Patiently Waiting

Submitted by: Betsy Anne West

I am so excited. Tonight is the night. Since I arrived today, I have been trying to impress my new gorgeous Mistress. This is our first night together, and she promised something special. Today has already been special. I hoped she might unlock my stainless steel chastity. Although it was custom made, it pinches and becomes very uncomfortable when I am so active all day. I wear it 24/7, but I hate it every minute of every day. Mistress says it keeps me in line. She loves it, and rarely takes it off. If she wants sex, she unlocks the frontpiece only, and fucks me. If she wants to tease, she edges me for a while, then lubricates my turgid member, and pushes it deftly back into the clear acrylic tube, and locks it back in place. It has been two months since my last release, but I hope tonight will be the night.

I cleaned her house, started the new dungeon in the basement, and made her the best dinner that I have ever made. Now I am waiting on my knees by the foot of her bed. I hear the sound of pee in the bowl, and there is no flush. She took quite a while in the bathroom. Then, the light showing under the door went out, and I knew she would soon emerge, my Darling, my Mistress.

"Bobbi, are you on your knees?" she queried, as she emerged from the bathroom. "Oh, good," she gushed, as she saw me facing straight ahead, just like she left me. "If you get thirsty....."

She turned out the lights, except for a little night light that glowed from the far wall. She giggled as she hopped into bed. I could see from the corner of my eye that she was wearing panties, tiny silk bikini panties.

She situated herself in the bed, her long, beautiful legs spread wide, the sheets thrown to the side.

"Listen closely, my little Dicklet," she began. "I want you to follow orders exactly. You know better that to not follow my orders, don't you? Don't speak! Just nod." She waited for my affirmative response.

"I bet you thought you were going to fuck me tonight, didn't you?" She paused and smiled. "Oh, Bobbi, I am not that easy, and although I love you dearly, and I really do, you must earn everything with me."

She motioned for me to climb onto the foot of the bed.

"Come here, and put your head between my legs. Push that wonderful tongue of yours through the crotch of my panties, and tickle my asshole with your tongue." I did as I was told. I felt her firm, strong legs wrap around my head holding me securely. She folded the sheets over her, and my head was covered and secure.

She pulled the sheets up at the top, and peered down at my eyes. I could see and hear her, but her position effectively prevented me from any speech, and all she could see was my eyes, and the top of my head. My eyes were wide open, not knowing what to expect.

"Darling, I hope you are comfortable." She smiled wryly. It was the mischievous smile that I have come to know and love, and also fear. The last time I saw that smile was earlier today when she attached nipple clamps with bells on to my nipples. Here it was again.

"Whatever you do, do not move, Sissy," she whispered. "Do you know what a Dutch Oven is. When a man farts, it is yuck. When a Sissy farts, it is punishable by whipping. When Mistress farts, it is beautiful. I am going to fart in your face. You will take in every bit of it, and cherish it. You will stay in that position, and you had better not waste such a wonderful essence as my fart." With that she let the covers drop, and I felt the sheets settle in against my body.

"Oh, there is the first one. Just a little one, for my Sissy. But there is more to come. I do not know why, but I have lots of farts tonight for you. I hope you appreciate this." I made no sound or motion, except to breathe in deeply.

She pulled the covers up again, so she could see me. "Was that nice, dear?" she asked. "That is your special gift for tonight. She let the covers drop again, and released more Mistress gas from her luscious, puckered asshole. I continued to tend to her ass, through the thin, silk panties.

After about twenty minutes, she threw the covers off. "I am so horny, Bobbi. I need to come. So do you, Baby, but it won't happen tonight. Don't cry, Darling. It will be alright. You saw the key on the necklace and thought it meant I wanted you. Well, I do want you. I want your wonderful tongue. Tonight you get to lick my ass, and if you do a great job, I will let you worship my passion slit, teasing my clitoris with your most talented appendage." She removed her panties with a single motion, rolled over and spread her asscheeks. The motion was so quick that I almost fell off the bed.

She encouraged me to do a great job, to avoid the thirty lashes that she had determined would be my punishment for not pleasing her. I licked her asshole, pushing my tongue deeply into the canal, tasting the gamey liquid that lubricated her tube. She farted twice during this, and one was exceptionally wet.

"Did you like that, you pervert?" she asked. "Do you like being baked in the dutch oven?" I redoubled my efforts, and she moaned.

Soon, she threw off the covers once more, and turned over, to expose her hot, swollen pussy. She pulled my face into her wet sex, and ground my face into her mound. She came with a loud moan, then continued humping my face for a long time. She came at least twice after that.

At the end of her ride, she told me to stand, and come to the side of the bed. She affixed handcuffs behind me, and told me to spend the night in the lounge chair in the corner of the room. I had earned that bit of comfort. I could not imagine what would await me in the morning. But here I was, patiently waiting.

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