea Party

Submitted by: A well trained man

Because I would have to help today's guests remove and hang up their cloaks, Mistress granted me an extra six inches to the chain between my wrists and did not tether it to my ankle chain which is the twelve inches she allows me, and I will have to take mincing little steps in the four-inch heels I wear. My hairless legs are sheathed in nylons; a garter belt holds them up; and open crotch panties let my chastity device, hid by a bibbed apron trimmed in white lace, hangs free. As required, my arms and torso are hairless, and Mistress has had my whiskers removed by electrolysis so my face is always smooth. For today Mistress has put my long hair up in a French bun and set on a white maids cap Mistress has done nothing to augment my breasts. She wants me feminine, but not female. Hormones might reduce my masculine libido—the opposite of what Mistress wants. She wants that I should feel all the frustration of my enforced chastity. She controls me with frustration to deepen my submission to her dominating will.

There is a knock on the door, and I open it for the first guest. Alexis, a petit brunette in six-inch patent leather heels. (All today's guests, except Oneica, will wear one or another version of them. Oneica will be ‘more sensible' in three inchers.) "Oh, aren't you cute today, slut."

"Yes, ma'am." I courtesy and drop my head.

She enters and turns her back to me. I remove her fur. Beneath it she wears a black leather miniskirt and form fitting black silk blouse with plunging neckline that reveals the inner swelling of her breasts and a milky white pearl necklace around her neck. From the days when I was still allowed to lick pussy, I'm sure she (as will be true of all the other guests) has no panties on to interfere with Mistress's plans, but she will be the mildest of all of todays guests, though of course that is only relative—all of them are quite stern and severe but the fierceness with which they dominate varies, and I'm pretty certain Alexis's cruelty will be more on the restrained side. Having been relieved of her coat, she turned and went into the living room.

Oneica arrives next. Auburn haired, tall, slender, ice blue eyes, a fine slightly pinched nose, and delicate face hinting American Indian. She surveys me, "For a groveling wimp, you certainly make a fetching French maid."

She enters and turns her back to me. I remove her black leather jacket, hang it next to Alexis's fur coat. Her fluffy white blouse suggests rather than cleaves to her form. Her not too tight skirt stops above her knees. The three-inch heels taper her fine calves. Licking between her lithe, thighs left me quivering. After Mistress (and Glenda in her perverse way), Oneica understands me best. With severity and cruelty she leave me yearning to submit.

Marion's next. The Blond. Alone among them, she wears long swishy dresses so capacious that in their enrapture I would lose my head in the feminine aura of touch, taste and smell that was to lick. "How's the little boy today? Anxious to serve us our tea?"

I courtesy and bow my head. "Yes, ma'am."

I can't help loving her. She's blond, and so smart. But she can be mean. That's the blonde's prerogative, I guess.

Diana enters sideways in browns, shoulders slouched, head a little forward, hiding her breasts; a touch of distaste in the corner of her lips; but a warm invite to adore the perfect legs falling from the her short brown leather skirt. "Oh, so your still here …" a small smile, "Happy to see you, slut."

I courtesy and bow my head. "Yes, ma'am."

And last, Glenda. Androgynous male dress doesn't hide breasts and thighs that make me sigh with desire and a crotch in her pants that would open her pussy to me and show me where to lick. With a mean streak she didn't hide. "Oh, you."

I courtesy and bow my head. "Yes, ma'am."

"Let me see what's under that cute little maid's apron."

I lift the hem of the apron and show her my chastity device.

"Still in chastity eh? And how long has it been since Alexandra let you masturbate?"

"A month, ma'am." I bow my head.

She draws a sour grimace, "A month, eh. Well, we'll see."

I tremble knowing Glenda has something bad in store for me.

The girls settle into the furniture and burble.

In the kitchen, I give final preparation to the cart: large samovar; variety of teas, sugar and honeys; cookies baked the night before; petit sandwiches made that morning. Napkins and utensils were already in the living room.

I rolled the cart out into the hollow of the circle they had draped themselves in from armchair to sofa to love seat.

Earl Grey, chamomile, smoky lapsang souchong, Dar Jeeling, jasmine, and English breakfast. The orders went around, and hobbled my bondage I prepared and passed them out, then made up and passed out the plates of the cookies and petit sandwiches.

At last Mistress began. "It's been months, hasn't it since we've all got together like this."

"Yes," the girls answered, "we've just ever been so wondering what you've been up to on the project."

"Well it's Glenda you know. After our last little one get together, she shook her head and opined. "He like's licking pussy too much. Where's the submission in that?"

"Always ruining a good thing," Marion shook her head.

"But she does have a point." Mistress retorted.

Oneica sipped at her jasmine, took a bite from her petit sandwich. "And so these months you've made yourself, and the little boy, so scarce? You've been mulling over Glenda's opining?"

