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I am a fan of the Altarboy website, with all the great fantasies, and a few real stories, about chastity devices and people being denied and so deliciously teased. My wife is a fan as well, though I have a lot more interest in it than she does, especially now.

I am not sure where my interest in the kink come from. Perhaps it is from my high school days of always wanting to get the girl, of wanting to have sex, and never being able to. Maybe that is what the underlying interest in orgasm denial is. It was so common that I got to like it.

When my wife and I were in college I wanted to please her and take care of her to the extreme. I volunteered repeatedly to be her personal slave. She would play at it from time to time, but it was just play for her. Then as we were getting near graduation I got brave and went to an adult store downtown, where I discovered a locking cock cage. I did not understand the mechanics of it very well, but I purchased the contraption which was made of metal rings connected together by leather straps and a small padlock. It worked okay for a day here and there, but not really for long term. Still, it was my way to serve my girlfriend, denying myself the ability to masturbate and keeping my focus on her.

We graduated and got married, moved to the Southwest and still played a little bit. Over the years we tried more serious chastity devices, like the Kali's Teeth bracelet, the Remy chastity device and eventually the CB-6000s. They were all just toys though. I wanted to be really locked up and really denied. My wife had some medical issues which put her hormones out of balance and she lost all interest in sex. So I locked a lot on my own. Sometimes she would lock me but hated the responsibility of deciding when to release me.

In February of 2009 I went to a piercing studio and got a PA piercing done so I could finally get a secure steel chastity device - a Lori's. After letting the piercing heal for several months I placed my order and began to wait. My steel #5 locking cage arrived in late September. It was secure, and sized well. I could not escape without damaging the device.

In a bit of horny impulsiveness I locked the cage on and gave the key to my wife, telling her to keep me locked until she felt like having sex.

"Jerry, you know I don't want sex anymore. I mean never. You really don't want me to do this to you."

She had a point, we had not had sex in 11 months, and even then it was because I had insisted and she did it to make me happy, not because she had any interest.

"What do you suggest?"

"We need to have some kind of random way of indicating you can be unlocked for sex, or at least to masturbate."

"Random? That's going to be tough. What would work? " I thought about tying the unlock to a sports team winning, but that would mean once the Super bowl was over I would be locked until the next season. I am not much of a sports fan anyway. We needed to come up with something that would happen from daily to a few weeks. The idea of sports kept coming up and we were just not able to find a system to make it work. Finally we decided to give it some more thought and Noelle said she would hang on to the keys until we came up with a solution.

After nearly a week I was really feeling horny, and still had not come up with a solution. I brought it up to Noelle, that I was horny and wanting to get off.

"I warned you. I am so not in the mood to have sex right now, so you need to wait. That was what you asked for, and you have not come up with a better option…."

"What if we could get you in the mood?" I fire up my laptop and brought up my Internet browser. "There are some videos to watch that I have set as favorites," I explained.

"No. Videos don't really do it for me."

"What about some erotica? Some stories? There are some sites that are just stories."

Not sounding all that convinced, Noelle decided she would take a look and see if anything caught her interest. "I don't need you here looking over my shoulder. Let's put you someplace so you won't bother me."

Even though she was not interested in sex, that did not stop her from occasionally indulging my fantasies and tying my up, so I knew what she had in mind. The spare bedroom in our apartment has a walk-in closet, and I headed back to it. Noelle followed me and in a few minutes I was tied standing in the closet with my cage cock chained to the closet doorknob and my hands over my head, secured to a hook I had mounted there months ago for that exact purpose.

It was mid-afternoon when she closed the closet door and went to look at the computer. I stood there for what felt like hours hoping that she would find a story or two that would get her in the mood and I would get to actually have sex with my wife, instead of just jerking myself off again.

My arms and shoulder screamed with their desire to move, and my legs ached from standing. When the door finally opened I felt the chain from the knob secured to the end of my chastity cage pull on my cock. My wife was smiling, and was completely nude. Instantly my caged cock began to fight to get erect. MY wife was going to let me have sex with her!

"I found just the thing we needed," she purred as she released me from my bonds. I pulled her close and began to kiss her, my hands groping her ass, and then her breasts. She twisted away from me and stepped into the bedroom. "You are getting yourself worked up for nothing, you know."

"What do you mean 'for nothing'?"

"I mean you are just making yourself horny when nothing is going to happen," she said with a smile on her lips.

"I don't understand. You were going to look for something to read to get you in the mood for sex. You came back here without any clothes on and now we are going to…."

