A New Toy

Submitted by: Donna's Devoted

It arrived around 12 noon, special delivery from the old US of A, Donna quickly unwrapped her new toy, a Dream Lover 2000, the male management tool. A remote controlled system, designed to deliver electric shocks to a male's genitals. Donna flipped thru the instruction set, digesting the various control options. There were varying electrical shock strengths ranging from mild thru to severe, all easily adjustable via a hand held remote, or via an app on her phone. No expense had been spared, she had bought the top of the range model.

In addition to shock strength and duration adjustment, the system also had some useful built-in functions. 'Leash mode' delivered shocks, increasing in intensity, the further the wearer moved outside an adjustable boundary. Effectively confining the wearer to an area defined by his mistress, an invisible leash, so to say. 'Dog mode', delivered three mild pulses to alert the wearer that his management device was now entering 'Dog mode'. After these three pulses, the wearer knew he had four seconds to get down on all fours, ensuring that the transmitter connected to his chastity lock was horizontal with the floor. If he could do that quickly, no shocks would come, however if he remained vertical, shocks would be automatically delivered, increasing in strength, until the wearer submitted and assumed the dog position. Only then would the shocks abate. A wicked smile broke out over Donna's face as she leafed thru the instruction set, she would enjoy this new toy, of that she was sure.

She heard the front door opening, John is back she thought, as she slipped her dream lover male management toy into her underwear drawer, before heading downstairs. 'Hi babe', she said as she slapped John on his arse. 'You know, I've got a an hour to kill, before getting ready'. Donna had a night out in the town with the girls planned, but it was mid afternoon, and there was fun to be had, before the drinking session with the girls kicked off. A smile broke across John's face, as he contemplated the opportunity for sexual release. His cock had been locked up for over a week now, and the opportunity for release, had his penis straining to get hard within its confined cage. 'Right upstairs then bitch, you know the drill', John quickly scurried upstairs, as Donna strode behind him, thumbing the key to his chastity cage as she went.

As she strode up the stairs behind John, her mind turned to sex, what would it be today, cock locked or unlocked, decisions, decisions, for the modern sexually dominant wife, the options were boundless. She did enjoy a good old fashioned fuck, of that there was no doubt. Although she did like to mix it up a bit. Recently she had introduced strap-ons into the bedroom. It had taken time and patience on her part, but eventually John had become accustomed to being fucked in the arse by her. He would dress in a black satin night dress, wearing suspenders with black nylons stockings, before bending over and presenting his exposed arse, vulnerable and available for her to fuck as she pleased. And fuck it she did, night after night.

As Donna entered the bedroom, she found John lying naked on the bed. She picked up the remote and switched on the tv, before quickly entering the code for the porn channels, a code only she knew. John averted his gaze from the tv screen, as the images and sounds of fucking enveloped the bedroom. The porn was for Donna's viewing pleasure only, John could hear the fucking on the screen, but knew he dare not look. Donna removed her jeans and knickers, before sitting upright on the bed. As she flicked thru the porn channels, she grabbed John's head and forced it into her groin. John furiously began to lick her clit and stroke her nipples, his years of sexual submission and training ensured he knew exactly how to pleasure his wife and mistress, what she liked and what she didn't. Donna began moaning, encouraging John's tongue and hands to work harder and faster, her pleasure groans began mixing with those from the tv. John was now fully focussed on pleasing his wife and mistress, as he licked and licked, he could feel her hot wet juices flowing onto his face. His head was being forced harder and harder into her groin by Donna, as her pleasure groans increased. Only after she had come would the opportunity for his sexual pleasure be considered. Finally, John felt a surge of juices flowing onto his face, as an almighty orgasm crashed thru Donna's body. John felt Donna's grip on his head loosen, as she came.

As she relaxed in the afterglow of her orgasm, John pleadingly looked up at her, his eyes begging for a chance to come himself. She clicked her fingers, a signal for John to give her a cigarette, light it and assume a subordinate position, offering either his hands or his mouth to be used as her astray. Today Donna wanted to use his mouth. Over the years, John had been conditioned to substitute physical sexual pleasure for the satisfaction that came with servitude. His mouth being used for Donna's discarded ash was an honour of the highest order. In an instant John knew there would be no physical sexual gratification for him today, but he had obviously satisfied and pleased his mistress, given that she was now flicking ash into his mouth. He savoured every flick, begging for it, as Donna let her cigarette linger over his mouth before flicking the ash from it into his mouth, smiling as she did.

