My Fantasy Became my Reality

Submitted by: Benjamin

My fascination and addition to bondage, submission, and sex began when I almost 14. It began when my 20 Yr old first cousin from up north came to visit my grandparents for a week. My other first cousins includimg one wild female one all came to see him. They decided they all wanted to go to town and I wanted to go too. They said I was too young and couldn't go.

I told them I was going to have grandpa make them take me with them, and they said I wasn't. They grabbed me, holding a hand over my mouth and they took me out behind the barn and tied me to an old swing set out there. They said they needed to gag me so I couldn't call anyone. My girl cousin took off her panties and they tied them in my mouth, then left me there laughing.

The smell and taste of her sex made me get hard and as I struggled to get loose, I had my first orgasm. I thought I was dying at first then gave in to the greatest feeling I had ever had. It drained me of all energy but I remained hard. Once I regained my strength, I tried to get loose and came again. This happened 3 times before they returned about 2 hours later to untie me. Needless to say the front of my pants were a mess with my cum. I told them they had to get me some more pants and underwear or I would tell what they had done.

They went and got me some more pants but no underwear. I said I needed underwear to and my girl cousin said no problem and stripped off her panties and told me to put them since I seemed to like girls underwear. I said no and they held me down and put them on me and said if I didn't wear them, they would tell my parents that I had stole them. They felt good and I stayed hard nearly the rest of the day... They made fun of me when nobody was around. Thus began my introduction to bondage and sex.

Later in high school, one of my girl friends liked to hold me down, tie my hands, sit on my face and have me eat her till she came. Then she would wipe herself real good with her panties, put them over my nose, and then had regular sex.. then she would make me clean her sex with my mouth as she didn't want to get her jeans dirty. Then she would slide them on me and I would have to wear them home if I wanted to have sex with her the next time. On weekdays when we didn't get to go out, I would get them out of my hiding place and smell them as I masturbated to orgasm after my parents went to sleep. On nights we were to go out, I had to wear them to school and she would check to see if I had them on or she didn't go outwith me. Thus my fetish for bondage, women's underwear, and submission was reinforced.. Also had a girl in colege with similar tastes..

Then after college, I got married to a woman that wasn't into "kinky" sex and things were pretty dull for me. With the Internet and a magazine that featured "variations" I would fantasize and masturbate a lot late at night after she had gone to bed. Our sex life dwindled and I asked her why. She said she didn't get much fun out of sex anymore. I introduced her to tying me up so she could get the kind of pleasure she wanted, but she didn't really get into it much. She would tie me down if I pestered her enough but seldom took the lead.

However in about 2, years, things really changed. One Friday evening, when I got home from work, she asked if I had to work Saturday. I said no and she said good. I asked her why and she said we were going to have sex all night long and I said great.. Little did I know what was in store for me. She had fixed me a good supper and after we had finished, she told me to go take a hour relaxing bath as ibwould need my strength for later. As I was taking my bath, she came in and told me when I finished to go to the bedroom and put on the clothes I would find on the bed, them call her to come in. I said ok..

When I got dried off, I went in, I was shocked to see a pair of nylon panties, a garter belt, nylon hose, and some high heels. I thought what the heck, but then if she wanted to get a little kinky then who am I to stop her. Anyway I liked the feel of women panties, so I put them on with the garter belt and hose first then the panties and last the heels. I had a little trouble standing in the heels.

I called her in and she was wearing an outfit like what I had on except hers was all black and mine was a pretty pink. My mouth flew open as I couldn't believe that this was my wife looking like this. Before I could speak, she ordered me to turn around a couple of times so she could get a look at me. I did as asked, then she asked me if I liked the way she was dressed? I said yes, then she asked if I felt good dressed as I was and if I felt forced to wear it. I told her I liked it very well and did it freely. She said good and for me to get on the bed so my arms would just reach the head of the bed spread out, I started to ask why, but she put a finger to my lips and said that she wanted me too. I did as requested and she produced ropes tied under the bed and tied my hands spread eagle style. I thought this was going to be okay. Wearing panties, bound and going to have sex too. She told me to see if I could get loose. I did try, and she said to try as hard as I could. I really tried and found I was indeed secured and she looked happy. By this time my penis was straining big time against her too small panties. She noticed and began to rub me through the panties. I was in heaven, I thought. Then she asked me if it felt as good as when I did it myself. I asked her what she was talking about?

