We Decided to Try Swinging

Submitted by: James

Suzy and I have been married about 10 years. We have made every effort to keep our sex life exciting. So swinging seemed a natural progression. After much discussion and communication on the internet we finally found a couple close enough to us that we seemed to have chemistry with. We decided on a Sunday evening meet at a restaurant 9 pm so if things did not go well it would be easier to ditch them, if it went well we would make a date for Friday. Well we meet Rex & Dia, Rex could have been my relative we both are brown haired with similar cuts about the same hight, brown eyes, even wore the same size jeans 32 x 32. the only difference was he had a beard and noticeably more assertive. Dia had an athletic body about a B cup breast, kinda tall with hazel eyes and auburn hair. Suzy on the other hand had a more hour glass figure, with dark brown eyes & hair about 4 inches shorter. As different as they were both absolutely beautiful in their own right. We sat at a booth I was across from Dia and beside Suzy. A 9 pm dinner was a bad idea. We would finally leave at midnight closing down the restaurant. We never meet a couple we got a long with so well. It was like we were life long friends. We found they were very much like us in almost every way. Of course the conversation soon turned to sex. We laughed at each others sexual adventures some embarrassing some very hot. It was so comfortable being with them flirting, playing footsie and we even compared our at home sex toys and uses. Dia became very interested when I said I had a PA piercing, while Rex got excited when Suzy told him her nipples were pierced. It all felt so natural and open with them talking about our most intimate things. We agreed we would have a date Friday but Rex suggested that we seem to be getting a long so well that we make it a weekend camping trip Friday afternoon to Sunday evening on some property they inherited. They had a nice size camper with a camping area beside a river on their property that was very private. The date was set.

On the ride home I could tell Suzy was turned on. No sooner were we through the door she tore at my clothes never making it to the bedroom. The sex was intense, long and exhausting being the best we had in years. Suzy got up leaving me on the living room floor asleep, I was so gone that I did not know what happened til it was too late. She had locked my chastity device on. I was taken aback to say the least. She explained that she wanted me primed for the next weekend and she was so excited about it she wanted to play games all week. Chastity was one of the things we discussed so easily with Rex & Dia. Suzy said she would let me out when we got together with them but not before also all rules were in place, which means she was my Dom for as long as it stayed on. This was agreed rules almost all punishments were extended days with out orgasm and she teased that I didn't want to blow it with Dia by screwing up which was not an empty threat. After it sunk in what was at stake I looked up at her and there she stood beautiful in a nightie looking so sexy but with the most evil grin. I wanted to protest but once locked in asking out or even talking about release would cost me another day locked up unless asked. AND SHE KNEW IT.

The next morning I would have overslept but my morning erection woke in chastity. Now my duties as a chastity slave was to get mistress going then myself. We showered I groomed her then helped her into her sexy lingerie and office clothes. The day went well and when I got home my sub duties started again, preparing and cleaning in the nude. Late getting home Suzy said she called Rex today and went by to see Dia and he. SUZY explained my situation to them she said they were amused. They discussed plans for the weekend. I asked what were they? She said," that's on a need to know basis and slaves don't need to know. However Dia is getting more excited by the minute. She sent you something to eat." with that she opened my mouth and put in a pair of pink panties. " they said she wouldn't be wearing panties the rest of the week, you know easy access." that evil grin appeared again. Oh god how that made my chastity hurt. She sat to eat, spreading her legs telling me to eat my supper under the table. " Do a good job Dia and I got really horny giving Rex a blow job" she paused "that was OK with you wasn't SLAVE BOY" with mouth on her pussy all i could do was nod yes and continue eating. It was strange how I liked these people so much that I had no jealousy rather I was turned on more than ever.

Thursday evening came about, Suzy all week was turned on like an out of control fire and I like a fireman with his hose locked up. She had been in contact with Rex every day, we were to furnish groceries for the camper . Suzy went by that night. I was on pins and needles til she got back. Suzy informed me that since Dia was a house wife she had hardly put on any clothes since Monday. As a matter of fact she was naked the entire time she was there. "Too bad you wasn't with me." evil grin.

Friday everyone got off at noon we were to meet at Rex's at 2 pm. I didn't dare ask to be let out of my chastity not wanting to miss my chance with Dia! I packed our bags in the car then showered with Suzy. My excitement was at an all time high. I dressed her then went to get my clothes when she said," slaves don't wear clothes, now go to the garage and wait." Standing by the car my heart pounded like a hammer. She arrived with a bag and leather cuffs. I was cuffed wrist to a collar with ankles to a hobble chain in the back of our SUV under a blanket still in chastity! I rode wondering excited and nervous as to what i got myself into. The SUV arrived in a garage I heard the door open and close. I heard Rex welcoming Suzy again my heart pounded, the door open and the blanket was ripped from me. God I wanted to die. I saw REX and Suzy smiling down at me, then snickering. I never felt so embarrassed and naked. They helped me out. Rex shook my hand still tethered to my collar. "I've been enjoying your wife she's quite a woman." Now my anger started Rex noticed and said," You can't blame me friend, my wife has been saving herself for you." with that he pointed to the corner of the garage. There stood DIa naked, hands cuffed to an overhead beam in an expensive female chastity belt. "Suzy came by Monday and suggested we make this a dominat swing with chastity. So I decided Dia should join you. Since then she has hardly had any clothes on and NO orgasms. Suzy has given me complete authority over you and I have given Dia to her. Either of you can stop this now and we will part ways, if not the weekend starts in 10 mins. Suzy, hang him beside Dia so they can talk it over. Then I need your help in the camper." So we hung by the wrist cuffs touching. Dia and I confirmed we wanted to be with each other and we were both turned on beyond belief. We had come this far there was no way we could turn back now. She told me Rex would be difficult and she knew Suzy was really getting off flaunting her power our us. We knew it would be a trying weekend.

