A Place Where Things are the Way They Should Be

Submitted by: A well trained man


The beautiful woman at the border control kiosk smiled at me and raised the gate to let me through. "I hope you enjoy your stay," she said waving me through.

The road ran straight between neatly planted fields with large, comfortable looking farm houses set back away from the road, and an hour's drive brought me to the road leading back to the handsome ranch style house of my cousin Alexis. She and I are about the same age, thirty-five. We had been friends through our teens and early twenties, but some ten years ago she had left the States to settle here. But some months ago, I had received a letter from her reminiscing on our youthful friendship and inviting me to come for a visit. She promised I'd have a good time, remarking at the end of her letter that here was a place where "things were the way they should be."

What that meant I began to learn almost as soon as my rented car pulled to a stop on the cement pad in front of the buildings attached two-car garage and my cousin came out to greet me. Walking behind her a measured three paces and a little to her left was a very well built and quite handsome man. And he was naked.

Well not quite naked. He did wear a leather collar around his neck, a leather belt across his stomach and cuffs on his ankles and wrists, all with D-rings to which things could be snapped, as for instance, a pair of tiny bells that hung from the front of his belt and made a slight and rather pleasing jingling as the walked behind her. But the most interesting item of, for lack of a better word, his "accessories (they certainly weren't clothing!) was a device holding his genitals, and holding them in a way that obviously prevented him from experiencing, or perhaps better, from expressing sexual arousal.

"Well after all these years!" Alexis exclaimed, embracing me as I got out of my car. "You look beautiful, and I'm so happy you've accepted my invitation. From what I remember of you, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here and I'm equally sure you'll find yourself agreeing with me that here, things are the way they should be."

She couldn't help but notice how intently I was staring at her companion, to whom she turned. "Well what are you waiting for, dolt?!" She snapped. "Get my Cousin's bags!"

"Yes, ma'am," he instantly responded with a soft voice and a lowered gaze before moving briskly so his little bell tinkled energetically to the trunk.

I pressed the hatch release on my key fob, and the trunk lid popped a jar. He lifted it up and got out two suite cases.

"Well come along and lets get you settled." Alexis took my arm and steered me towards the front door, while her servant, or perhaps better would be her, followed us by what I now realized was the prescribed three paces and his little bell jingling more sedately.

As we approached the door, it opened just as Alexis stepped towards it, and as we passed through, I realized it had been opened by another very attractive hunk of man outfitted in the same way the one following us was. As my cousin passed him, he lowered his gaze and dropped a little courtesy then closed the door behind us. She looked sharply at him, "take the bags from Timmy and carry them back to the guest bedroom."

He quickly obeyed, relieving the man who had been following us of my bags and carrying them off down the hall. Alexis watched him disappear then turned her attention to Timmy. "You were a little slow there, Timmy."

A flicker of fear crossed his face.

"Assume position, dolt!" She snapped.

He fell to his knees before her and then bent forward pressing his chest against the wood floor so that his rear stuck practically straight up.

Alexis stepped to the teak coffee table standing in front of a luxurious leather sofa, and picked up a stiff leather paddle which she slapped lightly against her open palm. "Well, Timmy, you are simply not showing enough alacrity in carrying out your duties. How long do you have till your next masturbation?"

Timmy muttered into the floor, "Two weeks, ma'am."

"Two weeks is it. I should add a week to that to teach you to be more prompt, but I'll be sweet to you and offer you an alternative. I'd like to show my Cousin Mary, here, how you've been taught to behave," she was standing now over him, smiling cruelly down at his crimped body with the toes of her sandaled feet just at his nose, "so you may grovel at my feet and express your apologies to me for your less than acceptable performance."

He instantly began to shake his butt like a dog without a tail, softly pleading to her toes, "I'm sorry, ma'am, that I was not prompt enough in performing my duties. I promise I will be more attentive."

"Well, I suppose I should accept your apology. Still, while groveling and an apology are all very well, I do think you need some punishment. Don't you?

"Yes, ma'am"

"Hmmm... " she slapped the stiff leather paddle a little more soundly against her palm. "I suppose five should do. Hold still!"

His butt which had been wiggling frantically while he made his apology froze.

"You know the drill.

"Yes, ma'am."

She stepped beside and with a swift motion delivered the first swat. Crack! The paddle whacked down hard across both cheeks of his ass. He jerked and I could see him swallow before he gasped out, "One. Thank you, ma'am."

Crack! A second time the stiff leather paddle whacked down but just on the right cheek.

"Two. Thank you, ma'am."

Crack! A third swat, again hard to the right cheek.

"Three. Thank you, ma'am."

"I suppose your left cheek is getting jealous. Isn't it? Here."

Crack!! A really hard one to the left cheek, and tears sprang to Timmy's eyes.

"Four," he gasped, "thank you ma'am."

Crack!! Another to both cheeks.

"Five," he sniffled and frantically kissed her toes, "thank you, ma'am."

Alexis looked down with some satisfaction at Timmy's now reddened posteriors which again were wiggling like puppy. "Now get up Timmy and go prepare us some drinks. "What would you like?"

"A glass of white wine."

"And I'll have a martini -- dry!" She snapped her fingers.

Timmy jumped off and, his bell jingling, scurried over to the liquor cart where he poured my wine and began mixing Alexis's martini.

"Well?" Alexis asked turning to me with a sly smile.

"Well, indeed, Alexis, I think I'm beginning to see what you mean -- ‘the way things should be.' But please, the details, how does it all work."

"Quite simply, really, once you have control of a man's cock so that he can't come without your permission, he will become most, how should I say it, compliant. We here in the land where things are as they should be have simply developed that principle rigorously."

"How?" I asked.

"Why simply -- all the men in the country, as soon as they enter, are fitted with a very effective chastity belt that makes it impossible for them the experience an erection. A few months of that, and, with appropriate additional training," she gestured towards the paddle, "why they become very... very compliant."

With a soft jingle of his bell, Timmy approached us with our drinks on a tray which he presented first to me and then to Alexis.

"Thank you, Timmy, you may put the tray down on the coffee table and then assume position there." She motioned to the space just to her right between the coffee table and her knees then turned to me. "I would let him stand in the corner till I need him next, but I think he may needs a little more reinforcement for the lesson in promptness we're giving him. Don't you think so?"

