The Wedding Present

Submitted by: HF

It started by with a chance meeting and my chastised state being revealed to two ladies, Jennifer and Julie, while planning the one's wedding. They seemed to enjoy my predicament and my wife's tale of how I came to be in this situation by writing her a fantasy story that we were playing out. As a special wedding present they convinced my wife to have me write the story that follows. Hope you enjoy the story following their abbreviated email exchange.


I enjoyed meeting you and Julie and wish you the best of luck with your upcoming marriage. I hope you enjoy the story and please let me how you liked it. If you and Julie get the lucky groom to go along with some of it, I would love to hear some details.

Good Luck,


P.S. Just thought you would enjoy knowing I made him keep wearing the chastity device even after we got home until he completed the outline and a short version of the story he wrote for youJ

It was one month exactly before the wedding all the arrangements were complete. The church booked, the catering scheduled, and even the honeymoon reserved. There was nothing to do now but enjoy the parties and attention from their friends and family. David had let Jen and Julie do pretty much whatever they wanted in planning the wedding and had only seen her sporadically for the last two months and was looking forward to spending some alone time with her before the wedding. They were use to making love at least three times a week and with all the planning and preparations had been lucky to see each other once or twice a week for the last two months, sometimes only for a quick dinner. This it seemed was to be one of those nights. Julie, her maid of honor, was throwing her a private bridal shower that evening thought it might be fun for her to bring David along and convinced her to do so. David went along; after all they would be able to spend the evening together and he always thought Julie and her other friends were hot. He also knew most of them were more than a bit on the wild side. Jennifer had told him some of their escapades but wouldn't tell him which ones only adding to their mystery. Every time they met one of her friends he would not be able to keep from thinking about some of the things she had shared and it always made him horny. So horny in fact he would not be able to keep his hands off her after they left. Jennifer knew he had a thing for Julie as she caught him on more than one occasion ogling her with his eyes. Jennifer suggested they take a shower together before they left and he thought that was a good idea too. As they showered she asked David if he really loved her and of course his reassured her of his love. "You have been asking me to shave it completely bare and I think it would fun to both be completely bare for the wedding, you know start the marriage off like new born babes so to speak. What do you think?" He already let her keep his trimmed and thought of all the kinky sex they would have, and so readily agreed. Unfortunately they did not have time to take care of each other before the party and quickly got dressed and left.

At the party he became increasingly aroused as she displayed each gift. First, she held up a pair of handcuffs. That's when it started to get interesting as all the girls had to make comments like "Wonder who'll be the wearing those on the honeymoon?" and so on. Next was a French Maid outfit which set his mind to work and it did not go unnoticed by all as he squirmed in his seat. She continued opening gifts and received various lotions, a ball gag, a few paddles, one notable inscribed with "Attitude Adjuster", a ring gag, a butt plug, a dildo, more lingerie. David and Jennifer already had a rather nice 'toy collection' but David was getting more aroused and it was starting to show as he thought of the new additions they would soon be adding. He was really squirming now and this only encouraged more of their comments. They were now all getting more vocal as the alcohol starting taking its effect and openly teasing David. She open a Hitachi wand and could not help but join in teasing David, rubbing his chest and leaned into his ear seductively but saying loud enough for all to hear "A girl always needs a back-up." That brought another chorus of laughter from everyone as they continued getting looser and raunchier with their conversations and comments almost as if he were one of the girls. David, like most guys did not mind at all and the teasing only served to fuel some of his more perverted thoughts. Just when she thought she had opened all the gifts Julie handed her one last present to open adding "What every bride to be need to start her marriage off right." After she unwrapped the gift she held it up for all to see. David knew exactly what it was, a chastity device, more precisely an asylum chastity device, and he blushed. This brought a round of cheers and laughter. When the noise started to die down Julie held up her glass and made a toast to the "happy couple." As the shower was coming to a conclusion Julie told Jennifer "We all hope you enjoy the gifts" stopped in mid sentence then blurted out "hey, I've just had a great idea." "As you know with all the wedding planning Jennifer and David have not really gotten to see much of each other lately so wouldn't it be a nice treat if Jennifer put on a little lingerie show for David before we go. She can make sure they fit and we can all enjoy seeing which ones David like best." With the girls agreeing having enjoyed teasing David and wanting to continue had little problem convincing Jennifer. With the girls helping Jennifer to pick out her first outfit to try on Julie held up the chastity device and walking toward David added "I don't know about everyone else but I know I would love to see David's reaction while wearing this little baby." This brought a chorus of laughter from all the girls. He looked over to Jennifer for help but all he got was a shrug followed by a small smile breaking across her face as Julie handed the device to him. Julie sent Jennifer to help but mainly to confirm for all that David did indeed put the device on and as a further confirmation had her bring back the empty package with her. After gaining his composure and redressing he returned from donning the device but Jennifer was gone, changing into the first of the outfits for his little lingerie show, and Julie was motioning to a chair that had been move to the middle of the room. He could not help but notice every eye was on his crotch as he passed to take his seat. Everyone had questions for him about the device and like a good sport he answered although somewhat embarrassed. The questioning continued till Jennifer emerged in her first outfit. As she got closer to David he clapped and held out his hands toward Jennifer beckoning her to him. Julie once again chimed in "We can't have that, just like at any strip club, no touching the models." The girls were almost rioting now laughing and watching David's reactions. He was definitely starting to feel uncomfortable as his cock was trying unsuccessfully to harden with the chastity device firmly locked in place and all the girls watching. "Why don't we put these handcuffs to use? We can't have the patrons accidentally touching the models can we?" With Jennifer half dressed moving seductively in front of him, he gave no resistance as Julie took his hands and cuffed them behind his back interlocking them with the chair. Jennifer proceeded to give David a short lap dance as the girls egged her on. When Jennifer left to try on her next outfit the girls continued their teasing and questioning David about the chastity device. By the time Jennifer had finished modeling her second outfits and giving David another lap dance he was moaning, desperate to cum and they could all tell. This only served to fuel the teasing and questioning that followed in between each of the outfits Jennifer modeled. Julie picked up the ball gag for all to see and as David attempted a fane protest Julie proclaimed that "We don't need our groom to interrupting the show." then proceeded to put the gag in his mouth and tighten it as Jennifer came out in her next outfit. The girls were getting really revved up spurring Jennifer on knowing it was giving David a case of painful blue balls as she grinded on him dry humping him mercilessly as he moaned into the gag as his restrained cock ached for relief. When Jennifer left to change into the next outfit Julie quieted the girls and gathered them for a hushed conversation that made David apprehensive.

