A Chastity Poem

Submitted by: Anon

Chastity Poem: Part 1

Regular text:- His
Italic Text:- Hers

I really like the time we spend, together in the bed,
but now we often seem to do, something else instead.
I know I often disappoint, (my failure to perform).
I'm willing to try anything, our sex life to transform.

I'm glad that we can talk about this issue face-to-face,
I really love to feel your touch and intimate embrace.
More frequent sex is what I'd like, I think we are agreed,
but what do you suggest we do, to fulfil our need?

Perhaps we could decide to be together somewhat more,
and be more adventurous, our passion to restore.
Perhaps some kind of sex device, for me to pleasure you,
would be something we could try, to help with what we do.

I can't say that I disagree with anything you say,
I didn't think that you'd be keen, on that kind of play.
I know one thing that you can do that I'd appreciate,
is use you tongue to pleasure me. That would be truly great.

This I'd gladly do for you, and anything you say.
I can't say that I'm satisfied, with the part I play,
So let me take a moment, and I shall explain:
I'm sure that I'd do better, if I did refrain,
from pleasuring myself so much. I know it isn't good.
I often find when we're in bed, I can't do what I should.

I must confess I would prefer it if you did abstain.
So my advice is simple: Don't do that again.
But it's entirely up to you, if you will or won't,
I cannot compel you, I can't insist you don't.

I believe it would be best, if I did abstain,
But I'd find it very hard, this lifestyle to maintain.
I know I would be tempted, several times a day,
to take my penis in my hand and have a little play.
I think it would be best for me, and also good for you,
if I had a little thing, to manage what I do.
It fits onto my penis and locks to make it stay,
to keep my hands away from it, when I want to play.
I'd be always at my best, whenever I'm with you,
and when we choose to practice sex, I could see it through.

I must admit to bafflement, at your new request.
A sex toy that's called ‘chastity', that you say would be best!
Some kind of fetish, bondage thing is what it seems to be.
I can't see how it's going to help, so why should I agree?
Sex prevention seems bizarre, why should I say yes?
When I'd prefer to have more sex, rather than have less!

Do I have to spell it out, exactly what I do,
in the shower and the bath and often on the loo?
When I'm in the bathroom, and I'm out of sight,
I take my penis in my hand for pleasure and delight.
If I did it now and then, that might be okay,
but now I feel I must confess; it's once or twice a day!

I thought perhaps; a girl at work. For this I wouldn't stand.
But now I find your lover, has been your own right hand!
How should I respond to this, what is it I should say?
Do you think I'm ugly? Are you turning gay?
Have you been unfaithful or have you been true?
I really don't know what to think, I don't know what to do.

I feel I've been unfaithful and more than just a bit.
I've been having lots of sex, and left you out of it.
Our sex is for each other, it brings us closer in.
A close and loving marriage is what we should win.
When we have sex together, it truly fills my heart.
But when I do it on my own, it all just falls apart.

When we're in bed, you can't perform, because you have been ‘spent'.
When I spoke of frequent sex; this isn't what I meant.

Now I've told you just how often, that I do the deed,
I'm truly sorry at the way I disregard your need.
My passion for you seems to slip, a little bit each day,
when I take my penis, in my hand and play.

I think perhaps it's wrong for me, to do it on my own.
And I think you're justified, in the way you moan.
I feel that I'm rejecting you; I disregard my wife,
when I fantasize alone, of some alternate life.

I don't know what you think about. What is your fantasy?
I'd bet my bottom dollar, that it isn't me.
This cannot continue. I have to make a stand.
You have to choose to stop it now, this doling it with your hand.

I've tried to stop completely, it's true, I really have,
but find it's just too tempting when sitting on the lav'.
I have a little ‘fiddle' and fondle it and then,
find to my regret, that I've done it once again.
I feel I have to do something, it's getting out of hand.
It now affects our marriage. I hope you understand.

At least you've now been honest. You've told me what you've done.
But now I think it has to stop: This self indulgent fun.

You said that you'd be faithful and I did accept,
this hollow promise and believed, that it would be kept.
You've never kept your promise; you confess you've failed.
Without my supervision, temptation has prevailed.
Whenever you feel tempted, you simply just give in.
I feel you slipping from me, I feel I cannot win.

Why can't you just stop doing it, I do not understand?
Why can't you simply tell yourself ‘I shall not use my hand'?