I sipped my wine and thought for a moment while admiring the display of rippling muscles manifest by Timmy's position, "Well, being so new here, I can hardly venture an opinion, but I trust that if you think this further, er... humiliation (is that the word?) will give him a firmer grasp of the lesson, then I certainly would have to agree."

"Why thank you, cuz." She sipped her martini, "Well, Timmy, you have learned to make a good dry martini."


"Well," Alexis greeted me when I came down from freshening up and changing, "I imagine you'd enjoy some lunch now."

"I certainly would."

"But there's one thing we must attend to first. Timmy go and fetch Tommy and Billy."

"Yes, ma'am" Timmy curtsied and hurried off, and in a few moments followed by two more trim and fit young men outfitted as was Timmy with chastity device and bondage cuffs, belt and collar.

They stood next to each facing Alexis, heads lowered, eyes down, arms folded behind their backs.

Alexis looked closely at them, "Well Tommy, I assume you know your special assignment for this week."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Now tell me what it is.

"Yes ma'am," he swallowed, "this week I am to be you pussy slave."

"Good. And your duties for the coming week."

"I am to lick Ma'am's pussy when and wherever she wishes and for as long as she wishes."

"Good." She turned to the other of the young men, "Now Billy, this is my Cousin Veronica. She's visiting me to see what it's like in a place where things are done right, so she will need her own cunt licking pussy slave while she's here, and I've decided you're going to have privilege licking her when and wherever she wishes and for a long as she wishes." She smiled wickedly at him. "What do you say?"

Billy swallowed and hung his head lower. "Thank you, Ma'am, for the privilege of being your cousin's pussy slave."

"Yes?" Alexis archly asked.

"I will lick her pussy when and wherever she wands for as long as she wants."

"Good. Now go stand against the wall till we call for you. I suppose we can sit down to lunch now. Timmy, you can begin to serve us.

While Tommy and Billy stood against the walls, arms folded behind their back, heads bowed, Alexis and I enjoyed a light lunch of avocado and crab salad, and Alexis explained how each citizen (and all the citizens were women), had a "stable" of some twenty to twenty-five "menials" to work their farms and serve as domestics. "We acquire them in their late teens and after they've been properly trained -- it usually takes a year or two before they become completely compliant -- they'll serve us till their fifty, when, one way or another, we dispose of them, usually be deporting them to another land with a small annuity for faithful service."

"I see... and how is it that you train them."

"Interested in that, are you? Well you'll get a chance at seeing some of our ways later this afternoon; there's a new young one I've acquired whose proving somewhat obstinate and in need of some more severe disciplining. I'll be dealing with him after lunch. But of course, in the end, the most training effective tool is chastity. Keep their cocks under control and they all come around, though some may need a little more prodding. But enough chit chat, I think it's time for some pleasure." She smiled wickedly at her two "menials" standing against the wall. "Well pussy slaves, time, don't you think, to crawl under the table and do what your good for."

"Yes, Ma'am," they replied in unison and hastily fell to their knees and crawled under the table.

I slid forward to the edge of my chair and let my knees fall open. Soon I felt a pair of finger delicately slip the crotch of my panties aside. Silly me, I thought, I should not have warren my panties to lunch. I'll have to remember that.

Billy began, pressing the tip of his nose against the tip of my clit, then slowly stroking me with its bridge while he buried the tip between my labia gently wiggling the lips apart.

I leaned back and surrendered to the sweet tingle creeping through my loins, and signed deeply as Billy's tongue replaced his nose in the service of my clit and the narrow passage between my lips. "Oh my! He's good at this!" I moaned.

"What did you expect, my dear. I don't settle for shoddy performance from any of my menials. Now relax and just enjoy.

And I did. For the next half hour Billy adored my pussy with his lips and mouth sending orgasmic ripples through my tummy until he took my clit between his lips and began delicately sucking on it. It was almost more then I could bare and I pressed my cunt hard against his face as I came with a shuddering orgasm and cry of pleasure, that was almost immediately seconded by a similar cry from Alexis.

"All right, boys, you've done quite well, you may return to your other chores now."

Tommy and Billy crawled out from under the table and stood before us heads down and arms crossed behind their backs. They curtseyed, "Thank you, ma'am for the privilege of being your pussy slave." They said in soft and submissive voices.

Alexis waved them away, "Have Timmy bring us some cookies and fruit for dessert."

"You see," she continued to me after they had left, "(just put the cookies and fruit down on the table," she ordered Timmy when he reappeared, "then you go stand in the corner till we need something else.) As I was saying, what we understand here is that while men have penises, women of have brains, and both sexes are really better off if instead of letting men lead with their stupid pricks, we take charge and use our brains to lead them about by their cocks. Isn't that right Timmy?"

"Yes ma'am." He swallowed and went on, "we are all better off when you use your brains to lead us by our penises."

"Good boy, Timmy."

When we finished out cookies and fruit, Alexis pushed her chair back. "Well, I suppose it's time I tend to my young one. Now you'll get to see how we train them.


Alexis lead me out behind her house to a courtyard. The kind of contraption horse trainers use to train horses -- a sturdy pole that serves as an axle around which a shaft rotates. The shaft extended out some ten feet stood in the middle of the court yard, and dangled various wires equipment. In one corner of the court, was a sturdy saw horse equipped rings on the legs and cross bar. Some of the rings had lengths of chain dangling from them. And hanging on one wall were a variety of whips, paddles and other instruments whose purpose was obviously evil, though how they would be used wasn't quite clear.

"What are these?" I asked my cousin.

"Oh, you'll see," she answered. "All right Timmy," he had followed us, the appropriate three paces behind, "bring the naughty boy out."

"Yes, ma'am," Timmy curtseyed and then left through a door in the wall at the far end of the court.

He soon returned leading a handsome, well built young man who did not look to be much more then seventeen. The youth was being lead on a leash attached to him by a loop tightened around the top of his cock restraint, quite literally he was being lead along by his cock which would receive a very painful tug if he did not obediently follow along. His wrists were locked to D-rings on his belt and chain, maybe a foot long connected his ankles and forced him to walk with mincing steps.

"All right, now, Timmy, fix him to the punishment horse."

"Yes, ma'am." Timmy led him over to saw horse and in short order had unfastened the ankle chains, spread the youth's legs further apart and clipped them to rings on the horse's legs.

