Jean's Fitting Day

Submitted by: ChastityGirl

Synopsis: A young woman simply can't control herself and gets fitted with an inescapable chastity belt as a reward.

Jean is driven to her chastity belt manufacturer to pick up her belt and be locked in. This leads to some interesting adventures for her and a discovery about her daughter.

Jean has been my live in girlfriend for the past five years; she was a single mom with an 18 year old daughter who did not live at home. Jean had had a rocky marriage as she simply could not say no to anybody. When she was still in college she was known as “One Drink Jean”. When she wasn't in the rack with somebody she constantly masturbated with one of her many dildoes. Jean's choice of clothes left little to the imagination; sheer fitted tops, short shorts in the summer that exposed the bottom of her butt cheeks, impossibly tight spandex britches when it got colder. She had a figure to die for: 36” DD tits, 26” waist and a firm 38” butt. Her butt was perhaps a little big, but that never bothered me at all.

When she chose to wear a bra it was usually a custom made quarter cup bra designed to lift and project her boobs and nipples. Unlike the cheaply made garbage you see on the internet, this bra was properly underwired and supported her magnificent boobs perfectly. She had quite a collection of very tight heavy latex thongs that she used to keep her dildoes snugly in her pussy when she went out shopping or for wearing just around the house.

All this said, she was a wonderful, smart, playful companion; kept a neat and orderly house and was a pleasure to be with most of the time. After five years, however I had just gotten tired of her constant infidelities and coming home to find her with a big electric dildoe in her pussy and a butt plug up her ass. We must have talked about it fifty times, but Jean finally admitted she was just unable to control her sexual desires.

I then gave Jean a choice: She could either be fitted for a chastity belt or have her pussy lips pierced with eight 3/4" stainless steel rings which would be permanently pressed closed. After showing her what her vagina would look like on the internet and explaining how once the rings were pressed closed they lock together and are no longer removable. It's a one way street I explained. The upside of having her pussy locked up with rings is they are a lot lighter; don't show under tight clothes and probably a lot more comfortable after her pussy lips have healed. The downside is they are permanent. Trying to cut them off is not an option as the sharp edges caused by a bolt cutter, for instance, would badly tear her lips as you ripped them out and cause potentially fatal bleeding. The belt was clearly a safer idea.

Jean was in shock. I explained that I would hold the keys and she would not be let out except very occasionally for cleaning and inspection. Her pubic hair would have to be permanently removed via laser exfoliation and she would have to also wear thigh bands to limit her stride and force her to wear only skirts and dresses from now on.

Whenever the belt was removed for cleaning, Jean would be handcuffed and a heavy latex hood would be placed on her while the belt was off. It would have nose holes only and a 2.5" penis gag inside it to silence Jean and make wearing the hood quite unpleasant. This was designed to reduce or eliminate any resistance to re-applying the belt. Jean still thought I was not serious and I let her continue to believe that while I was arranging an appointment with the manufacturer in New Hampshire. We live in Connecticut, so it was about a five hour drive.

The appointment was scheduled for next week but I didn't tell Jean. Next Thursday I woke Jean up early and told her we were going for a drive in the country. She was excited that I had taken the day off from work, but hadn't put all the pieces together in her mind yet. I realized that as soon as she figured it out, she would resist and cause a problem, so as soon as she was dressed I hugged her and slipped on a pair of handcuffs. We often play at bedroom bondage so this was not too surprising to her. What did surprise her were the heavy ankle shackles I locked on where I had taken all the slack out of the connecting chain so Jean could not walk at all. Then I put on a hood with just little pin-prick holes for her eyes and mouth.

Now she figured it out and started to squawk. I told her to please be quiet or I would use the hood with the Penis gag. She hates that one, so she became very quiet and began to ask if we were really going to have her fitted today. I said yes, the time had come. I carried her to the car and belted her in. With her hands cuffed behind her back she can't release the seat belt; especially after I pulled all the slack out of the belt and with a jerk set the automatic retractors in lock position. I pulled the draw strings tight on the hood attached to a windbreaker I had put on her to we would not attract any unwanted attention as we drove to New Hampshire. I really didn't want to have to explain to a state policeman why my girlfriend was in shackles and was wearing a latex hood.

