Cecilia - The Story

Submitted by: Captain Bonio

For Cecilia who made my dreams come true and then shattered them, but despite all forever changed me.

Cecilia lived a good life. She wanted for nothing. She deserved a good life, because as a child and a young woman things had not been good. All that hardship, all that pain, all that suffering now was a thing of the past because she had her own personal slave. A slave to take care of all her needs.. her safely, her security, her future and most of all her need to control and hurt.

Her relationship with her slave had started in a completely different way, she subservient to his needs, she looking for love in a more traditional way, and hoping that he would do the right thing, marry her, and provide her with a life of happiness. Sex was very important to both of them, and especially to Cecilia, as she loved to orgasm...

She had realised after a while that how hard his cock was during those sessions seemed to be dependent on what she wore, and after not long she worked out that he had a high heel shoe and nylon stocking and pantyhose fetish. When she confronted him on it, he came clean on his secret, not only that he loved her to wear those things, but soon came the rest of the secret in that he loved to kiss and lick her body dressed in the tight nylon, but also to do the same with the shoes.. the higher the better. Under her insistence, he bought her more sexy outfits, tight dresses, beautiful shiny and sheer pantyhose, sheer fully fashioned stockings in black or brown or tan colours, suspender belts, corsets, and other filmy slips and gowns, and of course many pairs of heels. These started with 5 inch heels from designers, and getting more and more fetishistic, buying 6 and even 7 inch stilettos from specialist stores.. Soon, sex always involved her wearing something to drive him wild. Not only that, but he confessed that he was turned on by her long black hair, her long finger and toe nails and especially when she made herself up with heavy and dramatic makeup.

One day whilst he was at work, idly looking through pages on the internet on his computer, she stumbled onto some pages that he had been looking at before. She was not surprised to see pictures of women dressed in what turned him on, but it was what they were doing to the men with them that did. All the pictures has some form of dominance and submission in them, women whipping men, men tied up, men wearing chastity devices, men being fucked by women wearing strap on cocks, whilst wearing pantyhose or stockings, and always in high heels...

At first Cecilia was very sad to see these pictures.. he was a pervert.., but she quickly realised that she was wet.. the pictures were turning her on... The idea of beating a man, whipping him, fucking him, controlling him was so exciting. She wanted to try it....

One evening, later that week, she decided to see if he would open up, tell her if these pictures were what he secretly wanted..He was due back from a business dinner late that night, and she knew he would be a little drunk and easy to get to talk if coerced properly. She dressed with care, she shaved her pussy so nice and clean of all hair, painted her toenails now so long , a dark red. Her fingernails too, now over an inch long became red claws.. She wrapped a tight black suspender belt around her waist, and fastened shinny dark brown fully fashioned stockings to the 8 suspenders, tightening the suspenders to make the nylons wrinkle free. The she pulled up tiny sheer black nylon panties over her perfect ass, her shaved pussy clearly visible through the sheer nylon. A tiny black bra squeezed her well formed breasts together, and created a nice cleavage. Over this she squeezed into a tight black dress which came to half way down her thighs. Finally she stepped into a pair of 6 inch sandals with thin metal dagger like heels and a 1 inch platform in shiny black patent. Her red painted toes visible through the reinforced nylon covering her toes, looked enticing and seductive. She painted her beautiful face with makeup sure to make him submit, heavy around the eyes, dark eye shadow and dripping red lipstick. Her hair was long, black and straight. The stage was set...

Later that evening, he stumbled into their home, a little drunk but also a little horny.

As he entered the living room, he was surprised to see Cecilia siting in an armchair, legs crossed, dressed in the most wonderful way.. the woman of his dreams. Her legs crossed and her high heeled foot swaying back and forth.

"What are you still doing up?" he asked, and why are you dressed like that?"

"I've been waiting for you darling" she replied, "I thought we could have some fun"

"yes, wonderful, baby, How clever you are to know that I might be looking for some sex!"

She looked at him, and beckoned him over with her long fingernail, and pointing to the floor in front of her, said "why don't you come over here and sit in front of me", It was more of a command than a request, which he quickly agreed to. Sitting in front of her on his knees he was close to her swaying foot, the light from the lights in the room dancing of her sheer nylons..

He could keep his eyes away from the beautiful sight.

"Darling, I have been thinking that our sex life is a little boring" she began, speaking in a low but sensual voice.

"I think its time to make things a bit more interesting, don't you agree?"

"Yes", he agreed quickly, so entranced with what he was looking at.

"Do you like what I am wearing? " She asked, know well what the answer would be

"Yes, I do very much" he replied

"Do you like my shoes and nylons" she asked, raising her foot in front of his face.. "Do you like them enough to kiss them?"

"Yes I do" he replied, loving the fact that she was doing this, allowing him to satisfy his fetish.

"Go on then.. kiss them, lick them.. Worship them.."

He fell onto the shoes, kissing and licking them..

