Chastity Product Tester

Submitted by: Throne

"But I'm only going to be out of work for two weeks," I told my wife Annie. "And they're paying me for my accumulated vacation time. So I won't really be..."

"Dear," she cut me off. "I don't like the idea of you being idle. Remember what happened when I was away at my sister's? For only two days?"

"Honey, nothing happened. You know Tess next door is kind of... a nympho. She thinks every guy wants to jump into bed with her. All I did was talk to her, and it was a conversation that she started."

"While she was wearing one of her tiny bikinis. With those mammoth hooters nearly uncovered. And you didn't stare? Not even a little bit?"

"Well, I mean... sort of."

"All right. So we have two problems. You're out of work and you like to ogle busty bimbos."

"Except that... I mean it's only..."

"This discussion is over. I've already made the arrangements for a fill-in job, and a representative of the company is coming over soon. In fact, she should be here in about an hour. You go and take a shower and put on some clean underwear."

"Why... why do I need to do that?"

"Darling, you never know when someone might get to see what you're wearing under your slacks. Right?"

This was getting stranger and stranger, so I just agreed with her, not wanting to get her angry. I didn't even know what kind of work I would be doing. I sighed, a bit theatrically I suppose, and left the room. Soon I had gotten my shower and, as instructed, put on fresh boxers. I picked out nice slacks and a sports shirt, dark socks and my favorite loafers.

Soon the doorbell rang. My wife had me answer it and I was confronted with a very pretty young lady. She reminded me of Annie, with her trim figure but somewhat large bust, her sweet face, and pixie haircut. I hesitated, thrown off balance by how striking she was. My wife must have gotten right behind me because I suddenly felt her hand on my shoulder. She gently moved me aside.

"Sorry," Annie apologized. "But my husband is a bit of a womanizer. He can't keep his eyes off you."

"I noticed. I'm Trish. We spoke on the phone."

"Yes. Thanks for coming so soon. This is the perfect solution for my Richie."

I could only stand there and try to keep up. It was all moving too fast.

"The thing is," Annie went on, "you're my last hope. If he doesn't agree to this..." She gave me a sympathetic look. "I'm going to have to cut him off from all sex."

What? I was stunned. Trish held up a sample case she was carrying and said, "I'm sure the answer to all his problems is in here. Why don't we get started?"

I was still taking in the idea of being cut off from sex with my desirable wife. I'm the kind of guy who needs it several times a week. If I don't get it, then it becomes all I can think about. Granted, once I'm in bed I don't last too long. But then two days later, if not sooner, I'm ready to go again.

The women sat on our couch in the living room with the case between them and Trish opened it up. I started toward a chair but my wife told me I should stand in front of them. Feeling insecure, I did as she said. Inside the case was a selection of short tubes, cages and other curious devices. I didn?t know what to make of them.

Trish looked up at me and said, "Let's get one of these on you." Her hand drifted back and forth over them before she settled on one. It was a plastic tube with one end closed by an outwardly curved section, with a small opening in its end. There was a second piece, a ring of some sort. I could see that they would fit together but still didn't understand what they were for. At the same time I was eyeing those, I couldn't help staring at her cleavage, which was enticingly displayed by the low cut top she wore. She gave me a sweet smile and said, "My, you really DO like to gawk at the girls. Like the two girls in my bra." She turned to my wife and said, "He is definitely a candidate for our products. Having him test them, as a freelancer, will enable you to select the perfect one for him."

Annie nodded and told her, "Frankly, it will be a relief for me to have him using one of those." Then she looked up at me and said, "Drop your pants, darling. And the shorts."

I went into mild shock. What was she saying? At the same time, however, my fingers went to my belt and opened it. I unfastened the top of my slacks and lowered the zipper. Her words about denying me sex kept replaying in my mind. That would be unthinkable. I would have to cooperate until this got sorted out, and then everything would be normal again. I let my pants fall and looked back and forth from one of the women to the other. They weren't upset. This was what they wanted. Feeling disoriented, I began to lower my shorts. When they slid down to my ankles to join the pants, both females smiled at me.

