It seemed Like Fun at the Start

Submitted by: Daisy

It all started when we were going to a Halloween Party, my girlfriend suggested we go as a vicar and tart. I had heard of this before, she's got a lovely body, so I agreed. She said that she would get the outfits, that saved me a lot of time, so I agreed!

The following night we were getting ready, when she walked in and said "Are you getting dressed or not!" She was wearing one of my suits, I must admit it looked good on her, that's when I realised what I was supposed to be wearing !

I cracked a joke, saying She had the wrong clothes on, she replied with, "we are not going as two tarts !!"

I said, "I thought I would be the Vicar".

"Sorry you're the Tart!"

"I don't have any clothes to wear, your's are too small!" "

I told you I'd get the outfits. I got you a Panti Girdle to hide your privates!!"

"I don't want to go dressed as a Woman!"

"I have already told them we are coming!" "I will go as the Vicar, and you will come as my Tart!" "You want me to dress as a whore? I don't think so! Now hurry up and get dressed, I will help you if you get stuck!"

Reluctantly I pulled on a pair of Lacy Panties, saying "Do they have to be Lacy?"

"Yes you are a Tart!"

Next was a pair of tights, at least She hadn't got me stockings. I then picked up the bra,

"Hold On, you you have to put your Girdle on next!"

"Can I not put that on last ?"

"No, that goes on Now !!"

I grabbed hold of it, and tried pulling it up my legs, she must have gotten one that was to small for me, it was really hard to get it on!

"Hang on, She said, I'll just adjust the back." I felt her hands go down the waistband, then I heard a click !

"What was that?" I asked?

"That's to stop you taking it off!"

"It was so tight that I'd have a hell of a job trying to take it off. I felt like it was cutting me in two!

"What if I need to go to the toilet?

"You'll just have to ask my permission, and if there's someone there, that could be Embarrassing for you. Whenever you speak to me, from now on you will call me Mistress, or Madam! I will call you whatever I want, that is if I decide to speak to you !!!"

"I am going to make your night miserable tonight! if I am in a bad mood, when you ask to go to the toilet, I will just say No Hold It !!" You will end up wetting yourself, and if it is near the end of the night, I will tell everyone that I am going to take you home and change your nappy. When I get you home, you will be given a good Spanking, after I have removed your Girdle, then you will be wrapped up in a nappy for the rest of the night! You had better hope you are dry in the morning, otherwise you will be wearing the wet nappy for the rest of the day !! Then I will put you back into your Girdle! In a way that Girdle acts like a Chastity Belt, whilst wearing it you won't be capable of sexual releif! In fact you will not even be allowed to see it !!! If it was not for the Panties, and Tights, I could keep you permanently dressed in a Panti Girdle. That would act as the perfect way of keeping you under my control! Of course, you could always 'Beg Me' to lock you up forever in a Girdle !! You would have agree to it in writing for legal reasons, but I am sure you would not mind doing that !"

I will get some paper and a pen so you can make the system you are living in, a permanent one. Do I need anything else? Well, legally you require at least two independent witnesses, who must read all documents involved during the wedding.

Once I was officially married to you, in a BDSM junction, that would be the perfect means of blackmail. The problem for me is that after I had been joined, I would have no comeback. She could literally Force me to do anything She wanted. I have already seen the sort of thing She likes to do with me. That Panti girdle, was a form of Chastity Belt, all right, it's not a proper one, but it could end up with me living a life of submission ! Something I have always fancied trying !!

... Much later

Well I am living that life of submission now, slavery would be a better word ! The Panti Girdle has gone, replaced by a Tollyboy, well not replaced as such, I am wearing both ! Believe me, that is an uncomfortable Chastity set up. She still Insists that I have to wear a pair of tights, well it is not tights any more, it is Seamed Stockings and they have to have the Seams Perfectly straight. As well as the lower underwear, I have to wear the rest of the female underwear, I am just glad that She had not gotten me a Corset. Instead I have got a long line BRA, that comes down to the top of my Tollyboy !! As well as all the clothes I have to wear, She Forces me to do all the Filthy Housework! As well as the Housework, She makes me wash all Her dirty underwear by hand, then I have to take it out and Hang it on the drying line outside. And, always dressed in all my female Clothing !!

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