"That's it.. good boy... show me how much you love them, how much you love me!!

He licked them all over, and continued as she uncrossed her legs with a slither of nylon, and presented her other foot.

"Do you like to worship me Darling? Is it your secret desire?"

"Yes it is", he babbled, it was very much his secret desire.

"Would you like for me to take more control of our sex life, Darling? Let me decide what we do in future?"

"Yes, I do" he replied hastily, not really realising what he might be agreeing to

"Good darling, that is what I want too, now take all your clothes of and follow me into the bedroom"

He took of his clothes, whilst she stood there watching him, herself removing nothing, and then seeing he was done, started towards the bedroom with him following meekly behind, his cock hard and dripping with desire as he gazed upon her straight seams on the sheer stockings, and her sexy high heeled sandals.

Upon reaching the bedroom, he saw that the lights were set low, and on the bed were handcuffs and chains to the side of the bed.. Clearly this had been planned all along..

"Darling, if you wish to let me make our sex life more interesting, it is important that you submit to me, and let me make the decisions, do you agree?"

He was beyond thinking straight and agreed immediately.. "Yes, I agree, but what are those chains on the bed for" he asked nervously..

"I am going to control what happens from now on, and you will submit to all that I say.. do you agree?"

"Yes, I do", His hard cock betraying any fear or apprehension he might have had with what was unfolding in front of him.

"Good, so from now on, you will never question what I do, or say, and if you do, you might receive some punishment"

"Punishment? What do you mean by that?" he asked nervously...

"Lie on the bed Darling, and let me explain it to you..."

He lay down, and she pulled his arms into the waiting restraints, pulling him tight, spread-eagled on the bed.

"Darling, these are very tight, do you need to pull me so much?" he asked getting worried, but also very excited..

"Of course Darling.. You know you want this, you want me to control you, you need it don't you?"

He was wondering how she knew so much of his secret desire, but quickly he was spread across the bed unable to move.

Cecilia realised this was the moment to change their lives. He was tied to the bed, and she was in control.. Now it was the time to make that control permanent.

She undid her dress and slid out of it, it falling to the ground at her feet leaving her standing there in her underwear and high heels.

He looked at her lustily, wanting her so badly. This was something he had secretly desired for so many years.

She sat on the bed and then lying next to him, took his hard cock in her long nailed hands and slowly slid her hand up and down lightly digging her sharp nails into his cock..

He moaned with pleasure.. the feelings were incredible.. he felt himself starting to come and she quickly let go, leaving his cock bobbing in the air..

"Please, please let me come, I want it so much" he begged

"No darling, first we must understand some rules.. First of all you wanted to know about punishment didn't you?"

"yes", he said nervously," why do I need to be punished?"

"Its like this Darling, I will control you, because that is what you want isn't it?" Saying this she resumed rubbing his cock with her sharp nails..

"yes, yes," he quickly agreed, as the wonderful feeling returned

"And if I am in control then you have to accept all than I do don't you?"

She dug her nails in even sharper then, forcing him to agree

"Yes, yes, I accept that"

"Good and in that case, we all agree, and you can now call me Mistress, and I will call you Slave...

"Oh God" He said, realising his secret dream was coming true.

"God cant help you now, Slave, only me.. your Mistress"

He was close to coming once again as she let go of his rampant cock, which was begging for release, and move up his body and straddled his head between her nylon clad thighs..

"Now then slave, you can start our new relationship as we mean to carry on... With you servicing me, pleasuring me, and worshiping me, and with that she edged forward and placed her panty clad pussy on his mouth..

"Lick me slave, and make me come, or the first of your punishments will begin"

He was tied, spreadeagled to the bed, unable to move. She was on top of him, rubbing her sheer nylon clad pussy over his mouth, He was in a position he had dreamed of, but as much as he was excited, he was also scared, because he had no control of what was occurring. She was possessed by some new energy that he didn't understand, She had he had a power that frightened him

"That's it slave, lick me, please me, its time to take care of what I want for a change" she gasped, as his tongue touched her sensitive clitoris. His tongue rubbed the sheer black nylon on it sending shuddering sensations through her body. She continued riding his face , enjoying the power, the control and the feelings

She came, waves of pleasure washing over her and then after resting for a moment, pulled the soaking panties to one side, pushing her dripping pussy onto his mouth once again for more.

"Yes slave I want more, lick me, taste my juices, make me come, its time to make up for looking after your own desires, now mine come first"

She rode his mouth for another 3 orgasms, when he flagged she reached behind her and dug her sharp nails into his ever hard cock... encouraging him to keep going, finally when his administrations were weak, she finally stopped climbing off him and lying next to him, breathing heavily from her exertions and pleasure.

"Please, Mistress, may I come now" he begged, I am so desperate to come". She looked at his pleading eyes, and still rock hard cock.

"No slave , you will have earn the right to come, I am in control now, and your pleasure comes second, what is important is me, and what I want and you are going to have to learn to please me, and accept that.