I thought this was the answer; it seemed such common sense,
but then I found there was an unexpected consequence.
I had to think of other things, to be focussed on,
to redirect attention so my habit would be gone.
But then I found I didn't really want to be with you.
The other things had come between us, what was I to do?
I think the feelings that I have, that lead me to our bed,
are the ones that make me do it with my hand instead!

I'd rather not be messing with my head in any way.
And your trust, I feel I must, not again betray.
I'd rather have a thing that will compel me to comply,
than use some state of mind on which I know I can't rely.

A promise to be faithful, a promise to be true,
would be no more than empty words, because of what I'll do.
I'm like an alcoholic, on that narrow way.
But has a glass before him, several times a day.
If I had a drink problem, I know what you should choose.
You'd find a cupboard with a key, and lock up all the booze.

Perhaps this chastity device, that I did suggest,
would really be the answer, perhaps it would be best.
A chastity device on me, would be your guarantee,
that I'd keep my promise, of fidelity.
I'd wear it through the day and night, as I understand,
to make sure that I refrain, from doing it with my hand.

It slips onto my penis, (there's nothing you need do),
to make me sex disabled, to everyone but you.
I could not remove it; it has a lock you see.
The only part that you need play, is to hold the key.
I wouldn't do it on my own, of this there'd be no doubt.
It would be for you to say, when my dick came out.

A chastity device I think, is what we should get.
I'm confident this purchase, we will not regret.
We could try it for a while, to see how we get on,
and if it doesn't suit us, then it can soon be gone.

Your habit really has to stop, for now and ever more.
Now I think I understand what this device is for.

Chastity Poem Part 2

Now it's been decided, now it's been agreed,
exactly what we're going to do, to fulfil our need.
I'm going to have my penis, securely locked away,
and you shall have the only key and I shall have no say.

Only when you want to have some intercourse with me,
should you even think about, getting out the key.
The act of pleasuring myself, will be completely banned.
I'll have no opportunity to do it with my hand.

To you I shall be faithful, to you I shall be true,
the only sex that I shall have, is going to be with you.
I'll do no masturbation, that's a certainty,
because whenever I'm alone, I'll be in chastity.

A simple chastity device is what we shall obtain.
I hope it will be comfortable and there will be no pain.
We've chosen one together, on the internet.
I'm looking forward to the time, when in it I'll be set.
When it arrived I tried it on; then tried it on some more.
I hope it's going to be okay and doesn't make me sore.
I said that you should keep the lock, until the time was right;
until I found that I can wear it, through the day and night.

When the days turned into weeks and "Not just yet", you said.
I really started to believe you'd rather wank instead.
When you said ‘I'm ready', it was such a thrill.
Now at last your promise, to me you shall fulfil.

I thought perhaps a word or two, to mark this special time.
In celebration of this day; perhaps a little rhyme.

"You've done too much wanking, and now you'll pay the price.
From now on you're going to were; a chastity device.
Your wanking life is over. I hope that's understood.
I intend to guarantee, that it's gone for good.
When you want to touch yourself, you'll find that you're denied.
The only sex that you shall have will be what I decide.
Your sex is under my control, and you shall have no say.
Unless I choose to use my key; in chastity you stay.
So with this lock I now confirm, your fidelity,
for it shall only be unlocked, when it pleases me."

And when you'd finished saying the words, the lock, it was put on.

And with a satisfying click; your wanking days were gone.

Chastity Poem: Part 3

My sex has now been locked away, and you have the key.
Now you own the penis that once belonged to me.
My chastity device and lock, renders me denied.
You're the only one who will make use of what's inside.
Now I have no choice at all, there can be no doubt:
Doing it on my own is what I'll be doing without.

But if you're truly desperate, you can talk to me.
You can ask me for consent, and ask me for the key.
But how should I respond to this? What should I decide?
To let you have a little fun, or keep you denied?
To me the answer's obvious, it's as clear as day.
When you want to have a wank: In chastity you stay.

The little cage between my legs, and the lock I have,
are there to stop me having fun, sitting on the lav'.
When I'm at the toilet, a ‘number one' to do,
I have to do it sitting down, just like my ‘number two'.
I no longer spend a while, on the lavatory,
now that you've made certain, there'll be no ‘number three'.

When we're together there is lots of sex that we can do.
It's only when we are apart; it's chastity for you.
This very simple little fact, I hope you understand,
‘You're never going to be allowed to do it with your hand'.

