A Christmas Never to be Forgotten

Submitted by: chastity.boi

-- The gift that keeps on giving!

Christmas was fast approaching and every day life seemed to pass in a blur. It was Christmas eve and things started to wind down with the kids were off to bed for the night.

They got the presents out and placed around the tree as tradition every year and headed off to relax in their room. Everyone was wearing their seasonal pajamas and all was as it always is. When they reached the bedroom, she recommended a soak in a hot bath to sooth the evening tension away. He washed her body and even shaved her legs for her. He really would do anything in the world to please her. This time was different though. Ever since they entered the bedroom she wore a mischievous grin as if she was plotting something or hiding a big secret. He payed little attention to it and wrote it off as Christmas anticipation.

When he was finished washing and shaving her body to perfection, she took the lead and started to return the favor. She took special attention to washing his cock and balls as she starred intently at his eyes as he closed his and let the feeling of her manipulations overwhelm his being. In no time she had brought him to full erection and she slowly started shaving away his pubic hair. Again he paid little attention as she knows he likes to be hair free there and mused that she was just taking that little extra care of him. Satisfied, they sat back and enjoyed the heat of the water and relaxed. He let all other thoughts of what was happening simply slip away. The grin never once leaving her lips.

After soaking for a while she retreated and dried her body to retire into the bedroom suggesting he soak a little longer so she could finish his Christmas preparations. She would walk through between the bathroom and closet retrieving boxes and wrapping paper with each trip. When it seemed she was finished, he drained the tub, toweled himself off and headed for the bedroom. They would put on their pajamas and cuddle up for the night before the chaos started in the morning.

He entered the bedroom and picked up his pajamas to prepare for bed when she stopped him dead in his tracks. “Those will NOT be your pajamas tonight” she exclaimed was she pushed him forward causing him to bend over the edge of the bed on top of a strategically place pillow which forced his ass up and out. She placed her hand on the back of his head to keep him there playfuly as she started grinding her hips against his and let out a giggle as her breast pressed against his back and a moan escaped his lips. She knew that was a MAJOR turn on for him and planned to get fully into his head with lust knowing that he will do anything she said when in the right headspace. Everything was falling into play as she planned it.

She could feel his excitement as she ground into him, but she had other plans. She directed him to the center oh the bed and straddled his hips but not allowing his cock to penetrate her. She kissed him deeply as she slid her hands up his sides and pushed his hands out to the corners of the bed. She gives him a serious look and warned him to keep his hands stretched out. She produced a box from earlier and extracts 2 pair of handcuffs as she smiles at him seductively. She knows that he always finds a way out of the ropes, but this will make it impossible for him to escape. She secures the cuffs around his outstretched wrists and then to the bedposts making extra sure that he was stretched to the limit and the cuffs were too tight to slip out of, but not too tight to cut off circulation.

Happy with her work, she opened a second box as she pulled 2 lengths of rope from within. She methodically wrapped each rope around each of his ankles, again ensuring they were tight enough to be impossible to slip out of, but not too tight as to cut off the circulation. She had tied his legs many times in the past, but this time was different. She did not secure the ropes to the bottom the bed as he expected.

The mischievous smile returned to her wet lips as she slowly crawled back onto the bed and kissed him deeply. Sitting up, she pulls out another smaller box and removes nipple clamps and warns him not to make so much as a sound; not even a moan! Of course she KNOWS that he cannot remain quiet as his nipples are always ultra sensitive; or she will fix the problem. He does his best as she applies the clamps. With a knowing grin, she gives them a tug and the inevitable happens. A gasping moan escapes him as she planned and she is “forced” apply corrective actions. She anticipated this and slowly withdrew the ball gag from the box with a smile. Everything was going as planned. Just as she started to insert the ball gag, she paused in thought, got off the bed and retreated to the bathroom. When she returned, she again straddled him and demanded a kiss before the gag was installed. She kissed him ever so deeply and just as quickly pulled away and replaced her tongue with her panties she had been wearing, pushed in the ball gag behind them and secured it around his head. He was now silenced from the gag, but the panties not only pushed his tongue to the bottom of his mouth keeping him from pushing out the gag, but now he was forced to taste her juices.

Exclaiming that it was time for the next box, she withdrew one of the thin pink cords and continued to tie it ever so tightly around his balls. He could not recall her ever tying his balls so tightly in the past. But just as with his feet, she did not secure the other end to the bottom of the bed as he anticipated. Instead, she slid down his body and in between his spread legs. With a little motivation she lifted his hips and pressed his legs towards the top ends of the headboard and secured his ankles with a smile.

With his hands stretched out and his ankles now secured to the upper posts, this left his balls and ass extremely exposed. Chuckling to herself, she secured the other end of the pink cord to the top of the headboard. He had not ever see this hook before. She made sure to pull it tight enough that he was forced to use his legs to keep the tension off his balls. She knew that would slowly turn into a very painful situation for him as his legs would start to tire. It was all just a matter of time she thought to herself. She could already see the desperation in his eyes as she traced his legs down from his spread feet to his exposed ass. The fun is just about to begin she seductively said and then slid off the bed and off to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

She knew he would be struggling and his strength would rapidly deplete, so she made sure to take her time as she prepared. As she suspected, his strength definitely began to take it's toll on him and his body tried to lower and increased the pull on his tortured balls. It was all he could do to keep his sanity. When she finished her preparation, she slowly opened the door and he gazed upon her in fear and anticipation. Her makeup was heavy and impeccable, she wore heels to kill for, and atop her head was the pink wig. He knew that this meant trouble for him. the pink wig symbolized that she was not there as his wife, but as the cruel and merciless Mistress that he loved and also feared. Something else caught his attention. She wore boy short type panties, but through the opening in the front stood a massive cock that she explained was a feeldoe. She was going to take him mercilessly with the cock, and the other end was an insertable that would grind inside her as she fucked him. She would not relent and would not quit until the other end brought her two orgasms to sate her burning lust for the evening. But first she needed to blindfold him to take away his sense of sight and enhance all other senses.