"Now we are going to tease you," she interrupted. "I did not really find anything that held my interest and made me want sex. Sorry lover. I just don't want it. But I know it is important to you, and I know you like being teased and horny, so I am here to give you what you want."

"What I want is sex!"

"No, what you want is to make me happy. Remember all those times you professed your love and devotion, offering to be my slave? You said it so many times it must be what you really want. And you also must really want to be horny and not get to fuck. Why else would you spend hundreds of dollars on this hunk of metal?"

She stopped speaking for a moment as she leaned her head to my chest and kissed my nipples in turn.

"See? You want that."

"I also want to get inside you."

"Not necessary. Your steel pussy can hold you better than mine can. I can't have you constantly inside me, especially when I don't even want you in me at all."

She put her hand behind my head and guided my face to her breasts. "Actually, I like being caressed and held. I even like when your tongue gets me off once in a while, but only on rare occasions. Having you inside me doesn't do anything for me actually.

"So what are we doing then?"

"I said it. I found what we need. You wanted me to keep your keys, and we agreed that we needed a random way to decide when you would get unlocked to masturbate…."

"… or have sex," I interrupted.

"To get to masturbate," she said, with heavy emphasis on the last word. "And your computer history had the solution. In looking through the sites I found the Altarboy site, with all of those stories about chastity belts."

"One of those stories is going to be how we decide when I get unlocked? Which one?"

"Not one of them, all of them. I was looking at the site and he puts up stories daily some times, other times it can be a few weeks. It is random. So each time there is a new story posted you get to unlock and masturbate."

I was skeptical of the idea. After all, sometimes there were several stories posted on the same day. What would happen then? And what about if the site did not get updated for a week or more? Still, I could handle a week, maybe even two without getting off.

I agreed to her idea. If more than one story was posted on a given day I would have 24 hour unlocked to try and get off once for each story that was posted. If after 24 hours I had not gotten off for each story posted I would have to spend 12 hours tied up in the closet and get a real kick in the balls for each orgasm I missed.

If you look though the list of new stories there were a lot in September of 2009, and I was sure I would be getting unlocked any day. Instead I ended up being locked for nearly two straight months. When the story posted on November 24th I was so desperate that I nearly came just from unlocking the device. After I was done Noelle moved to put the cage back on and I started to protest, "That was such a long time! I don't want to be denied that long again."

"Don't worry. It was surely a fluke. Look at how regular the posts have been. It won't take long at all for your next one."

I agreed she was probably right and back the cage went. When Christmas came around and there were not any updates I tried to convince her to give me a Christmas present. She refused to unlock me though, instead she teased me for nearly two hours, then had me give her oral sex before she got out of bed and got a shower. New Year 's Day was the same.

All through January and February I compulsively checked the site two or three times a day. Nothing.

March 21, 2010 was the most memorable day of my life. I got home from work and saw the posts, five of them in one day. I had 24 hours free to get off five times. The first one only took me about 2 minutes. Half an hour later I rushed through a second one. The third one was a slower pace, as I was getting ready to go to sleep. And the next morning I rubbed out number four, though I barely had any output and my shaft was a bit sore. I decided to save the last one for when I got home from work that afternoon, as I would be able to finish just under the 24 hours since Noelle had unlocked me. The drive home in rush hour traffic was frustrating, and by the time I walked in the door I only had six minutes left on my 24 hours.

Noelle was already home and she started to kiss and cuddle, rubbing against me like she wanted me. I started to go with it when I suddenly realized she was not trying to help, she was distracting me so I would miss the deadline! I pushed my wife away and rushed to the bathroom where I locked the door and got busy. Noelle stood outside the door giving me a timer countdown. It was not helping. I managed to get the fifth one done with 51 seconds left on the clock. I was sore and a not even close to feeling horny when I opened the door. She greeted me with the chastity cage in her hand and I was not even concerned when she put the lock on it. I was so spent sexually I had zero interest. I had no idea that just three days later there would be another story, and then more on the 27th and 28th. That was more like it. A post every few days would be good.

April was a dry month, so were July, August, October and November. In all that time my wife began to enjoy teasing me, and she even seemed to like getting her pussy licked a little more often than before.

January 8, 2011 was hell. I had a hard couple of days of work so I was run down by the time the weekend came, plus Noelle and I were fighting about money. Specifically she wanted a new car. I checked Altarboy's site on Friday the 7th and there was nothing. So Saturday morning I got up and did some yard work before Noelle dragged me out to a couple of car dealerships. We eventually did find a car she wanted, but I was not on board with it. She actually threatened to dispose of the chastity cage key if I did not back down. We got home late Saturday afternoon with her new car.