"But Mistress, please, haven't I earned it? " he pleaded

"No slave , you are a long way from earning it, we have had too long a time where what you want comes first, now its my turn..." she retorted.

She slipped off the bed, and looked down at him, her heavily made up eyes flashing with a new found power.

I have decided that you will be at my beck and call from now on, as she turned and slinked out of the room on her high heels.

He watching her swaying ass as she left the room, wondering what was coming next.

For some time he lay there on the bed, fully stretched , horny, scared and powerless..

He must have slept, as he suddenly heard he approaching, her clicks of her heels sounding sharply on the wooden floor of their bedroom.

She was still wearing her sexy black underwear but was wearing a see through black robe over it, draped over her shoulders and undone. She looked like a goddess.

"I have decided that I like this way of living my life now" she announced as she walked into the room. "what do you think slave?"

Yes, Mistress i do to, but please can I come?"

"You just don't get it do you? Your needs are no longer important, you will do what I want, and clearly you are going to need some reminding of that fact, dont you?"

"But , Cecilia, that was a good game, cant we go to bed now? " he pleaded, wanting this to finish

"I told you to call me Mistress, and you will be punished for that, and also you need to know that this is not a game... not now, this is what I want"

His shrinking cock was proof of his nervousness, despite him lying in front of the most desirable dressed woman he could possible imagine.

"Please Mistress..... let me go now, I need to get some sleep". His excuses were pitiful, and weak

"Yes slave, I will release you when I am ready, but first I need to fix you."

"What do you mean fix me, I am fine" he said with a nervous voice

Sitting on the bed next to him, she brought out a small black velvet bag, which she must have had behind her back

Opening it, she pulled out pieces of plastic, which he recognised immediately. It was a chastity device, a CB3000.

"Yes you know what this is don't you" she said,seeing his astonishment.

"I know you have fantasied about this, and now I am going to make it reality. "

" But.. Mistress. Why do you need to lock me up, I will be good, he begged

"Oh yes, you will be good, I am not worried about that, but the time for your pleasure is now down to me, and I need you to keep focused on me. From now on my pleasure will be your pleasure, do you understand? "

He kept quiet, realising he was trapped, and his fate was in her hands..

His cock was now quite small, the fear had done its trick. She wrapped the O ring around the base of his cock and then slid the hard plastic sheath up his cock and then secured it with a small padlock.

"There we go," she said tapping it when finished. "All locked up and secure, No one but me can have access to it. Is this as you dreampt Darling? All your dreams coming true? Not that there going to be any coming from you for a while" she laughed softly.

"Please Cecilia, Let me go, this has gone far enough. Its not funny any more"., he retorted, some anger flaring in his face.

"Firstly, you do not tell me what to do now, under any circumstances" she replied leaning close to him, her heavily made up eyes looking deep into his, almost hypnotically seducing , him, and secondly, that is the second time you have called me Cecilia, I have told you to call me Mistress. It is time for your first punishment."

She went over to a drawer in the closet behind her and rummaged through a few things... She returned with something black and unknown... Sitting next to him she unwrapped it and he suddenly knew what it was, a complete face mask made out of black nylon, thick enough to be completely impossible to see through, but soft enough to fit his head, She lifted his head and slipped it over, and zipping it up the back, completely blacked out his sight.

"Please Mistress" he begged though the mask, "I am sorry, I didnt mean to react like that, please forgive me"

"Hmmm, still far to noisy, she replied, and stepping back to the closest, returned with a pair of old pantyhose which she rolled into a ball, loosening the zip for a second, and slid into his complaining mouth. When zipped up again, the muffled sound of his complaints were subdued and faint.

"There, that's much better, now I get on with your punishment without having to listen to your constant complaining" she goaded.

Fastening a tie to each ankle she ran the ropes to the end of the end of the bed behind his head, and then pulling them tight, raised his legs into the air and over him, raising his ass into the air. Tying the ropes off, she surveyed the scene. Just a few hours he had walked into their home, drunk and cocky and looking for a fuck, and now here he was on the bed spread eagled, legs tied in the air, chastity belt on his cock, and his mouth gagged and his face covered in a mask.

How times can change she mused to herself.

Going back to the closet, she retrieved another piece of the recently bought equipment,. Her plan to dominate her husband had been all to easy.

This beauty was definitely going to be something he remembered.

It was a 2 foot long bull whip, short handle and long black leather strands. Something that caused the most pain, she had been advised by the all so helpful sales assistant in the Sex Shop in the city.