When Jennifer emerged in her last outfit she was to model, a dominatrix outfit, Julie called Jennifer away from David for a discussion with the girls. With all the girls gathered around she asked Jennifer about her feelings for wedding traditions. "Of course," not knowing where it was going she responded that wedding traditions were important and a very big part of the whole wedding experience. "Wasn't it you who refused to move in with David till you returned from the honeymoon as man and wife?""Yes of course, you all know that."Julie then asked if she knew of or had thought about the tradition of refraining from sex for the month prior to the wedding to "make it a more special experience." She confirmed that she had heard of it but really did think much about it as it did not seem practical in today's world. Julie then proceeded to proposed that as a way to bring old world values into modern times it would be a "real hoot" to have David be the one to go the month before the wedding without, "after all women had done it for years" and it would increase his longing and prove his devotion for his new bride. This created a firestorm of comments from the girls and with the conversation now out of hand Jennifer looked at David who had a look of shock on his face as the girls seemed to be fixated on the idea. Jennifer not about to give into the idea of no sex for a month would not concede. "I don't know…." Only to be cut off by Julie "Shouldn't you be the focus of David's attention and what better way than to show that than to give you his total devotion and sexuality allowing only you to be the one to allow him release and joy of consummating the marriage." And as if reading her mind added "Nobody said anything about you going completely without, think of it as a learning experience for David, to learn to how please a woman in other ways."Then she turned to David with all the girls attention focused on him and asked "Would you do it for Jennifer, to show her how much you love her and how much she means to you?" Still gagged he just looked over the faces of Jennifer's bridesmaids who now were chanting together Do it, do it, do it. Julie asked again, "For Jennifer?" Dave would rather die than embarrass Jennifer in front of her closest friends but really didn't think they were serious. So David responded nodding his head affirmative. With the girls all laughing and joking Julie announced "It is all settled then, David will be the chaste groom till his bride releases him to consummate the marriage. And as a way to prove his devotion will wear the chastity device he has on until he is legally married to Jennifer." This resulted in an uproar of applause from the girls, followed by the group chanting David's name until Jennifer yelled out "okay, We'll do it!" Julie congratulated Jennifer and told her she would be there for her all the way. She reached for the opened chastity device package and removed the keys. She then took both keys telling Jennifer she would hold on to them for her until the wedding, "just in case she had a weak moment."Then speaking directly to David for all to hear; "Remember your chastity is your commitment to Jennifer and we are all witness, so as you forgo your own pleasure as a sign of devotion to Jennifer you pledge to pleasure her in other ways as often as she sees fit without regard to your own." Dumbfounded David could only stare but finally relented and nodded in agreement. By now it was starting to register with Jennifer how much she could benefit from this situation "thank you Julie" and straddling David's lap kissing him over the gag "thank you David, your devotion and willingness to do this for me, for us, to prove your love, means more than you know." Now David was facing a dilemma, would he disappoint his bride, embarrassing her in front of her friends, or go without for a month. His mind was racing and he couldn't decide what to do. "If I get this much reaction out of you now just you wait till I try on some of the other less tame outfits later tonight." He could only moan as his cock strained against its bonds. He could feel a new excitement in the room as she broke off the kiss lifting off his lap. "I'm so proud of you honey. This will be a wonderful and special gift for us; you are the best man in the world." David knew he was now committed. It was going to be a long unbearable month. He had not gone without sex or masturbating for more than a week since he was in high school. As Jennifer left to change back into her clothes Julie took off David's gag and released him from his cuffs with all the girls congratulating him on his level of devotion and telling him "How sweet," "Oh what a romantic guy" and "Why can't all guys be like that." The party was winding down and David and Jennifer left to go back to Jennifer's apartment with David safely locked away in chastity.

As the days passed she could see the sparkle in his eyes and knew he loved her. She complemented him and continually told him how proud she was of him being the perfect gentleman and not complaining about the chastity which only encouraged him more as they continued spending time with each other building up to the wedding. They kissed passionately; fondled each other often and every night they saw each other David would go down on Jennifer's bare pussy over and over again only to return home hornier than before and have to take a cold shower. As for Jennifer, even on those nights she did not see David she would use her Hitachi wand while she thought of how horny David was and how much more so he was going to be before he finally got to cum.

By the week of the wedding David was a changed man. He would do anything Jennifer asked without question. Julie had also let Jennifer know she too had noticed a change in David. Not only was she the maid of honor, she also worked in the same building with David. David saw Julie almost every day. She would go out of her way to say hello and talk to David at work encouraging him as he continued in his chastity pledge. She let David know of the almost daily inquiries from the other bridesmaids and the updates she was giving them.

With just two days till the wedding and David's much anticipated honeymoon he was struggling trying to come up with a way to keep his chastity device from being discovered before the wedding. He knew his groomsmen were trying to arrange a bachelor party for him and that would surely end in disaster by exposing his predicament. Not being able to come up with an excuse or good alternative he called Jennifer. "I do not think I can "keep our secret" much longer. You know when the guys take me for the bachelor party I know something will happen, everyone will know and I will be a laughing stock. You know how much I love and I am not going to do anything to jeopardize that but I am going to have to take it off."

"Are you kidding, we have come this far and you have done so well, we don't want to spoil it all now. Every one of my bridesmaids heard you say you would wear it until we were married. You aren't backing out now are you?" "It's not that I just can't let the guys, you know, know."

"They told me you might try something like that so we all got together and came up with a solution should you try to back out of your commitment and I agreed. So let the boys go out and have their own bachelor party. When they ask and I am sure they will tell them Julie and Lisa have arrange a special bachelor party for you. That way I know you will not get into any trouble and we can keep our little wedding present wrapped up until the honeymoon. Besides, who would blame you for ditching a bunch of guys to go partying with a couple of girls?" "That's nice but…." "No butts about it I am not about to turn you lose after all this and have you blow it for some last hurray with the guys." "Okay then what will I tell the guys when they want to know why I won't go with them or let them go with me?" "Actually it was Julie who came up with the idea and I agreed. You won't have to tell them anything. She will take you right after the rehearsal dinner. She says she has already planned it and guarantees me you will have a bachelor to remember. So I insist!"

