The Butterflies

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This story starts out like many other stories in the bedroom. My fascination with force chastity started 6 years ago. I wanted to spice up the bedroom and thought getting a PA was one way of doing this. She was NOT impressed! But I liked the piercing. So I got more, I did all myself. At one point I had 48, all on my lower half. Just my genitals 48. But I wanted an even 50. That never happened, I know that this was excessive. As much as a understatement as that sounds. It is what it is. So I removed all but a few. The one that will never heal shut is the PA. Currently I only have 14 piercings.

Yet I digress. Let's fast forward 4 years. My wife still doesn't like my piercings, but has accepted them as a part of me. Even refers to my PA as a pig nose. It's taken these few years but I have no problem being naked in front of her like in the shower or changing clothes. In fact I'm quite comfortable. She even thinks I look weird without my jewelry. So at that stage I was looking at chastity devices and came across Mistress Lori chastity devices. Fell in love with the look and craftsmanship. So I measure and re-measured, then in a few months received my device. It fit perfectly, looked nice too. Low profile and couldn't see any real difference when wearing jeans.

Then it was time to show my honey. This too did not go very well. And here is why, 1 she felt it was a form of control and demeaning to the partner (me). 2 It's a super sexual fantasy that's just not real. How could I argue with statements like that. At that point I was done with chastity. But then I started a new job with a lot of traveling. A little jealousy set in with her. To my surprise one day right before I was to leave for 4 days. We made love more than a few times that night. As morning dawned, morning wood occurred, but my manhood was secured in the Mistress Lori chastity device. What is this about, I asked? Your job takes you all over and this will keep my mind from wondering. You're a very sexual person and I want all your attention.

Now I also replaced your underwear with something more appropriate. Nice feminized male panties. These will keep you from frequenting places I'm not comfortable with. Put these on, black lace is timeless. Over the course of 15 years the one thing she has done was buy me underwear that over the years have become more and more feminine. Until we are where we are today. Full blown feminized underwear, for men. With lace, silk, satin and very feminine colors. Pink, fusha, cobalt blue.

On the day I returned I was so looking forward to having my freedom. It had been 4 days and I was throbbing. I was so delighted to see my lovely bride in a very sexy outfit setting the table with what turned out to one of the best meals I have had in a very long time. I was hurting immensely, she was making small talk while teasing me. Rubbing up against me bending over the table. I couldn't take it any more! Please let go to the bedroom and take this off! She just laughed. Sure baby let's go I'm so horny too. Let me get ready, give me 10 minutes and I'll be on the bed. I'll have the key with me. After 10 minutes I'm walking in the bedroom. My wife is spread out over the bed. As I got closer I saw the key was hanging from her right nipple. OMG you have a piercing on your nipple! She just laughed and said strip down my handsome groom. Stripping down to my panties she said "stop leave them on". Now make me cum. Please take this off I ask her. No! You are going to please me, then we will see IF you get something in return. I dove right in I licked and sucked, inhaled her juices. After awhile I was spent. She reached in the night stand and pulled out a dildo with a mouth guard told me to hold it in my mouth while I ride your face baby. She never owned a dildo before. Now she has one that is specialized for resting in my mouth. But dwelling on that would have to wait. She mount my face and works her hot wet snatch up and down my face cock. I can feel her hot juices running down my face. She reaches back and grabs my chastity device pushing on it while grinding hard on the dildo clamped in my mouth. She cums hard and screams loud, then just starts quivering and a huge gush of cum runs down all over me. I am spent, she rolls off of me and cuddles. I am straining aginst my prison. We lay together for a what seems like forever. She said she is going to take a nap. Will "deal" with me later. After her nap I'm told to lay spread eagle.

Then I feel restraints being put on my ankles then my wrists. I can feel her titties near my chastity device then the key enters the lock and I'm free. I feel her mouth engulf my member. Within 2 minutes I explode. Again I feel embarrassed by how fast I released. The next thing I know is a warm wet cloth is cleaning my cock up. She begins to manipulate my limp dick putting it back in its prison. Within 5 minutes I'm back in Mistress Lori chastity device.