She said she knew all about my wearing her panties and beating off in them. That she had noticed stains in some of them and had suspected I was doing it, but had confirmed it one day when she was supposed to be out buying groceries and getting her hair done. She said the hairdresser had overbooked and couldn't do her hair and she had come home earlier than planned. She had come in and heard the music on ( happened to be the same music that was playing now) and had caught me with my eyes closed wearing her panties and beating off in them. She said she went back out and came back in about 20 minutes later making lots of noise so I would have time to take them off and get dressed. She also said she knew about all the internet sites I visited about bondage, men forced to dress in women panties, female domination, male chastity, and about all my variation magazines. She said she had read all the articles I had earmarked and all the lines I had underlined too. She could tell that all this excited me. She then asked me if I would like those things done to me. I was frightened in a way but at the same time I was elated that she was taking charge and wanting to do kinky things to me like my old girlfriend had done. I told her yes I would. She said to beg her to dominate me sexually and put me in bondage. I begged her to put me in bondage, make me wear panties whenever she desired, to tease, torment and force me to perform oral sex as she desired and to take control of our sex life. She asked if I was sure, I said yes. She said so be it then.

Then she rubbed me nearly to the point of coming thru the panties then got off the bed and left the room. I begged her to come back and make me come. She went into the bathroom and came back with her hands behind her back. She got back on the bed and asked if I remembered begging her to take charge?? I said I did, them she said that was what she was doing and begging or teing her what to do was not an option. And then she produced a pair of panties she had gotten out of the hamper and stuffed it in my mouth and tied it in place with an old tie. Then she sat on my chest and made me watch her finger herself to orgasm through her panties, then she took them off, put cotton balls on my eyes, arranged the panties over my mouth, nose, and eyes, so that the part that had been used on her pussy was over my nose. Then she secured it in place with an elastic band such that I was forced to beathe in the scent of her pussy.. All males know that it is impossible to not get a hard penis while smelling the aroma of a hot excited pussy... Why do you think dogs, Bulls, and other male animals smell the females?? She said all I needed to do was think about her now... Like I could do anything else anyway!

Then there was a stab of pain as she placed clothes pins on my tender nipples that were swollen like small grapes due to excitement. I groaned and she said be quiet unless I wanted some one sick too. I obeyed. Then she started rubbing my penis again till I was nearly ready to come, then she would stop and thump the nipple pins making me groan. Then would spank my penis with a foot long ruler, as least that was what it felt like. Then she would wait awhile and start again. I heard the closet door open and I assumed that she was getting something out to use in me.. After several rounds, she removed the pins, which caused a new sensation and sucked on my sore tender nipples for several minutes .. Then she took off my gag and said that to her next question was only two answers. yes or no! Yes would mean she continue on with my fun and games or if no then she would cease and continue on next week, that anything except one of those two words would result in severe punishment of my penis and no coming for me and there was to be no questioning or comment, just yes or no!! Was she clear, I nodded yes... She then asked if I wanted to continue on tonight and come.. I answered yes. She said good! And then she slid up And put her ripe pussy over my mouth and said to make her come. After what seemed like a hour, she came, gushing juices into my waiting mouth. I sucked and licked her clean. She said to remember to only 2 answers and asked me if I had enjoyed my night so far and I answered her Yes Ma'am, and she said that she liked that and I should add ma'am to all my answers and responses of any kind from now, on even when we are not playing, and did I understand that?? I said Yes Ma'am!

Then she had me to raise up my hips so she could remove my panties which had become wet with precum. Then I felt her putting something on my balls that made them stretch out from my body. She told me it was a ball stretcher that made my ball tight and stand out from my body, she said it made them easier to punish if the need arose and hit them with the ruler to prove her point. I cried out in pain, she said as long as I did as told there would not need be a repeat and that the stroke would be harder next time, I nodded ok, then she had me to suck my precum from my panties. Then she told me to rest up and get ready for round two of pussy eating, that she had really enjoyed the first time and hadn't realized that this way of like could be so much fun and don't I agree and want to continue, that soon it would be my turn to come. I answered yes ma'am.. She said she was so glad I was enjoying myself, and was I really enjoying her like this and before I answered, that I could speak freely without fear of any punishment of any kind. I said yes ma'am, I am truly enjoying all this and it was like a page out of my fantasy and was all I had been hoping for since we were married and wished to continue as she desired. All I could possibly ask is that I be allowed to come before being released from my bondage. She asked if there was anything else I wanted to add. I said no ma'am and she said then the previous rules were back in place and did I understand this? I said Yes Ma'am!