"I insist too!" Jennifer had handed the phone to Julie; he knew he was stuck now. "I promise it will be fun and if you don't cooperate, I'll tell all the secretaries in your office. Jennifer looked at Julie who covered the phone "I'm just bluffing, but he doesn't know that." Then back to David "Your secret is safe with me as long as you do everything I say and I mean everything got it?" He wanted to prove his love for Jennifer but certainly didn't want his groomsmen or anyone in the office to find out about his chastity device. "Please don't…" Jennifer now trying to sound angry "You promised Jennifer you would wear it and stay 'pure' till the honeymoon, we all heard it. You're not backing out now I won't let you. I have the key and I am not letting anyone have it till after the wedding. Not you, not Jennifer, not anyone. Got it! Got it?" "Okay, I got it." Just as he got the words out of his mouth the phone went dead.

The evening passed slowly and Jennifer had not returned his call or responded to the apology he left on her answering machine. When his phone did ring it was Julie not Jennifer who was calling. "Jennifer is not upset with me is she?" "No but to be honest I think she is a little disappointed. She has told me all month how sweet you have been and has really bragged on you. I think she has really grown to appreciate how affectionate you have become and being the envy of all of us, having a man who is so committed to the relationship would be willing to remain chaste till the honeymoon. You know I love her, she is like family to me and I have grown to love you as a brother too. " "I know and I want to prove it to her too; I am proving it to her. I just would rather keep this between us, and well I guess the bridal party too but they don't count" "What do you mean by that?" "I mean, not like the people I work with, you know have a working relationship with, if they found out…." Like I told you no one will find out, just go along with what Jennifer and I have planned and everything will be fine. If you really want to make it up to her I think I might have a way." "Anything I just want her to be proud of me." "I have a special Bachelorette Party planned for Jennifer." "What does that have to do with me?" "Just listen, If you are serious about wanting to make it up to Jennifer, I know a way that I am sure will more than atone for 'your moment of weakness' and I am sure it would prove it to all of us.""But, I didn't do anything and I am still wearing this chastity device." "That's not the point, the way she sees it and all of us for that matter is, you tried to get out of it after you promised and that's why she' hurt. If you don't want to…" "No, no, no I do, just tell me what I need to do." "First I want you to write a note and here is what it needs to say: How much you love her, want to show her, will be strong for her and deeply apologize for your moment of weakness regardless of the reason and promise to make it up to her and if you really want to make her happy add that you also want to make it up to me, Lisa, Joselind, Christie and Andrea. You know to show how committed you are to her and your relationship. That should put you on the right track. Just mean it when you say it or rather write it this time and put in your own words. Give it to me and I will give it to her at the rehearsal." "Okay, thanks, and I won't let her down." "Leave everything to me, and I will see you tomorrow at the rehearsal. Now get some sleep, you will need it, goodnight."

The next day when he arrived at the rehearsal he gave the note to Julie who read it and smiled. "Jennifer has already gone back to change but I will go and give it to her now." As David waited anxiously by his groomsmen at the altar for Jennifer to make her appearance Julie whispered to him that Jennifer had loved the note and even read it to the others. David now felt some relief as he looked over the faces of the girls who were all smiling at him. As Jennifer made her entrance marching down the aisle something caught David's eye. It was his key. Jennifer was now wearing the key to his chastity and he could not take his eyes off her or it. After they kissed, with everyone dispersing Jennifer whispered in his ear "I am looking forward to seeing you later tonight." David was not exactly sure what she meant but assumed it was just part of whatever Julie had planned so he just agreed with her, "I can't wait either."

As predicted the groomsmen all tried to take David for a last night on the town only to be left standing dumbfounded as he left arm in arm with Julie and Lisa disappearing into a waiting limo. They handed David a beer as the speed away. They made casual conversation but refused to answer any of David's questions about the evening ahead. After several beers and a couple of shots Julie told David they were going to Jennifer's apartment to get ready. When the got there everyone had come and gone but Julie had a key and let herself in then told Lisa "take the limo and pick up Jennifer, drop her off at my house, stay with the others and send it back to pick us up" as she handed her the keys to her house. After Lisa left Julie handed him a duffle bag that was waiting by the bedroom door and told him to go in and change. When he opened the bag he was shocked and called out to Julie who was now sitting in the other room texting on her phone. "I can't wear this!" Playing on his desire to make amends "I thought you wanted to make it up to Jennifer, you don't want to disappoint her again do you?" "No but…." "Look you told me you wanted to make her happy and she was so excited when I told her. It's only fair; she gave you a show so I told her you wanted to give her one too. Come on it's her big night and you did say you would and I quote 'be cooperative' so hurry up we don't want her to be kept waiting. Just put your regular clothes in the bag. I've got an overcoat out here for you to wear when go to get in the limo." With that he changed into the thong, chaps, and lone ranger mask from the duffle bag. When he was dressed he called for Julie to bring him the overcoat. "No, don't be embarrassed it's not much different from a swimming suit and, besides I want to see the outfit before I drop you off for Jennifer." He exited the room and saw Julie holding the coat for him and he put it on. "My, my all nice and smooth, I do love a man with a smooth chest." With that David's face went flush. "Tell me, are we smooth everywhere else too?" she asked causing him to turn even redder. "Well?" Trying to regain his composure "If you must know, and I am pretty sure Jennifer has already told you, yes, from the neck down. Why do you ask?" Your right she did tell me, I just wanted to hear you say it." David and Julie shared a couple more drinks waiting on the limo to return, for David this was more for helping to build up his courage for what was to come as Julie told him how he was to wait in the garage, not enter the house till he heard the music and which room Jennifer would be waiting in when he did. They arrived at Christie's house and as David got out she took the duffle bag from him telling him he did not need it and instructing him to proceed to the garage. As he entered the garage he turned and saw the driver put his duffle in the trunk before driving away. David didn't have to wait long before the loud beating music started. As he entered the house and the room where he was instructed to go, he could only see Jennifer sitting alone in a chair, blindfolded as Julie had told him she would be, surrounded by light in an otherwise pitch black room. Jennifer could sense him nearing and with anticipation smiled from ear to ear as he removed her blindfold. Now with Jennifer watching him so intently David started dancing and gyrating to the music as he removed the overcoat. He locked eyes with Jennifer who held his gaze as he continued through the first song. As the second song started he took the chaps off and continued his dancing and gyrating this time against her closing his eyes as she ran her hands over him. As the second song ended and the third began David once again locked eyes with Jennifer as she slowly pulled his thong down letting it fall to his ankles before he stepped out of it completely. Now in only the chastity device and a pair of tennis shoes he started swinging his caged cock back and forth in humping motion to Jennifer's delight. This time along with rubbing her hands all over him found herself fondled his caged cock and tender balls. This caused him to flinch and audible change his breath intake sighing, adding to her excitement. When the third song ended the room suddenly lit up. Instead of more music the room was awash with applause and catcalls as Jennifer's bridal party all there in attendance started chanting his name. He would have died from embarrassment had it not been for Jennifer, standing now, and holding him tight as she thanked him telling him how much she loved him. Julie came over and complimented him on his 'show' as she handed him the discarded thong which he quickly put back on while asking her to retrieve his other clothes from the duffle bag. "David, surely you have figured it out and must know that we have no clothes for you here." Taking his arm and leading him away she continued "let's go over here and give Jennifer a moment of glory. Don't feel embarrassed, look at Jennifer she is practically beaming and I know all the girls really enjoyed the show. You should be proud. Motioning back to the group "David, look around in case you have forgotten, you have all these ladies to make up to." As she was saying this David's jaw dropped to the floor. The entire bridal party was removing their clothes until they were in only bras, garters and hose, thongs, and of course their high heel. "Oh, and this is your bachelor party too David, I am sure you probably wanted to see some skin. Every bachelor should get to see some skin and we thought it might be fun to help you out, after all you have been such a good sport so far and we didn't want you to feel uncomfortable. But if you would rather I tell everyone to get dressed?" There was a small pause until he realized what Julie was asking and quickly responded "no, no, no it will be fine, really." David thought to himself this is turning out pretty good. "Besides we all know we don't have to worry about you, not only is Jennifer here but you are safely locked away" she finished as she pointed toward David's crotch. As David was drawn to look down at his own crotch Jennifer handed him a drink. As he took hold of the drink her hand moved to his thong covered crotch gently fondling his manhood as she kissed him passionately. When they finally broke off their kiss they found themselves the center of attention all we watching and clapping. With the entire group now down to their lingerie Julie announced it was picture time and steered the group toward one of the bedrooms. The picture was made with David sitting on the bed wearing his thong, Jennifer in his arms in her bridal white lingerie, and the rest of the bridal party also in their lingerie gathered around, all leaned in and touching David. Julie showed David the picture and although wouldn't want it to ever be seen by anyone else he knew if they did they would think he was the biggest stud ever. David enjoyed their photo shoot but was disappointed when they all changed back into their clothes.