Off we went. About half way there I pulled over to give Jean some water and food. I kept her cuffed so I had to hand feed her a sandwich which she appreciated. She was getting very nervous now and started to ask more detailed questions about her chastity belt. As we continued our drive I explained that there were two basic types of belt differentiated primarily by either the use of chains that went over her butt or a thong style which had a single cable up the back. I never considered the solid back style with a hole to shit through. I just did not believe good hygiene was possible. I explained to Jean that the thong variety was less noticeable under clothes than the chain style, but caused major problems going to the bathroom, so we would be getting a four chain belt.

The four chain design is a new one with two of the chains placed in the traditional manner crossing directly over her ass cheeks and fastened to the waistband about 2-3 inches on either side of center back. This model adds two more chains that sit under her ass cheeks and fasten to the waist band about midway around the belt. Much more in the style of a male jock strap. The purpose of the additional chains is to both supply some lift to her rear, and to insure the front shield cannot be pulled to the side at all thus insuring no chance of sneaking a finger under the belt when the shield was out of place. The manufacturer also explained that with 4 chains supplying tension on the front shield, each chain could be a little less tight making the belt more comfortable for long term wear. I was impressed, and that's what I ordered.

We arrived and I asked Jean if she wanted the hood off or on thinking she might want to remain incognito. Surprisingly, she requested to be kept in the hood. With her leg shackles removed, but still handcuffed, Jean was able to walk to the front door. We were met by the owner who welcomed us warmly and introduced us to his assistant who was also his wife. After some small talk, he asked Jean to disrobe completely which she did although a little reluctantly. His wife noticed Jean's bra and got into quite a discussion about it; where she had it made, what did it cost and kept remarking how perfectly it supported Jean's breasts. The owner then apologized and said he had forgotten to tell me that Jean was supposed to have shaved off all her pubic hair so he could make accurate measurements. He said, not to worry, his wife would shave Jean right now.

The two of them went off and about a minute later I heard a huge gasp from Jean. The owner said he suspected Jean had just seen that his wife was wearing a chastity belt. He explained that she wanted to be belted and loved the restriction of the belt and thigh chains. She feels safer, and much hornier wearing it, and the sex they have when it comes off is fantastic. I asked him how often she was released and he said about once a month for a few hours. He also said that when the belt is first put on, it should stay on for at least three months to drive home to the wearer that they are in chastity from now on and it's not a game. Made sense to me.

Jean and his wife returned, and the measurements started. He took about 18 separate measurements explaining that a Chastity Belt had to be precisely fit to insure security, comfort and control. Too loose causes chafing and may not protect against unauthorized access. Too tight, and it can cause damage. When he was finished, he asked if I wanted to put Jean in a set of trainer thigh bands to get her used to them. He would loan me a steel bondage belt to attach them to which he would take back when Jeans belt was ready. I agreed and we discussed where the bands would ride. He suggested about 3/4 of the way down the thigh where they would be most effective in limiting Jean's stride and would make it dangerous to wear short skirts as the bands would show. He then told me he had an optional band to band connector that rather than a chain, it was solid bar 6” long with pivots at each end so Jeans legs could move back and forth. The interesting part is when Jean would walk; the bar would force her thighs 6” apart as her legs crossed each other and then pull them back together at the end of the stride. When Jean sat, her knees would always be exactly 6 inches apart. No more demure knees together sitting anymore. It was funny to watch her walk as it was sort of a waddle which caused her ass to roll nicely. She really hated it. I loved it, so we agreed to loan us both the chains and solid bar, so I could decide how Jean would walk each day.

We were finished, and Jean said we had to take off the thigh bands as she couldn't get her pants on. I laughed and said, well I guess you'll be riding home with no pants then, because the bands are not coming off and the solid bar stay in place. Jean was bundled into the car with just her blouse on and belted into place. She was really complaining now so I put on her heavy hood with the penis gag and she quieted right down. I told her it could come off in 1 hour if she promised to behave for the rest of the trip. She nodded her head violently.