No matter how I struggle, no matter what I do,
when I want to have a wank; I am unable to.
When I take a shower, or in the bath I lie,
I often find myself inclined, to give a just little sigh.
Now there's no erections, pleasuring or joy,
For now I can no longer play, with my little toy.

‘You will not do it on your own', this is my decree.
I'm only going to let it out, so you can service me.
And when we've had our intercourse and your erection's gone,
You'll take your chastity device, and put it straight back on.
If you don't, I tell you straight, so there can be no doubt:
Next time we get intimate; it won't be coming out.

Now you can look forward to a very different life,
Where the only sex you have, will be with my wife.
But this is how it should have been, from the very start!
My mind is in agreement with all that's in my heart.

Now I'm the centre of your life, as far as I can see.
Your passions redirected, for now it points to me.
You've become attentive, to my every need,
No matter what it takes you, however great the deed.

I think I'm liking this new man, that I'm married to.
I can ask you anything, there's nothing you won't do.
Your penis seems upgraded, strong and firm for me.
I really much prefer it now it's totally hands-free.

You've become submissive, attentive to a tee.
You make no decisions, without consulting me.
Now we've tried it for a while, it's obvious what to do.
For our sex-life now to thrive: It's chastity for you.

Chastity Poem: Part 4

My penis has been locked away, I'm in chastity.
My loving wife is adamant, that this is best for me.
Now I cannot masturbate, unlike other men.
She casually informs me, I'll never wank again.

I can't imagine why we would return to how we were.
Obviously, that this new life-style is what we both prefer.
I'm still a little angry, but I'm very glad,
that you decided to give up, this habit that you had.

I know for sure that you enjoy the way I govern you.
And you take pleasure in the fact, there's nothing you can do.
A close and loving couple, is what we seem to be.
Both intimate and passionate, as far as I can see.

When I feel frustrated, as I often do,
and go into the bathroom and sit upon the loo,
reaching for my penis I find my way is blocked,
by a cage of stainless steel, that's been securely locked.
So when I feel frustrated, as I do each day,
I find I have no choice at all, frustrated I will stay.

I like to feel your figures, when you pleasure me.
And with the new vibrator, I'm in ecstasy.
I love it when you use your tongue and vigorously lick.
But what I'm not so keen on, is sex with little dick.
Once a month or less for you, I'm certain will suffice,
and once a week for me I think or shall I make it twice?

You may think me cruel; think I do not care.
But I truly do believe this arrangement's fair.
‘Once or twice a day' you said, is what you used to do.
It's going to take me quite a while, to catch up with you.
Each day you've had your pleasure, while I've been tossed aside,
but now the pleasure will be mine and you shall be denied.

I'm sure you see the wisdom, in the things I choose.
It's only going to be until, I think you've paid your dues.
(Perhaps you haven't thought about or realised it yet,
just how long it's going to be until you to clear your debt).

Instead of counting days I'll count the times you pleasure me.
Until you reach the goal I set, you'll be in chastity.
Since last I locked your dick away, it's twice I've had an ‘O'.
So now you're really on your way (just ninety eight to go).

Don't presume you'll pleasure me just any time you please.
No matter how I lead you on, no matter how I tease.
I command the bedroom. My word you shall obey.
All your actions shall comply; with everything I say.

Since there'll be little intercourse, it seems okay to me,
For you to let me spend some time with my penis free.
I'd still be very happy, to pleasure you as much.
I think it fair I also feel some pleasure from my touch.

WHAT did you just ask me? WHAT did you just say?
You want me to release you; to masturbate each day!
The answer truly must be NO, for what else could it be?
I can't believe you even thought, that I might agree!

Your wanking life offends me; it cuts me to the quick.
I intend to never let you even touch your dick.
On me you shall be focussed, not some fantasy.
I hope the wisdom of these words, you now plainly see.

I'm very disappointed, I'm angry and I'm pissed,
The value of this new lifestyle, even now you've missed.
I think I should be stricter. I'll train you to be good.
It's me who knows what's best for you. I hope that's understood.

Now when you feel frustrated, at how you're being blocked,
and to confirm your chastity device is STAYING LOCKED.
A little rhyme you can recite, respectfully to me,
As an extra wedding vow, with all sincerity.

"I accept and I believe, that it's best for me,
to have my penis locked away, my wife to hold the key.
It's wrong for me to masturbate, in my married life.
My sex is now for you alone: My mistress and my wife.
I'll never be unfaithful, spontaneously or planned;
never with another, and never with my hand.
I ask you to assist me, to keep my solemn vow;
no single deviation ever to allow."

