Tired of Hearing You are Horny

Submitted by: pleas

OMG... Enough already! It's the middle of October, and believe me, I know you haven't had an orgasm since your birthday 38 days ago. That's exactly what I want -- I want you desperate to cum, all the time, all year long, for the rest of the year, until your next birthday. For the next year at least, I'm the one -- the only one -- who's going to decide exactly when you're going to cum, and that is IF I allow you to cum at all. If you're not careful, you might not cum for a year. You have no say in the matter at all, so you better damn well just get used to being horny all the time. You told me before that you being horny wasn't about you needing to cum. You said it's about your body physically needing, craving, to serve MY needs, so dammit, stop telling me you're horny. I know that already, and that's exactly how I want it. I want you desperate to do whatever the hell I tell you to do, whenever I tell you to do it.

It's only been 38 days. You've got almost 11 months before I let you have your freedom to cum restored to you. I've been planning to make you cum on Halloween, but I'm tired of hearing that you're horny, so here's what I want:

You will go into the bedroom, get out your chastity cage, lube it up, and put it on. You have exactly 10 minutes to get this done! For every minute or part of a minute that you go beyond 10 minutes, I'll be adding a week, and there is exactly zero chance of any mercy if this happens. I want you to send me a picture of you wearing your cage, and to prove to me that it's a current photo, I want you to be wearing your heavy, red shirt and have one of my bras wrapped around your neck. Next time, the requirements for the picture will be different, but that's what I want this time.

I also want you to suffer your horniness in silence. I'm tired of hearing you're horny, so until I make you cum, you will in no way whatsoever, tell, hint, suggest, discuss, whatever, to me that you're horny. I don't need you to tell me. I KNOW it. That's exactly what I want, so there's no reason for you to let me know. And when I say I don't want you to tell me, I mean at all times, under ALL circumstances, including and especially when I want you to be massaging me, cuddling with me, going down on me, whatever. I want your servicing me to be entirely about servicing ME, and not about you telling me how horny you are. I'm tired of hearing how horny you are. You will not tell me even one single time. You will not tell me with your voice. You will not tell me with your eyes. You will not tell me with your body. And if I even suspect that you're trying to tell me that you're horny, then once again, I'll add at least another week, and there will be zero mercy if this happens. And yes, all extra weeks WILL be cumulative, so you better damn well be careful.

I want you to suffer your horniness in utter silence. Got it? Oh, and if you complain, I'll add an entire goddamn month. You have 10 minutes... starting... right... now!

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