Standing at the rear of the bed, facing his ass, she prepared to strike

"Slave, this is going to hurt you a lot more a lot more than its going to hurt me" she joked

"This is your first punishment.... There will be many more, when and how I chose. If you ever question what I do, then the next one will be doubly long. If you complain, it will be doubly long, and if you ever try to hit me back, it will be so painful you will wish were never born, Do you understand? "

"Yes Mistress" came the faint but muffled reply

Then leaning back with the whip raised above head, she stuck the first blow, a cry coming from the enclosed mask. She whipped his ass, and the backs of his legs and occasionally his cock, which he might have been mildly grateful was protected by the plastic CB3000. It was long and brutal and over 100 strokes, she forcing him to count each one out. She had never been so turned on, and came on at least 3 different occasions

Finally as her arm tired, She decided that it was enough, released his legs from their overhead position and let them fall back to the bed.

Sitting astride his chest, she undid his mask and pulled it off to see his tear streaked face.

"I am sorry Mistress" he sobbed... I will never complain or question again. I am yours to do with as you wish."

He was well and truly broken

"Good slave, I am glad you have finally realised who is in charge here"

"you can finish the evening by make me come a few more times"

With that she sank her soaking pussy onto his open and gasping mouth, loving the sensations and loving how their lives had turned around so quickly and so completely.

Cecilia awoke the next morning with the light streaming through the window. It was late, and she had slept well. The previous nights activity and been incredibly fulfilling, and exciting. She had cum many times, not only from the frantic actions of his tongue but from actually whipping him. Where had that feeling come from? She didn't know it was in her, but clearly the desire in her had been awoken by what happened.. and she knew one thing..She wanted more.

He had woken earlier in the morning and quietly gone to work. She was aware of him in the room and his frustration of awaking with the CB3000 still on him. She knew he wanted it removed, but he was afraid to wake her, especially as the red welts on his ass were still very visible and probably still hurt. She had glanced at him briefly but turned over and went back to sleep.

She lay there, making plans for the day, and their future. Changes had to me made, in their relationship, in how they lived, and what they did together. He was a strong man, but his fetishes were his weakness. He could be made to do everything she wanted if she manipulated him right. His vulnerability was his need to satisfy his fetishes and his desire to be dominated. She would be very happy to dominate him, not only to get him to do everything that she wanted, but as she had just experienced, she loved to do it too. Giving him pain, gave her great excitement. Her pussy throbbed with excitement as she remembered what she did to him last night.

The first thing to do was to put him in a different bed room. Slave does not sleep with his Mistress. The spare room was small, and simple and perfect for his room. She made a few calls, ordered some equipment online, and set about making his room into a dungeon where she could carry out many painful things for him.

She also decided to buy some more equipment to make his subservience more complete, and took another trip to the sex shop in town, where the very helpful assistant was full of ideas on how to dominate a man. On her previous visit, some of the equipment had seemed to be too outrageous, too kinky, and just too damn bizarre for her, but after last night, she realised that anything was possible

She wanted his total submission, and surrender , and she was learning fast how to get that.

By the time he returned that night, much was prepared. His fate was out of his hands.

Cecilia had dressed to seduce. She knew he would be in some pain from the device on his cock all night and day. The fantasy may have worn off, so it was important to bring him back into it quickly. She had put on a pair of nude coloured Wolford sheer all over fatal pantyhose, a small and uplifting black bra, and an extremely tight nude coloured dress reaching half way down her thighs. Her feet were adorned with a pair of 6 inch stiletto heels shoes, with 1 inch platform in black patent. She knew he could not resist this. As he entered the room that night he saw her sitting in a high back arm chair, legs crossed and her long red nails tapping gently on her sheer nylon clad knee. Her foot swayed back and forth, and immediately caught his attention.

"My dear slave, you have returned. I hope you have had time to think about what happened last night" she said, knowing full well that he had thought about nothing else.

"Cecilia, this has gone on long enough, please let me out of this infernal device, it is painful and unnecessary" he whined " Can't we just go back to how our life was before?"

"Oh dear, you still haven't got it have you?" she replied, " we are not going back, we are going forward, we are going to live the life we both want..you know you want this.. don't fight it"

He stood there, not knowing how to respond, but transfixed by her gently swaying foot.

"Get on your knees and crawl over to me..I want you in your rightful place at my feet" she gently urged.

He seems to be undecided for a moment before falling to his knees and crawling over to her, his eyes never leaving her sexy shoes. "That's a good boy, you know it makes sense, look at my shoes, you love them don't you..you have begged me to wear such things haven't you? Now your dreams are coming true... Don't you love it?"

"Yes I do, I love that you wear them, but why do I have to wear this damned device...?"

"That is to keep you in your place and remind you who is in charge of this relationship" she gently cooed.. lifting her elegantly clad foot to his mouth..

"Kiss them.. you know you want to" , pushing the toe to his lips.

He stuck out his tongue and licked the toe and then the instep, gradually falling under her spell.

"Good boy..that's it, show me who is in charge here, you know it makes sense" . She lifted her foot and pushed the long heel towards him, "Now suck the heel, make love to it.."

He closed his lips around the thin heel and drew it into his mouth, secretly loving the submission that came with this act.

"Now slave, this is what you will do every night when you return...Do you understand that?"