The drive home was uneventful, and we arrived in about 5 hours. It was late so we decided to have a light supper. Jean put on a skirt and looked completely normal. Next morning Jean complained that the 6” bar actually kept her feet 18” apart and it was beginning to hurt. I removed it and replaced it with a single large lock that held her thighs completely together. She could only walk by knee motion and only in steps a few inched long. Going up and down stairs normally was impossible. Perfect, however, for a hard morning OTK spanking. Now she could only lift her lower legs to kick as I spanked her. I used the heavy hair brush to make the point that Jean no longer was an equal; she was my slave. After 25 spanks to each cheek, her ass was bright red and she was crying and begging me to stop. She promised she would be a good, obedient slave from now on. We'll see; it usually takes at least half a dozen real doses of corporal punishment for the message to sink in. I undid the lock and replaced it with the 6” chain, and told her to fix herself up and do her normal chores as I was off to work.

6 weeks pass and we get a call that Jean's belt is ready. Jean has been very good, and with the thigh chains locked on is clearly not in any position to have any sex with other men. She, of course, is pleasuring herself even more as a result. This will end soon.

Several times I have left her with her knees locked together and its fun to watch her go up and down our stairs. She has to start by sitting backwards on the first stair, lift her butt up one step, pull in her legs to the next lower step and lift her butt up to the next one and so on. It takes her about 8 minutes to climb the stairs. If her chores are not done when I get home, she knows she will be spanked so I make sure she has to climb and descend the stairs many times during the day.

The Fitting:

For the drive up for her fitting, I just locked her knees together, foregoing the leg shackles, handcuffed her as expected but left off the hood. She was now resigned to being belted after six weeks of thigh band training. I never took them off as there was no need except when she had laser removal of her pubic hair a few days before we left to get her belt.

After some additional bending and tweaking, she was now encased in steel. What an amazing sight. It was a work of art and fit like a glove. No way was anything going to get into her pussy again. The 4 chain design is perfect; it lifts her butt and keeps the front shield perfectly in place. The locking design is a work of genius. No protruding padlocks or "coke machine" type rotary locks, rather the waist belt has two spikes on each side with spring loaded tangs that slip into two round receptacles in the crotch piece. The tangs are designed with a bevel on the leading edge so they will push into the crotch piece and then pop open when past the entrance flange and the non beveled back of the tang will lock behind the entrance flange and not pull out.

Unlocking the belt is a little more complicated. First you have to attach a USB cable to the belt and, just like modern car keys my computer has to recognize the belts unique cryptographic identification code, then I have to enter the correct challenge password and if there is a match the USB port will inform the belt that it may complete the circuit from the USB connector to 4 electromagnets which will pull back the four locking tangs and release the belt. No keys, no "special tools" just a fully encrypted mechanism to unlock it. He supplied me with a backup USB flash stick so if my computer dies, I can enable a different machine to unlock it. He suggested I keep the stick in a safe deposit box to make sure I don't lose it.

The belt and chains are aircraft grade titanium, so sawing it off is problematic if not impossible at best.

The most unique feature is the crotch plate which has a 1" inch plug that is screwed into the plate directly over her vagina. It has the same sort of one-way spring loaded tangs so it only screws in, not out. Removing it uses the same encrypted release mechanism. The plug serves two purposes: One is to insert a tampon during Jean's period and the other is to insert an electric dildoe should I desire. The basic plug is only as thick as the belt itself and is used to insert tampons or for general use. The dildoe plug however has a 7" dildoe driven by a Tens electro unit (ErosTech) that can be screwed in if I want to give Jean a little fun without taking off the belt. The first time I tried it, I set the power unit a little too high and Jean started screaming and writhing on the bed where she had been bound to make sure she didn't give me any trouble changing the plugs. I backed it off to 5 and Jean started to buck in rhythm with the program I had chosen. It was specifically designed to start slow and speed up the frequency and pattern of jolts to build towards an orgasm. Jean had been without one for 1 week vs. her normal several a day and had been slowly going crazy – She kept trying to stick her fingers, pencils, pens whatever under the belt and into her vagina or clit. I let her try because I knew the belt was completely secure. In fact, it was fun just to watch her try.