Tomorrow we are going to a lazer hair removal place. I was too tired to discuss why a lazer hair removal place was in my future.

As the new day begins I am reminded of my little man under lock and key. Once my shower was done, the key came off her nipple and removed the prison. Put you pink panties on and get dressed. Soon we were in the car driving. That's when I remember hair removal.

Arriving I was ushered into a small room with a loud humming sound. The technician told me to removal all clothing and lay down face down on the table. She stepped out but returned before I was completely undressed. Of course I was in my pink panties, but soon they were on the floor and I was on the table face down hearing giggles. This is going to hurt a little but once we are done you will never have to shave.

A week later and I was hairless. A week after that I was still locked up. I was more attentive more and in-touch with what she needed. But sex had not increased not even teasing had started. Tomorrow I would be leaving for 10 days. That night I expressed a concern that she was neglecting me. She explained that now that I'm under lock and key everything is heightened. Our sex life isn't really changing, other than you can't masturbate. Is that what you want is to do is masturbate? No, I said with conviction. Your chastity device is NOT coming off anytime soon. I'll help you out a little by massaging your prostate from behind lol. Here is a device that will help you cum. I am handed a strange little wand that is bulbous at the business end. Now what I want is this to hang in the shower at all times. When you need some relief it's very handy.

Strip down and get in the shower we are going to try this out. Now I am embarrassed. Don't be she said, this is healthy. Get on all fours and spread your legs. Good now this might pinch a little bit. Oh that slid in nice. How does that feel? Okay but not sure how this will make me cum. After a few minutes I feel like I need to pee. She tells me that I'm about to cum. Then she stops turns off the shower and she slides a bowl under me. What is this for, I ask. I want to catch what comes out. She begins to work the wand again and in a minute I'm pouring what feels like urine. After 3 minutes, deep inside me I feel a pulsation. You are now empty my dear. She picks up the bowl and starts to leave. Clean up get dressed and meet me in the kitchen.

I smell eggs cooking and upon entering the kitchen she's at the stove. Hi dear, set down and have some breakfast. She places a plate of sausage and scrambled eggs. Eat up honey, here is some coffee. How do you feel? Well I'm still very horny, whatever that was didn't work. She giggled yes it did, your balls are empty. Then why am I still horny as hell. I'm straining aginst this prison. That's because your mind has been tricked. You released your seed without a hard on, or being sexual aroused. Now keep eating I want to talk to you about some more changes. How is your food? Wonderful tastes exquisite! You know you just finished eating your cum? What!!!??? Why would you do that? Honey you like the taste of cum. What's more is I really like you doing it. Now what I would like is for you to milk yourself once a week. Put your "milk" in this container we keep in the outside fridge. So weekly I'll cook with it and we will enjoy some nice home cooked meals.

Today you are going to be gone for 10 days. You have been cleaned out, but your sexual frustrations will be at a all time high. But we can fix those urges with some medicine. You need to take it anytime you feel frustrated. Take as much as you need. In fact take more than you need. Your body will thank you. What medicine am I taking? It's all natural and is produced in the body. It is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals along with chemicals the body produces.

With that I was off. I took the cocktail right before I left and a hour later because it didn't seem to curb my frustration. But by nightfall I think it was working. With that I just kept taking more and more. For 10 days I seemed in control, no morning wood. When I returned I was calm and okay. She ask how I was feeling and if the medicine was helping. Oh yes this is great! Good, I have some more that will really help, but it's a shot. At this point it's all good. Give it to me. I'll show you this week but going forward you need to keep it up. I slept very well the last 10 days, so this is a win win. It wasn't until 3 months later that I felt changes. One my skin was softer, my voice is higher. The biggest change were my breast got bigger. It happened overnight and I freaked out! That was the day she told me of the medicine. Was a cocktail alright, of female hormones, estrogen among others. Why did you do this? It's only temporary, if you were to stop everything you would go back to your old self. But let's not act too hasty, think of all the good that has happened. No discomfort, concentration increased, softer skin, even tempered and weight loss. You have a very nice figure. I was getting tits! Yes, but we can work with that. Now let's get you a nice hot bath. You just soak. That was such a great idea.