"Yes ,Mistress, I understand..

"Good I am glad that you have because you still didn't understand my instructions to you last night. You are to call me Mistress at all times, and you addressed me incorrectly tonight"

"I am sorry Mistress," he replied, " I don't know what I was thinking"

"Yes you will be sorry, because you are going to be punished again, and I will punish you until you learn to obey me in my every wish and whim."

" Oh God, please no, Mistress, not that again, I am still in so much pain from last night. Please can you punish me in another way" he begged, the memory of last night thrashing still very much alive.

"For starters you are not to tell me what you want, You will do as I want.. It's as simple as that. Every time you question or falter in my demands, you will be punished. I think you will finally get it after tonight"

He started to protest, but realising that she was very serious.

To keep him focused she leaned forward and slipped the high heeled shoe from her foot and pushed her nylon clad toes in front of his mouth.

"To show me some remorse, you can kiss my toes." Her red tipped toes, glinted through the sheer nude coloured nylon, a sight she knew he loved from the pictures she had discovered on his PC." First of all sniff them, and breath in my scent"

She wriggled her toes under his nose, and he breathed in the wonderful smell of nylon and leather. It was intoxicating..

"That's it.. good boy..You are mine to do with as I please, aren't I? "

"Yes , Mistress, I am yours, do as you wish."

With that she slid her nylon clad toes into his mouth..."Suck them, baby, please me."

He gently sucked on her toes, giving her the first spasms of pleasure that were coming that night.

She started to feel very relaxed, very happy, and very much in control.. Time to get things moving..

"Good boy", she uttered after a few minutes of this adoration, pulling her foot away from his worshipful mouth, and slipping her damp toes back into their high heeled embrace.

"I want you to take a shower, and clean yourself everywhere and remove all your body hair.. I want you as you were born. I have left some hair remover in the shower for you"

If he was shocked to hear this, he didn't show it, and quietly got to his feet and walked out of the room.

Good, she thought, he is accepting what is happening to him..

When he finished his shower and hair removal, he heard her calling to him.."I am in the second bedroom, join me here"

As he walked into the room, he realised it was very different. The large bed had gone, and its place was a much smaller one, low to the ground with bolt holes and chains attached to the sides. Not only that, but there was a wooden X frame bolted to one of the walls, and a large new cupboard on another wall.

"This is your new room, my Slave," she announced before he had a chance to say anything..As my slave, you do not deserve to sleep with me, you will stay in here, and in here, I will also punish you when you deserve it, and even if you don't deserve it," she looked at him with those heavily made up eyes in a way that he thought it best not to question her.

He suddenly felt very vulnerable in his now hairless skin standing naked only wearing the CB 3000. This was now very serious.

Before he had a chance to think she pushed him onto the bed, telling him to lie on it face down. As he did so, she attached his hands to the heavy duty steel bolts which were screwed into the side of the bed. Then telling him pull his knees up underneath him in a crouching position, she strapped his knees under him, then finally attaching a rope to his balls, and pulling them back to the bottom of the bed making him firmly attached to the bed. He was going nowhere.

"Please Mistress, what are you going to do to me, please have some mercy..."

"My slave, you can beg for mercy if you wish, but your punishment has already been decided. How you take it will determine how you are to suffer tomorrow, so your fate is in your hands."

"First, some pleasure for me," and with that she wriggled out of her tight dress. As he looked up at her, he saw she was attired in his favourite sheer pantyhose, with her pussy already showing some signs of moisture, making the clingy nylon slightly damp. She was clearly excited.

She climbed onto the bed in front of his upturned face, lying back on some pillows at the end and resting her spiked heeled shoes on his back.

From the side of the bed she lifted up a small riding crop that she had felt there earlier.

"Now then my slave, get busy. I want you to make me come at least 3 times..If you fail me, then there will be pain involved "

As he leaned forward she pushed forward, so his mouth was positioned over her pussy, and driving her heels into his back urged him to get started. He licked up and down her nylon clad mound, and pushing his tongue into her , started to lick and suck.. She came quickly the first time, such was her excitement, but as he took longer for her second, she ground her sharp heels into his back to up his work rate making her cum in a second shattering orgasm. The soaked nylon was now rubbing friction on her engorged clitoris, and it was so sensitive, that when she started to whip him with the crop, his renewed exertions, drove her to a third equally powerful orgasm.

" Good boy.. that was very pleasing," she panted" but such a shame I had to whip you to do this simple task " clearly you enjoy being punished"

"No Mistress, I don't enjoy it" he begged, "It's just so hard to lick through the nylon, I am trying my best"

"Well that's how I like it, so you better up your game slave, "

She pulled herself off the bed, and moved over to sit on a chair at the side of the room, her breathing slowly coming back to normal. He remained there, still strapped to the bed. His balls tightly pulled behind him, and his back raw with heel and whip marks.

Standing, back on her high heeled feet, she moved back to him and standing next to him, raised he foot to his mouth, which he kissed without question.