It must have taken an hour minimum before the feeldoe worked it's magic and brought her the release she craved. Exhausted, she collapsed aside him and basked in the afterglow. She had used a strap-on before, but NOTHING like this. The power she felt was unmatched. When she regained her composure, she took mercy on him and untied his balls and feet from the posts, but to his surprise, she retied balls to the base of the bed, forcing him to scoot down as far as he could and remove all slack from his outstretched arms. His feet were again secured spread out to the footboard and 2 more lengths of rope were added at the knees and tied to the sides of the bed forcing his groin to be exposed even more. He knew he was in big trouble now.

She slowly stroked his rigid cock with her hands, taking him closer and closer to orgasm, but always pulling away at the last moment. She knew his body and was not ready for him to release yet. She teased him to the edge 10 times before asking if he was ready to cum. Enthusiastically he shook his head with all his might in hopes that she would take him over there.

She slid back on top of him in a 69 position and he can feel her breath close, but never letting her mouth touch his cock. This just increased his need to cum, but the cord stopped him from thrusting his hips forward to her mouth. She was really enjoying his torment as she slid back and rubbed her wet pussy against the ball gag still lodged behind his teeth. Her stroking pace quickened as she neared another orgasm for herself from rubbing against the gag. Closer and closer she she climbed in ecstasy and as she reached climax, she squeezed his balls and pushed him over the edge. He released the largest load of cum he had ever produced and she squeezed harder and harder with her orgasm flowing through her.

After regaining her composure, she slid off the bed, but did not clean him off like she usually does after she cums. Instead, she headed to the bathroom and he heard the sink running to get herself a drink. She asks if he is thirsty and offers to remove the gag. Pulling the gag free, she instructs him to open his mouth and not to spill. Before he realizes what is happening, she takes the glass that she collected his cum in without him knowing and pours his entire spent load into his throat and replaces the gag before he can spit any out. With an evil grin, she exclaims that she knows he does not like the taste of his own cum, but from this point on he is to swallow every drop when allowed the privilege to cum no matter when or where. This was tribute for his devotion to her.

It is late she exclaimed as she untied his balls. The rest are your pajamas for tonight boi she explains. He hears her shut the light off and close the door behind her as she retires to another bed; leaving him bound and a mouth full of his own cum; completely helpless and at her mercy.

She knows he is completely spent as she relaxes and allows him to drift off to sleep.

The alarm sounds and woke him from one of the deepest sleeps he could remember. He tried to reach over and silence the alarm only to be reminded that he is still severely restrained and unable to move at all. But something is different… There is a new sensation he thinks to himself just as she enters the room.

She slowly removes the ball gag and he starts to protest on the strict bondage, but is silenced by the replacement of the dildo gag. She replaces the nipple clamps and smiles at him wickedly as she lowers herself onto the dildo gag and explains his new life.

As she rides the cock protruding from his mouth she went on to explain his situation. When he drifted off, she had locked on his chastity belt and placed the key in the safe of which she changed the combination to until Monday, at which time she would mail the key to her friend. with strict instructions to not send it back for a MINIMUM of 1 month so his training can progress. She had made a video of the entire night and explained that any attempts to try and remove the chastity belt would result in the video being sent to his friends. He knew she would never actually do that, so she also added that she sent the video to a friend of hers to post for her in the event that needed to happen. He was truly trapped now.

His Daily Rules:

  • 1. He will be upmost respectful when speaking to her or any other female for that matter. (Women are superior)
  • 2. The CB will never be removed unless his hands are secured. He is no longer allowed to touch her property.
  • 3. He must wear the medium sized butt plug at all times, except to use the bathroom, but then it will me re-inserted.
  • 4. On the rare occasion he is allowed to cum, as stated before, he must swallow every drop no matter when or where.
  • 5. He is to rub and massage her daily as she desires with lotion or oil.
  • 6. He must fully satisfy her and anyone else she chooses sexually in any manner she chooses, whether it be his tongue, fingers, strap-on, vibrator etc… no matter when or where.
  • 7. He must return to top physical condition to better serve her. Failure to do so in a timely matter will justify EXTREME punishment as well as regular punishments along the way. Once achieved, maintenance is expected and demanded.
  • 8. He must wear something feminine at all times, whether it be panties, stockings, painted nails etc. to remind him of his submission and her superiority.
  • 9. He must NEVER ask to be released from his chastity cage. IMMEDIATE and SEVERE punishment will be delivered if mentioned.
  • 10. He is to find a female tattoo artist and have his slave register number tattoo'd above his chastity cage and explain to her what it means if she asks.

Her pace picked up and she impailed herself harder and harder as she explained these rules to him. These rules were given to him as base rules. More may be added and or changed as desired and are expected to be followed without hesitation or severe punishment will swiftly follow.

He felt her entire body stiffen as she climaxed and covered his face in her juices. Completely exhausted, she lay beside his bound body. She could feel him tremble as she traced her fingers along his frame. His now caged cock straining and pushing through the bars of the CB in a failed attempt to break free from it's prison. Noting can match the satisfied look on her face as she whispers in his ear.

“Merry Christmas my pet. Be careful what you wish for, as your wish is now your eternity. You belong to me FOREVER! if you are lucky, I may ask for your key back in time for Valentine's Day…”

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