As I passed the mirror to get in the tub I caught a glimpse of myself. With no hair, much thinner, hourglass figure and very large natural breast (36DD). I looked just like a woman, I really did. She cam in, knelt down and used the key attached to her breast to unlock my chastity device. My small penis was so small is was just a little tip and my balls. I wasn't getting hard. I was staying small and I was okay with that. I lowered myself in to the waiting warm water. She sprinkles bath salts. I just melted. The lights were turned down low and I felt calm. I must have dosed off. I opened my eyes and my lovely wife was setting looking at me. What is it? I ask. She said I am so much in love with you. I look at the changes that you have gone through. As well as what changes I have gone through too. And what we both have accepted. Do you like how you look and feel? Could you see yourself living this lifestyle? That leads me to ask her. Could you see you living in this lifestyle. Without hesitation she said YES! Okay I said let's do this. She just screamed.

After the soak I dried off and she reinstalled my jewelry. Now let's see what needs to happen. I told her I kinda like my tits. But I want to pierce them. Okay great she said but I want your tongue pierced too. The first piercing should be on the tip and two more behind the first one. That's going to feel real good on my clit. I was getting excited sexually. Told her so. Good get on all four and let's milk you. I was down spread apart and waiting. Within 5 minutes I'm milked and looking at a very large bowl of my cum. Here she said. Go ahead and drink this cum. I didn't even hesitate I took the bowl and before I started she said slowly, savor it. I started sipping at my own cum mmmmmm. I liked it. I licked the bowl dry. Let's get that cock real hard. I need a good fucking she said. As much as I tried I couldn't get hard. I was embarrassed beyond belief. She just giggled and said it was okay and she knew that this would occur. She put my cage back on and pulled out a Strap-on out of a drawer on her end table. Here keep this on your side. Wear it every night, because I want to be able to reach out and feel a hard cock at any hour of the night. Now let's try it out - fuck me stud monkey.

You need to pierce your tongue and tits. She took the liberty of buying over 200 pieces of stainless steel jewelry. I think it would be great if we could see how many can adorn your genitals. I saw online a Jacob's Ladder, let's start with that. But honey you really can't want me to do this. Oh but I do. What about me hurting you when we make love? That is not a problem anymore. We are never going to use your cock like that again. You will service me with your tongue. When I want penetration you will wear the Strap-on . So you see the jewelry is really decorations. But that's not all. When I milk you all that cum drips from the Mistress Lori chastity device. This makes clean up messy. What I want is to create a redirect right in the middle of your taint. So when you pee or cum it flows from your new hole. Here is how this will work. First I have this sounding rod. It will slide deep down your uritha. To the point of where we want your new hole. Second we have this dermal punch. This will cut into your skin and into your uritha. Third is this cauterizing scalpel. That way it never heals up. You piss setting down for years. This will make your cock just a plaything.