"Good boy. Now you are getting it, and now after this punishment for getting my name wrong again, maybe you will finally know how to address me in future. Going to the cupboard at the side of the room, she removed the long whip and face mask that she had used on him the night before.

Pushing bunched up pantyhose into his mouth once again, she slid over his head the all covering black mask, plunging him into darkness. He lay there, petrified of what was coming next.

Cecilia had plans for him, this was going to be the night where he was going to find out what it was to be fucked. First, picking up the whip she lashed at his ass, and making him count out the strokes, and got to 50 before she took some mercy on him. His ass was red raw, his back was too, and his balls, still stretched out behind him had been hit a few times too, the resultant howl of pain from him, giving her much satisfaction with a small orgasm. The pleasure she was getting from abusing him was incredible. Nothing had satisfied her in the past like this. She almost felt sorry for him, because he was going to have to endure a lot of pain from now on to keep her happy.

Putting the whip back in the cupboard, she brought out a 6 inch black strap on cock, small leather straps attached to a realistic, but fairly small rubber cock. Her advisor in the shop had told her that as he was new to this form of abuse, she should start with the smaller dildo, and work up to bigger 7, 8 or even 10 inch dildos, as his ass acclimatised to them. She had bought them all in anticipation, little did he know.

Another little gadget to make it fun for her, was a small vibrating bullet, which she slipped into her dripping pussy under her soaking pantyhose. This had a remote control which she could switch on at anytime to enhance her pleasure whilst fucking him. Strapping the cock tightly around her waist and between her legs, she rolled a condom down the length of the cock to help with entry and cleanliness.

She moved back to him, and unzipped the mask, pulling it from his head. Once his tear streaked eyes had got used to the light in the room, he looked up at her, and seeing the cock strapped around her waist, recoiled in fear....

"No , Mistress, please no " he begged..

"Don't give me no, please no, you worthless scum, I know you want this, I have seen the pictures on your hard drive, You have wanted this for a long time", she gloated. " Next time, you better be careful what you wish for"

Stepping back behind him, she knelt on the bed behind him, his ass at the perfect level for penetration. His balls were pulled back tightly behind him tied firmly to the end of the bed, and his asshole clean of all hair, was inviting her in.

Pushing some lube into his ass, and rubbing some onto the black rubber cock she slowly pushed into him, he grunted in pain

"Yes, baby, this is how to fuck, not how you do with your tiny cock." He was more scared of what was happening to him that to take offence to the demeaning comments about his manhood, but it all added to the abuse and destruction of his manhood.

As she pushed into him again, she switched the remote device on in her pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her. Then she stated to fuck him, every push forward, opening his hole wider and pushing deeper into him as well as stretching his already tortured balls further behind him. The pain was intense for him, everything hurt. His asshole, his balls, his back , his legs, and his cock which had been straining uselessly in its plastic prison. She moved faster and faster, the movement into him pushing the vibrating bullet deeper into her and intensifying her pleasure. Suddenly, she felt her orgasm building, everything tingling with pleasure...She drove harder and harder into him, he starting to scream with pain, and she started to scream with pleasure, and finally orgasming with such intensity that she almost passed out.

Finally it was over, and she pulled the black cock slowly out of him, still shaking with pleasure before collapsing on the bed behind him.

As his screams softened to whimpers, he realised, he was broken.. there was nothing he could do to stop her now.. he had to accept this was how their life was going to be now... She was Mistress... And he was.. nothing.

Gathering her composure, Cecilia finally got up from the bed. The pleasure she had experienced was greater than anything she had ever before. One thing for sure, there was no going back to the old way of life. Her new found dominance, she realised, was something that had always been within her, and now finding an opening, it was never going to be ignored again. She knew equally, that his acceptance of his submission was also something that had been deep within him, and the way to keep him in that state, was constant and total domination of him physically and of his senses, and that meant keeping him focused on her at all times. The way to do that, she knew, was through chastity and to use his weakness for his fetishes to entrap him further.

He lay there quietly as she unlocked his hands and legs, and squirmed as she untied his stretched balls from the end of the bed. They were red from the rope marks, and his back, legs and ass, bright red from the beating they had endured. She left the room, and returned with some soothing cream which she applied to the most sore parts, gently cooing to him what as good boy he was.

"There's a good boy, thank you for taking that, you have me very happy baby, I love you"

He was quiet for a moment, not knowing what to say. So much had happened over the last couple of days, he was not sure what to think. In one way, his deep rooted secrets had come to life, his private world of fantasy had become alarmingly real, something he could never have imagined, but he was never prepared for the pain and humiliation that came with it. He was scared and excited both at the same time. Kneeling there on the tiny bed, looking down at her fetishistic shoes, he wanted to fall at her feet , kiss and worship them, but something stopped him. The truth was that he was embarrassed, embarrassed at what had happened to him, embarrassed at how he had allowed her to control him, embarrassed that she had fucked him in the ass, and embarrassed that he enjoyed it too, despite the horrendous pain.