"Well, lad," Timmy instructed "bend forward now over the horse." Timmy applied pressure to his back, there was a moment of resistance, then the youth bent over. Timmy unclipped one wrist from the belt and refastened it to the leg of the horse, and then the other.

"Now his head Timmy."

"Yes, ma'am." Timmy grabbed the D-ring in the front of the youth's slave collar and pulled his head further down, forcing his body into a more pronounced inverted V then fixed him their with chains from the legs of the horse.

Alexis scrutinized the arrangement. "Very well, Timmy, fetch me my favorite leather paddle."

"Yes ma'am." He went over to the wall and took down one of the leather paddles. He returned and with bowed head and a quick curtsey presented it to Alexis.

"Thank you Timmy. You may step back." Again she surveyed strong buttocks of the youth now so prominently displayed. She patted them and then traced little lines on them with her finger. "Well Dicky, you've not been a good boy, have you. Yesterday, when I was so nice as to let you masturbate for me, when I told you to slurp it up afterwards, you refused. Now that just won't do! The mess must be cleaned up, and since you made it, you'll just have to learn to clean it up." With that she gave his butt a solid slap with her open palm. "And that's what we're going to begin doing right now -- teaching you how to behave so that, when you have finished your training, you will obey me, promptly and pleasantly, with a sweet ‘yes, ma'am' and, when practicable a modest curtsey.

"Now we will begin with a severe paddling, twenty five good ones with my paddle here," she snapped it down lightly across his buttocks. "Of course, that's just to soften you up. Beatings really are not the best way to modify behavior; but still you should know there are corporal consequences to your misbehavior." Another light tap of the paddle to his buttocks. "That doesn't count, I'm just wetting your appetite, so to speak, an appetizer for the more serious entrée to follow.

"But, as I said. I don't expect that these will change you in the ways you need to be changed. No, for that you need the much more thorough reconditioning that is to follow. But we'll begin here."


"Ow!" Dicky cried



"Ow!" Dicky cried


And so it went as Alexis administered the twenty five good one. The blows were not as hard as she could have delivered, but every one was the same as the last. She didn't play any games with titillating light ones followed by much more severe blows, but administered each with the same force, only moderately strong, yet strong enough that by the end Dicky could barely hold back his tears.

She stepped back and admired her work. "There, that was a good start. Timmy, refasten his hands behind his back."

"Yes, ma'am."

Timmy ran a steel cord with loops at either end through the D-ring at the back of Dicky's slave collar. He unfastened Dicky's left hand from the foot of the punishment horse, and guiding it behind his back fastened it to the loop at one end of the cord. Then he unclipped the other hand and guided it behind Dicky's back and clipped it to the other end. The cord was just long enough so that to lower one hand, Dicky would have to bend the other one up. If he kept them at the same level, they would cross comfortably (if that's the word) at his mid back.

Alexis studied the results. "Well done, Timmy. Now bring me the electrode and the Vaseline."

"Yes ma'am." He turned and fetched the requested items from the pole in the middle of the court. The electrode dangled from a hook in it, and the Vaseline was kept in a small compartment set in it.

"Here, ma'am." He offered her the items with the customary little curtsey.

"Thank you Timmy." She smiled wickedly as she took the electrode. "Open the Vaseline now and hold it for me."

"Yes, ma'am." He uncapped the bottle and presented it to her.

With obvious relish, Alexis dipped her finger into the Vaseline and began to coat the electrode with it. "Now Dickey, this is what is going to happen. I'm going to stick this electrode up your ass hole. Then you'll be harnessed our Trainer, and this electrode will be attached to capacitor that will deliver a very unpleasant shock if you do not do as you are told. What you are about to undergo is a form of neuro-linguistic training that we have found quite effective. The arm of the lead will begin to rotate around the pole and you will either walk after it or be dragged by your neck and cock after it. I'm sure you'll find it in your own interest to walk and not be dragged. Now, as you walk in the circles our Trainer will lead you in, you will speak into the little microphone set in the lead arm. If you don't say what you are instructed to, a voice recognition system will note this fact and administer an electro shock which will gradually intensify with each repeated failure to speak as you are instructed to. Today's session will last eight hours, and you will be allowed a five minute rest every hour. After today, for the next three months, I will administer ten good ones in the morning, and then you will spend the next four hours at the Trainer before you take up your assigned duties on the farm. For the next two months, you will receive five good ones and spend two hours on the Trainer, and for the next month your training will consist of the five good ones and an hour on the Trainer. For those six months you will not be allowed to masturbate. If at the end of the six months you prove yourself more readily and politely compliant with my orders, well and good. If not, well, I suppose we will have to repeat. All right, Timmy, please spread his ass cheeks so that I can insert the electrode."

"Yes, ma'am." He curtseyed, and with one hand on each of Dickey's buttocks, spread the cheeks.

"Very good." Alexis bent over and slowly inserted the electrode into Dickey's ass hole. "There!" She gave it a final push.

"Ugh," Dickey grunted at that last shove.

Alexis then took a light chain dangling from the extruding end of the electrode, drew it up and snapped it onto the D-ring at the back of his belt. "Wouldn't want it coming out now, would we?" She stepped back, "All right, Timmy, stand him up.

"Yes, ma'am." And with a quick curtsey he hastened to unclip Dickey's collar chain and freed his legs.

Somewhat wobbly Dickey came to his feet, and Alexis reached between his thighs and pulled the other cord dangling from the electrode into the crevice between his thigh and cock cage and clipped it to the front D-ring of his belt. "We might as well make doubly sure, mightn't we, Dickey.

Dickey stood there dumbly.

"What do you say Dickey?" She asked archly, but he still said nothing. "I see you have a great deal to learn yet. Timmy, fasten him to the Trainer."

"Yes, ma'am."

Timmy took him by the cock leash that still dangled between Dickey's legs and with a sharp tug led him to the Trainer. He positioned Dickey at the end of the lead arm, about six inches off. A short chain dangled from the arm and Timmy snapped it onto the D-ring at the front of Dickey's collar. Then, fumbling beneath the arm, he let drop a stout metal rod that hung down perpendicular to the lead arm. Timmy tied the cock leash to this so that as the lead arm turned around the pole, he'd be being pulled not only by the neck but by his cock. I guessed that that would keep him moving apace.

"You may go and stand in the corner, Timmy. I'll attach the electrode."

"Yes, ma'am." Timmy stepped back, folded his arms behind his back and looked humbly down.

