Tom's Boi

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Chapter 1

I spent the final semester of my junior year abroad and bummed around Europe during the following summer. I returned to San Francisco the week before the start of the fall semester to complete my senior year. I slept on a friend's sofa while I spend my days scrambling to find permanent accommodations. I was worried that I was wearing out my welcome and at my wit's end after not having found anything decent in my price range after two weeks of looking. That was when my friend John told me that he had a friend who had a guest room that he might be willing to rent out.

John took me to Tom's condo building, introduced us, "Tom this is Bob;" and left saying he had some errands to do.

Tom and I immediately hit it off. He took me up in the elevator to his condo and we talked for several hours in the living room before Tom eventually got around to showing me the bedroom. Once I saw it my heart dropped, for I knew I'd never be able to afford it. It was a large high ceilinged contemporary furnished master suite with attached bath; there was even a desk where I could do my school work. Tom explained that the condo had two master suites and this was the smaller; his suite was on the other end of the condo, past the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

"This is great," I said; "but there's no way I'd be able to afford the rent."

"Well, to be honest I wasn't actually looking for a boarder. But the way John talked you up and the fact that the guestroom has gone unused since I moved in prompted me to talk to you. How much can you afford?"

I told him and he thought for a minute and said, "Deal. You can move in anytime."

I moved my few belongings in the next day.

Tom and I became fast friends, then fuck buddies, and eventually something akin to lovers. It wasn't long before I was sharing his bed and just using the desk in my room to study and the closet to store my clothes.

Tom took the lead in our relationship, especially in bed; I serviced him nightly with my mouth or ass except for the occasions when I pulled all nighters for school. Our relationship took on something of a Dom/sub aspect. I told him all my sexual fantasies, my desire to be dominated in every way; things I'd never told anyone – or even spoken aloud.

Ultimately my senior year ended and I had to find a job. Desperately wanting to stay in San Francisco I centered my job hunt there; despite this I received a job offer in Chicago that was too good to turn down. Tom and I agreed that a long distance relationship probably wouldn't work out and we decided to separate.

Before I left for Chicago Tom said that he wanted to give me something to remember him by, a Prince Albert piercing. He remembered I'd mentioned to him that I'd toyed with the idea of getting one and even though I had some trepidation about it I agreed. We went to a piercing parlor and I came out with a ring in my dick and a wad of gauze in my underwear.

After I moved Tom and I kept in touch with weekly phone calls. I spent the next four years working in Chicago when one day out of the blue I received an offer to interview with a firm in San Francisco. The job was far beyond what I thought someone just four years out of school would be considered for, but I figured, "What the hell, it's a free trip to San Francisco."

I had a whirlwind trip to San Francisco. I flew in late Sunday, spent Monday interviewing with half a dozen people in the office, continued the interview over dinner, and flew out on the redeye that evening. Much to my surprise, the next week I was offered the job.

I immediately accepted the job and called Tom to tell him the good news. In the back of my mind was the hope that we could resume our relationship where it had left off; but was disappointed to hear that Tom's interest in S/m had moved to a new level and he told me he'd just acquired a new boi.

Like before I found myself scrambling to find a place to live. None of the places the firm's employee relocation department showed me was right. Tom came to my rescue when he told me he had friends who would be temporarily moving to England for the next six months and were looking for a house sitter; that would give me some breathing room while I found a place of my own.

I moved back and Tom and I renewed our friendship. I was anxious to meet his boi, but he was traveling on business; Tom did tell me the details of their relationship. How he owned the boi's body and was completely in charge. I was secretly envious and dropped several hints – which Tom ignored – about taking the boi's place while he was away.

One day after I'd been back a couple of months Tom asked me for a favor. With his boi traveling so much he wanted to put him in chastity. Tom had done his research and had selected a custom made device. He had given the boi the measuring kit for the device, but wanted a reality check for the measurement the boi took. He said that as far as he could remember of me the boi and I were the same size; and he asked me to take my own measurements so that he would have something to compare with; and if they were close he'd place the order.