Trish produced a tube of cream and a pair of rubber gloves from the case, offering them to my bride and asking her, "Would you like to do the honors?"

She grinned and said, "Richie would probably prefer that you do it, but I don't want to get him overheated."

All at once she was donning the thin gloves, then applying a generous amount of white cream over the fingers of one. She spread it on my crotch, covering the pubic hair, and also used it on my scrotum and the base of my penis. I was too nervous to get a complete erection, but did become halfway hard. That was doubly embarrassing. It suggested that I wasn't capable of a full response, but that I lacked self control. I felt my cheeks getting hot. The women chatted about Trish's drive to our home and if she had encountered any problems finding us. They acted as if I wasn't present. After several minutes of them complimenting each other's outfits and similar girl talk, our visitor glanced at her watch and said it had almost been long enough. For what?

Annie's voice was firm when she told me to remove my shoes and get the rest of the way out of my pants and shorts. Numbly, I obeyed. Then she ordered me -- it wasn't a request -- to go to the kitchen and fetch a freezer pack. Half naked, I was in no state to stand there and ask questions, so I hurried out and returned with the icy cold plastic box. I had to stand where I had been before while my wife used a handful of tissues to wipe away all that cream. To my dismay I saw that my pubic hair had been removed. She casually tossed the evidence of my manhood into a trash can.

"Next," Trish told me, "you can press that freezer pack against your disobedient dick."

I looked down at my half-stiff member and did what I had been told to. At least I was getting to cover myself, however slightly. In seconds my arousal had faded and my penis shrank to it's smallest possible dimensions. That was when Trish brushed my hand aside, took the ring, and slipped it over my flaccid organ and my testicles. She followed with the tube, which encased my manhood completely. The two parts fit neatly together, as I had guessed. But what I hadn't seen coming was that she took a padlock from the box and put its U through aligned openings in the two parts of the device. She turned to Annie and asked her if she would like to be the one to lock it. Before I could react, my cheerful wife reached over and deftly clicked the lock shut.

In a daze, I stood there, my maleness trapped in that too small tube. Trish suggested to Annie that she test it. My wife told me to take two steps back, which I did. She stood and opened my shirt, then put her hands on my nipples, which have always been very sensitive to touch. I gasped as a current of sexual electricity ran through me, straight to my genitals. But instead of being able to get large, my penis strained futilely against the confines of that damned tube. My balls drew up tight and I felt ready for release, but there was no way to achieve that.

Annie took my face between her soft hands and kissed me tenderly. Her fingertips toyed with my ears. She whispered sensually, "I'm SO glad you agreed to this test, Richie. I'm sure the next few weeks are going to be very educational for both of us." She kissed me again, shoving her tongue into my mouth and using it to add to my stimulation. I was half crazy from need, and it had only been a minute. I had to get out of that thing. I needed to be in the bedroom, with my bride, right away.

My voice trembled as I said, "Please, Annie. You have to unlock me."

"I can't, baby boy."

"Wh... why?"

"Because Trish has the key."

Pleading with my eyes, I begged the other woman, "Please, give her the key."

"Oh, I will. I'm going to mail it to her. After your trial period is over."

A chill ran through me and I asked, in a small voice, "When will that be?"

"Four weeks."

"But I'm starting my new job in two weeks. Can't I be unlocked then?"

"No," my wife interjected. "I agreed to a full month and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to go back on my word. Plus, this way you don't have to worry about me cutting you off from sex."

"Like this," I pointed out, "I can't have sex."

"No, but I can. You can do -- other things -- for me. And that'll be part of the test. Trish and her people want practical information about how a husband reacts when he's locked, especially if his wife gives him plenty of teasing. You know, like I was just doing for you."