Alexis unwound a black wire lead from a box fastened to the lead arm, and plugged it into the end of the electrode sticking out from between his ass cheeks. "Now let me show you what you get if you don't show yourself compliant." She reached up and pressed a button on the black box.

Dickey's body convulsed and he let out a cry of intense pain.

"And we can do better than that, so I think you'll learn to do just as I tell you to now. I'm going to start the Trainer going now, and as soon as you begin walking, you will start repeating in the microphone," she tapped a little mesh area set into the Trainer's lead arm, "these two phrases, first, ‘Yes, ma'am' and then ‘I obey'. And keep repeating. If you stop repeating, this is what will happen." And again she pressed the button on the black box, and again Dickey's body convulsed as he cried in pain. "You don't want that, now, do you, so just keep repeating the phrase. Further, make the repetitions rhythmic and cadenced to your steps. My software isn't perfect, but if it can sense whether or not you're maintaining a cadence, a failure to do so will also result in this." And for a third time she pressed the button and Dickey's body convulsed with pain. "All right, I think we can commence." With that she stepped to the post and pressed a button set into it.

The Trainer's lead arm jerked forward and with a lurch Dickey began to shuffle after it. But after a few seconds, Dickey was again convulsed with pain. And the lead arm stopped.

"You have five," Alexis explained, "to recover and try again."

The arm began moving again, and Dickey at last began to mutter, "Yes ma'am, I obey. Yes ma'am. I obey. Yes ma'am, I obey... " as he shuffled after it.

We watched him make the first few circuits. By the third he had fallen into a steady pace and was repeating with one step, "Yes, ma'am," and at the next, "I obey."

"Well," Alexis sighed, looking at me, "I suppose we don't need to watch any more, our little apparatus will keep him at it quite effectively, and I have other tasks to attend to.

I Tour the Farm

"Well, cuz," Alexis turned to me, "I know it looks all play and no work, but I do have business I must tend to. Keeping the operation going does require looking after my accounts, planning, scheduling. Stuff like that, you know. So why don't I let Timmy take you for a little tour of my holding while I take care of business."

"Oh, I'd love that. I really want to see how it works."

"Timmy," she summoned him from his corner to us.

He hastened over and with a quick curtsy asked, "Yes, ma'am."

"I'd like you to take my cousin on a tour of the farm."

"Yes ma'am." Again he curtseyed, and then assumed what I now realized was the required stance: arms folded behind his back, and his head and eyes lowered.

I couldn't help but ask. "Why does Timmy always courtesy like that?"

"Tell her, Timmy, why do you curtsey so?"

"I curtsey to acknowledge that I am obeying Ma'am."

"And why," Alexis asked with a smirk, "should you acknowledge your obedience, Timmy."

Timmy swallowed, "Because acknowledging obedience makes future obedience easier."

"And does it?" Alexis continued.

"Yes, ma'am. Acknowledging my obedience with a curtsey makes it easier for me to obey your next commands."

"Good," Alexis smiled at him. "I am so happy to see you've learned that lesson so well. Alas, some of your fellows have not quite got that yet. Well, all right, you can take her now, but oh, wait a second. Fetch my cousin a good stout paddle."

Timmy went to the wall hung with paraphernalia and selected a stiff leather paddle, returned hand handed it to me with a quick curtsey and soft, "Here, ma'am."

An inexpressible shudder ran through me to hear myself called ‘ma'am'.

"Carry it with you, dear," Alexis explained, "and it will tell the boys that you have authority."

As I took the paddle by its short leather handle another shudder ran through me. It not only filled me with a sudden sense of power and strength, but sent a surge of pleasure through my loins as I imagined the crack it could make applied to the taut buttocks of one or another of Alexis' ‘boys'.

Alexis must have sensed this. "Holding it excites you. Doesn't it?"

"Yes, I guess it does... "

"Good," she smiled again. "Well Timmy, show her around while I tend to business." With that she turned and returned to her house.

"This way, ma'am,"

Again I shuddered to hear myself called ma'am. I felt my nipples harden and warmth suffuse by pussy.

Timmy pointed towards the opening at the far end of the wall, and led me around Dickey who was now plodding steadily in the circle described by the rotating trainer lead, softly muttering at each step, "Yes ma'am; I obey. Yes ma'am; I obey."

"Tell me, Timmy," I asked as we passed out of the courtyard, "how many of you get that treatment?"

"Truth be told, ma'am, all of us."

"You too?" I asked.

"Oh yes, ma'am. I was only sixteen when Ma'am acquired me, and quite willful, so it wasn't long before I found myself trudging the circle."

"Hmm." I was curious and also interested in seeing how much authority I really had. "We can begin our tour in a moment, but first, kneel before me."

He quickly curtseyed, "Yes, ma'am," and with the soft tinkling of his bell he knelt before me, head lowered arms folded behind his back.

I felt a surge of strength rising in me even as a sexual fever began to build in me. "So tell me, Timmy, what's it like, being trained that way?"

He was silent for a moment trying to find the words, then he began in soft and distant voice. "I guess... it's sort of like it drives you crazy for awhile and then, when it's over, and you're sane again, well you've been changed. Like, you know, with that electrode up your ass, you don't slack while trudging in that circle, you keep saying it, you keep saying ‘Yes ma'am; I obey... yes ma'am; I obey.' And by the end of that first three months, after doing it every day for four hours a day, it's like that's all that's in your mind. You can't think of anything else, just that phrase again and again going through your mind, ‘yes ma'am; I obey... yes ma'am; I obey.' And your cock's always trying to get hard and pulses against the cage and you're always in pain cause it can't get hard. And you really want to come, so that you feel like you'll suffocate if you don't. But you don't suffocate. You just keep on thinking those words and feeling that pain from wanting to get hard but not being able to. Then, as the time you're on the trainer gets less and you have more of your regular duties, things ease up a bit and slowly you feel yourself changing. When ma'am give you an order, it's like it's automatic. You just blurt out ‘Yes, ma'am." And in your mind you hear ‘I obey." And hearing that, you do, and you just do as your told. And then ma'am teaches you to acknowledge your obedience with that little curtsey, and the more times you curtsey the easier it gets to obey her, until you don't got to think about it no more.... Well I guess that was what it was like for me. We all come out of it obeying, though some remain balky and ma'am has to administer reminders. But me, when my six months was up and she brings me up to the room where we masturbate, and she had me kneel in front of her and took off the cage and let me stroke myself, ‘yes ma'am' on the outstroke, ‘I obey' on the in stroke, and lets you look at her pussy while you're doing it, and she keeps you going a long time, stops you when you are about to come, cools you down then gets you going again. She can keep you going like for almost an hour, until you finally explode in your palm, and when I shlurped it up right away, before my sexual charge disappeared, and looking up at her pussy, I realized I adored, I worshipped her and there was nothing more I wanted then say yes ma'am and obey her orders.... Haven't gone a month since without a come, and it's always the same, when its all over and I've swallowed my cum for her and look up at her pussy, I realize that I adore and worship her and that nothing makes me happy quite like being," he swallowed, "obedient to her." He fell silent and he head and shoulders slumped even further.

