Training my Husband to Stay Hard

Submitted by: Carol

As my husband began to near 60 his once always hard penis began having trouble staying and keeping hard for me. This started three years ago and two years ago I started to require him to wear a male chastity device, so I know he's not masturbating his desire away. It's just his natural aging combined with our always having sex much the same way, same person, etc. He should always be hard and ready for me after a month of keeping his penis locked and his desire securely intact.

I had read that a male can easily be trained to erect and stay erect for a woman so I decided to train my husband's penis. Now every time I unlock him for his once a month allowance to have sex with me I first make him strip and kneel before me. Then I tell him, "I'll unlock you for your monthly release, but you have to promise me that you'll lock back up whenever I order you to even if you have not had your release. On top of that you must remain erect and hard for one hour before you can have sex with me. If at any time during that hour your penis drops below half mast (straight out) you agree to ice it down and lock it back up. You will for fit this month's release!"

That was four months ago and I have to report that it's working. The first time he did not remain erect and hard for an hour. He thought I wasn't serious about locking him back up and waiting another entire month. How wrong he was!

After another month of being kept locked in chastity his pencil had plenty of lead and had no trouble remaining hard for the entire hour. Sure he had to stroke it a few times, but he made it the entire hour and then we had sex.

I used to always have him orally please me before allowing him to be inside me, now sometimes I do, but more often I don't. He always comes quickly, but this time he came even quicker than he usually does.

I started to tease him about how he couldn't last long enough anymore to please a woman like real men can. I also tease him that I'm thinking about finding another man that's better suited just for sex. I think it helps encourage him to try and last longer and it makes him harder.

I know because of keeping his penis locked in chastity all the time that it's much more sensitive now and that coupled with his high level of desire when I do unlock him means that he won't last. I do however have allot of fun with it by making him go down on me and please me after he has come.

At first he did not want to do it changing his mind after he squirted out all of his desire into me. I helped him to perform by always getting a hold of his balls and making him do it. Four or Five months of always making him perform had him doing it without me having to make him.

I now have an obedient husband that cleans up any mess he makes and can remain erect and hard for an hour. I just wanted make other women aware that all males can probably be conditioned this way. They really value their releases and like being kept hard so once you are in control of that they will diligently work for it.


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