She then tied my legs off spread eagled to the bottom of the bed completely immobilizing me. She said she didn't want me to run off and laughed. I said thank you ma'am and she said I think I am going to like the new you and wished she had took me up on it years ago .. Then she shut the light, and left the room and shut the door. After awhile she returned and gave me a drink of water and I told her thank you ma'am. She then said that round two was about to begin and there was to be no comments or anything else from me unless I was asked and if I understood this (which I thought was curious at the time, but was obvious very soon) and gave me a very light hit with the ruler to let me know the price if I did. I understand ma'am. Good then we will commence, and I felt her get on the bed and straddle my chest. Then she moved up to place her pussy over my lips and I got a shock that sent trembles of fear up and down my body. I heard a giggle. To my shock and surprise, this was not my wife with her pussy on my mouth this female had hair on her pussy, where my wife was clean-shaven!! There was a muffled "what are you waiting on" and a tap tony balls to drive the point home. I dove in and in no time this woman was coming in my mouth but didn't get up till she had 3 more orgasms. My tongue and lips were give out at this point. She got off the bed after giving my penis several strokes and bringing me nearly to orgasm. My balls were beginning to ache from the build up of cum.

My wife asked if I was surprised ? Yes ma'am ! Did I enjoy my surprise ?? Yes ma'am! Good she said ! I will have to see if my friends would like a turn with you in the future! I started to say something then remembered her instructions and just said "as you wish ma'am!! She laughed.. Then left the room again. When they returned I serviced them both to a couple of orgasms each. She then said it was getting quite late and they were too give out to give me my orgasm tonight and they were going to bed and would continue again in the morning.. I started to protest but a slap to my already sore balls stopped me quickly. She said that she would release my balls for the night but the ball stretcher might be placed back on the morning. Also that after the other woman had left the room, she would remove my blindfold but a fresh set of panties with both their pussy scent would be fixed over my nose and mouth so I could both taste and smell their scent. I thanked her and she gave me another drink of water. Then the other woman left and my wife did as she said. Then she asked me if this was what I Had fantasized about and beaten off to many times? And if I had enjoyed it and wanted to continue in the future .. I answered "very Much so , ma'am! Aha said that was the answer she had hoped for and looked forward to our new life together, then gave me a big french kiss, said good night and shut the door.

Sleep did not come right away,as I had lots to think about?? Like who was the other woman? Was I really going to like this or was it going to be a passing fantasy? What was in store for me down the road? Finally I drifted off to sleep with dreams of things to come maybe.

I was awaken by the placement of the ball stretcher back on and then the return of the blindfold... A urinal was brought in for me to pee in and I was given some more water. Then they cleaned me up with a warm sponge bath. Then the other woman got in a 69 position and sucked and played with my penis as I got her off three more times, while she kept me on edge. Then my wife gave me the same treatment.

After a brief rest, she asked if I was ready for my orgasm. I said Yes ma'am if it is your will! She said very good, but first we have to set some rules for this relationship to continue in this fashion, is that agreeable? Yes ma'am ! She removed the ball stretcher and asked me if the answers I would give would be of my own free will and I said yes maam! Good then we will start and you will answer "I Agree ma'am or I do not agree ma'am" do you understand ? Yes ma'am !

  • Rule 1 : the female is to be the dominant partner and you will submit to her wishes at all times! I agree ma'am
  • Rule 2 : you will wear panties of your wife's choosing at all times and, on special occasions to be determined by her, also a garter belt and nylon hose to show her your willingness to be submissive to her will ?? I agree Ma'am
  • Rule 3 : you will address any and all females as Ma'am and answer all questions or any comments as Ma'am and be polite and curtsious at all times? I agree ma'am!
  • Rule 4 : you will not be allowed to orgasm until such time as your wife and or any adult females of her choosing have been serviced as required by your wife to their complete satisfaction. And you will be restrained and blindfolded during such service periods? I Agree Ma'am !
  • Rule 5 : when at home, on the inside you will wear the following items; garter belt, nylon hose, panties, a mini skirt, a C cup bra, a see thru blouse, clip on hoop earrings and 3" high heel shoes that will be locked on ! Outside wear will be panties: panty hose, men's shirt and pants with women style hot pink tennis shoes. The dress code inside may be modified only when we have company as directed by the wife ! Do you agree? I gulped hard but answered "I Agree Ma'am
  • Rule 6 : you will be restrained by what ever means the female deems proper during periods of sex or punishment for rule breaking. Punishment will be of the female's choosing and duration. I Agree ma'am !
  • Rule 7 : any female with tasks and chores if called upon by the female when and how directed. Failure to do so will result in punishment and/or extending the period of your sexual release . I Agree ma'am!
  • Rule 8 : you will not be permitted to see any female naked unless it is on tv and you are restrained properly and being teased by me or other females as I allow. I agree ma'am !
  • Rule 9 : you will not be required to perform any type of anal sex, licking or such on any female or have it done to you unless you request it ! I agree ma'am!
  • Rule 10 : you will be required to eat any and all come that comes from your penis ! I hesitated on this one, but after she pointed out that she had done this on those rare occasions that she hadn't wanted to have regular sex and given me a blowjob instead, it seemed only fair and I agree ma'am
  • Rule 11: you will submit to wearing of a male chastity belt of my choosing which may or may not require a piercing of you penis to ensure that you will not be able to get relief by masturbation or have sex with any female without my approval. Once installed on my penis, I shall have the only key. Furthermore, it will be taken off when you are fully and securely restrained to ensure it being replaced on you after I am finished with you. It maybe removed periodiodically for hygiene purposes and for your sexual release. These times will be established at the female's discretion but at least once a week unless additional time has been added for whining or punishment. Do you agree to this term??? I gulped hard as I had been beating off about 4 times a week.. But in the end I agree Ma'am !