My heart was beating hearing him tell this and a warm glow suffused my abdomen. "And what is it like, Timmy, to have to wait a month each time, before you can adore her."

Timmy looked off to the side, "Ah, at first it's easy, you know, I'm drained, I so adore her. Then most of the month it ain't nothing much, obeying her keeps me busy enough. But the last days, hard they can be, you know thinking about it, but her taking off my cage and letting... "

By then, my pussy was about to explode too, "Raise your head, Timmy," I blurted out, and when he did, I threw my skirt over his head and, spreading my thighs while grabbing the back of his head, pressed his face hard into my pussy while a violent orgasm racked my body. Then held him there for another minute while my breathing calmed and the heat I'd been feeling ebbed.

I released his head and stepped back pulling my skirt off his head. "Thank you, Timmy, for sharing your experience with me."

"Yes, ma'am, thank you." And he bowed his head again.

"Well," I brushed myself off and regained my composure, "I suppose we should continue the tour."

"Yes, ma'am." Timmy came to his feet and dropped a small curtsey.

For the next two hours, as the sun began to lower in the west, Timmy led showed me around Alexis' holding. I realized it was very much a medieval Lord's estate. With an extensive vegetable garden, field crops, a large pond stocked with fish on which ducks and geese paddled, a thriving chicken coop, turkeys, sheep, lambs, and dairy cattle her holding was self-sufficient for food.

"But I don't see any machinery, Timmy."

"Don't have any machinery, ma'am."

But how do you manage those fields?"

"Well, ma'am, teams of us pull the plow, that's how. Machinery might be easier, but the labor keeps us fit, and Ma'am does like us to be buff."

We turned back towards the house.

"And those buildings over there, Timmy, what are they."

"Them's the dormitories. Most of the boys bed there."


"Well, since Ma'am's has me tend to her personally, I has a little room and bath off a little way from hers, and the cooks and house keepers, they have quarters at the rear of the house."

More and more medieval, I thought, only here it's the men who know their place.

Timmy was leading me along the edge of the vegetable garden when I saw a young man on his hands and knees cultivating around the plants, his face wore a tense, strained expression. "And who's that, Timmy?" I nodded towards the man.

"That's Jimmy, ma'am." A quick curtsey.

"Jimmy," called to him, but he continued, intent on his cultivate. "Jimmy!" A called in a more authoritative voice.

With a start, Jimmy jumped to feet hand cultivator dangling in his hand. "Yes, ma'am."

Interesting, I thought, I ‘had to call him twice.' Why Alexis gave Timmy five for far less. I guess I could pull rank and give him a swat or two. So I thought about it but decided as still only a guest, I refrained and simply asked. "I say what is that that your growing there, "They are tomato plants, ma'am heirloom Brandywines, with basil for companions."

"Thank you Jimmy you can return to your cultivating." He curtseyed and returned to his hands and knees.

Timmy lead me back through the courtyard where Dicky still trudged almost mindlessly repeating at each step, "Yes ma'am; I obey.

Poor Jimmy

Next morning, I accompanied Alexis to the courtyard. She was wearing a black silk blouse with a plunging V neck that revealed the swelling of her breast on either side and only came to its point a couple of inches above her navel, a short black leather skirt that barely covered the tabs on the garter belt holding up her black mesh hose, and high healed black patent leather boots that came to just above her knees.

"My, my," I admired, "you certainly make a very pretty dom, don't you."

"Why thanks, cuz. I think it sets the right tone for the boys, reinforces their understanding of just what their proper place is."

"I bet."

And Alexis certainly looked most imposing as she administered her good ones to Dickey before Timmy set him to his plodding round of neuro-linguistic programming.

Of course I now knew better than to put on panties, and was rewarded for my foresight by the ease with which Billy's tongue flicked my clit awake. Just a light morning refresher. As the boys departed, Alexis grew more serious. "Well, cuz, I have a masturbation this morning, a promising young field hand who gets to ejaculate himself today."

"So one of your ‘boys' gets to masturbate today."

"Yes. In fact, I have enough that most days one or another of the poor things gets his release. It's pathetic, but also rather amusing to watch. I think you'll find it interesting. Would you like to join in the fun?"

"Honestly Alexis, you know I'm just completely fascinated by all this. Of course I want to be there, though I feel a little quivery at the thought of joining, but I could try."

"Good, I suspect you'll get into the swing of things quite easily. Come along, Timmy, let's show cousin our masturbation room."

Alexis lead us down hallway to the far end of the north wing, and drew up at a door on the right at the end of the hall. Timmy stepped passed us, opened the door, threw the light switch, and curtseyed as we passed into the room.

The room was warm and suffused with soft indirect lighting. The walls and ceiling were painted a deep, warm crimson. Against the far wall was a short sofa beneath a large, black velvet painting of Alexis. Sanding with legs apart and ooking down with an imperious gaze, She is dressed in a full length cat suit and holds a riding crop bent into an arc before her chest. In front of the sofa was a gorgeous oriental rug. Against one of the side wall was a wash basin set atop a squat refrigerator; the other side wall was hung with an assortment of chains, paddles and other devices whose exact use was not clear but looked as if they'd be no fun for whomever they were applied to.

"Well Timmy, go and fetch him," she instructed as we settled ourselves on the sofa.

"Yes, ma'am," he curtseyed and quickly left the room drawing the door softly shut behind him.

"Timmy certainly is well trained."

"Yes, he's turned out well. I think at some point during his six months on the trainer he discovered his inner slave. You saw how he groveled on command. He really hadn't done anything, but I tease him like that to give him a chance to express submission and adoration.... Are you excited?"