David had been getting drinks for the girls when Julie stopped him in the hallway telling him it was now time for him to 'make it up to the ladies.' "What do you mean? I did the strip show, everyone got to see me completely strip. I thought….." No, that was because you wanted to give Jennifer a show as she had done for you, don't be selfish David. "But I…." "No more arguing, let's get you ready, we don't want to keep them waiting." She said this as she handed him the blindfold telling him to put it on which he did plunging him into darkness. He followed as she led him around and back into the room he had performed in earlier. He could hear their laughter and conversations as well as furniture being moved as he followed Julie from place to place. He could also tell from their conversations and comments as he passed they did in fact enjoy his show and it made him feel a little better anyway. As he passed Andrea they stopped "Julie, here it is." Julie released his arm and before he knew what was happening or could react he was effectively gagged. As he instinctively reached up to Julie she took hold of his arm calmly reassuring him "We are almost there just stay with me." He relaxed and continued being led around the room. Again they stopped as Julie made her announcement "David, we are all so proud of you and the commitment you made to Jennifer" he could hear the girls agreeing "we all love you and Jennifer and want you to be the happiest couple in the world. Jennifer read David's note for us." Jennifer read the note aloud and when she had finished Julie continued. "In your own words you offered to make amends for 'your moment of weakness' not only to your dearest Jennifer but to all of us. As she said this David started to turned his head when he felt what a pair of familiar hands from in front of him holding his face as Jennifer again told him how much she loved him and how proud she was of him that he offered to not only make amends to her but prove it to her friends too. He felt someone take a hand on side of him as Julie continued "Now I need you to kneel here in front of Jennifer bowing to her." As he did so steadied by the two on each side holding his hand he kneeled onto a padded cushion. Relaxed now, he allowed himself to be moved forward bowing until he could feel his torso resting on the same type of cushion his knees had come to rest. Just as his throat touched a rest he felt one on the back of his neck he heard the latching mechanism and suddenly dawned on him just what he had found himself to be secured upon. David and Jennifer had spanked each other before but never secured on anything. He started to struggle when the familiar hands again held his face and as he heard Jennifer's voice now just inches away calming him "I am going to be right here with you the whole time baby." He tried to speak thru the gag, to ask her not to do this but she just continued to reassuring him that it was all going to be worth it as the girls strapped his legs and torso to the frame of the frame of the spanking bench. Once completely secured his blindfold was removed and he found himself staring directly in Jennifer's face who was seated directly in front of him still cupping his face with both hands. He could see the paddles from the party a month ago on a coffee table just behind Jennifer and knew what was coming. It was Julie who again broke the silence "Here!" she said picking up one of the paddles "I will warm you up a little bit before you 'make it up' to the other girls." She gave him five sharp spanks causing him to grunt and squint each time as he stared pleadingly in Jennifer's eyes. Jennifer mouthed the words I love you as Julie returned the paddle to the coffee table and calling out "Who wants to start?" This caused David's eyes to widen and he pulled against the bar holding his head and hands in place. Jennifer once again cupped his face and tenderly kissed his gagged mouth. Next to approach the coffee table David could see was Andrea. She selected one of the paddles and walked to Jennifer's side locking eyes with David. "This is for Jennifer, you better never even think of letting her down again." Then she stepped out David's vision taking position behind him. He tried to turn his head to follow her but Jennifer held is face in her hands bringing his attention back to his beautiful fiancé. One of the girls, David could not tell which yelled out "Take it like a man!" followed by several "Whew's" and "Oh Yeah's!" as the gathering took on a carnival like atmosphere. Andrea, like Julie giving David his little warm up, gave David five blows as well, although notable delivered with much more force. This had David almost screaming into the gag and unlike Julie came around and kissed David on the cheek warning him "You better never hurt Jennifer" before she laid her paddle back down on the table and called "Next." Jennifer now in a pattern held David's face in her hands once again giving him more words of encouragement then kissing his gagged mouth as he pleaded with his eyes to Jennifer to stop this. His focus broke again as Joselind was the next to chose one of the assorted paddles. Turning the paddle over in her hand she approached David and stood next to Jennifer and spanking her own hand teased "Ouch, this is gonna hurt" which brought a roaring round of laughter from the group. Then adding "Let's see if I can add some more color to those cheeks" as she stepped around to deliver her blows. Jennifer continued to hold his face as he screamed into the gag, staring deeply into his eyes as Joselind started her assault on his poor tender behind. After she delivered her fifth and final bow she stepped around to give David his all is forgiven kiss on the cheek. Looking him in the eye she told him for all to hear "you did god but I am afraid by the end of this you may have a very hard time sitting down tomorrow." David could hear the partygoers but could not distinguish conversations as his attention was fully fixed on the face in front of him. Joselind patted him on the ass eliciting a final groan from him before going and placing her paddle back on the table and calling "Next." Next was Lisa. Lisa strolled over to the table picked up each paddle carefully looking them over and looking over to poor David in between each giving David time to reflect on his fate. She did this just as she had done when she played softball in college as she prepared in the batter's box before finally deciding on one. She didn't even stop in front of David just walked past and took her position behind him. She gently moved the paddle over his behind preparing for her swing. "I have been looking forward to this since we first discussed what we would do if you tried to renege on the promise we all saw you make to Jennifer and first proposed this little party." David's senses heightened by the anticipation of her rubbing the paddle across his behind caught her comment and his eyes widened looking questioningly into Jennifer's, as cry of 'batter up' broke from one of the girls in the rowdy group and in doing so also breaking his concentration, as Lisa's first blow landed. David immediately started screaming thru his gag and thrashing vainly against the bench as Lisa kept landing her blows. When she had finished she to kissed David on the cheek. Then before retuning her paddle to the table tapped it on her foot just like back in her softball days all the while staring at David and calling "Next."