Even though I was disappointed that their relationship had progressed that far and seeing my chances of taking the boi's place evaporate I agreed and took the measuring instructions and a set of rings. The instructions were pretty straight forward; measure the flaccid length of the penis and use the rings to determine the diameter of the shaft of the penis and the diameter at its base.

The thought of chastity aroused me and it took me several tries to get my measurements. Eventually I managed to get my flaccid measurements and gave them to Tom. He said, "perfect, that's right in line with what my boi's measured; I'll place the order tomorrow."

One evening a few months later when Tom and I were hanging out at his apartment he said to me "I haven't shown you how I've redecorated your old room, fancy a look?"

I said "Sure" and Tom led the way to my old room.

When he opened the door I was stunned. Instead of a guest room I was seeing what could only be described as a dungeon. The walls were painted charcoal grey, instead of the neutral wall to wall carpet that had covered the floor there was some sort of rubber flooring, and on the walls there were strategically placed mirrors. The floor to ceiling windows were draped in a black and grey camouflage patterned fabric that would hide a multiple of sins – and stains. The room was filled with S and M equipment, some of which I recognized some I didn't. There was bondage bench for fucking, a St. Andrew's cross, a sling, and other assorted pieces.

I stood in the doorway speechless. I finally managed a "Wow."

"I see you approve," Tom said indicating the growing bulge in my pants. "Don't just stand in the doorway, come in."

I walked around the room and stopped in front of the sling. I'd always wanted to try one but had never had the opportunity.

Tom followed and noticing my interest said, "Take off your shirt and hop in, give it a try."

There was no need to ask twice, I wasted no time stripping out of my shirt and getting in the sling. Looking up I noticed that the ceiling had been painted black – emphasizing its height – and that new lighting had been installed. There was also a mirror attached to the sling frame, strategically angled to give the sling's occupant a bird's eye view of the action below.

"Comfortable?" he asked walking around to the head of the sling.

"Very," I said and he reached down and began to rub my chest from behind my head. I moaned when he moved to my nipples and I reached back and around the chains to feel his body.

"Glad you're enjoying yourself," and moved his hands off my nipples and rubbed them up my chest and arms. He briefly removed his hand from my right arm and then quickly grabbed my wrists pulled them close together and handcuffed me.

"Wah…?" I said, wondering what was going on.

Tom moved to the foot of the sling and said "We need to talk. I though you would have figured it out by now, but obviously you haven't. My new boi is you – or will be if you consent. We've had enough discussions that you know what I expect of my boi – full ownership of him, mind and body."

As he talked he rubbed my bare torso, and my legs and penis through my pants. Again I was speechless.

"Nothing will happen if you don't agree; I'll uncuff you'll be free to go."

"Okay," I said

"But if you do agree you will take on the position of my boi immediately. I'll give you some time to think. Do you mind if I make you a bit more comfortable while you do? You're looking awfully cramped in those pants."

I nodded and he made short work of removing my shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. I rested my feet on the lower chains and he said "We can make you more comfortable than that" and he buckled a pair of restraints on my ankles and clipped them to the lower sling chains.

"Now in case you haven't figured it out I arranged for your return to San Francisco," he said as he walked to another part of the room and came back with small table covered with a black cloth. The lumps underneath the cloth gave no clue as to what was on the table. "John had been on the lookout for a boi for me for some time and when we met I knew you were the perfect candidate."

"The only problem was that I hadn't counted on you receiving such an enticing job offer in Chicago; and at that time I didn't have the connections to get you a better one here in San Francisco. It took a lot of networking but finally I did. And now you're here and it's decision time," Tom said as he dropped his pants and revealed his eight inch hard cock and aimed it at my asshole.

"What do you say, are you willing to be my boi and take on all that it entails?" he said as he moved forward and pressed the tip of his penis against my hole; while he took my cock in his right hand and began to slowly stroke it.