"Of course. Timmy told me a little about it yesterday when we were touring your estate, but that only wet my appetite. The humiliation, my pussy just tingles thinking about how humiliated your boys must be."

"Indeed, and grateful, too, the pathetic wimps, not only for the release I give them, but if you want to know the truth, for the humiliation too."

A soft knock on the door.

"Enter." Alexis called.

The door opened and Timmy led the ‘lucky boy' in. It was Jimmy, and seeing me, seated next to Alexis, a look of terror flashed across his face. Oh my, I thought, what an interesting possibility.

"Ah Jimmy, come and stand before me. Timmy, go stand in the corner."

Timmy curtseyed and took his position in the corner, arms folded behind his back and head down.

Jimmy took several steps towards Alexis, then drew up about three feet away where he too stood with head down and arms folded behind his back.

A thin smile curled Alexis lips as she ran her eyes up and down Jimmy's all but naked body. Then she looked at me and raised one brow and gave a little nod "Have you and Jimmy met?"

"Yes, we had a brief encounter yesterday while I was touring the grounds. He was most diligently cultivating around your tomatoes and basil."

"You'll have to tell me more... but first, let me play with the little boy for awhile.

"Come, stand before me Jimmy."

Jimmy shuffled forward till he stood in front of her, head down, arms folded behind his back. "Well, Jimmy," she asked, "what is today."

Jimmy swallowed, "Today is the day, ma'am, when I will be allowed to masturbate." Then after a slight hesitation, he made his courtesy. No, it did not come as naturally to him as to Timmy.

"Well, let's get you prepared then. Timmy, bring us the chains."

Timmy went to the wall and selected a couple of short chains, and then came and stood before us.

"All right, Timmy, tether his ankles."

Timmy knelt and took one of the short lengths of chain and clipped it the D-rings on Jimmy's ankle cuffs.

"Now Jimmy, which hand do you want to use?"

"Please," he answered softly with eyes still cast down, "Ma'am, may I use my right hand?"

"I suppose so. Though you know, it makes things a little more interesting if every now and then you use your off hand."

"Yes, ma'am," Jimmy quickly assent, "I will masturbate with whatever hand you wish."

"That's right Jimmy, you will. You will masturbate when I let and how I want you to, but today, I'll let you use your right hand. Timmy, fasten Jimmy's left hand behind his back."

Limply Jimmy allowed Timmy to run a short length of chain from the cuff on his left wrist to the D-ring on the right side of his bondage belt.

"Now help him kneel before me." Alexis instructed. Timmy supported Jimmy at the elbows while he lowered himself to his knees for us. "All right, Timmy, you may return to your corner."

Alexis turned to me. "I always take care of the next part by myself, it helps make clear to the poor things just who has the power."

With that she leaned forward and pulled from the slit pocket of her leather miniskirt a small key, and leaned forward. "Now, Jimmy, just a couple of questions before we go on. First, what am I about to do?"

"You are going to take off my chastity belt."

"That's right."

"And why is it I who takes off your chastity belt?"

"Because my cock is yours."

"And what does that mean?"

"It means I am only allowed to masturbate when you permit me to, and that I must masturbate as you instruct me to."

"That's right, Jimmy. And for me to permit you, what must you do?

Jimmy swallowed and in a meek voice went on, "You only permit me to masturbate when I have been a good boy."

"That's right. And what does "being a good boy" mean, Jimmy."

Jimmy continued in the same soft, meek voice, "Being a good boy means always doing what I am told without hesitation, or complaint or any sign of peevishness."

"And have you been a good boy Jimmy?" Alexis continued his catachism

Jimmy's eyes darted to me then back down. He swallowed, "I have tried very hard all month to obey without hesitation, or complaint, or any sign of peevishness. But Ma'am must be the judge."

"That's right, Ma'am is the judge. And if I were to say now that you had been a bad boy and I wasn't going to let you masturbate, what would you say?"

Jimmy sniffled, "I would say thank you ma'am for my deserved chastisement."

"And has that ever happened Jimmy."

"Yes, ma'am. Three months ago I was punished for grumbling when I didn't think you could hear about having to scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees."

"But I do hear these things, don't I?"

Panic and a little fear filled Jimmy's voice, "Yes, ma'am, you do."

Alexis cast an arch look at me and whispered just loud enough Jimmy to hear, "Pathetic." She turned back to Jimmy. "So what happened three months ago?"

"When it was time for ma'am to unlock my chastity belt you told me I would not be allowed to and put the key away."

"And what did you do?"

"I accept whatever chastisement ma'am chooses for me, and then try to do better."

"Yes, and you have Jimmy. As far as I know, you have been very good this month." She paused for a moment gently waving the key, and looked mischievously at me. "Tell me, cuz, what do you think, was Jimmy a good boy yesterday when you came upon him cultivating my tomatoes and basil?"

"He was working very conscientiously."

"Yes, but is that all?"

"Well, I hate to tell you, the poor boy is so anxious to have his masturbation. But, well, he was so caught up, I guess in cultivating, that, well, that I had to, to call him a second time before he responded."

"A second time!"

Jimmy's eyes were suddenly filled and pain and fear.

"Jimmy, you failed to answer to the first call?"

Jimmy, "I guess so ma'am. I just, I just, I didn't hear her the first time you called."

"But you knew you'd been called, didn't you?"

Jimmy swallowed. "I realized after her second call, ma'am, that I had heard her voice calling just the moment before."

"So why didn't you respond as you are supposed to, IMMEDIATELY -- if you know what I mean."

"Yes, ma'am, I know, I must respond to any woman's commands without hesitation."

"So why didn't you?"

"I was distracted, ma'am."

"By what, Jimmy, by what were you distracted?"

Jimmy swallowed again and his head dropped lower. In a very soft voice he answered, "I was... thinking... about today, ma'am."

"What were you thinking about today, Jimmy, what?"

Tears began to well in Jimmy's eyes. He swallowed and still in a very soft voice went on, "I was thinking about... how good it would, to masturbate, and how much I wanted to." And he began softly sobbing.

Alexis shook her head and slipped the key back into her pocket. "That's a shame, Jimmy, because there will be no masturbation for you till next month. I want you to have plenty of practice of staying aware even while your lousy little cock is crying for a good explosive masturbation."