"In response I promise, to do everything I can,
to enforce forever more, your masturbation ban."

Chastity Poem: Part 5

Disaster struck this evening; you said you'd lost the key.
I suspect you've no idea, what this means to me.

You mustn't worry dearest, you truly mustn't fret,
the only thing that's happened is, I haven't found it yet.
Besides, it doesn't matter if you have to wait a bit,
after all you promised, that to me you would submit.

Since I'm no longer keen on having you inset your dick,
and then be disappointed when it's over far too quick,
and since you've chosen not to do your wanking anymore,
I can't think of anything we need your penis for.

Now I come to think of it, I have little doubt,
I don't think we ever need to get your penis out.
I suppose it would be best for your dick to stay,
(until the time I change my mind), safely locked away.

I know it's what you really want, and fantasize about.
Your penis locked away for good, never to come out.
Besides it's only once a month, and just a minute then.
I'm sure you'll hardly notice if you don't do it again.

(If I cannot find the key then what am I to do?
And if he finds it for himself, I know he won't be true.
I could spend a moment with a tube of ‘super-glue',
And slowly place into the lock, just a drop or two.
Then I would be confident the lock would stay in place,
But I'd need a measure to ensure he won't replace,
this lock with another, for they all look just the same.
I know exactly what to do; engrave it with my name.
But rather than my name I think a message he can read,
each and every time he feels the urge to do the deed.
The words I would engrave on it would simply be; ‘No Wank'.
I think this better than my name or just to leave it blank.)

I looked again and found the key and your relief was great.
(And as for putting in the glue: This will have to wait.)

Chastity Poem: Part 6

I walked into the bathroom and saw you sitting there.
All that I could do just then was simply stand and stare.
You'd somehow managed to pull out your penis from its cage.
I found it very hard indeed, to contain my rage.

How could you do such cheating? I think I'm going to cry.
You made a solemn vow to me. Was it just a lie?
And what about your wedding vows? For now I cannot trust,
anything you promise me. You fill me with disgust.

You thought this would be heaven, but found a little hell
Did you not expect as much, could you not foretell?
My fury overwhelms me, so now you have been warned,
I'm the mistress of your life and I'm a woman scorned.

I'm going to treat this seriously, like a mortal sin.
You will not believe the depth of trouble you are in.
You're going to have a piercing, in your little cock,
and a new device to suit, with a better lock.

You've had your little piercing and it's ready now.
Your new device has come at last so now you must allow,
your penis to be locked away so there can be no doubt.
(The fitting through your piercing, means no ‘pulling out').

Now it is a certainty. Now you can't betray.
Now when you're in chastity: In chastity you stay.
A little fact you must accept, for it is now your fate:
You're simply never going to be allowed to masturbate.

From each and every pretty girl: you'll choose to look away.
Your full devotion to myself: This you shall display.
From you I want a courtship; a little more romance.
And as for your pornography: Not a single glance.

And if you have forgotten, our anniversary,
I'll be doing a special thing to make you think of me.
I'll put the key into the post and laugh to see it go,
to my friend who lives abroad, whom you will never know.
And then next year to celebrate our anniversary,
I'll ask her if she'd be so kind as to return the key.

An inescapable device does not exist, although ...
This depends upon your skills, your tools and what you know.
Someone could pick the lock for sure; I have no doubt that's true.
But I'm very confident, that person isn't you.
You could try to cut the steel; and leave you dick intact?
It would take an engineer to make that dream a fact.
I know you'll never ask for help you're too embarrassed to.
You really have no option, but to see it through.

I'm the mistress in this house and you shall not forget:
You shouldn't do or say a thing that might make me upset.
To me you'll be submissive, in each and every way.
My commands and preferences; these you shall obey.
No longer will you choose to disregard my kind advice.
Instead you'll do it straight away; I needn't ask you twice.

If our love should ever fail, then you should be aware,
I won't be having sex with one, for whom I do not care.
If there comes a time when we no longer share a bed,
and you ask me for the key, so you can wank instead.
Should you expect to be released, so you can have a play,
with your little penis and masturbate each day?

I think it best if we decide this issue in advance,
to provide our marriage, perhaps a better chance.
I don't believe that you should ever do it with your hand.
This offensive practice in our marriage is now banned.
I think it best for you to stay, absolutely true.
And so the answer will be ‘No': It's chastity for you.