"I... That'll have me climbing the walls."

"Don't worry. You'll be burning up that excess energy by pleasing me in bed. I have so many fun ideas. You know how I was always asking you to use your mouth on me? Between my legs? Because you finish too soon and leave me unsatisfied? Well, this will give you a chance to learn how to do that. And to learn other ways to show your new devotion to providing me with pleasure. We'll both be able to give Trish's group the testimonials they're seeking."

My eyes blinked involuntarily. I was on the verge of weeping. My wife hugged me and said consolingly, "This could be the best thing that's ever happened to us. I'm sure you'll get into the rhythm of it. In fact, I'm betting that this will make a new man of you."

I didn't like the sound of that but what could I do? They key was somewhere else and we were dependent on Trish to send it to us.

The company representative got up and said, "Well, I'd better get going. I'm sure you two have lots to... accomplish."

Annie saw her to the door and then we were alone, me still in just my opened shirt and my penis out of commission. She returned and embraced me. I couldn't keep myself from whimpering. It had already been more than 36 hours since we had sex. I was nearly at my limit then. How was I supposed to last for another month? Especially if she kept arousing me? And did she really expect me to use my mouth on her? That way? And what other plans did she have? Annie took me by the hand and led me toward our bedroom.

Once we got there she told me to get out of my shirt and then undress her. My fingers trembled as I got her out of her top and then the bra. Her shapely breasts sprang free and my heart jumped. I have always been intoxicated by her bust. She had me touch them, play with her nipples, and then suck them. That was something I had always enjoyed, but now it just added to my flustered state. My balls were beginning to throb. She laughed at me and made me kneel to remove her skirt. I got rid of that and her panties as well.

My wife turned her back and leaned forward slightly, telling me, "Kiss my ass, Richie. To show me how dedicated you're going to be to my needs."

I did it and she liked it so much that she had me pressing my lips against both her smooth cheeks for the next several minutes. At last she allowed me to stop, but it was only so she could lie on her back on the bed and spread her legs invitingly. Except that she wasn't inviting me to get into the missionary position and penetrate her. She was letting me know it was time for my first lesson in... pussy eating. I got on the bed on my knees and kissed my way up her thighs, trying to delay the inevitable. I wanted to make one more plea for clemency but could think of no argument that she couldn't easily squelch. So I began to kiss her lightly-furred mound and then proceeded to the main act.

She was thrilled and noisily demonstrated just how much she was enjoying herself. Annie gave me a few instructions, but mostly she cautioned me to slow down, warning that if I rushed her there would be dire consequences. Hating every second of it, I nevertheless kept it up until she had a quaking orgasm. I thought it was over but, after half a minute, she demanded that I start again, telling me to be very gentle. I gave her a second climax and then a third, before she relented and, thoroughly satisfied, permitted me to stop.

To my surprise, she said I should get into position for regular sex. It turned out that she simply wanted a session of playing with my very receptive nipples while she told me how much fun it was going to be for her to keep me on this program. After I had been wildly overstimulated she ceased, but by then I could think of nothing but the release I had been denied. My bride pointed out that I had been selfish in neglecting her orgasms, and now the tables were turned. She told me to behave if I didn't want it to get worse. Much worse.


I got through those four weeks but by the end I was half out of my mind. She insisted on having my mouth on her pussy about every other night. Ironically, it was my former schedule of wanting sex. There was also more of me kissing her bottom, but it soon went beyond just targeting her buttocks. She called it 'ass worship' and it became her favorite form of foreplay. I started my new job and seeing all the female workers around me was sheer torment. At last the month was up and the key came in the mail. Instead of using it, however, she put it on a thin gold chain around her neck, where I could see it every time I looked at her tempting cleavage. Annie insisted that she had to wait until Trish stopped to see us, which wouldn't be for another week. I started to object but realized at once that I could only make my situation worse. So I swallowed what was left of my pride and agreed to cooperate. She rewarded me with extra teasing that evening, which left me with terribly sore balls.