My mind was in overload. Immediately I knew this was what I wanted – what I needed – but I felt manipulated. After several minutes of silence with me attempting to think while he rubbed my cock and gently pressed his cock against the opening of my hole I moaned, "Yes."

"I want you to be sure. I want you to think back on all the conversations we've had about my 'boi' and my expectations for him. That is what will be expected of you. I want you to know what is going to happen tonight if you say 'yes;' I am going to jerk your penis and fuck your ass, and I'm going to take full possession of them."

"And if you agree to be my boi that will have been the last time you'll say 'yes' or anything else to me without it being preceded or followed by 'Sir' when we're alone or with anyone else in the scene. Is your answer still 'yes?'"

This time without hesitation I said "Yes, Sir."

"Good boi," he said and several things happened in rapid succession. He slid his penis to its hilt into my hole, as I opened my mouth to gasp he reached under the cloth on the table and produced a gag which he quickly shoved into my mouth buckled in place in. He then produced a blindfold from under the cloth and covered my eyes.

He slowly fucked me as he stroked my penis. "You're not to cum until after I do; do you understand?"

I nodded and said, "Es, thir" through the gag.

Tom continued to fuck me and stroke my dick. Every time he sensed I might be close to cuming he'd back off on my dick by ignoring the head, slowing his strokes, or just holding my dick without stroking. Finally his strokes pistoning my ass quickened and I sensed he was close to cuming. He came with a roar and as he did I felt a bag of ice come down on my penis. The sudden change in temperature caused me to roar too – only not with pleasure – with shock as my penis went limp.

I was confused about what was happening. After he came he slowly pulled out of me and I felt the ice removed from my crotch and my cock and balls being worked through a metal cock-ring, and then through a second metal cock-ring. I felt my PA being removed and then something being slid over my cold limp penis. He spent a couple of minutes doing something to the thing on my cock and then he replaced my PA. Finally I felt something cold and slick with lube pressing at the entrance of my asshole, something big. I took a deep breath and Tom took the opportunity to push it home.

My blindfold was removed and after my eyes adjusted to the light I looked down to see my dick encased in a shiny metal cage.

"Would you like me to explain what's going on, boi?" Tom said.

Still gagged I nodded and said "Es, thir."

"The first ring is for what is called an 'anal intruder.' There's a bar attached to the bottom of the cock-ring which curves up and holds a metal ball in your ass. The ball can easily be removed from your ass and pulled aside for toilet functions and when I want to fuck you; but it will need to be in place for you to wear pants, or shorts, or anything really. The second ring is part of a Jail Bird chastity device – thank you by the way for providing the measurements for it," he said with a bit of a grin. "The tube on your penis locks to that cock-ring by means of a screw with a unique head, the screwdriver that removes it is only available through the manufacturer and isn't available for sale. In addition to keeping you chaste the device also prevents removal of the ring for the anal intruder. Your old stainless steel PA captive bead ring has been replaced with a much stronger segmented titanium ring. The ring is around one of the horizontal struts of the cage preventing you from attempting to pull out from the back – not that it's possible, it's just an additional reminder of your locked status. The titanium metal makes the ring impossible to open without special tools. And now for the final feature, I wanted you to see and hear it being attached and know that you are now truly my boi. I ordered the Jail Bird with an optional hole for a padlock."

With that he picked up a small padlock and threaded its hasp through a hole in Jail Bird. I heard a click as it locked.

"I told you I was going to take possession of your penis and your ass. You probably erroneously assumed that meant my fucking you and jerking you off. You really shouldn't assume. You probably also assumed that when I told you not to cum before I did that you would be cuming tonight immediately after, another bad assumption. You will stay locked as long as I see fit and you will be allowed to cum only at times of my choosing."

"Tomorrow we will move your things in, but for tonight you are fine where you are," and with that he replaced the handcuffs on my wrists with soft leather restraints and returned the blindfold over my eyes.

