Dream Come True

Submitted by: Chaste Bill

This is all fiction, with a little (a lot of) wishing thrown in

Natalie and I have been married for over a year now, and dated for over a year prior to being wed. We enjoy a wonderful sex life together. We enjoy great intimacy with each other, and pure unadulterated fucking. We are truly in love with one another. What more could a guy want than all this? Well I have a long history of fantasizing about bondage, and a fear of rejection from the lady I love. My fantasies are both broad and pretty specific at the same time.

Some background: I am a few years older than Natalie and was married twice before, with both marriages ending because of a lack of closeness and a feeling of not being wanted/needed on my part. Missing from both relationships was also an enjoyment of sex, either making love or animalistic wild sex. With Natalie, I have a woman that I can't stand to be apart from, have a great deal in common with, to include a love of sex in all its forms.

One morning after we had a rousing romp in the hay, so to speak, she asked me what we could do to make sure we never lost that spark and love for sharing each other. I have wanted to experience being chaste (wearing a chastity belt for short term and extended periods) for many years. As a teenager I ordered catalogs from Spartacus about bondage and male chastity. It created a foundation for masturbation fantasies for all of my adult life. I loved the thought of restraining my current dream girl, or being restrained and "forced" to wear a chastity device. I even dreamt of being locked up "forever", not being allowed to cum ever again. Well, knowing I had a woman I could tell anything to, I told her about a dream of being kept in chastity and having my wife as a keyholder, to only be released when she wanted to. Complete orgasm denial at the hands of my true love. I was relieved when she not only didn't think I was a sick pervert, but she expressed an interest in making this fantasy come true. Did I tell you I truly love this woman?

I already had a cage that I'd bought at a younger age, hoping I'd have the nerve to bring it up to previous women in my life. I never could, but used it for some quiet self bondage at various times. Like putting it on and going out for the day, while leaving the key at home. I showed it to Natalie and she was concerned that it might hurt me and possibly make me unable to "perform" for her. I assured her, it didn't cut off any circulation, it just prevented access to my cock without the key. She was intrigued by the idea and agreed to occasionally prevent me being able to play with myself. She told me that when she wanted sex though, she wanted sex, period.

I have read a lot of material on this subject over the last 30+ years. I have told her how amazing I feel wearing the cage for her, knowing I can't touch my cock. I told her of a desire I had to experience orgasm denial. That way I could put my "needs" secondary to hers. I wanted to be aware of serving her and pleasing her, not being concerned with my pleasure. The idea that her pleasure would indeed be my pleasure. When she felt like releasing me, she would. Not on a merit system of please her so many times then I got pleasure, but, really based on her whims and what she wanted for me.

So here I am, not having had an orgasm in 2 months, feeling like I have elephantitis of the nuts because I have so much built up. Not even the leaking of precum when she has had her numerous tease sessions has diminished how full my scrotum has become. I am almost painfully aware of the ring around my balls and the base of my cock, securing the cage on my teased and tormented member. But the closeness we have shared in the last few months since we started this is worth every ruined or almost orgasm I've suffered through.

Its actually been over 4 months since I had a real orgasm. 2 months ago, when last I came (sort of), we had a wonderful evening together, dinner out and a movie, heavy petting sitting in the back row (what was the name of that movie?). When we got home and sent the babysitter on her way and adjourned to the bedroom, she came out of the bathroom wearing a new negligee, making me even more uncomfortable, and a smoldering look in her eyes. In a sultry voice she asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable. I quickly undressed while staring at my beautiful wife. She produced a new panel gag for me, which I took somewhat reluctantly as I wanted to taste her sex (we both enjoy giving and receiving oral sex). She then had me lie down, stretched out, on the bed and secured my limbs to the corners, snugly. When she pushed a pillow under my ass, I suddenly had some apprehensions about what was going to occur. Next she took out a dildo that she attached to the gag I had on, saying "she wasn't going to deny herself while she was denying me". Another new toy came out, a prostate massager. UH OH. She mounted the dildo on my face and told me to make it a good one or she wouldn't even empty my balls. So while I was fucking her with my face she used the prostate deal on me, emptying my cum engorged balls into a cup she'd placed under me. Fortunately she didn't make me drink my own cum. She knows that isn't anywhere in my fantasy world (nor hers), and this isn't about being cruel, its about fulfilling fantasies and being in love.

There isn't a day, or night, that goes by where she doesn't take advantage of our arrangement and tease me. She loves to play with my nipples, lightly stroking them, flicking them, licking and sucking on them, making me squirm with excitement. She will gently stroke my balls with just her finger nail or caress my perineum, which causes my cock to dribble precum in a steady stream. After having been teased for 20-30 minutes, this "milking" is extremely frustrating.

