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This variation is for your submissive, chauvinist pig husband or boyfriend(s) to play for a chance for chastity release.


Be the first player to reach 100 points. 100 points for the female = whatever she wants, chooses or decides, without question. 100 points for the Man = winning (see group and individual male winning below in "Game End" section).


On a turn, a female player rolls the dice repeatedly until:

  • she chooses to hold (stop rolling) or roles snake-eyes (2 ones);
  • The female roles once for the male (the male is entitled to only one role each turn. Additionally, the male is not allowed to hold, neither in game strategy nor in the case of literally holding the dice, ever).

If snake-eyes are rolled, the male player's turn ends and all points are lost; in the same case, the female loses her roll but retains all points.

If the female player chooses to hold, all of the points rolled during that turn are added to her score.

Scoring Examples

Example 1: Elizabeth rolls a 3 and decides to continue. She then chooses to roll seven more times (6, 6, 6, 4, 5, 6, 1). Because she rolled snake-eyes, her turn ends but she retains all of her earned points.

Example 2: Cindy rolls a 6 and decides to continue. She then chooses to roll four more times (3, 4, 2, 6) and decides to hold. Cindy earns 21 points for this turn (6+3+4+2+6=21).

Exceptions and Special Rules:

Because females are princesses, NOT pigs, female players automatically start with 50 points;

Females never lose any points;

Only Females may role the dice, for themselves or the males; that is, as stated above, males are not allowed to touch the dice — how could they since they are required to be handcuffed behind their backs the entire game!;

Since males cannot indicate that they want to hold, there is no reason for them to speak; thus, they are required to wear a ball or penis gag the whole game;

Since comfort is an important privilege for females, they have complete free will of motion and action — they can sit, stand, walk around, delay the game to stretch; get a snack or drink; use the restroom; chat away from the males; etc..., whereas the male(s) are required to kneel at attention, with their feet shackled, in addition to their hands shackled behind their backs and being gagged;


For females, other doubles are worth double points, so that a 2-2 is worth 8 points; 3-3 is worth 12; 4-4 is worth 16; 5-5 is worth 20; and 6-6 is worth 24. Male pigs are not allowed any bonus points, ever.

Game End

When a player reaches a total of 100 or more points, the game ends and that player is the winner. If the game is played with just a female and her slave, the male gets an orgasm if he wins; if the female wins, the male is denied orgasm, and the female may impose any other penalties she deems appropriate and/or devious and/or fun. In a group game, if a male wins first, he gets a reward — not an orgasm — to be chosen by his female owner, or, if she chooses, by the female group collectively.

Special Note:

The reward can be anything, including having the winning male pig have the privilege of giving a blow job to another man in the group or brought in (chosen by the female group for his extra - large and long penis) until he comes in the pig's mouth—seems like a privilege, not a duty, when females give the blow job, in the view of the male chauvinist. This "reward" will give the male chauvinist a taste of what he believes female privilege is, and, thus, teach him a lesson in manners.

The male winner also gets to sit, instead of kneel, for the balance of the evening. The other men get to sit for the balance of the evening, as well. If a female wins first, all of the men get an extra three months of chastity—a 3 month delay of orgasm. Also, they must continue kneeling at attention for the balance of the evening. The balance of the evening can last as long as the group decides, and any other punishment(s) may be imposed on the males for the females’ amusement and entertainment.

The group game can be played as often as the female group decides; thus, the punishments and extended chastity periods can really add up quickly. Pig for the pig(s)—a great game to keep your chauvinist pig slave always wanting more and forced to do anything for your pleasure and fun.

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