Donna turned the porn off, before extinguishing her cigarette butt onto John's extended tongue, 'swallow', John swallowed without hesitation. 'You are a good boy, you really are', Donna smiled as she spoke. 'You are such a good boy, that I've got a little present for you, over in my top drawer, go and get it'. John opened the drawer to find the dream lover 2000 male management system, lying on top of Donna's silky underwear. 'Let's get your cock cage off then, so we can connect this system to it', as she removed the key to his chastity cage from her necklace. The system had a little electrode shocking plate that they secured to the inside of John's plastic chastity cage. Within ten minutes, John had his chastity cage back on, although now with the little metal shocking plate touching his confined flaccid penis and a remote control receiver unit secured to his body via a belt around his waist.

Donna smiled as she thumbed her new remote control, while John's anxiety began to rise as he watched Donna's finger linger above one of shock command buttons. The instant she pressed, John felt five sharp shocks to his genitals, it took him a second or two to recover. He didn't like this new toy, not one bit. 'That was a mild one', Donna smiled as spoke. 'Lets take it up a notch'. John immediately began begging, 'Please don't mistress, please'. Donna felt her nipples harden, as John's begging increased in volume and desperation. This was a new level of control and she liked it. She couldn't resist, a second later, five more intense shocks were hitting John's caged cock. She laughed as John jumped and contorted, as the shocks took effect. 'Look, chill, there's no permanent damage, it's a conditioning unit, the shocks are uncomfortable, but once it's over, it's over, the pain subsides in seconds. And a well behaved boy like you will probably not need much more conditioning. It's just a little reminder of who the boss is, ok?', John quickly nodded in agreement.

'Right enough of the games, I need to get ready, big night out with the girls tonight, be a darling and run me a bath', Donna instructed John. As John headed to the bathroom, Donna switched the new device into 'leash mode', setting the boundary to 20 metres. John felt two very mild shocks, unaware that this was a signal to the wearer that 'leash mode' was now enabled. 'While, I'm in the bath, get my black dress from the garden washing line and iron it. After you've done that, give my boots a polish, they need it, thanks babes'. As John headed out to the back garden, Donna watched from the bedroom window, bursting into laughter as John started contorting and jumping half way up the garden path. John felt numerous short sharp shocks hitting his penis, they appeared to be increasing in intensity, the further up the garden path he went. Eventually he turned back, and as he got closer to the house they stopped. Donna leaned out of the window before shouting 'hey, my dress, hurry up, go and get it', knowing full well that the washing line was beyond his leash boundary. After, three more failed attempts, Donna eventually relented, and disabled the leash mode, allowing John to get the dress. As soon, as he was back within the boundary limit Donna switched the leash back on.

Donna came down the stairs to find her dress ironed, and boots polished. It was ten to six, her taxi would be here in ten minutes. She quickly dressed, and pulled her boots on. 'Alright babes, I need to run remember don't wander from the house, as I've left your leash on, ok?', John nodded his head in acknowledgement. And also, I've got the app on my phone, so be on your toes, I might send you wee reminders from my phone, if I get bored'. Outside the taxi tooted its horn, 'Right, catch you later babes', and with that, Donna was gone.

It had been a good night, so far, the vodka was flowing, and the girls we're having a good time. As she sat in the pub toilet, Donna smiled to herself, life was good, she mused. Ok, she thought, let's try this dog mode. As he watched tv, John got a text message from Donna, it read, 'get on all fours now'. Eh, he thought what the fuck, a few seconds later he felt three mild shocks. Quickly followed by increasing in intensity shocks. It was only once he got down on all fours, that the shocks stopped. As Donna strode back to the girls table, the thought of John now being on all fours made her smile. Technology was a wonderful thing, fucking engineers you've got to love them..

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