Jimmy continued softly sobbing.

"Well, what do you say Jimmy."

Still sobbing Jimmy bleated out "Thank you, ma'am. I deserve to be punished."

"And you'll work extra hard all this month not to be distracted by your anxious little cock."

"Yes, ma'am," he sobbed, "I'll work extra hard all this month not to be distracted by my little cock."

"Pathetic little wimp, isn't he, cuz."

"He certainly is pathetic."

"There, there, Jimmy, I'll be kind and allow you a little consolation. Timmy, come and lay him flat with his arms buckled to his side."

"Yes, ma'am." Timmy hastened over and very shortly Jimmy was laid out on his back with his ankles still buckled together and his wrists secured to the side D-rings on his slave belt.

"Well, cuz, since it was you he offended, if you'd like, I'll let you administer his consolation."

"How do I do that?"

"You'll imprint yourself on him -- I think that's only fair since it was you who reported his lapse."


"Yes, if you want, you can rub your pussy all over his face."

My tummy did a flip flop; a tremendous wave of sexual excitement ran through me. I couldn't say anything, but slowly stood up.

"Go ahead, dear, enjoy yourself."

I hiked up my skirt, and knelt with a knee on either side of his arms. It was incredible, with all the orgasms I'd had in the last day you'd think I'd be exhausted beyond sex, but it was as if all the bottled up male sexual energy surrounding me only refueled my female sexual energy so that I could go on and on with my orgasms, drawing on their frustrated energy to recharge myself.

I looked down into his face. "Well Jimmy, I'm sorry I had to report you. But it is for your own good. And now for a little consolation, I'll imprint myself on you. I'll rub my pussy mound all over your face till the smell my pussy fills your nostrils, and your face tingles with the satin smoothness of cunt, and your lips taste my pussy juices."

And with that I lowered myself down onto his face rubbing myself against it My clit pressed hard against the bridge of his nose and its tips prying its way between my labia, while beneath my writhing hips, Jimmy continued to sob. On and on it went as I grew more and more excited and pressed myself ever harder into his face until a shuttering orgasm ripped though my body and I pushed myself has hard I could down un him.


Having sent Jimmy back to his chores, Alexis turned her attention to hygiene. Her thirty or so caged cocks needed their regular cleaning if the boys were to be kept healthy and fit. Doing thirty at a time once a week would have been a drag and so she had developed a routine to make sure they all were washed once a week in a less demanding more amusing sessions. She washed six a day, and she had the weekend off from the chore. And as she organized the laved ones, in all it never took long. They were strong out, six across on a rod running through the back D-ring on their slave collar. Hands behind the back, right wrist cuff to left belt D-Ring; left wrist to right belt Ring. Timmy faithfully executed her commands. Eighteen inch braces between the feet, to open them properly. Then she walked down the line, clad in plastic gloves she knelt and most hygienically cleansed the phallus and scrotum of each of her boys. Sometimes she would exchange a few words with them about how they were doing while she poured the warm sudsy and than cold water over their loins. Some month's later, for instance, on the first occasion of laving Dickey after his training had just been reduced from four to two-a-day, she looked up at him standing rigid above her. I hope you appreciate your new liberty, and understand the use you must make of it." And she poured the cold water on his cock. He rocked rigidly forward from the waist, "Yes ma'am: I obey." All told it never took her more than twenty minutes to clean up a batch. Timmy took care of rounding them up and sending them on their way. All and all it left her ready go out and inspect the farm.

The Inspection

The thing about the inspection was there was generally nothing about it. The farm was being smoothly run on its schedule and plan. Jimmy's Brandywines came in... (Indeed, after the thick round slabs of sweet yet tangy heirloom tomatoes appeared on the table, I even had occasion to complement him on them. Alexis had put in my charge, "I definitely feel," she said settling wide legged into her seat on the sofa, "your imprint took. A certain reverence and anxiousness to please, you know, I see it at inspection when you question him. You guide him today." And so there I was, slouched next to her on the sofa, skirt high enough and legs far enough apart so that at certain moments as Jimmy rocked slowly back and forth with each stroke of his cock, he might glimpse with adoration the pussy that had so imprinted him with . "I must tell you Jimmy... now keep the strokes slow and regular, slow and regular... that I'm greatly enjoying your heirloom Brandywine's... keep it slow, we want this to last... I now appreciate your diligence in cultivating them... go slow, Jimmy, go slow, you want a nice long masturbation, don't you? One that will keep you all the way till we do this again next month.")... and Alexi's cook made a to-die-for Pesto -- redolent of garlic and basil churned into the cheese. And when she stopped to question a boy, he stood and spoke properly, and they were ardent in the performance of their tasks as she strolled among them. The energy of their intense sublimation of sexual energy held on the knife's edge of expectation by obedience, it fueled an attentiveness to duty that manifest itself in a well ordered and smoothly running operation that sustained itself with left over. Another instance of my cousin's contention that this is a place where things are as they should be.


So my life fell into an easy rhythm of administering punishments, seeing to business, pleasures of the table both of pallet and pussy, and administering the odd masturbation while enjoying the timorous adulation of the men Alexi controlled.

Now one morning, as we approached Dickey bound over the horse for, Alexis asked, "Would you be interested in administering this morning's ten?"

I swallowed. Alexis was so professional, each of the ten made so exactly the same thwack on Dickey's behind. I could never do it so.

"Now, now, Cuz, don't be intimidated. We all have to learn sometime, don't we?" She arched her brow meaningfully.

I shrugged, "All right. I'll try it."

"Good... Now you stand here." She placed me a slightly behind him off a little to the right. "Now let your arm swing free. Now don't hit him yet, but trace the arc. Find what's right for you, adjust your distance, let the feel of it enter you shoulder and upper arm.... Swat the air and get a firm grip on the handle.... Naval artillery works by straddling its target, fire short, fire long, hit the mark, in theory. So we'll begin short. You've been practicing your swing, now this time your going to connect, but don't put too much muscle behind it, just enough to know you'll make solid contact."

I took a breath and swang. Whack.

A sniffle, "One. Thank you, ma'am,."

A shock in my forearm, a quiver in my belly.

"Good wasn't too loud, but solid if soft. But now that you've fired short, you must fire long to get the range. You've practiced your swing, and made solid contact, now let that energy run through your shoulder and down through the paddle. Now uncontrolled, but strong with the strength of a woman who knows she's strong and can strike hard."