She went on to state that these terms were for a period of one year and would be edited, amended or deleted as agreed upon by both parties on a yearly basis. We agreed on this. She once again asked if I had agreed to all her terms to continue this Fem-Dom relationship based on these rules agreed to of my own free will and I stated " I agree to the stated terms on my own free will Ma'am and wish to continue freely ma'am!

Then let us proceed. I think my friend and I could use a few more orgasms before you get yours. And her friend climbed on in a 69 and tormented my penis while I gave her three more orgasms. Then it was my wife's turn and she did the same thing. Freshly scented panties were placed over my nose once again and they left to get coffee. After about 30 minutes then took turns teasing my poor penis for nearly an hour before allowing me to come. They caught what seemed like a gallon of my come in a cup and then fed it to me per our agreed rules, other than being somewhat bitter, it wasn't all bad. Then after kneading my nipples for awhile they brought me to another orgasm. Followed by another one ten minutes later.

Then they said it was time for my chastity device and applied ice to my penis. It shrunk to nothing, then I could feel it being pulled into a short tight tube, then they attached the tube to a ring that went over my penis and between my balls and my body and was locked in place by a special one of a kind key. There she said "my penis is secure! I must have looked puzzled at this because she went on to explain, since it was locked up and only she had a key and it would only be freed when I was restrained in some fashion and she could use it as she pleased, she felt like it was hers and not mine anymore. She had a point !

The women then left the room and shortly thereafter I heard our car crank up and leave. After about an hour I heard it pull up and my wife entered the room. She said she had taken our new friend home and how did I like my fantasy night come true... I asked if I was allowed to speak freely and was told I could. I told her it was a dream come true and I really was glad to see her take control of our sex life. She asked if I was surprised by having the other women there? I said I definitely was and taken back by it. She said that she had helped set up everything and staged the whole show to give me experience as how good it could be for me..

She asked me if I thought that at any time I would want to go back to the way it was. I said I didn't think so! She said she had been communicating with her friend for a long time and they had been planning this weekend for quite a while. She had called my boss in advance to see if I was going to have to work this weekend and he said no. Then she called her friend and met her at the airport earlier and she taught her how to tie the escape proof knots and what else to do, then hide in spare bedroom until I was in the tub. Then she hid in the closet and filmed me getting dressed and tape recorded all the conversation to be sure I couldn't deny that I did it on my own.. And that hen I heard the closet door open it was for her to get out and join the fun. I made you state several times you wanted this done on your free will and every bit of what was done to you is on film and tape recorded so you can not deny it, ever. She said her friend was going to get several copies made of both and put one in my wife's safety deposit box in her friend's home town. She would keep one, sent her two copies (one for her and one for me) and there would be a few more for lawyers if needed. Course she said that wouldn't be needed unless I tried to divorce her or hurt her. I told her how much I loved her and would never hurt her.

She kissed me and said she believed she needed some more loving before I would be released just to see how the chastity device would work (I found out later it was a custom built Lori's Tube (one of the most confining and secure ones there is on the market)). Then she got in a 69 position and after 3 more orgasms, she got up and asked me how was the tube? I told her it was painful trying to expand with lust and not being able to. Good she said, that will remind you that I am In control of my Penis and you are being punished for trying to Use it without my permission.

She then let me loose and told me to go take a bath and get dressed. That there was shopping to be done for my new indoor and outdoor wardrobe and I was required to go along to Make sure everything fit right. I groaned and she reminded me of my rules and what might happen if I disobeyed and I said yes ma'am, as you wish ma'am!