She has promised me on the one year anniversary of my securing, that not only will she release me for the night, but, I can have MY way with HER for a change. This includes any bondage I may want to accomplish. This is only 3 months away, so I am really looking forward to it, though the time until then is bound to be excruciating for me. She has been reading about teasing and ruined orgasms, whatever that means. It doesn't sound good for the home team though (me). She has also looked into getting me a new device. Something along the lines of a tolly belt instead of just a cage. That might provide a bit more comfort than just a cage, which gets heavy and pulls and pinches just a little some times.

I will print more in the future as our burgeoning relationship grows and gets more frustrating, for me at least, she gets all the pleasure she wants or needs. Oh well, that's what I wanted from this anyhow, to please my wife, and make sure she would never want to look someplace else for real affection, let alone sex. I want to make sure, just as she's the center for me, that I remain the center for her, and the best way to do that is keep her happy, every day.

1 week after anniversary

True to her word, I was released on our anniversary, and I got to do anything I wanted to her. I tied her to the bed, teased her, had her wear an anal plug all night while I took her out to celebrate, then wore her out when we got home. The sex was fantastic. I hadn't had an orgasm for 3 months prior, and was regularly teased and denied during that time, so I was more than ready to go. I made her feel a little of what I felt before we concluded the night with a good powerful fuck. She came so violently I may have permanent scars on my back from her fingernails.

So now, its a week after, she has me locked up again, though now I'm wearing the belt she told me she was thinking about getting me. It is much more secure, with no chance of seeing or touching my cock while secured in this thing. Today she says she has a surprise, too. She has me bend over the dining room table and secures my ankles to the legs there. Next she stretches me over the table and ties my hands to the far side. Next comes a blindfold. Why doesn't she want me to see what is coming next? She loves teasing me when I'm helpless like this, so it comes as no surprise that she plays with my nipples and my back side. However, the lubed finger up inside me is kinda new. A little stroking on my prostate, making me squirm and moan. More lube? what is this? Now something hard pressing at my back door, persistent pushing and something larger than a finger entering me. Steady pushing and in it goes, stretching my almost to the point of severe pain, then the widest part is in and it slips on in and settles into place. Now Natalie is fumbling with something on my belt and I hear a couple clicks and off comes the blindfold, off come the ropes keeping me from escaping. I reach behind me and feel the shield that will keep my backside filled until she decides to take it off. I'm told to get dressed, that she has a day of shopping planned. I try to complain, which draws a look that I don't want ever duplicated. She offers to give me a ruined orgasm (which I have now experienced and don't really care for) if my complaining continues.

After all day out, and many hours sitting at restaurants, changing rooms and in the car. I have been all too aware of the intruder in my rear, while Natalie "accidentally" bumps into me repeatedly, and swats me on the rear numerous times (right in the middle) driving the plug deeper into me. When we get home, I'm told to get back in the dining room. Again I'm secured and blindfolded. After several minutes, Natalie unlocks the shield and removes the plug from my rear. But before I can get used to being empty, I feel a new pressure and realize my lovely wife has on the strapon and is getting ready to fuck me in the ass. So many new sensations today. Too bad I have this belt on, the hard on I would have would be amazing. However its pretty uncomfortable at the moment. After she pounds my ass for 5-10 minutes, she pulls out and removes the strapon. Next she climbs on the table in front of me and tells me she needs some attention because she is so wet after what she's put me through today. And boy is she. I get my mouth on in there and tongue her to a half dozen or so orgasms. She tells me that she hopes I enjoyed that, because that, and me wearing the strapon to fuck her, was the only fucking I was going to participate in until Christmas, more than 6 months away. And I would be lucky if my belt even came off during that time. Just for good measure, she takes my belt and whips my backside before untying me.

I'm told that any complaining would be dealt with very harshly, because this was MY fantasy, not hers. Though she has embraced it fully after a somewhat slow start. Her fantasy was to serve me as a love slave and be kept naked and tied up (???!!!). But, she has grown to really like this arrangement since I gave her all the pleasure she could ever want, and keeping me in chastity meant no mess to clean up after sex. She then hints at a new depilatory cream that not only removed the hair but dissolved the follicle and became permanent with only three applications and she might like for me to be completely hairless from the neck down.................... Then a tattoo right above my cock indicating who the real owner of my member is, HER. She has also considered a few piercings for me too (a few?). Oh my, be careful what you wish for, it just might come true.

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