I was released, "Whack!!"

A muffled cry, swallowing, the hint of tears. "Two. Thank you ma'am."

"Long and short, now we find the sweet spot... Between the timidity of that first one, and the release of your strength in the second, you're looking for a certain weariness, even pity. This is a duty. It will be for his own good, so you must do it. A necessity, not a pleasure, done without anger."

"Yes," I breathed, "Yes, I see. Poor boy, only with these blows will he ever again be allowed to cum."

"Yes, cuz, only the good behavior he continues to show in gratitude for our administering these blows."

Yes I thought, I can find that. I limbered my arm and tensed and relaxed and tensed by biceps and for arms. Whack!

"Three. Thank you ma'am."

"See, cuz.." Alexis leaned back and smiled, "Proceed,"


"Four. Thank you ma'am."

And so on, till he'd received his morning ten and Timmy was unchaining to lead to the trainer for his daily trudge, when Alexis drew me aside behind a wall to listen.

"Ah lad," Timmy sighed unchaining and rechaining his arms and legs and leading him over and attaching him to the trainer. "I know you're kind of going crazy. Like you can't stop thinking, Yes ma'am, I obey. But while it keeps going on like that, somewhere you're screaming. No. Been there. We all have. And I tell you this, the less you fight, the sooner the crazy will be over. It all comes from being angry all the time at her telling us what do. But you got to look at it this way. We've got cocks, but she's got a brain, and we're all better off with her brain leading our cocks, than our cocks leading her brain. That's why she says it's the place where things are the way the should be. So yes, ma'am, I obey." And with that he stuck electrode up Dicky's ass, gave pat, and turned the machine on.

"Yes, ma'am, I obey.... Yes, ma'am, I obey."

With a sly smile Alexis turned way, "I think I've heard enough."

Timmy is promoted

Next time after that, that Timmy's day came around, he found a new protocol. As with poor Jimmy, Alexis's usual procedure was to free only one hand and the penis of the lucky chap. But that afternoon when he knelt before us sitting on the lounge, our legs casually spread so that he might from time to time catch glimpse of one or another pussy wielding it over him. Alexis fixed him with no more than loose ankle irons, then she offered him a toy and a new way of expressing himself.

"Well, Timmy, I so appreciate the good work you're doing help us train Dicky, I thought I let you use this." She held out to him cushiny pussy pillow with a receptive hollow for him to work his dick in for his come. "You could pull it out and come in your hand for your slurp or slurp the artificial pussy clean."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am.

"Oh, as for that Timmy, although it always does please me to hear you say "yes ma'a m, I obey,' there are other ways I think you may now address me. Yes, I think for today's masturbation, something more like this would be appropriate. ‘I love, honor, and obey my Lady and Mistress.' Try it."

Timmy looked up with a start. "Yes ma'am." He swallowed and looked up at her smiling over him. "I love... " his gaze dropped to look between her open thighs up to her pussy, "honor... " his shoulders slumped, and head bent, "and obey... " again his gaze rose up to her softly smiling face, "my Lady," again his gaze fell between her thighs, "And mistress."

After the silence she allowed him to absorb this, she asked. "You know what it means, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I'll release you now, and you may use your new toy."

Alexis kept him, then, for an hour or so in an erotically twisting sojourn weaving the intensifying repetition of his vow, with pauses for casual conversation on the state of her estate.

"I love... honor… and obey... my... Lady... and Mistaress."

"So, Timmy, how do you think Mikey's doing."

Timmy ceased the slow rhythmic penetration of his new pussy pillow. He was thoughtfully silent, then shook his head. "I'd say 99%, maybe shade more. There's a last glimmer of will, but the four hours on the trainer every day... I'll just say, by the time he's down to two and one like you sentenced him to, they'll just be doing the reinforcing."

"That's your slant, eh? Good.... Well you may go on stroking your cock in your new pussy-pillow.... Oh, and when it's time to come, you may either pull out and come in your hand. I know you love that, slurping it up from hand while you gaze up at me. Or, you can pop out the puss sleeve and suck it off."

And so Alexis took him through the round of her estate, stopping him here and there in the hypnotic repetition of his vow, to discuss, Jimmy's progress as a gardener, and what further responsibilities he might be given. Even food was discussed. How was the kitchen doing? Tommy allowed very good. Chef was satisfied, "End of his last session, after he'd cleaned up and was under restraint again, didn't he sob, as you led him out, She appreciates me! She appreciates me.

"Yes, ma'am," Timmy agreed. His arms hung limp, the pussy pillow still in his hands, he gaze on Alexis. "Perhaps why the cooking's so good."

"Yes, maybe. Well go with now it.

Timmy swallowed, "I love... honor... and obey... my Lady... And mistress.... and when at last he exploded, he whipped his cock out of the pussy pillow, caught his come in his palm, and with downcast head, but upcast eyes, slurped up.

Mikey Surrenders

It happened just about the way Timmy thought it would, the day before Mikey had finished his firs two months. Alexis and I had been for a morning walk around the estate, and as we returned from the fields through the court yard, we discovered Mikey frantically pushing the training lead while almost hysterically sobbing, "Yes, ma'am. I obey."

"Timmy," Alexis called, "I think you should stop the trainer for a moment."

Timmy stepped to the switch before Mikey came round and brought him up short.

Alexis insinuated herself next to him, her head hung over his right shoulder, from where she spoke to him. "There, there, Mikey, it's over now, you can calm down."

Mikey gathered himself and in a more restrained voice answered. "Yes, ma'am. I obey."

"I know, Mikey, you'll be a good boy now, won't you?"

"Yes, ma'am. I obey."

"Even after the one day and four months to come, when I let you masterbate for me, and I tell you to lick up your come." At this, she let her hand brush across his taut butt, still sore from the morning's ten I'd given him.

"Yes, ma'am. I obey."

"And till then, Mikey, you will perfect your character."

"Yes, ma'am. I obey."

She patted his tush. "All right, Timmy turn it on again. And just think, after tomorrow, Mikey will be down to only two hours a day." She took my arm and led me towards the dining room, "Don't you think the fields looked very trim today. Your Jimmy is proving a gardner... "

Behind us Mikey now stoically plodded behind the trainer's lead soberly acknowledging, "Yes ma'am. I obey."

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