"Oh I think a site more then mull. I mean, having so thoroughly made him submit to licking our pussies, he would need radical retraining." Mistress smiled, and looked dotingly at me. "I mean training. After all training is training."

The girls giggled and all agreed. "Oh yes," Alexis made as to test the swish of a whip.

Oneica silently sighed and shook her head at the simple truth.

Marion smiled with her red lips showing the pretty white teeth beneath.

"What do you expect?" Diana shook her head resignedly.

Glenda only smiled as the one who'd won the bet.

"But I think maybe at this point, we should let him tell you himself about his training." She smiled at me and inclined her head, "Step before the cart, Dear, and tell them how I've trained you for tonight."

I obey. I step before the cart and fold my hands in front of my white trimmed maid's apron.

"Mistress began by taking away," I swallow, "pussy."

Mistress beams brightly at me. "That's right, Dear, I've decided you are not worthy enough to lick pussy."

I swallow. "I am not worthy enough to lick pussy."

"Of course," Mistress continued, "I enforced his abstinence with chastity. Tell them, Dear."

"I was kept in chastity for many months. Finally I knew I was not worthy of licking pussy."

"So much for the negative part, getting him off pussy. Now the what to attach him to?"

If anything, Glenda's frigid smile grew sharper.

Alexis rested her cute chin in the cleft of her thumb and hand; her elbow cocked on the arm of the sofa, and peered questioningly.

"I wonder?" Marion shrugged her shoulders.

Diana looked distastefully away.

Oneica sighed with wisdom's weight. "We have to be honest with ourselves, girls. Look at what we're working with." She shakes her head with sadly but with comprehension of what must be. "If he can't lick pussy, he can wipe it when we pee."

Everyone looked admiringly at Oneica for understanding.

"Yes," Mistress agreed. "You've said it well."

"And how did you teach him that?" Marion burbled.

"Yes?" Alexis seconded.

Diana and Glenda looked grim.

"Tell them, Dear." Mistress smiled at me.

"Mistress allowed me a masturbation." I swallow, arms still hang limp before the white trimmed maid's apron. "When she knew that I knew I" I swallow. "am not worthy to lick pussy.

"Mistress then put me in chastity again.

"I was knelt outside her bathroom door while she went pee. I knelt with arms akimbo at my back, head down, as close to the floor as possible. Tongue out. Mistress gave me the mantra I obey.

"After awhile. I was permitted to kneel at her feet as she peed. Time passed till one day she looked down at me, "Come now, Dear, I've had a nice pee, and it's at last time for you to wipe me. Sit up and I'll teach how."

"And of course I did."

A chorus of laughter, "We're sure."

"But I also had to instill on him, that his efforts to wipe up my pee, was not to transgress into a lick."

I courtesy and bow my head. "Yes, ma'am."

Again it is Oneica who states the simple truth. "Well my little wimp bring me another cup Jasmine, like a good boy."

After a while, Diana shifted her seat and hunched her shoulders, "'Cuse me, got to take a pee."

She stood up and looked sideways at me. "Come along, kid."

She turns to the bathroom. I follow. "Does ma'am prefer I wait here or at her feet?"

"At my feet, slut. At my feet." She hiked up her brown skirt, tucking it up behind her and settling into her seat. She looked meaningfully at me and nodded at the floor. I knelt, folded my arms behind my back, and bowed my head to the floor before at her feet, and let my tongue hang out. "I obey," I whispered to myself.

When she was through, she stood, and still holding up her skirt behind, pivoted to the side of the toilet, and put her right leg up on the seat. "Wipe toilet-paper-tongue, wipe me nice and clean."

I obeyed. I did as Mistress had taught me. I did not lick. When I was through she dimissed me. "Back to the cart, slut, while I tidy up."

One by one they led me back. Let me kneel at their feet, present themselves to be wiped, and dismiss me. Alexis; Oneica; Marion; Diana; Glenda.

Not once, not twice but thrice when they got going, the tea cups were passed and parade began.

Alexis, "That was very satisfactory, boy. You may go."

Marion raising again the pleated fabric she let drape when I had begun. "Thank you, my own little toilet-paper-tongue. Makes me feel so fresh. You can run along. I'm sure some girl must want you by now."

Oneica kept me kneeling as she pulled her sensible skirt down and straightened it and her fluffy white shirt. "You see its true, you can learn."

"Thank you, ma'am." After a pause I went on, "It's how I love you, for teaching me that."

"Yes, I know, that's how you show you love for my teaching. … And you never licked. Now run along darling."