Rex and Suzy returned hands around the waist. "so what do you guys say?" we nodded, Suzy say's "Rex, I don't think they appreciate how much trouble we have gone to for these two. Beg us to enslave you! Beg us to use you! tease you, allow you to serve us or we may just postpone this another week. Think you two can last that long Rex and I have each other. Don't we honey?" With that she passionately kissed Rex and we started pleading with them as they groped each other. After a few minutes Suzy and Rex took us to the enclosed back yard and loaded us in the camper. We were tied on the floor and told to french until told to stop. God we wanted each other.

Arriving at their property Dia and I became the slaves. Hands free but, hobbled, barefoot and naked except for our chastity we went to work. 1st came two lounge chairs for Suzy & Rex. I was sent to cut fire wood, while Dia organized clean and prepared supper while serving the two love birds on the lounge chairs. While cutting wood I felt a sting turning I saw both our Doms with a riding crop each. "What do you say?' "thank -you madam" Then rex hit me "thank-you sir" smiling they left to torment Dia. Before long the camp site was ready. The river was beautiful with squires playing in the leaves, making me nervous if it was people or squirrels, weather was perfect slightly warm with a touch of breeze. Dia fixed a large dinner and I acted as butler, we served our Doms but were told to wait til they were done with supper before we could eat. They cuffed our hands behind our back then said we could lick the plates clean. we cleaned/ate steak baked potato and porkin beans. God we were a mess. Our Doms were displeased we licked each other clean while they whipped us. They released our hands and sent us with a bar of soap to clean each other.

Returning from our cold bath we were told to make out by the fire while they got things ready. The cold had little effect on our lust we were too far gone. She was on fire. I had the worst case of blue balls ever torture wasn't the word for it. Smack Smack our doms hearded us to a spot near two trees. Our hands were tied to a limb, we faced each other with our legs tied spread. Rex then attached two pair of nipple clamps so a chain ran from her nipples to mine. Then at long last our chastities were removed. Suzy said if you guys can fuck go a head. With that she put weights on the nipple chains "of course the more you move the more it will hurt." Our crotches were a little too far to touch but we tried! Suzy and Rex enjoyed the show laughing and taunting us while making out. " I want to hear a romantic song sing for me slaves and make it good because those clamps don't come off until we both get off" Dia and I tried but all we did was embarrass ourselves and it was so bad we were punished for it. They continued playing with each other and us til soon their clothes came off and they fucked between our spread legs. Dia and I were beside ourselves with lust to the point we both dripped on them. After they were finished they punished us for dripping and removed the clamps. I was iced down and locked again in chastity so was Dia. We serviced our Doms til late then were put in a sleeping bag together with our hands tied out of the bag. There would not be much sleep but our naked bodies would be close. We slept outside the camper window listening to them fuck and slept inside.

During the night Dia and I talked of our desire for each other and how we couldn't wait for our turn. Our desire grew along with our need for sleep until we passed out. We awoke to our captures in our sweat soaked bag. They had showered. shaved & brushed. We were given one tooth brush and soap then sent to the cold river. We fixed breakfast then sent back to the river to lick clean the eggs gravy and toast off each other. Returning Our Doms announced It is orgasm day for you two and we are prepared to become your slaves for the rest of the weekend if you guys win our contest. We were sent off to kiss behind the camper still nude and chase. OUR excitement grew then time came for the contest. The keys to our Chastity were about 50 yards down the rocky river beach. We were to have a 3 legged race. Rex taped Dia and mine legs with duct tape from crotch to ankle making the knee impossible to bend. Suzy and Rex had only the ankle and knees tapes. "don't we get shoes" "slaves don't wear shoes ready set go!!!!!

Try as we may the bare feet and lack of bended knee cost us race but only by a few feet. However, good to their word they got the keys took us to the picnic table. Suddenly Rex grabbed me Suzy quickly cuffed my hands behind my back and stuffed a gag in my mouth. Suzy said," Rex has been such a great lover and I have loved this weekend but we agreed long before we meet these two that I would strictly enforce YOUR chastity rules. I heard you talk 7 separate occasions last night how much you need to cum or how bad you wanted to fuck Dia you know the rules every time you mention your sexual needs one more day. I am really sorry I wanted you to have as much fun as me but it will just have to wait. I hope Dia still wants you when your out. If she doesn't maybe I will loan your chastity slave services to her. I am sure she could find some work for you.

Now Dia, you are still a slave for the rest of the weekend however we will allow you to cum now. Climb on top of the picnic table here is the key. You may now finger yourself to orgasm keeping eye contact with our chastity slave. Afterwards you may stay out of chastity but will not be allowed to touch yourself with out permission" She did as she was told and I never wanted anything as bad as that in my life. I finished the weekend as lowest slave occasionally licking Dia to orgasm when she needed rewarding. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I know I am required in Rex & Dia's next weekend GOD I hope I don't fuck it up!!!!!!

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