As they stared in each other's eyes Jennifer was starting to cry but David's attention was drawn away by Christie staring directly at him as she strode toward him with holding her paddle menacingly in her hand. She kept her eyes locked with David and but directed her conversation to Jennifer "I remember my husband's first spanking, he screamed and cried just like your sweet David is about to do. I know you love him and don't want to hurt him but trust me he will be a better man for it. Now David I know you love Jennifer. You have been doing so well. Just remember you are doing this for her and you know that you will be so much stronger when this is all over. I want you to keep telling yourself it's for you and Jennifer, can you do that? Bending over and wiping some drool from his face she asked again, can you say it? He mumbled something into his gag followed by an uh-huh. This brought a smile back to Jennifer and she held his face as he looked in her eyes. He was looking so intently he did not notice that Christie had moved and took up position behind him as she delivered her first blow. David was a mess screaming, thrashing against the bench, and now crying, but in between each successive blow Jennifer thought she could make out David muttering what sounded like "Fur u" as he braced for each blow. When Christie had delivered her five she came around to face David and told him "I forgive you too" as she leaned down and kissed his cheek. Jennifer started kissing his face and wiping away his tears all the while telling how proud she was of him. She hugged his face as she told him how much of a man he was to endure all he had for her. Just as she was reaching to unlatch David from the spanking bench Julie stopped her "Remember the note he asked to 'make it up' to each of us, and we all agreed." David was now glaring over at Julie as Jennifer let go of the latch leaving David bound to the spanking bench. As David's mind raced to figure out just what Julie could possibly mean by her comment David watched in horror as he Christie handed the attitude adjuster paddle to Jennifer. Jennifer just looked at the paddle and at David who was obviously trying to talk from behind the gag no doubt trying to say something that would convince her not to spank him. As she was struggling to build up her courage Christie hugged her and offering to be her mentor. "Here" taking her hand with the paddle in it "I will help you thru this, mentor you so to speak, trust me it's for his own good and the good of your marriage." Jennifer now standing looked down at David and asked him "You do love me don't you?" In response he nodded enthusiastically up and down mumbling "Uh-huh" repeatedly thru his gag. This lifted Jennifer's spirit and as she looked around at the faces of her friends declared "Let's do it!" and proceeded to take her position behind David. With Christie by her side Jennifer took aim at David's backside. David for his part was now thrashing wildly against the bench and screaming into his gag in a panic hoping she would stop his impending discipline session. But as she drew back Christie halted her progress saying "Stop! I think this momentous occasion calls for a toast. Jennifer, why don't you and Lisa get that bottle of champagne and some glasses for all of us so we can to do this right and I'm sure David here could use a little break before we get started.

When Lisa and Jennifer had left the room Christie gave Julie a lock to place on the latch preventing anyone without the key from releasing David, which only she had. Julie admonished David "this is going to happen whether you like it or not" as she put the lock in place, effectively sealing his fate. Christie knelt beside David taking a firm grip on his balls as spoke into his ear "Listen to me David, when Jennifer gets back you are going to get your spanking. David started to grunt his protest from behind the gag but was stopped as Christie squeezed his tender blue balls. "As I was saying you are going take this spanking from Jennifer and you will do nothing or say nothing to stop her. You made a promise and tried to break it and now you will make it up to her as you are doing for all of us, and you will make it up to all of us. Do you understand?" David said nothing. Christie squeezed his balls again and repeated her question. This time David grunted "Uh-huh." "Good now we are getting somewhere. I am going to take your gag off because I want her to her you scream when she spanks you. I think it is important, it will let her and the rest of us know that you truly making amends for your Indiscretion." I guarantee you I won't hesitate to rip your balls off if you say anything to dissuade her. She squeezed his balls even harder to emphasize her point as David grunted "OK."As she was taking off David's gag she continued. "When she gets back you are going to thank her for giving you this opportunity to prove yourself to her. You are going tell her you don't want to start off our marriage without a clear conscience and you know she must do this, it's the only way you can atone for letting her and her friends down." You are going to plead with her, you are going to ask her to please spank me, you have to let me make it up to, as your friends are my witnesses I want you to spank me. Make sure you tell you do not want her to go light on you either that you want her to do it for us. Will you do that David?" Dave was stretching his sore jaw when Christie squeezed again. "Ouch, I will, I will!" If you do or say anything that would discourage her or make her think you are not totally serious about her really giving you this spanking all of us will make you pay! Do you understand?" "Yes!" "I mean it, do you understand?" "Yes!" Upon hearing this Christie released David's balls. Stepping back around Christie said "Good David, say just what I told you and this will all be over soon. Remember we are all doing this is for Jennifer, you want her to know you are a man of your word don't you?" David now thankful to be free of the gag and summoning his courage for what was to come said "Okay I'll do it for Jennifer."