At bed time Noelle had a funny, smug grin on her face. I thought it was about the car, but I couldn't help myself and I asked her why she was so happy. "I just did not think you would be so upset over my getting the car I wanted."

"Well, you pulled out your trump card with that key comment, so I had to back down."

"Oh? You mean getting unlocked is important to you? You mean you would like to orgasm? That's weird."

The conversation was not making any sense. How could she think I would not want to be able to have an orgasm? Something was definitely up. "What does that mean?"

"Well, in the past you have always been so fast to come and get the key when you have the chance to unlock. Now this time you have ignored the opportunity. After all, six stories posted in one day is a lot of masturbating to get done, and the clock is ticking."

I rushed to my laptop and checked. Sure enough, there were six new posts on the site. "Six? Wow."

"Yeah, you barely managed five the last time and you had 24 hours to do it. I am guessing you are going to be spending some time tied up and getting your balls kicked."

"Well, it is Sunday tomorrow, so if I get one done tonight, then one first thing in the morning and pace myself every couple of hours I should make it before 11 tomorrow night."

"How do you figure 11? Just because it is 11 O'clock now does not mean you have until 11 tomorrow night. Those stories went up around 7:30 this morning. You have at most 8-1/2 hours." She was very pleased with herself. She had deliberately kept me out all day so I could not check the web site, and now she was getting me back for not being more cooperative with her about the car.

I wanted to protest, but I knew what was happening. She was having her revenge and I could not exactly fight her and come out on top. "I guess that means I am not getting much sleep tonight then. But I can still make it."

"That's the spirit. Come here and let me help get you revved up." She stripped off her silk nightgown and straddled my hips, grinding herself down on my encased cock. She placed me hands on her breasts and bucked her hips, getting me hard inside my cage in only a matter of seconds.

"I am ready to go. I need the key so I can unlock and get my first one done."

Noelle climbed off me and went to her purse in the bathroom. She pulled up her key ring and then started laughing. "Oh shit! This is so fucking hilarious! You are in for it now….!" And then the waves of hysterical laughter rolled over her.

"What? Tell me. What is it?"

"It seems that when you were being such an ass today I was not keeping everything straight because you distracted me. The chastity cage key is on the spare set of car keys. The spare set that is in the glove box of my old car that we traded in today." Then she was laughing again, and I was pissed. I stormed out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen for a beer. My cock was sore from surging in the cage after the grind she had just done, and from weeks of being without orgasm, and now she found it hysterical.

"I tell you what, I'll extend the time until 11 tomorrow night so you can have 24 hours from the time you found out about the update…. Oh yeah, car dealerships are closed on Sunday," she mocked.

The next morning I woke up on the couch with three empty beer bottles and a half full bottle of tequila nearby. My head throbbed but it was better than the throbbing in my crotch, or so I thought. Noelle was sitting in the kitchen where she could see me.

"Good morning. Looks like you had some trouble getting to sleep last night."

I shrugged, not making eye contact as I sat up and stabbed my feet downward at the floor.

"There's coffee."

I stood and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom, taking a seat to piss with my locked cock. Seeing the cage I muttered a few profanities to myself. After splashing water on my face and taking a couple of aspirin I returned to the kitchen for the coffee.

"Look, it was probably not fair of me to do that to you yesterday, but quite frankly you have been acting like an ass for weeks now. You would not have managed six orgasms anyways."

"Meaning what? You planned it?"

"Well, not planned it, but when we were driving home I realized that the keys were still in the other car, and I kept quiet."

"You knew about the updates on the site though…"

"Yes, I knew. You had it coming. And you still have to take tour punishment for not getting an orgasm for each post. We did not set up any exceptions when we agreed on the rules."

"There was no way I could have anticipated that you would make the keys inaccessible. And we went with 24 hours form the time I found the updates."

"We went with 24 hours starting with the time one of us found the updates. You were the one who found them last time. This time it was me. I'll tell you what. You go get the keys with me tomorrow. You walk in to the dealership and you tell the sales manager that you need to get the key to your chastity belt out of the glove box, and then I will let you off with just being tied up. You don't tell them in very plain language that the key is to the chastity cage you wear because your wife does not like your small cock inside her and we can skip the six kicks."

"Whoa! That's a lie. I wear the cage because it keeps me horny and ready for you if you ever wanted sex. And you have never once said my cock was short. It is most certainly not small!"