So it came down, and the third time around to Glenda. Of course I knew it would. It's her role in the sisterhood. The one who says, Let's kick him in the balls. But this one hurt. Figuratively at first, and for real shortly thereafter. So it was the third time that afternoon I most dutifully wiped her pee away without the wisp of a hint of a lick. As I was making a few last pats, she let her hips rock back and rubbed her clit against by tongue before it could withdraw. "He's licking me! He's licking me!" She cried. She yanked my head back by the throat ring on my collar and looked meanly down at me. "Suddenly think your worthy enough to lick pussy?"

What could I say. We both knew what she was doing, but I could not protest. What she said was! And I was the sniveling wimp whose word meant nothing. And what she wanted, was what came next.

She yanked me after her scurrying in my ankle chains my hands hanging in front of me, and drew me into the living room, and threw me down on my knees before Mistress.

"Ha, he doesn't think himself worthy! He tried to lick me. He needs a good hard punishment.

"Mistress looked sadly at me. "And I so thought you'd learned."

I said nothing.

"Well come here, Dear … Now pull down your panties … That's good. Now lay down across my knees … there, let your chastity device dangle down between my thighs." She laughed, "And don't you wish they were squeezing your cock?" She pressed her forearms down across my lower back and against the back of my thighs to emphasis and frame my buttocks. "Sure you do. … Now who wants to begin?"

It was Diana's day for firsts. First pee; first whacks, five each. She chose a leather belt folded down to a short leather strap she could easily snap across both my cheeks with an even, severe, but not unendurable cadence.

Each of them would choose her own. Alexis left my poor cheeks unbalanced with her back of the brush; Marion rebalanced with the short leather tab of a riding crop; and with sad brow, Oneida prepared me for Glenda's final five, with a twelve red inch plastic ruler. The first three were firm. As instructed, I thanked her for each one. The next was far sharper. She sighed and shook her head, "This will hurt, darling, but you'll thank me for it." She cracked the ruler across my back sides so hard my head jerked up and tears sprouted from my eyes and it took me a moment to recover before saying, "Five. Thank you, ma'am," and making my final acknowledgement

But as Glenda chose her instrument, I understood what Oneica had meant and silently thanked her again, for Glenda had chosen a slender bamboo rod. It whistled as she whipped it through the air. Taking her position, she lightly tapped it across my rear three or four times, then with a sudden snap, cracked it down across it so it stung as bad as Oneica's final preparatory blow.

I gasped. "One. Thank you, ma'am." God, what would her final stoke be!

More light taps and then again she cracked it against my rear so tear sprouted from my eyes. "Two. Thank you, ma'am."

The light taps and again the crack and tears, "Three. Thank you, ma'am."

And again, crack and gasp and "Four, Thank you, ma'am."

She stepped back and tested the air with whistling switches, then softly stroked the rod across my burning backside. I gathered myself to absorb the pain.


The tears welled from my eyes and I broke into sobs between which, "Five. Thank you ... ma'am" And for a last time I acknowledged. "Thank you for teaching me that I am not worthy enough to lick pussy." My head dropped down as I twice repeated. "I am not worthy enough to lick pussy. I am not worthy enough to lick pussy.," and sobbed.

"Sure as hell you're not," Glenda snarled.

Mistress relaxed her hold on my back and thighs. Painfully I came to my feet and carefully pulled my panties up over my painfully striped rear, and smoothed my apron.

Finishing the last cookies and dribs of tea, I soon was helping them on with their coats and seeing them to the door.

Alexis, "You are slut. Just stay that way.

Oneica, "My little wimp, your learning makes me so proud of you."

Marion, "I think you're a very good little boy, and learned what Alexandra taught you."

Diana, with a shrug, "I suppose I'm supposed to feel lucky that you'll always here for me."

And Glenda. "You disgust me. And next time, no licking."

I courtesy and bow my head. "Yes, ma'am."

We are alone in the kitchen. Mistress leans in a corner sipping a glass of wine while hobbled by my chains I clean up from the tea party.

"So, how did she do it?" Mistress asks.

Looking up from the dishwasher, "at the last minute she moved her hips to jam my nose against her clit."

"That bitch sure plays mean."

"Yes, ma'am."

"But still, I'm honor bound to her. I must complete the punishment. I'm afraid, Dear, I won't be taking off your chastity tonight, and letting you masturbate. You'll have to wait a month."

Overwhelmed with frustration and pain from the spanking, I break again into tears and sobs.

"Come here, Dear, now. Let me pet you. … Poor dear; it's so unfair. … But I have something for you." The kitchen has been put away. "I have to go pee. Come with me and curl at my feet. Then you can wipe me as I taught you."

"Yes ma'am." I follow her to the bathroom

"And my guess, now, is that you like this even better now than licking pussy."

I knee at her feet and prepare to assume position. She has brought me to the pit I long to plunge into. For a moment a teeter on the edge, then with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and yet a surge of joy, I surrender, "Yes ma'am, I am privileged and happy to be allowed to wipe your pussy."

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