When Jean came, it was explosive; she kept screaming More, More, More and then collapsed back on the bed. I left the dildoe plug in her and untied her. I have never seen something like her hugging my legs on her knees begging for another Orgasm. She whimpered and cried for 30 minutes until I gagged her and locked her in her room.

I also purchased both the 6" thigh bar and a 8" bar that keeps her feet 24" apart. A spreader bar in disguise! Should be great for a little anal sex, and it won't matter if Jean wants to or not because she'll have no choice!

1 Month Report:

Jean is climbing the wall. She pulls on her belt all the time and begs for release or at least another Orgasm. I have already told her that the belt stays on for three months until I take it off for just a few hours for inspection and possibly sex and then it goes right back on. While I have told her that I don't expect to ever let her out for good, and chastity is now her way of life, I don't think she believes it. Yet.

She has gotten much better walking with the 6" thigh bar, but still hates the way it makes her swing her hips. It also makes climbing steps hard as the bar is hinged only for back and forth movement, not up and down. You have to learn to bend one knee and sort of swing your foot up onto a stair and then drag up the other foot. You simply cannot just walk up stairs. Jean now knows that she will be motion restrained in some way all the time going forward. It is her lot in life now. She is quieter and complains less now that she understands there is no hope of escape and no chance she will be released any time soon if ever.

Her Daughter arrives:

And all hell breaks loose. Everything started fine. Jean and her daughter don't get along that well, primarily because she knows Jean's loose ways broke up her marriage and home. Everyone was on good behavior and I suggested we all have a drink before dinner. Jean went into the kitchen make them when her daughter asked her why she was walking so strangely. Jean didn't answer, and then Jean asked me if I would get the good glasses which were on the top shelf and you needed a step ladder to reach them. Her daughter asked, in a nasty sort of way, why couldn't Jean get them herself. Then Jean did something stupid in retrospect: She stated that she couldn't climb up on the stepladder. Her daughter walked into the kitchen and asked why not. Jean pulled up her skirt and showed her daughter the thigh bands with the solid bar installed.

Silence ensued and the daughter finally demanded to know what was going on. I asked Jean if she wanted to answer that question, or should I. Jean said I should so I waited till we all had drinks and told her daughter in some detail how it came to be that Jean was in a chastity belt and why. Jean has become so submissive that she didn't even try to stop her daughter when she pulled up her skirt and exposed the belt.

Silence again, and then she laughed. She said it's about time something like this happened, and took a close look at the belt. She marveled at its design an asked a lot of questions about it. Jean was beet red, but her daughter was getting really excited. I explained about the different ways to attach the thigh bands to each other and demonstrated the lock the knees together option and the 8" bar option. Her daughter was beginning to breathe very heavily and I realized she was getting very turned on, but I was wrong as to why. I thought the concept of a chastity belt was exciting her, and maybe it was, but the real reason was very different.

Her daughter asked me if we could speak privately for a few minutes and I agreed. We stepped outside and she asked if she could ask a direct and possibly offensive question, adding that if I did not like it, she would never bring it up again and hoped it would not impact our relationship. I said go ahead, more curious than ever. She said she had listened to her mother get fucked her whole life and now she wanted to fuck her mother in the ass to pay her back and make her beg me to stop. I was stunned, but could see where she was coming from. She said it hit her when she saw the 8" bar and how it would hold her mother's thighs and ass cheeks apart allowing easy access to her anus. She wanted to bend her mother over a bed and, to use her words, pound the living shit out of her. I thought about it, and thought she needed this chance for catharsis and possibly even redemption for her mother. I said OK, but it had to be a private thing between her and her mother. I would hang out in the garage until she came to get me.

She went upstairs and apparently came down completely naked with a strap on. Jean started to jump back in panic and fell because she forgot the thigh bar. As I head later, her daughter, Beth, pulled off her skirt, grabbed her by her ears and slapped her several times hard. She literally ripped off her blouse and when she saw Jean's usual quarter cup bra started to scream at her and call her a slut and a whore and pretty much anything you can think of. Jean was begging her to stop and saying how sorry she was, but Beth wasn't listening. Beth bent her over the couch by her ears and started to work the dildoe into her ass. Jean screamed that it hurt and Beth just slapped her again and told her to shut up. Beth was yelling: "Do you feel that you fucking bitch, that's my cock up you slut ass, where it's going to stay until I have broken you!" As far as I can tell, Beth kept fucking her for about 15 minutes straight and then started to spank Jean. She was begging Beth to stop, who just screamed back: "I've just started, you haven't seen anything yet."