Shortly, Jennifer and Lisa reentered the room passing out their champagne glasses and filling them as they went. Jennifer was relieved when she saw David without his gag waiting quietly on the spanking bench. As Lisa continued pouring the champagne as David did indeed beg and plead with Jennifer to spank him saying the things Christie had told him. When everyone had their drinks, Christie raised her glass "A toast to David, a man of his word. May his commitments to Jennifer never fail!" They all proclaimed "To David" holding up their glasses then taking their drink. Christie then added "We can't leave David out, Jennifer why don't you share your glass with David. I could think of nothing more appropriate." With that Jennifer held the glass to David's lips and he took his drink. Christie continued "To Jennifer, Be strong in the knowledge that disciplining David will make him a better man. May he learn a valuable lesson tonight!" They all, even David, proclaimed "To Jennifer" taking their drinks again. David couldn't believe it; he was actually toasting his imminent spanking at the hands of his darling bride-to-be, mentored by her quite skilled friend as he had just experienced. After their brief celebration Christie, standing behind David, took the lead by announcing "Alright, the moment we have all been waiting for. Jennifer come here, take your paddle." Once again, she handed Jennifer the 'Attitude Adjuster.' While handing her the paddle she told Jennifer "I took David's gag off because I wanted you to have the experience I have with my Bill. When I hear him scream I know he is truly sorry for what he has done. Just like a child you want your husband to learn from his mistakes and also just like a child, go too light on him and he will think he can get away with it again."Next she instructed everyone to gather around. As they were all gathering around David's bound and positioned form Christie looking at Jennifer commented "This won't do." She reached for and pulled David's thong down as far as it would go then added "He is going to be your husband and a wife should always spank her husband's bare bottom." Jennifer positioned beside Christie and directly behind David fully exposed and waiting form, with paddle in hand, listening as Christie instructed her. "When you spank David, don't hold back, remember it is his own fault and he has no one to blame but himself. You certainly don't want him trying to break any other commitments he makes to you especially here on the eve of your marriage together." With Jennifer fired up, Christie instructed "Now pull back and let loose." Fists clenching, eyes straining, he howled with the delivery of her first two blows. "Don't forget to follow thru when you swing remember this is for his own good." He shook and screamed for all he was worth as she delivered a two more blows. Christie momentarily paused David's spanking to allow him to catch his breath and encourage Jennifer. "You're doing great now don't get distracted. You are doing this for your relationship. Now give him another." After Jennifer landed her fifth blow she handed the paddle to Christie and ran around to face David. She bent down and started kissing David. David relieved that his ordeal was finally over, was ready to get off the infernal spanking bench. Christie, still behind David and holding the paddle Jennifer had left, spoke to him tapping his balls with the paddle for emphasis and to remind him of her earlier threat. "David I know you want Jennifer to forgive you. I know you want to make it up to her; you want to prove yourself to her, now it is the time for you to prove it, the time you prove it to all of us, especially Jennifer. Beg Jennifer to finish your spanking. Beg her to give you five more. Don't let her let you off easy. Let us all know you have learned your lesson. Leave no doubt to any of us how committed you are to Jennifer. Beg Jennifer to spank you again. David's mouth dropped open. Jennifer, her face wet with David's tears, looked at Christie as she finished addressing David. She thought David had had enough but knew what Christie and all her friends now expected. David was also painfully aware of what was expected of him as well. He was also reminded of the threat Christie made earlier if he did not accept his fate by her tapping the paddle on his balls prodding him to do what she asked. Locked on the bench he knew Julie too was right, he would take this whether he liked it or not. She looked back down to David and once again cupped his face in her hands "Is there something else you want to tell me?" They locked eyes and David proceeded to beg. He begged Jennifer to spank him again declaring his love for her. He wanted to prove it to them all, he wanted to leave no doubt in their minds and pleaded with Jennifer not hold anything back. Jennifer took the paddle from Christie as she came around taking up position behind David once more. She didn't hold anything back as she let loose with wild abandon, delivering blow after blow giving the five more to her future husband. The group watched David scream away as her paddle rained down until all five had been given. When she had finished, the girls all applauded congratulating the couple as Christie gave key to Jennifer to release David from the spanking bench. The girls undid the straps holding his legs as he pulled up his thong. Jennifer helped him to his feet and the whole group hugged and held David. They continue congratulating the couple and giving David accolades for really proving himself in such a big way. Although he had never endured such a severe spanking the praising made him feel proud. As they continued partying David was happy to help Christie put away the spanking bench. He prayed he would never see that piece of equipment again. With the party winding down Jennifer and the others were prepare to leave. The group was still around the couple who were kissing and holding each when Julie informed them it was almost midnight and time for them to leave, reminding them that they had better get going if they still planned on taking Jennifer out for her last 'little night cap.' David spoke up "I won't go like this." Only to be told by Julie "Oh, no I told you before you were staying here tonight. I will be back in the morning. I will personally come back in the morning and bring you to the wedding. Besides Christie has a special surprise for Jennifer she wants your help with." Then to Christie "Are you sure you won't go with us?" "No, you girls go ahead. I don't mind at all, I'm sure David won't give me any problems" giving David a playful slap on a well spanked cheek. "Have fun and don't worry about a thing, David and I will have a nice long chat before I put him to bed." Jennifer gave David a last quick kiss, grabbed his caged cock and told him to be a good boy before turning and leaving in the limo with the others.