"Sleep well boi," he said as he turned off the light and closed the door.

My mind reeled at what had just transpired. With barely a moment's hesitation I had just changed the course of my life. For what seemed like hours thoughts whirled in my head while my balls ached in frustration and my dick futilely strained to get hard in its new home. "What had I just agreed to? How long was my cock going to be locked? What did he mean by 'times of his choosing?' The way Tom described the device it seemed pretty permanent, when – if ever – would I get to cum again? I was never all that into fucking or getting sucked, but I did enjoy them occasionally – would I ever have those sensations again? What about going to the doctor? The gym? Anyplace where I'd have to take off my clothes? And the ball in my ass…" After hours of such thoughts eventually I fell asleep exhausted.

Chapter 2

I woke the next morning to the feeling of something slowly stretching my asshole. As the night before came back to me I realized that the feeling was the anal intruder being pulled out of my ass. As I was still gagged, blindfolded, and bound to the sling all I could do was relax and try to help push it out.

"Good morning, boi," Tom said as I felt the ball from the anal intruder clear my hole. The ball was quickly replaced with Tom's cock. Tom fucked me as he had the night before, only this time he ignored my now locked cock. He fucked me long and slow, working my chest and nipples as he did. My cock unsuccessfully tried to get hard and leaked precum.

I repeated "Ease, thir. Ease, thir," – the closest I could come to "please, Sir," with the gag in my mouth – while he fucked me. I wasn't sure what I was begging for – for him to continue to fuck me or for him to free my cock and let me cum.

His pace quickened and grabbed the sling chains and pounded my ass until he came. Using his spooge as lube he replaced the anal intruder in my hole and set about freeing me from the sling.

Once I was on my feet naked in front of him he pulled me towards him kissed me passionately on the mouth. I returned the kiss and pressed my body into his. I again felt a pain in my cock and balls as my cock again tried to get hard in its new prison.

Tom chuckled and said with a grin "You're going to have to watch out for those unwanted erections. Don't worry, you'll get used to it soon enough. Not that you have any choice. Did you sleep well?"

"I slept a little, Sir. I was mostly thinking about what happened."

"Good, glad you had a chance to think; we'll have the opportunity to talk later. But right now you get showered, shaved, clean your teeth, and brush your hair while I fix breakfast. The bathroom off the playroom is yours to use. You'll find an assortment of toiletries in there. There's a hose in the shower for cleaning out. You're going to want to make that part of you morning routine now that you'll be wearing the anal intruder full time."

"Yes, Sir. I'll see you in the kitchen shortly, Sir," I said as I headed for the bathroom.

I walked to the bathroom; with every step the anal intruder rubbed my prostate – this was going to take some getting used to. I started to take my morning whizz except I couldn't get my stream to go straight with my cock caged. I sprayed all over the toilet and floor; it looked like peeing standing up was going to be a thing of the past for me. I cleaned the toilet and floor and took a long hot shower. While I was in the shower I worked the anal intruder out of my hole and got a good look at it for the first time. The stainless steel ball at the end of the rod looked to be almost two inches across. Challenging, but obviously something I could take. Now that I had the anal intruder out of my ass I understood what Tom told me about it needing to be in place if I wanted to wear pants; it was shaped so that unless the ball was in my ass there was no place for it to go without creating an odd bulge in what I was wearing on my lower half. I used the hose to clean out and finished my shower.

After drying off I found shaving supplies in the vanity along with a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush and comb, and even lube. I shaved and brushed my teeth and hair and used the lube to reinsert the anal intruder back in my ass; then I went back into the playroom to retrieve my clothes from the day before and get dressed. Dressed I headed for the kitchen for breakfast.

"That smells good, Sir," I said as I walked into the kitchen.

Tom turned to me and told me to sit down.

"We need to talk about rules and your listening skills. What did I tell you to do when let you down from the sling?"

"Um, er, you told me to go in the bathroom and clean out and… um, I'm not sure, Sir."