I snuck in the back door to the kitchen to refill my drink, and peeking around the corner I saw that Beth had Jean pinned to the wall and was slapping her boobs as hard as she could; and Beth is no lightweight. Jean had told me she was a star soccer and basketball player in high school. Between each slap, Jean was counting them and asking for another because she deserved it. She missed a count and Beth stopped and said: "Your punishment was 100 slaps, now it's 125 and we're only at 70 you miserable whore. You deserve a lot more than that, and I'm going to visit more often now and see that you get them!" With that she started again with Jean now choking in tears. 15 minutes later it was over and Beth came to get me, still naked. She was still highly flushed and sweating. Jean was lying in the corner with her legs obscenely spread by the thigh bar shaking and whimpering over and over again how she was so sorry she ruined Beth's life and destroyed her chance for a college education. Now that was news to me, and gave me an idea.

Beth, quite matter of factly said she was hungry and let's go out to dinner. I said OK, and let's all get cleaned up. I swapped the 8" thigh bar for the chains, kissed and hugged Jean, who was a complete wreck, and told her to take a shower and get ready to go out.

30 minutes later (Well, you know women) we left and had a great Italian dinner across town and everybody seemed to have calmed down and Beth displayed real affection for Jean, who she had just fucked and beaten for almost 2 hours. During dinner I asked Beth a lot of questions about College. I Had to re-focus the discussion a few times when Beth wanted to go into rant mode about the missed chances in her life. Jean's eyes would start to cloud up when this happened but, of course, this is not why I was asking questions. I wanted to see if Beth was a serious college potential candidate and if she could even be accepted to a good college.

Turns out Beth had great grades except in Math, and had been accepted at NYU, Columbia (Wow!) and Boston College. She did not qualify for a scholarship as her parents were still married at that time. She missed the acceptance window and by next year she was living in Brooklyn working as a waitress since she had moved out of her Mother's home. I said three things to her that night: 1: Re-apply, 2: Go to summer school and learn to deal with math, you will need it (Truth in advertising: I'm an engineer, so sort of biased here) and 3: If you do 1 and 2, I will send you to college. (Turns out I have plenty of money after taking two Silicon Valley companies public – Jean never knew this as I never flaunt nor discuss money unlike the idiots in LA who live for Bling).

Dénouement: (FYI - French for Ending)

Jean and Beth started to cry and hugged each other (Good thing), Beth got re-accepted at Columbia (Good Thing) and Jean served out her 5 year sentence in chastity, based on the five years she misbehaved with me, and voluntarily re-committed to another five years. It really was her choice as I made her take off the belt for 30 days before making a decision I would accept. Beth has asked to be belted at least for her first year at Columbia to better focus on her studies. Our agreement is a 3.5 GPA gives her the right to leave chastity, a 4.0 she must leave chastity as she clearly isn't having a good enough time, and anything below that renews her chastity for the following academic year.

Beth is doing well and recently wrote that she let a date she was fond of spend the night in her room. He discovered her belt and was blown away. She made him lick her belt, her ass and toes clean and then kicked him out at 2 AM. Good old Beth. Jean is happily back in chastity but now controls the computer codes to her thigh bands. Strangely, she uses the solid bars more than anything else. She says she likes the constant reminder of her motion restriction and role as a subservient wife (Yes! we got married right after Beth got accepted at Columbia.)

Beth has a "serious" BF and wants him in chastity. I wish she knew these things cost $2500.00! But, after I meet him, if it's really serious I'll spring for it. My guess is he's the first "big love", and there will be many more after the first "big break-up", which will be the end of the world for at least 2 weeks. Jean, after a trip to Saudi Arabia has become a fan of Burqas and wears them whenever she is out of the house. She's naked, except for her belt, under them, which she explains is why she loves them. I'll obviously never understand women.


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