As they pull away Christie gave David a drink and directed him to her recliner and told him "Just relax, I am going to straighten up a little and then I we can talk." A few minutes later she came back with her own drink and another one for him. She then sat in a chair across from David, making casual conversation before asked him how he felt about tonight. Unsure of what she wanted or expected him to say he told her "I don't know. It was weird." But wanting to be polite added "I guess it was alright." "Oh, don't lie to me David. I want you to speak frankly with me. I want you to tell me how you truly feel. I think you had fun tonight. Sure the spanking thing was a little more than you anticipated but after all isn't a spanking really supposed to be a corrective measure." "It really hurt." "I know but wasn't Jennifer so happy with you?" "Yes, I think so." "Look at it this way David, You have made her the envy of all her friends and let's just say I hope you have learned a valuable lesson. You might want to think twice before ever letting Jennifer down, unless of course you would like a repeat of your spanking party." "I think I'll pass." "If you're not sure I can call the girls back." "Oh no, I'm sure! I think once was enough." "You have to admit you did have a good time and you haven't really done anything you haven't done or thought about before." "I guess not" then pointing to his crotch continued "but I will be so glad when I get this thing off. You don't know how horny I have all month." "How deliciously wicked, I can only imagine. "And to think, you haven't even been able to slip off and masturbate. How sweet, a whole months worth of 'love' all bottled up and waiting for your new bride. " It will be special." David felt very intimidated, casually sitting around in only a thong drinking openly having such an uninhibited sexual conversation with Jennifer's married friend. Even more so when she next asked him to stand next to her chair and so she could get a closer look at his chastity device. "Don't be shy David, I have already seen it tonight, and I just want to get a closer look." He was standing and as he stopped by her chair said questioningly "I don't know about this." "Oh cum now David." She said as she pulled his thong down for the second time that evening and teased "Oh that's right you can't."Then taking hold of his caged cock looked up into his eyes adding "what as shame, all locked up and no place to cum" laughing at her own joke. David now mortified, told her "I really don't think we should be doing this."Oh, don't worry David I am just having a little fun at your expense. I was thinking of getting on for my Bill and wanted to see how it worked." He stood watching as she turned it over and over just inches from her face as she examined his cock cage. It felt good and he tried to harden but the device prevented him. Christie feeling his cock trying to harden, looked back up to David as she let go of his manhood. Felling her release his cock David open his eyes and saw Christie staring directly into his soul. "I am sorry David, I only wanted a closer look, and I didn't mean to arouse you. You can sit back down. I appreciate your accommodating my request." Sitting back down he told her "I'm sorry too, I didn't mean for that to happen" "All the same thanks for the compliment, a lady likes to know she can get a rise out of a man." The both laughed at this and continued talking. She made him describe in detail his emotions thru the evening, how he felt stripping, being hardly clothed in their presence, how he felt when he realized he had placed himself on the spanking bench, and recall in detail the spankings he received from each of the girls. She told him that she enjoyed hearing his descriptions they had 'excited' her. Then teasing him again reminded him of his predicament by telling him "the only difference with us David is I will be able to take care of mine later."Both laughing she told him "You know we have all had fun with you David." "I can't believe I am saying this but it has been fun for me too." "It's getting late. I think it's time I turn in for the night, where do you want me to sleep?" You can't turn in just yet. Julie sent me a text. It seems the girls had such a good time. It appears Jennifer is in need of another good night kiss. They are on their way over as we speak. Besides I need to talk to you about a doing me a little favor for Jennifer. "Sure, what is it?" "I need you to make me a promise." "What kind of promise." "A promise to me, for Jennifer's benefit. A special gift, if you will, to show your love for her." "Okay, what?" "No, I need you to promise me David." "Okay, promise you what?" Promise me you will." "Okay." No, David I need you to say it, to say you promise you will." Okay, I promise I will. Now what is it you want me to do for Jennifer?" " I mean it David!" "Okay, Okay. I already told you I promise I will. Now what is so serious?" I'll tell you David, your promise. That is what is serious and I am going to hold you to it." "The promise you made to me, the I will promise." "Okay, I will what?" David was stunned as she told him "Now this is where it gets interesting. I want you to give your new wife a special treat on her honeymoon, not just once but each and every time. This is the, you will, part. You will, each and every time you cum, immediately go down on her. You will lick up each and every ounce of cum on your honeymoon."After some stunned silence David responded "I can't do that. Jennifer is not going…." Christie interrupted David telling him "You promised me and I am going to hold you to it, I think that lesson was pounded into you but if you need more motivation I have a little video of your earlier performances. Wouldn't it be a shame if anyone recognized your face or some other parts, maybe some of the secretaries in your building?" You can't do…" "I can and I will if you break your promise to me. But, why the fuss? Girls do it all the time. It will show a greater level of commitment to your new bride." "But what if she won't let me?" "Tell her you insist!" "I can't guarantee she would anyway." "Trust me, if you tell her and tell her like you mean it, she will. So, I insist, you will insist. Heaven forbid she gives you a blow job. If she does you better hope she will feed your cum back to you or you will see that spanking bench again, and real soon. David face it you will do it, you will eagerly do it. She better have no doubt you are enjoying eating your cum for her." David sat there stunned. "Oh David, don't look so dejected. Trust me, Jennifer will appreciate this. I would never do anything to hurt her or your relationship" Saying it the way she did, David knew she meant business and like it or not he would be doing exactly what she was asking him to do. She could see his will bending as she continued on telling him "If anything eating your cum from her will strengthen your relationship with her. Think of it as the 'cherish her' part of your vows." Breaking his trance Christie took David's hand lifting him off the recliner and leading him toward one of the back bedrooms. "Hey, David snap out of it. Jennifer is waiting outside, "put this blindfold on." "What do I need this for?" "To keep you from seeing Jennifer. Can't have you breaking tradition now can we? You know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Wait here I will be back with Jennifer, they should be here by now." "Why am I waiting here?" Sweet innocent David, you certainly are the chaste one. When the girls left earlier they had to get back to Julies apartment to meet the male strippers they hired for Jennifer other bachelorette party. It seems she got worked up seeing all those free cocks swinging around and needed some relief. So, that is what you are waiting here for, to pleasure her. When she comes in, David, I don't want you to say a word, just kneel down between her legs and pleasure her or would you rather I sent her back to the party? I am sure one of the performers would be happy to take care of her." "No! Don't! Send her in." "You want me to send her back to the party?" "No, I didn't mean it that way, you have got me all mixed up. I want her to come in. Please send her to me." "That's much better David. I think you are learning your lesson. It's always best if you just do what you are told. So when I bring Jennifer in I don't want you to say anything, just shut up and eat. Oh, and while you are taking care of her I want you to thinking about your honeymoon. She'll be right back"

David awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast cooking. David found the robe they had left for him as he showered. He was happy to have something to wear and joined Christie and Julie for breakfast. After eating breakfast he Julie took him back so he could get ready for the wedding. David put on his tux while Julie changed in one of his spare rooms. When she came out David asked "Are you ready?" and headed for the door. Julie told him "Not just yet, one more thing to do before we go. It's time you make it up to me." "Hell no I'm not letting you guys spank me again. Besides you all had your fun last night. You all took a turn at my ass." "You're right we all did enjoy your 'spanking party,' but I just gave you a warm up, so I didn't really get it made up to me, but don't worry, I have something else in mind. I want you to wear something for me." "I'll play along, what is it?" "No, David that's not how it works. You promise and then I will tell you. It really doesn't matter you are going to do what you are told anyway big boy. I am not playing, you better wear it. I am going to tell Jennifer before she goes down the aisle, she'll love it and you don't want Jennifer disappointed on her wedding day." "Okay, I promise I will wear whatever you want me to wear." "That wasn't so hard now was it?" She reached into her purse and held a butt plug up for David to see. Seeing it he told her "you can't be serious. I can't 'wear' that." "Aw, David come on we all know it was one of your fantasies to be spanked by a group of girls and it isn't the first time you have had one of these up there. David it's just a butt plug, and it's not like you haven't had a little something back there before, you can't deny it. So don't give me any trouble, we just want to have some fun with you, and I can't think of a better way to make your marriage more memorable. "