"I also told you to 'get showered, shaved, clean your teeth, and brush hair.' I did not tell you to get dressed," Tom said calmly. "Unless instructed otherwise, whenever you are home – unless you are immediately on your way out – you are to be naked in the condo. When you arrive you are to strip out of all your clothes in the foyer before proceeding into the rest of the condo to put your clothes away. The only exception is anything I have locked on you or told you to wear. Now go back and try again."

"Yes, Sir," I said as I beat a hasty retreat back to the playroom where I shucked off my clothes and returned wearing only the anal intruder and jail bird.

"That's better. Now let's have breakfast and get going. We have to move your things in here and you have an appointment this afternoon."

I sat naked at the kitchen table while Tom served us breakfast. When we were finished Tom said "Okay, time to get going, you may get dressed now."

I said a quick "Thank you, Sir," and went back to the playroom to again retrieve my clothes and get dressed. We met in the foyer and then headed out.

We took Tom's SUV to where I'd been housesitting and went about gathering my things. There wasn't all that much; most of my stuff was in storage pending my finding permanent digs; there were just my clothes, a few books, and some personal items. Knowing that my stay there was temporary I'd kept the shipping boxes from when I moved in in preparation for when I'd be moving out next month.

We made quick work of packing and managed to move everything to Tom's condo in a few trips.

After our last trip Tom told me I had fifteen minutes to shower and put on some clean clothes.

"Jeans and a t-shirt will be fine, along with trainers and socks," he said.

I showered and located the required clothes in the jumble of boxes.

As I was tying my shoes Tom came in and said, "you have an appointment in half an hour. Here's the address." He handed me a card for a day spa. "Take the Muni, you should just make it. I'll work on unpacking the boxes while you're gone."

Inwardly I groaned. My prostate had already taken a battering from the anal intruder while moving. This caused me to leak copious amounts of precum. The thought of any additional walking was more than I thought I could handle, but I had no choice.

I took the Muni and arrived at the address with a couple of minutes to spare; but the place looked closed. I was peering in the window when I heard a man's voice behind me say "Are you Tom's friend, Bob?"

I turned around and said, "Yes, I think I have an appointment; but you look closed."

"You do have an appointment. Just let me get the door open and the lights on and we'll get started. We're not normally open on Sunday but your friend Tom is a very generous tipper. I'm Marcus by the way."

He led me into the darkened spa, locked the door behind me, and told me to wait by the reception desk while he got the lights on. Once the lights were on he called me back and led me to a small room with what appeared to a massage table and a side table holding what looked like a couple of miniature crock pots.

The man busied himself with the crock pots and said "Let me turn these on and then I'll slip out while you get undressed. You can put your clothes in that cabinet. Lie face up on the table and I'll be back in a few minutes," and with that he was gone.

I wasn't sure what to do. I wasn't sure about showing a perfect stranger – or a friend for that matter – the current state of my nether regions. I considered telling the guy to just forget it and bail; but Tom would not be happy if I did, so I started to undress. I tried to decide which humiliation would be worse, "my" caged cock and anal intruder or my precum stained briefs. I decided on the briefs; they were dark blue and the stain barely showed – at least that what I told myself. I undressed down to my shorts and lay down on the table.

I heard a knock at the door and said, "Come in."

The man came back looked at me and said, "I'm afraid those are going to have to go too," indicating my underwear. "I don't want to get wax on them," and then busied himself with the crockpots.

Blushing red I stripped off my briefs, placed them in the cupboard, and got back on the table. I now realized why I was there, Tom was having some part of my body waxed to remove the hair.

"What sort of waxing did Tom schedule?" I asked.

Still facing what I now realized were warmers for the depilatory wax he said, "full body, everything from the neck down, front and back." Then turning around and noticing at my locked state he said "I don't suppose you have the key to that. No, I guess you wouldn't. I'll just have to work around it."