"No, not small, but smallish. 5 inches is on the small side of average. But the length is not what I mean by small. It is skinny, like my index finger skinny. It really does not do anything for me at all except get me worked up and wishing I could feel something. I tried to have sex like a good wife should, but compared to my other two boyfriends you were just never endowed well enough to make it fun. I love you, I just don't get off having sex with you inside me."

She crushed me with that. It was worse than anything I have ever felt before or since. With the little bit of pride I could muster I told her, "There's no way I am going to that dealership and telling them about the chastity cage. No way. You are responsible for the keys, you go and get them alone."

"I will, but just so you know I will tell them what the keys are for when I do it." She stared at me for a minute, her head slightly tilted to the side as if she were assessing me. "Okay then, since you are not going to go get the keys, you might as well start your bondage time now. No reason to miss work tomorrow over it if you can do the time now."

"This is not fun anymore."

"No, I suppose it isn't for you at this point. But we made an agreement and we are sticking to it. Just like 'til death do us part. We promised each other to do this. You also promised over and over to be my slave. So serve me and obey."

I had been tied up for several hours when I heard her cell phone ring and a short conversation as she talked on the phone. A few minutes later the closet door opened and Noelle looked in at me. "I have to run an errand, I'll be back in a little while."

I heard her leave, and then some time later I heard her come back into the house. She cracked the door just enough to see that I was still there, then closed the door and left me again. I heard her in the kitchen and heard the TV on. I smelled the lasagna baking in the oven, and it made me realize just how hungry and thirsty I was after so many hours.

More time passed, and eventually the door opened. Noelle had a soft, worried look on her face. "It's only been 10 hours, not the full 12 she said. But I want to talk to you."

"I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you," I shrugged and looked up at my bound wrists.

She smiled, "not really, except you could tell me you truly want this to stop. Every time you have asked to be my slave, to be your keyholder you have said to not back down, to make it real, that you really wanted it. So I am following what you have said. You have not even come close to using that safe-word you taught me, so I decided it was not pushing too hard."

I blinked at her. Safe-word? Hell, I had forgotten about that. We had not talked about it in years, and never, ever had she pushed so hard I considered using it.

"Lincoln logs. You remember it right? You didn't say it. Please tell me you remembered it and I wasn't pushing too far…." Her voice trailed off.

"I… remember it," I lied. Even if I had remembered it I don't think I would have used it.

"Say it. Say it now, okay?" she nearly pleaded with me. "I feel like I crossed the line."

"Was it true?"


"Was it true about me being too small to satisfy you, that you really do not have hormone issues but just can't get off from my cock?"

She stared at me a long time, and I could see the fear in her eyes as she worried about answering me. She didn't have to. The hesitation confirmed it.

"You should have been honest."

"I did not want to hurt you, and now I was just mad, and couldn't hold back."

"Well, now I know."

"You haven't said it yet."

"What if I don't want to?"

"Why not?"

"What is the point of saying it and getting untied and being unlocked if my cock does not please you anyway? At least you seem to take some pleasure from my tongue. And if you keep locking me up then you don't have to worry about being pressured to have sex with me. You won't have to feel guilty when you say no, because if I am locked then the answer is automatically no. I still like the tease and frustration, and I like getting to cum once in a while. But I don't need to have unrestricted access so I am jerking off all the time like a college boy."

"No safe word?"


Noelle slowly reached into her pocket and pulled out the key to the chastity cage. "The sales guy called to ask if I had any questions about the car, a follow up courtesy thing. I told him about leaving a set of keys in the car and he agreed to meet me at the dealership. I didn't tell him what it was for." Noelle reached out and began to unlock the cage.

"I did not say the safe word."

"I know. So now it is time for the kicks you have coming.

We kept playing, she teasing me and having me go down on her, me getting to get off when the web site had new updates. There were regular updates until October and November of 2011, but I was mostly able to cope. The teasing from my wife made it harder, but also it made it more bearable with having the physical closeness and emotional connection. Our marriage grew stronger.

2013 was unbearable. Noelle kept teasing, often daily. There were many days she had me ready to say Lincoln logs. Yet she seemed to know when I was there, and backed off just in time. I kept checking for updates each day on the site, and for a year I got to have one orgasm. Only one.

I want to contact Altarboy, offer him cash to change his site, to space out the updates and update more often. Months of nothing and now these mass dumps of updates on a single day are such exquisite torture. From famine to feast and back again.

If you have new stories, new reviews, please share them. My aching balls and locked cock are so desperate.

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