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Below is the story of how I became my wife's slave and she my Mistress. It would be great if you could post it on your site, if only as a warning to others about how one simple mistake can change your whole way of life. Please keep this anonymous as I am sure my Mistress would be upset if her identity was revealed.

I knew one thing when ordered to the bedroom and the hoods and gags were set neatly laid out on the dressing table. Whatever my Mistress had planned included something going inside me. This had been my continuing punishment for breaking down during an earlier session and calling her a bitch. I did not realise how personally she would take this and how much I would live to regret my actions.

I was the one who suggested that our marriage should be female led and that the best way to achieve this would be to restrict my sexual activity by the use of chastity. As with most relationships taking this path it began slowly, playing games and limiting things to the bedroom. However as time progressed my role became more passive and my wife's more proactive. She would spend more and more time on line researching female led relationships, chatting on femdom sites and learning about what submissive men want.

Like most submissive males I was living out my fantasy, having a strict Mistress who used me for her sexual pleasure. As my wife became more interested on her role her demands on me during our 'play' became more intense. Her verbal humiliation regarding my sexual inadequacy became more skilled, even to the extent that there was real feeling in her words. The number of times I was allowed sexual release began to diminish and actual penetrative sex was limited to my birthday and Christmas unless me wife felt the need for my cock inside her. She also introduced 'real' punishment sessions into our play, her favourites being caning and overnight bondage. The thing which seemed strange to me was that unlike most dominant women she did not insist on being referred to as Mistress. When I asked about this she told me that she was not my Mistress but my wife who had the dominant role within our marriage.

This all changed when during one of our play sessions she had been particularly hard when caning me and bought me to tears. She then told me that I would be cuffed to the stairs balustrade and spend the night thinking about what a cry baby I had been. I accepted my punishment, expecting her to release me after an hour or so to join her in bed. However she just went off to sleep and left me there. I called out until she awoke and came to see me. She asked what the matter was and I asked her to release me, but she simply said that if I woke her again she would gag me and beat me until I cried again. I spent a miserable night, cold and sleepless on the stairs. When she awoke the following morning my wife simply washed and dressed ignoring my attempts to attract her attention. Finally I snapped and shouted for her to release me, when she refused I called her a f**king bitch. She became very angry and said that if I thought she was a bitch she would start acting like one.

Since that day my wife's control over me has become absolute. True to her word she has made me understand what a real bitch is. I have been informed that I will never be allowed sex with her again and that unlike before I am to address her as 'Mistress' as I would from now on belong to her. Her interest began to increase in non-consensual Mistress-slave relationships where real power over a submissive results in them being made to do things which they would otherwise object to. She says that this is the only way to achieve a true Mistress slave relationship. My Mistress now has a wide range of video and photographs of me wearing female underwear, in bondage and in compromising positions,which would be shown to family and friends if I disobey her. She also has complete control of all the finances and al our saving are kept in her accounts. I have also signed a document allowing her to keep the house and other property if we divorce. Since taking control she main interest appears to be to make me suffer and it seems that the more I do the more she enjoys it. She has had sex with a number of other men and couples. She particularly enjoys having me help her get ready for her night out and talks continuously about how she hopes to get lucky. Whenever she is out I am locked in my chastity belt and made to wait for her return. If she does return I am subjected to the humiliation of my Mistress telling me about all the flirting and sexy people she has met and how she wished she could have bedded them. On a number of occasions she has texted me and told me to lock up the house because she had got lucky and will be away all night. Then when she arrived back the following day I would listen to the details of her nights activities. She now dresses to impress, attracting attention from whoever she can and knows that doing this excites me and keeps me wanting her. She also knows that her activities keep my cock hard and intensifies my agony when my cock is caged. Her other main interest has been to humiliate me by sucking cock and being taken by another man. She is happiest when she can find a lover who is happy to have me suck his cock or fuck my ass just so she will have sex with them. This is even more exciting for her if they have not previously had sex with another man. If my performance during her games or at any other time are not what is expected Mistress will punish me. Gone are the days when this was merely playful caning or slapping. I now consists of a hard beating followed by a night or two of 'sleeping' in the spare bed, restrained, hooded and gagged. The beating is the worst, full-on hard as she can, six or twelve strokes, each one making me jump and scream. The screams being muffled by the use of a gag so as not to alert the neighbours.

Back on the bed, she will usually tell be to get onto the bed on all fours then choose the hood(s) and gag which will allow her to use me in the way she desires. If I am to be blindfolded, the latex hood with open mouth and nose will go on. If I am to be gagged, this will be pushed into my mouth and buckled around my head. Finally the heavy leather hood will be zipped into place and the collar locked to secure everything into place. If no gag is used I know that I will be required to use my mouth, either licking pussy or sucking cock. If I am gagged it is usually to stop my moaning as I am being fucked or screaming when I am beaten. Whatever happens I can expect my ass to be filled, sometimes with a plug, which seem to be increasing in size each time, a vibrating rubber cock, Mistresses strap-on or the real thing. Since this ritual began I have had to suck a number of men and been fucked by both men and women. This may happen at a hotel, when it does, I know to expect someone else will be joining us and I will be used by more than one person and in many different ways.

Do I regret calling my then wife a bitch? Yes I do, I was happy playing dom-sub games, now I am used abused and beaten and have no say in what happens to me and what my wife does with others. She appears very happy treating me as she does and really has become a bitch.


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