His professional manner put me somewhat at ease… At least until he started ripping the hair from my body. The first few strips hurt like hell, but pretty soon I was enjoying the pain and tried to get hard.

I was grateful when he finished the front and had me turn over so I could hide my cock cage and my penis pressing against its bars.

"Well you're just full of surprises… literally," he said looking at the anal intruder in my butt, all pretense of professionalism gone. "I guess I'll have to work around that too."

He had me pull the bar from the anal intruder to one side and then the other as he waxed my ass. The shifting of the bar pulled the ball over my prostate. Again I leaked precum as I tried to get hard.

"All done. Now your after care instructions…" and he said something about moisturizing or not moisturizing or exfoliating or not exfoliating or something – I wasn't really listening, I was having a bit of an endorphin high. Then he said "I'll just step out and you can get dressed; meet me at the front door and I'll let you out."

I looked at my denuded body in the mirror on the back of the door. I was completely hairless from the neck down. I rubbed my hands over my skin and felt it. It felt great, just nothing but smooth skin. The only downside was that it put the chastity device fully on display – at least in my mind it did.

I went to the reception desk by the front door and the guy told me that Tom had already taken care of the fee and the gratuity. I thanked him and headed back to the condo. Once inside the door I stripped out of my clothes and went to put them away. But where? The boxes were gone; I assumed that Tom had emptied them and discarded the boxes. I wasn't sure how Tom would feel about me rifling through his closets and drawers to figure out which ones were mine. I decided to leave my clothes on the bed and shoes on the floor, and ask Tom when he got home.

I didn't have long to wait, he was just out at the dumpster throwing away the last of the boxes.

"I see you made it to your appointment, very nice. To paraphrase a line from Pinocchio, now you look like a real boi." Tom said feeling the results of the waxing. "We'll be keeping you this way indefinitely; you have regular appointments scheduled."

I said "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir," and then told Tom my predicament about what to do with my clothes and my unwillingness to snoop through his things.

Tom led me to his master suite and told me that except when I spent the night tied up in the playroom I'd be sleeping with him in his king size bed. He pointed to the dresser and told me which drawers were mine and indicated which closet was mine. "In the closet is a tray for your wallet and keys and such to keep them out of the way. You can put those clothes back on and we'll go to dinner. I'm famished. We skipped lunch and haven't eaten since breakfast. How about we try the new place down the block?"

"That would be good, I'm very hungry, Sir."

We walked to the restaurant and ordered copious amounts of food: appetizers, salad, entrée, and even a dessert to split.

"Don't worry about the calories, gotta splurge every once in a while; besides between the move today and the gym tomorrow we'll burn them off.

After dinner we arrived home and I stripped in the foyer as instructed. As I undressed Tom noticed the blue briefs and asked "What are those?"

"My under…" I started to answer and then remember that Tom had instructed me to put on "jeans, a t-shirt, trainers and socks" – he said nothing about underwear. I tried to think of something to say to explain, but nothing came out.

He glared at me and said "That is a mistake I expect you not to make again."

I hung my head and said "Yes, Sir; sorry, Sir."

"Now give me the briefs and put your clothes in the hamper in 'your' bathroom and your trainers in the closet."

Not wanting to make another mistake I rushed off to complete the task. It felt strange walking around naked – or at least as naked as I could get with my new hardware – while Tom remained dressed.

When I returned to the living room Tom motioned for me to sit next to him on the sofa.

"We need to talk boi, first about finances."

"Yes, Sir?" I responded

"Now that you're my boy you will live here rent free."

"Thank you, Sir"

"But you will have other financial responsibilities. I know what you earn; don't forget I got you that job. I expect you to maximize your contributions to your retirement account at work. You will be responsible for purchasing your own clothes and personal items, plus any fetish gear I select for you. You will add me as an additional cardholder on one of your credit card accounts so that I have autonomy when making purchases. You will not make purchases on that card. I'll give you the receipts to reconcile and you will pay the bill in full when it comes in."

"Yes, Sir."