"Thank you , Mistress" he eventually uttered. "I want to please you" he added, and meaning it too.

"Good slave, you have pleased me so much. We are lucky you know, we have both found our true selves finally. Me in control of our lives, and you to please and serve me. A marriage made in heaven for me, and hell for you" she gently chuckled.

"Yes Mistress" he replied, humorlessly.

"Tell me Slave, do you accept your position now, do you accept that you are my servant, my slave, my dog? Will you do all that I ask of you?" She knew she was testing him, but he was vulnerable now, broken, and humbled, and it was time to get more from him.

"Mistress, may I ask you something? " he questioned quietly. He was scared of getting another beating.

"Yes, my slave, you may ask now, as this is new, but soon you will be able to ask me nothing. Its my rules, and you have to will have to accept all whether you like it or not. Do you understand?" she said haughtily, not really knowing if he would agree or not.

"Yes, Mistress, I accept. I just want to know how long is this chastity device going to stay on, its uncomfortable, visible in my jeans, and I really want to come" he was almost whining.

"Typical man", she replied, "only thinking about your dick.. you are not even concerned about the whipping I have given you!"

"I'm sorry, Mistress" he replied softly, " but I am desperate"

She laughed back, "You really are pathetic, aren't you? Well you will come when I think you have deserved it. The better you are, the more you do for me, the happier you make me, the more you will come. Simple really"

He was silent. Still looking at her shoes, his cock uselessly trying to harden again in its plastic cage.

She saw him looking, and raised her stiletto clad to his face. "Show me some subservience, and it will happen quicker"

He kissed her shoe with renewed reverence, fallen even further under her spell.

"Good boy" she said eventually, pulling her foot away. "Now its time for bed. This is your new room, and you will sleep in here from now on. Whenever you come into my room, you will knock first and enter on your knees when I allow you to. Do you understand my slave?"

"Yes, Mistress" he replied, obviously sad that her shoe was no longer in front of him.

"I will allow you to pamper me, worship me, adore me and service me. I will allow you to buy me clothes , pantyhose , stockings and all sorts of underwear and many pairs of spiky shoes and all sorts of gifts and take me to dinners and theatre, and for all of that, I will hurt you, punish you, humiliate you and control you. Does that sound fair?" knowing only too well it was the most outrageously unfair thing she could have ever said.

"Yes, Mistress, I accept and understand", he said, verbally signing his death warrant for his freedom and social life.

"Good, I am off to shower, I suggest you do the same, before I lock you up for the night"

He looked startled for a moment, not realising that even the freedom to lie in bed was being denied him. You better pee, because otherwise you will be lying in your own mess all night."

Having showered and changed into a filmy black negligee , and spiky mules, she swayed into his room where he sat on the bed, naked and broken.

He looked at her beautiful body lustily, as the virtually transparent nylon hid little of her shapely body. His cock twitched as to what he was missing.

"Lie down, and let me bolt your hands to the bed" she commanded.

He knew it was pointless to complain, and lay back in acceptance.

Having bolted his hands, and checked there was no escape, she announced his final humiliation for the night, and climbed on him, straddling his face between her thighs.

Lifting up her short negligee to show her naked and shaved pussy, she settled on his face, her pussy firmly placed on his mouth.

"Now slave, you final act of service tonight is to be my toilet"

He started to struggle but he could not go far with his hands bolted to the side of the bed and his face firmly pressed between her thighs.

She started to pee into his mouth, one squirt after another, which he drank in gulps, until she was finished.

"Very good my slave, you got it all. That deserves a reward, which you might get tomorrow."

"Now lick me clean and I will let you get some sleep. Tomorrow promises to be another exciting day."

He swallowed the rest of her urine and then stuck out his tongue to lick her clean, touching her clitoris briefly in the process.

"Now, now, no more trying to turn me on you naughty boy. Plenty of time for that tomorrow

With that said, she got off the bed, and turning the light off, she swayed out of the room.

He awoke the following morning to find himself unlocked. She must have freed him during the night. He eased his aching body into the shower, dressed and left for work. Despite the pain, suffering and frustration, he felt strangely comfortable

However, as the day progressed he become more and more uncomfortable, as his desperation to cum increased. It wasn't helped by the fact that Cecilia kept sending him pictures of her provocatively dressed, with very suggestive comments attached. In the last email, was a picture of her dressed in black underwear, sheer nylon stockings and extremely high heels, with one foot pointing to the camera, and the comment underneath, saying, "come home quickly my slave, my feet need to be adored"

She knew exactly how to control him. His cock tried futilely to grow in its plastic prison, but the swelling caused him pain which he wished he could ignore. She made this impossible by sending him picture after picture, and comments designed to focus his attention on her. In one, she was attired in sheer nude coloured pantyhose, high heels and bra, and strapped to her crutch was a huge strap on dildo, and the comment underneath, " be careful what you wish for, I just might be wishing for it too "

By the time he got home, his mind was a befuddled mess of thoughts, desires, and fears. He was desperate for release, but also so fearful of the next torturous episode of frustration, humiliation and pain that would accompany it.