Finally Trish arrived, Friday night after dinner. The two of them sat and chatted as if nothing odd was going on. Then the company representative wanted to inspect me. As shameful as that was, I readily accepted it, eager to gain my freedom. I got out of my slacks and undershorts. They discussed my condition and Trish listened with interest. She said she was extremely glad Annie had volunteered me. I spoke up, though my voice was choked. Hadn't this been to earn us some money? They both giggled and pointed out that my wife had simply wanted to keep me active... and out of 'girl trouble'.

That was when Trish said that, as well as I had responded, she would love to keep me on the program indefinitely. I nearly fainted as my wife quickly agreed. When I made a protest and demanded the key, Annie said it wouldn't help, as it was just a dummy, not the one that would fit my lock. I was crushed. Trish suggested that I at least get some relief, since my next period of lock-up needed to be six weeks, and I would be in an even less comfortable device. She produced the real key and, my spirit broken, I stood there while she freed me. Then she said that, to maintain the proper continuity in my program, I would have to satisfy myself. I started to tell them that I would do it in the bathroom but she rejected that idea.

If I wanted to ejaculate -- and I was beyond desperate to accomplish that -- I had to masturbate in front of them, into the palm of my hand. Trish acted very serious when she said she needed to observe all the details, like how long it took me and how much I produced. Feeling absolutely disgraced, I still couldn't say no. So I stood there, naked from the waist down, and began to manipulate myself. With both of them watching me, however, I couldn't get completely into the mood. It was so frustrating. My humiliation grew as I had to reach up under my T-shirt and finger my nipples. That pushed me toward the edge. While they watched avidly I was able to shoot, launching hot cum into my hand. As soon as my need had been met, I was seized by fresh shame and even guilt. They handed me tissues and I cleaned up as best as I could.

Then, while I was still limp, Trish gave me a bottle of liquid to complete removing the mess from my crotch and hand. After that was done she produced my new chastity device. This one had an extreme downward curve in it that would make attempted erections even more uncomfortable. I sniffled as I put it on myself and my bride locked it. Then they had me model it for them while they barely suppressed laughter.

In the weeks that followed, my wife made sure I understood how precarious my situation was. It was her decision how long this would go on. She amused herself by speculating out loud what six months or a year of chastity would do to me. I was already feeling different, so those possibilities were genuinely frightening. My entire sex life revolved around devoting myself to my wife's body and her orgasms. I had become obsessed with my oral duties, hating them but looking forward to them. Being teased became less of a torture and more of a reward. And I always anticipated the next of my jerk-off sessions, as she required me to call them. The second of those she ruined by stopping me just as I began to finish, so that I had a spoiled ejaculation, dribbling cum into my waiting hand.

The chastity after that was even worse than the bent tube. It was lined with short sharp points that hurt me every time I got excited. Annie never tired of flaunting her body and touching me, whispering lewd suggestions, and doing anything else that would cause me to try to erect and thus cause myself pain. That one was for eight weeks. The next chastity after that featured a wide mesh that, while it still contained my penis, allowed for it to press out between the strips, so that she could touch it and let me half feel what I couldn't have all the way. Ten weeks.

It has been nine months now. I was denied the most recent of my jerk-off sessions over some unfair pretext. It feels like I'm utterly under her control, which is pretty much the truth. Disempowered. While I'm serving her in bed she talks about making my chastity permanent, keeping me celibate and well teased endlessly, just because it's so gratifying for her. And entertaining. That, of course, forces me to be even more dedicated to her, in the increasingly slim hope that I can prevent that terrible future. Imagine being kept in chastity by your sexy wife, having to be a bedroom slave to her, and being teased constantly because it amuses her and makes you still more anxious to honor and obey. Picture yourself living my life. How would YOU feel about it?


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