We talked a while longer about some more minor details of our financial arrangement and when we were done with that subject Tom said, "While you were in Chicago I told you about my fictitious boy and my expectations for him. Last night you agreed to those requirements. Do you have any questions? You have my permission to speak freely. You may dispense with the 'Sirs' for this conversation."

I broached the subject that had been on my mind since the night before, "What about my cock? You only brought up chastity in the guise of wanting to lock up your boy while he was traveling on business. That's not the case with me. When will I be unlocked? When will I get to cum again?

"The short answer is that you'll be unlocked or cum when I decide you'll be unlocked or cum."

"Yes, Sir," I said slipping back into my prescribed role.

"As for why it wasn't discussed… I needed to create that little subterfuge to get you to measure yourself. That's why the subject wasn't brought up sooner. Though it was brought up indirectly – I did talk of owning my boi's body, and a boi's cock is certainly part of his body. And surely you must remember all those talks we had about your fantasies when you were living here while you were in college. Remember how fascinated you were with the idea of chastity? How you searched out chastity sites and pictures on the internet? How you longed for a Master to lock you up and own your cock? I may not have specifically brought up the subject, but you most certainly did.

"I suppose I did."

"Now for the long answer of when you will and won't be unlocked… You'll be unlocked for medical reasons; such as should a rash develop or an emergency arise – not for routine medical exams. You won't be unlocked to travel; you'll just have to deal with airport security and the TSA. You'll be unlocked when it amuses me, but you won't necessarily be given permission to cum. You won't be unlocked should you beg, whine, or plead – that will only make me less inclined to unlock anytime soon. I do not want to hear about how horny you are unless I specifically ask you. In the future, should I go with you to be waxed, I may unlock you to allow for a more thorough job around the cock and balls. Bottom line, unless I decided on an exception your cock cage is permanent. Anything else?"

My cock tried to get hard in its cage. This talk both aroused me and made me nervous.

"The anal intruder? Is it permanent too?"

"Ah, good question. No it's not, but do plan on it being in place for a while. I have plans for that lovely ass of yours; but you're going to have to wait to find out what they are. Next question.

We talked a while longer and when I'd run out of questions Tom announced "Time for bed, it's been a long couple of days and tomorrow is a work day."

"Yes, Sir," I said and followed him to the bedroom.

"The left side of the bed is yours. I assume you still sleep in the nude, no matter, if you don't, you will be from now on. Now go to 'your' bathroom and brush and floss and meet me in bed."

"Yes, Sir," I said as I headed across the condo to 'my' bathroom. While I was in there I took a really good look at my now hairless body. It looked both strange and hot. The lack of hair really showed off my muscle definition and I couldn't help but admire the progress I'd made at the gym.

When I returned to Tom's bedroom he was already in bed. I slid in beside him on the left and he pulled me close and spooned me after turning off the lights.

For the second time today I felt Tom pulling at the anal intruder, removing it and replacing it with his cock. He fucked me on my side for a while and then pulled me up so that I was on my knees, hips in the air, shoulders and head on down on the mattress, and he continued to fuck me.

I instinctively reached for my cock, but Tom grabbed my hands, pulled them behind my back and held them there. With each stroke my locked cock bounced and tried to get erect. He pushed me down flat on my stomach, the cage was trapped between my crotch and the mattress, and fucked me hard until he came in my ass.

Lying on top of my back, his softening dick still in my ass, he asked, "Did you forget whose cock that is, boi?"

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. It's yours, Sir."

"That's right, and other than hygiene functions it's hands off for you," he said and then added; "If it makes you feel better we're both pretty much in the same boat; I've also given up masturbation in honor of our relationship. The only difference is that you have your cage and I have your holes;" and with that he pulled his cock out of me and lubed the anal intruder with his cum and replaced it in my ass; he pulled me over onto my side and spooned me again. This time he reached over me and held onto my chastity device, as if reminding me of his ownership of my cock while we fell asleep.


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