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Submitted by: A Nonnie-Musse

I wish to share with the chastity community a system that works for me, and no doubt could help other chastees. I am a self-belt maker; - Not that I want to be, but I am. I was put off by the fancy prices charged by the belt manufacturers. In addition, I don't like what is being offered. I do not define myself as a grower or a shower, but my weanie is small and I do retract right inside my pelvis, leaving only a small mound of skin on the surface.

Like many others I bought the CB 6000, I retracted, and it fell off, leaving it dangling on my scrotum. I bought the CB 600s 'knock off,' and that fell off. I made a copy of the bird cage; that also fell off. I realised that the trapped ball devices were not for me, so I bought the 'Love jail;' that hurt like hell. All of these devices have one thing in common; they present the thin raw edge of the tube up to the top of the scrotum under the base of the penis. The makers advise their wearers to use a lubricant to overcome the pain until they get used to it. This has never seemed right to me, as my flesh does not like a narrow metal or plastic blade pushed hard up against it, and I assume that others will concur. Personally I have no desire to get used to that situation.

The belt that I have recently made has proved to be the most effective ever for me, and it may be of interest to others with the retraction problem. I decided that the tube of my belt should have a smooth bulbous entrance. The belt is based around a strong steel front shield, which carries the locking pin for the waist band at the top, and the outer end of the tube welded to its bottom edge. I discovered that when my weanie is fully retracted (turtled,) if I were to place two fingers on the mound of flesh at my pubis, with one on each side of the turtle head, and then pressed in hard, my weanie would pop out. Using this principle, I welded a stainless steel doughnut shaped cushion onto the inside face of the shield and on the end of the tube. It was offset bored, to half a millimetre larger than the placid base diameter of my penis. When applied, this protruding steel cushion presses deeply into the pubic mound and forces the penis out into the tube. The belt is secured by a locking pin at the top of the shield, and a steel bale around the back of the testes. This is also locked to the front shield with a self-made removable locking bolt which is buried inside a stainless steel block attached to the bale (similar to the CS 100/500.)

Does it work? You bet it does, much better than I ever imagined. I got a lot more than I bargained for, as immediately I put it on it was apparent that there was no way out of it without the key, (or a disk grinder.) I could not pull out of the tube, as I would have to pull the shield away from my body by about 36 mm, (1.5 inches,) to access my weanie, which the bale and waist belt would not allow. In addition the steel cushion forces the penis deep into the tube even when fully placid. It also draws down the foreskin and exposes the head, so preventing any edema from trapped skin. Because the cushion is rounded and highly polished, there is no pinching or rubbing, it provides 'assisted push- in' rather than anti pull-out. After a few tweaks to get the waist band comfortable and the bale suitably bent and positioned, I wore it for the first time during the night. Then effects developed that I had not anticipated; with the arrival of the 'morning woody,' my weanie woke me up when it tried to get hard. The cushion firmly held the base of my willy like a cock ring, and the expansion filled the tube. I could feel the cushion gripping me, and the head pushing hard against the end button and bars at the end of the tube. From then onwards there was no possibility of any movement or stimulation inside the tube. I tried humping the mattress, pulling and shaking the tube, even a vibrator, but there was no relief. To add to this the woody lasted, and lasted, and lasted, because of the cock ring effect which maintained the expansion.

I finally realised that I was trapped in the belt with total frustration, and no possibility of any form of relief. I have experienced this situation many times since, both night and day, and it creates a love/hate relationship with this devious divice. The maximum time that I have worn it, to date, is 36 days and nights, as that was the maximum time that I could endure the screaming frustration without any relief. As I am alone and a self-locker; at least I have access to the key (with difficulty,) when that frustration reaches the limit. It would be hell if it was in somebody else's hands. There is no reason why this pubic cushion system could not be retro-fitted to other commercial full belts, or a type of add on developed for the plastic ones, but I shall leave that for others to consider.

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