He couldn't believe she knew about that and wondered what else Jennifer had told her. "What?" "Don't you know David; we girls tell each other everything. So yes, I do expect you to wear this at the wedding. It should remind you not to be a pain in the ass as you take vows. You can take it off during the reception." Handing it to him she chided him, "now go put your new little item in place and we will be off we don't want to be late. Oh, here's some lube it might be a little bigger than what you had there before." David just took it knowing it wouldn't do any good to argue and just took it and went back to his bedroom. As he emerged, gingerly walking back, from the bedroom he asked Julie "Happy now? Can we go?" "Seeing as everything is in its place, we are all set, let's go. As she drove David to the church she couldn't help but tell him that Christie had told her what David had promised to do for Jennifer as a special honeymoon surprise. She could tell he was dying of embarrassment he sat in silence.

She liked David and didn't want to be too much of a bitch as she continued. Don't worry, I think it's great. I've never had anyone do that for me but I plan on remedying that in the very near future." They continued driving and as they pulled into the church spotted Christie waiting on them. Julie took this opportunity to tease David one last time while she still had him alone. "I certainly hope you keep your promise to Christie, I think she really wants to get you back on that spanking bench." Before he could respond Julie was parked and out the door.

As David entered the church Christie greeted him, grabbing his butt in such a way as to not only feel his newly inserted butt plug pushing it deeper. This caused a startled reaction from David and he tried to play it off by hugging Christie. After their quick hug she held his shoulders at a distance and winked at him, telling him "Just checking. You're the perfect groom; chaste, caged, well spanked, plugged and ready for his honeymoon duties. After waiting this long I know you two are going to be going at it over and over again. I can't wait to hear all about it. I hope for your sake it is a good report and you were able to follow through.""Trust me, I understand completely, now let's go before we make too much of a scene." Looking around he saw Julie showing his groomsmen something on her phone. The horror struck him as she called him over. He was relieved to see that it was not what he had feared but instead the picture of them all together on the bed. They were all stunned as Julie told them how much of a stud he was and that he had satisfied them last night, playfully adding that he had even satisfied one more this morning but wouldn't say who. As Julie she made sure they all saw her with the biggest smile tell David "thanks sweetie." The small group of men congratulated David on his exploits from the previous night, completely understanding and forgiving him for ditching them last night.

The wedding proceeded without a hitch and after saying their vows David lifted Jennifer's veil to kiss her and was immediately drawn to the key nestled between her breasts attached to the necklace she wore. Leaving for the reception she told David she thought it was so wonderful when Julie told her that he was also going to wearing the butt plug during the ceremony as further sign of his submissiveness and total sexual surrender to her always. With the taking of his vows his femdom fantasies had now become his reality.At the reception all groomsmen were still reeling from Julie's revelation. As his best man, Chris questioned Julie again wanting to hear more. Julie told him "Let's just say David know how to please a woman" Since we left last night I can tell you each one of has been 'satisfied' by Dave. I know I was really pleased me this morning. If you don't believe me ask any of us." Chris looked over and seeing Christie and asked Julie "Even the married girl?" Calling Christie over to join them she telling her "I don't think Chris here believes me. So why don't you tell him. Last night did you, shall we say, get any satisfaction from David?" As they had all rehearsed the story they would tell his groomsmen about the events of the last night, Christie leaned into the group and in a low whisper to Chris and Jim, another groomsman, who was just now joining the group " Oh, yeah David was amazing, not a one of us left the house unsatisfied, especially Jennifer. After all she is his bride, you know." Chris asked "No shit?" "Yeah, really, I will swear on a stack of bibles in this church."Christie told him. "There you go." said Julie. "David is one lucky son of a bitch" Jim added. "No, Jennifer is one lucky gal!"Christie responded before leaving to mingle with others. Jennifer or one of the other bridesmaids somehow seemed to keep David from slipping off and removing his plug for most of the reception. David's groomsmen would occasionally catch him dancing with one of the bridesmaids and would invariably see them rub a thigh or hand into his crotch only adding to his growing reputation as the stud that satisfied the whole bridal party the night before the wedding. This they all did not only to add credence to their story but also to sneak a quick feel of his caged cock, teasing David mercilessly one last time before his honeymoon. Finally Jennifer rescued him taking him so they change and leave on their honeymoon. As they entered the dressing room Julie was waiting on them with gift bag stuffed with tissue. We all couldn't resist and pitched in to get David a little something for his journey. She handed it to David and as he pulled their gift from the bag told him "It is just a little something we all wanted to give you for your trip. Something to help make sure you don't have any 'accidents' before you get to your room." As she finished he found himself looking at a plastic version of the infernal device he had been locked in for the last month. She handed Jennifer two plastic locks telling her "One for the way there and the other for the way back unless of course he doesn't do everything he can to please you, you might have to lock him up early. Why don't you put it on him now? I'll wait and that way I can take his special 'wedding jewelry' with me. Christie has something she wants to add to it now that you are married she thinks will help make him a dream lover." Jennifer smiled as she took David into the other room and changed his chastity devices before his poor cock could even get hard. When they came back Julie took the metal device from Jennifer David gave her a look wondering just what she was up to. Then she spoke to David "Oh, Don't worry David I promise I will have it ready for you to wear again just as soon as you get back from your honeymoon. I promise. And I always keep my promises; remember that, now you two have fun." Then turning to Jennifer said "I expect to hear all the juicy details when you get back." And with that she left them to get ready for honeymoon. It didn't register with him, until Julie had bagged his other device and was leaving just how swiftly and skillfully Jennifer had changed his chastity devices securing him in his new prison, that maybe she had done this before. As he looked into her eyes he knew he wouldn't ask what he would be doing and that he would be doing exactly what he was told for a long time...

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