Course she didn't find everything she wanted me to wear in just one store. It took six stores and trying on several items in each. Got several funny looks from sales ladies when I would have to go into stalls with wife for her to try on items that were big enough for me (8 sizes bigger than her and she would loudly remark that looked good on me). There were a few that knew the score and helped her pick out items they thought would look good on me.. In one store she called the sales clerk in to ask her opinion as to how a mini skirt fit and even had me to bend over to let her see if my panties would show (remember I have on panties (pink), a garter belt and hose). The woman really got off on that and brought in several more for me to model. She wanted to take pictures but thankfully madam wouldn't allow it.

The jewelry store was another trying time as it was put in the open and I got all kinds of looks from passerbys as she tried a dozen pair of earrings on me to see how they looked. One tall thin woman with huge boobs came over and helped her pick out them. She insisted on sticking those big boobs right user my nose to put the rings on and did it for several pair. Needless to say my wife's penis suffered on that one. Hadn't realized how short and small the tube was till then. Then there was the shoe store, had a male clerk and she had me try on several styles of feminine style pink tennis shoes.. She finally decided on a pair of hot pink ones with all kinds of girly designs on them.. I could have squeezed under a 10 ton flat Boulder on that one.

Next she decided I needed some perfume. She would dab some on behind my ear and here and there, then get the sales girl to help her decide on one that would supposedly smell good on her.. We left that store with two and me smelling like a two bit whore on a Saturday night. We next ate lunch in a very crowded cafe and I got strange looks because of my heavy perfume and girly tennis shoes (yes I had to wear them right away) When we got home I sat down to relax and she reminded me I wasn't dressed properly and to go get dressed. I came back and she puts me to working on sweeping, mopping and doing the dishes from last night. Finally it was time to go to bed and she tied my hands to the headboard and had me give her two orgasms before releasing me. Then she said I almost forgot your night wear and reached under the bed and brought out a short baby doll night gown for me to wear with some frilly lacy ruffled panties. After putting them on me she kissed me good night. Was several nights before I got a good nights sleep.

Things progressed and my wife got lots of compliments on what an attentive, well mannered polite husband she had and wanted to know where she found me at and did they have any more. She would wink at me and tell them they just had to train the ones they had. After about 18 months I really started to notice that some of my wife's closest friends husbands had started to act like me and that the wives would seemly go out of their way to rub against me to feel my garter straps or give me a I know what your wearing look!

Over the next 30 months, occasionally my wife would include another woman in my training in the bed. I could tell by their smell and texture of their pussy hair they were all different. I am sure that at least some of them were my wife's friends she was showing how to train their husbands and what pleasures they could enjoy without having to do traditional sex... How they could enjoy all the orgasms they wanted while controlling the husbands. About 3 years after my introduction to My fantasy come true, I recognize that same woman again. She spent the whole weekend.

By now we had added a regular Strap on dildo to my wife's collection and that was her favorite toy. It was a penis shaped gag with a 8" fat penis attached on the outside with a 3/4 inch hole drilled all the way through both penises. I hated it as I had a penis in my mouth but mostly because I drank all her juices plus the scent from her pussy was right there in my nose Everytime she came down which made her penis try to enlarge in its tiny prison. Luckily she only used it about once or twice a week as she said it made her sore. However her friend fell in love with it and I spent nearly the whole weekend restrained and blindfolded in some form or fashion. She would ride it for 2 or 3 orgasms rest for 30 minutes and go again. During the days she would take our car and go to her motel to rest awoke and shop then call and have my wife tie me back down and go at me again! Finally on Sunday night after a marathon session of being rode and eating pussy, I was ridden to my orgasm and performed cleanup duty and locked away again, then her friend got bathed and ready to leave, and I got the shock of my life.

I was still bound to the bed and they took the blindfold off to reveal that her friend was my old girlfriend from high school that got me hooked on being tied up to have sex! Seems they met at a business conference and she had discovered that my wife was married to me. She had told her about how I liked to be tied up for sex, all the benefits of controlling the males orgasms and even got her researching it on the computer where she had found my websites on such things and eventually my stash of variation mages with ear marked pages and underlined parts I liked. They had gotten together and planned out a course of action knowing I would go for it completely. She was still horny and I was once again blindfolded and had to eat her to several more orgasms before my wife took her to the airport and on her return ate her to a couple also.

It's been 5 years now and we are as happy as can be.. I still service several women a year, all while blindfolded and can tell that there is a new one from time to time. The rules have changed very little since that first day and I still dress the same but have gotten a guiche piercing to add additional security to my tube. Life is good !

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