A Dutiful Husband

Submitted by: Donna's Devoted

Before heading out for a nite on the town with the girls, Donna locked John's penis cage on, gently squeezing his balls as she clicked the padlock shut... A smirk broke out across her face as she squeezed just a little harder, before standing up and making her way to the door..

John struggled to run behind her, as the ankle restraints he was locked into severely limited the length of his steps, his sissy heels clicked quickly on the hardwood floor as he struggled to keep up with his mistress...

John grabbed her leather black jacket, and helped her into it like the dutiful husband he was.. She was dressed all in black, wearing a black leather skirt, a black satin blouse, and of course her dominant black leather patent boots , an absolute goddess, and it took all of his will power not to throw himself at her feet in an act of worship right there and then.. Fighting the urge, he opened the front door, allowing his wife & mistress to step out into the nite..

A nite of alcohol, dancing and a good gossip with her girlfriends lay ahead for Donna. John's nite however would be consumed with ironing, washing and completing the list of chores his mistress had left for him.. Modern marriages, how times had changed.

Donna knew that the list she left would be almost impossible to complete in time, her bitch would have to work non stop, as she danced the nite away, to have any chance of completing his chores before she returned.. As she sipped on her vodka listening to her friends moan about their partners, she knew that her sissy bitch would be breaking into a sweat trying to complete his list of chores, she couldn't help but smile..

It was about 2.30am, when John heard the taxi pull up outside the house. He had only just completed his chores about 10 minutes earlier, and had been waiting dutifully at the door, ready to open it as Donna reached it.

As she walked towards the door, it opened fully before she reached it, allowing her to move inside the house without breaking her stride. What a good dutiful sissy bitch her husband was, she thought to herself. Maybe she should share the secret of a successful marriage to her girlfriends, men had to know their place in the pecking order, and that was at their wives feet. She stood for a second, as her sissy slut curtsied in front of her, before helping her to remove her jacket.

As Donna walked into the living room, she heard the door close, and the sound of her sissy slut's heels clicking furiously on the floor, as he struggled to follow behind her. She sat down, clicking her fingers as she did, an order that her sissy slut fully understood. John quickly feel to his knees, offering his mistress a cigarette, which he lit, before assuming the role of his mistress's ashtray.

As she enjoyed her cigarette, Donna surveyed the room, all the washing was gone, his chores looked to have been completed. Her gazed moved towards her kneeling sissy husband, quivering before her. Regardless of completing his chores, a thrashing with her cane would be his reward, Donna thought to herself.

Unfortunately for John, Donna had consumed quite a lot of vodka, which usually resulted in her more dominant and sadistic traits coming to the fore.. And to make matters worse, tonight her friend Claire had spent a large portion of the nite unloading her woes onto Donna, most of which related to husbands bad behaviour.

No, Donna thought to herself, regardless of his success in completing his chores, John would have to pay for the misdemeanours of Claire's husband. That was part of the benefit of being in control, her rules, her whims, fairness was not part of the equation. It was her duty to redress the balance, he was male after all, and as a dominant female, she had to exercise this power, if only to show solidarity with her less fortunate girlfriends.

Finishing her cigarette, Donna stood up and walked past John grabbing his hair as she did, and quickly dragged him into the centre of the room. 'Hands on the floor, arse up, and eyes down bitch', she commanded. John quickly complied, he held the position motionlessly, as he heard Donna leave the room.

Over the years John had grown to fear Donna's punishment beatings, he dreaded them, especially once he had assumed the position awaiting the beginning of his punishment. This quiet time was the worst, knowing what awaited and that he was completely powerless to resist his wife and mistress's wrath, a consequence of his total submission to her will.

It seemed like an eternity before Donna returned. She approached John from the rear, holding her whip in her right hand, as her left hand stroked the strap-on cock she was now wearing.

She flicked her sissy slut's maid uniform up to expose John's arse, before running her cane gently across his bum cheeks. She playfully ran the cane across his arse, with the occasion lite hit a number of times. John quivered, as the fear grew within him. He knew this gentle teasing would end soon, and a severe thrashing would quickly follow.

Donna soon assumed a position horizontal to John's exposed arse, enough play time she thought, it's time for retribution. She steadied herself before unleashing a firm stroke across her sissy slut's arse. John recoiled from the blow, and struggled to hold his position, another two bows quickly followed. As the pain shot through his body, John braced himself for further blows. 'What do you say bitch?', Donna exclaimed. 'Thank you Mistress', John blurted out.

'Do you want more bitch?', Donna asked. A loaded question, no he didn't want more John thought. His arse was on fire, and he was dreading more blows. Unfortunately, he knew that he would have to beg for more. Through gritted teeth he spluttered out 'yes please Mistress'. 'Beg', came the response from Donna. As he begged and thanked Donna for each blow, Donna furiously unleashed blow after blow. As tears streamed down John's face, Donna finally relented.

Standing back admiring her handy work, she moved over to the table and picked up her lubrication jelly, before handing it to John. 'Ok, bitch, lets see how good a little slut your really are, lubricate my cock slut', Donna ordered. John quickly rubbed jelly up and down Donna's hard plastic cock. His ordeal was far from over. Once her cock was well lubricated, Donna dragged John over to the couch and bent him over it.

John flinched, as he felt Donna entered him from behind, 'there there slut, relax, I'll be gentle with you, now who's my bitch??', Donna whispered into John's ear. 'I'm your bitch Mistress', John quickly responded. Donna started to thrust slowly in and out, her bitch groaning as she did. On each thrust forward, shivers from her cliterous ran up her body, as her juices began to flow. She found herself thrusting faster and faster, as her excitement grew.

Within fives minutes, Donna was thrusting as hard as she could, as her organism began, she started biting into her slut's exposed neck, and her nails clenched tighter and tighter into his body. Before she knew it, she had came, and she began to release her grip on her slut. As she pulled herself out from her bitch, she felt all powerful and more importantly sexually satisfied...

As Donna slumped onto the couch, John quickly sprang up, and offered his mistress a cigarette. As he lit her cigarette, the command 'eyes down', rang out from Donna. He quickly obeyed.

The ordeal had only intensified his desire to worship his beautiful and dominant wife. He truly was his wife's slut, and they both knew it... He would forever be subordinate to her, born to serve and worship at her feet, as he sneaked a glance up at her, he knew he was truly privileged...

The End..

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