I have some wonderful ideas for that meat of yours. We are going to add lots more piercings. Because truly you are never going to use it to fuck anymore. What's more is I am going to have the entire genital area tattooed. Not sure if I want a Phoenix or a dragon. Dragon makes more sense. Let's face it that cock of yours will never rise from the ashes. Plus with all the piercings you have and going to have, which will work well with the dragon motifs. God all this talk has gotten me hot. Are you hot my mister man? I really don't feel horny at all. That's wonderful, because as you know our sex life isn't going to increase. But because I'm so horny you will service me at my beckon call. Put the Strap-on on. Put the mouth cock in. Please put the blind fold on too. Lay on the bed and wait for me, I'll be back in a minute. After a few minutes the I hear the bedroom door open. Then one hand is secured then the other. I'm being pulled towards the foot of the bed. My arms are stretched as far as they can. My ass is hanging off the bed. Now my ankles are being secured to the top of the bed post. I can't see anything and my legs are pinned to the post. I can tell she is lubbing up the Strap-on. I feel her crawling on the bed and lubbing up the mouth cock. Then at the foot of the bed I hear her say, begin. At that moment I feel simultaneously a pussy lowering down on my face cock and someone entering my ass. I start to buck because I know we are not alone. She has brought in another person. I don't know if a guy is in my ass or if someone with a Strap-on is fucking me. Nor do I know if my wife is on my face or another woman. After a few minutes it's clear my wife is fucking my ass. So that means another woman is fucking my face. Feel like I need to pee. But I now know that I am cumming. My redirect starts to pulsate and I shoot my load. That dribbles out and down to the dildo going in and out of my ass. She yells out "oh my god" you just lubricated your own ass. Becky are you close to cumming. At that very moment a huge amount of cum gushes out and over my face. She immediately dismount my face. And I feel my wife getting on. She is like a animal just hammering my face. Then I feel my ass stretch out with. The new girl is having her turn with my ass. She wraps her arms around my legs and starts pounding my ass. As my wife still keeps hammering my face. I can feel her about to cum. And now I feel like I need to pee. Knowing that I am cumming again. I explode yet again. I can feel my cum running down my ass. And once again it's lubricant for this woman to fuck my ass. The smacking of my ass throws cum everywhere. But the rythem of her in my ass and my wife on my face, started to work in unison. I can't take the pounding anymore, I passout.

When I wake up I hear voices. He's finally awake. Begin is what I hear again. It starts all over again. I'm sore and in a lot of pain. I can't speak or move freely. Then after about 30 more minutes I blackout again . I am awoken by having pain coming from my cock. A buzzing sound accompanying it. I still can't see. The mouth cock still in place. All I can do in scream into the dildo. Then the pain and buzzing sound stops. My wife tells me that I have a long way to go. So get use to the pain, days of this are still happening. I can tell my cock in rock hard. But the pain is all over. Then the buzzing starts again. I can't take it I blackout yet again. This happens 10 more times. I'm crying, this is just too much. When I do wake up my titties are now on fire. But I can see that I'm being tattooed. What are you doing to me! !!???? Well you remember how I said we can stop and everything will go back to before. That is NEVER going to happen now. For 2 reasons. 1 I want this more now than you did. 2 the changes made to your body are NOT reversible anymore. Just heal up and we will discuss this after you rest. That was 6 months ago.

Here is what took place. Becky is a world renowned tattoo artist. Payment was money and sexual fantasy. I now have Asian art that wraps around my waist to up around my back and breast. My groin has a very large dragon on it. But I was kept in a induced coma. Surgery was preformed. No more Adam Apple, forehead has been reshaped, breast got bigger and more shapely. My testicles are now secured up in my body cavity. My penis is reshape and reduced to literally look like a dragons head and neck. No need for the chastity device. I don't get hard like before. Masturbation can NOT be done by stroking my cock. I can only get off from anal stimulation. My cock is small and any sensation has been removed and or relocated around my sphincter.

My wife has told me if I want out I can leave at any time. But I look like a freak. She is making money from pictures of me and videos. I have a website that shows me getting off. But now my wife is having women and men fuck me transsexuals get to fuck me anytime. Men and women have to make appointments. We live so far out in the country I'm not sure where we are. My day consist of eating right, exercise and lots and lots of fucking.

I have no clothes - I have to walk around naked or in lingerie. Cameras are everywhere, I am filmed 24/7. She visits from time to time. I'm not alone - I have handlers. I'm located in a preserve of some sort. 1000's of acres land between the sprawling estate and the nearest road.

The illustrated person. Transformed into a butterfly.

I was told today that it is show and tell at a sex industry convention. I am the main attraction. I am given drugs to make me more sexually aroused. I will be asked to voluntarily preform many sex acts.

But that is another story for another time

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