If you think to separate or even of divorce,
thinking that our marriage, has now run its course.
I hope that you will listen and consider my advice,
I think you'll find amongst your things, your chastity device.
Still locked onto your penis, as firm as it can be,
with no prospect of release, for I shall have the key.

If one day I do believe that all our love has died.
If my mind and heart agree that you I can't abide.
If I cringe to think of you; your touch upon my skin.
A fact you can be certain of: The key's going in the bin.

This should help you concentrate, on our relationship,
stop you being selfish and make you get a grip.
For if one day, you wake to find; our love is history,
for you, a simple consequence will be a certainty.
It's ‘chastity forever more'; you know it to be true,
for ‘absolutely nothing' is all I have to do.

Chastity Poem: Part 7

I think we'll have a wedding play. We'll stand side by side.
But I shall be the groom this time and you can be the bride.
I think we'll have old-fashioned vows; you'll promise to obey.
And we should keep our promises, from this, our wedding day.
I think I'll wear my business suite, that should do I guess.
And for you I'll use a sheet, and make a wedding dress.
You look so ridiculous, all dressed up in white.
I must take a photograph; you truly look a sight!
You never have been penetrated, in a sexual way.
So that makes you a virgin bride, on her wedding day.

I told you there'd be penetrative sex that we'd enjoy.
And for this purpose I've put on; this new sexy toy.
It's a strap-on dildo. You needn't look so shocked,
I hope you didn't think that I'd be getting you unlocked.
Allow your penis into me? Is that what you believe?
Now you can experience what it feels like to receive.
I've often wondered what it would be like to have a cock.
You might be thinking much the same, since all you have's a lock.
I shall play at being the man. My wife is what you'll be.
You're no longer masculine, as far as I can see.
I'm going to take good care of you; you know that I'll be kind.
Now bend over darling, let me take you from behind.

I see you are reluctant; you've still a little pride.
Or is it that you would prefer, to stay a virgin bride?
I know I mustn't force you. That would be quite wrong.
I thought that you'd enjoy it since it's been so very long.

I think I'd like to have some penetration, if you would.
And no, there's no unlocking. You've misunderstood.
Try thinking with your head instead of thinking with your cock.
Now strap on the dildo, just above your lock.

I think this is another way that you can pleasure me
I think that's four in total, or is it only three?
Number one's your fingers, I know for sure that true.
And when you use your tongue on me: that makes number two.
The third is our vibrator, and now there is one more.
For now we add the dildo, which brings us up, to four.

When will I release you? Hm. Now let me see...
When I want you to insert your penis into me.
When I want a very small and often floppy dick,
that can't stay up for very long and always comes too quick.
When disappointment is what I, truly want to feel,
with hand on heart I promise; I shall unlock your steel.
And as for masturbation, you've already had,
a lifetimes worth already. No more of that my lad.

Chastity Poem: Part 8

Now I touch the cage that has my penis locked inside,
and lament the fact that my, pleasure is denied.
I remember fondly, what I used to do,
in the shower and the bath and often on the loo.

I used to fantasize about; being in chastity,
of having access to myself, denied with lock and key,
and for a woman, strong and firm; a mistress for a wife,
who'd compel me to be true, throughout your married life.

But now my wish, it has come true; it's my reality.
No more a longing that I have, no more a fantasy.
Now I wish for my release, I wish that thing be gone.
But I know, because of you, I'm going to keep it on.

So rather than a daily dose of infidelity,
your longing shall remain no more, than just a fantasy.
There'll be no masturbation, on this or any day.
You're never going to wank again; on this you have no say.

When I'm on the toilet, I look towards my dick.
I long to have it once again, as my pleasure stick.
But rather than my penis, a cage is what I see,
that has a most secure lock, for which I have no key.

Instead of fondling yourself, and wasting all that time,
you can take a moment, to recite your rhyme.
‘I accept and I believe...' you know how it goes.
Just remember ‘chastity' is the life you chose.
Be careful what you wish for, and what you reveal.
You never know just what I'll do, because of how I feel.

I often feel frustrated, with my chastity,
I long to spend some time alone, with my penis free.

But this will never happen, while I am your wife.
You might as well accept your fate; our marriage is for life.
Your sex is in compliance, with what I want to do.
And what I really want right now, is chastity for you.

Your future's been decided. It's been set in stone.
You're never going to be allowed to do it on your own.
However much you long to feel your hand upon your cock:
Reaching down, you're only ever, going to find a lock.

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