Cecilia was pleased with how things had developed. She had discovered much about herself over the last few days. She had been surprised with how satisfying causing him pain was. She had had some of the most intense orgasms whilst fucking him and beating him, and realised that these were desires that had been deep within her for all of her life. Maybe it was a reaction to her hard childhood, the beatings she had suffered from her abusive father, and then from her first few dominant and unfaithful boyfriends. Now turning the tables, she discovered that it was deeply satisfying and she wanted more, a lot more. He had accepted his fate rather easily she thought, but now she had to get him further under her control, use him, abuse him, and totally enslave him to her for the rest of his life. The possibilities were endless.

That afternoon she started to prepare for his arrival home. She needed him to stay under her spell, and so needed him to remain desperate for her, desperate to worship and adore her. She had spent a lot of time researching his weaknesses, and his hard drive had been a most wonderful resource. It was packed full of stories , pictures and videos and what turned him on, and now she found she was turned on when she read these stories and looked at the pictures and videos.

She dressed as a dominant woman of his dreams. First, pulling on a black corselet, and fitting it to her slim body. She pulled up shiny sheer fully fashioned dark tan coloured nylons, cinching them tightly to the 8 suspenders dangling from it. Next she slid tiny black transparent panties up her legs which fitted snugly over her small ass and shaved pussy. The nylon strip was positioned over her pussy so he would want to lick her there, further enslaving him to her. Next she squeezed into an extremely tight black pencil skirt which reached mid thigh and was split up the back, and fastened a tight white shirt over her perfectly formed , corset clad, breasts. Finally, she slid her nylon clad toes into a pair of black high heeled strappy sandals , 7 inch heels with a 2 inch platform. Her dark red painted toe nails were long, especially her big toe, which glistened through the filmy nylon, and peaked out from behind the tiny straps which held the shoes to her perfect feet.

She looked every inch the dominant boss. She applied heavy make up to her eyes, and dark lead lipstick dripping from her mouth. Long dangly silver ear rings completed the look.

As before she was seated in a high backed arm chair when he arrived, legs crossed reading a magazine, her foot swaying back and forth. Remembering his instruction, he dropped to his knees and crawled to her, kissing her proffered foot on her toes. Without speaking, she raised her shoe and presented its sole towards him. He leant further forward and licked the sole, grateful that is was clean from her indoor wear.

"Good evening Mistress" he uttered, adding" I hope you have had a lovely day. May I just say how wonderful you look?"

"Hello Slave, that is a very nice thing to say, and a very good introduction. I can see you have learnt your role well."

He looked pleased at this until she added, "I wonder if you have learnt what to say, or if you are just being nice because you think you are going to get some release today"

He was silent, for a moment, before he replied, " Mistress, that is for you to decide."

"Good answer slave, everything is for me to decide, you are correct"

She uncrossed her legs with a slither of nylon on nylon, inflaming his senses, and offered her other foot for him to kiss.

"Well slave, you might be lucky tonight. I have a test for you and if you pass without complaining I will give you the chance to come.

"Thank you Mistress" he gushed, already excited at the thought of what was to come.

"Well slave, you might not me thanking me soon, because as before it will be more pain for you and pleasure for me first."

He was silent for a moment, his excitement evaporating.

"I understand Mistress, what ever you decide "

"Good slave, I am so happy that you have accepted your position so quickly. This is no longer a game, this is our life now. You have no choice but to accept"

"Thank you Mistress. I know my place."

"Good, then go into your bedroom and take of your clothes"

He reluctantly left his place at her feet, unable to take his eyes of her wonderful nylon clad feet and spiky heels. He just wanted to stay there and kiss and lick them.

When she reached his room later, he was naked except for his chastity belt, and sitting on the tiny bed. She sauntered in haughtily looking down at him. His submission to her was magnified with them in this position, him at her feet.

"Lie back on the bed", she commanded, and as he did so, she went to the head of the bed, and fastened his hands to the metal bolts set into the bed frame.

Then attaching ties to his ankles, pulled his legs over his head and attaching them to the head of the bed, leaving him exposed and uncomfortable.

"First, a whipping, to warm you up and to remind you of your place" she said

"Oh no, please Mistress, not again, I am still in so much pain"

"You should know by now not to tell me what to do, slave, if you say another word, I will have to gag you. Do you understand?"

Yes, Mistress, I am sorry." He groveled.

She stepped over to the cupboard, walking carefully in her spiky shoes. She pulled out the 2 foot whip she had used on him before, and stepping back to his prone body, prepared to strike him

"Fifty for you slave, and you can count each one." As she began.

She lashed at him, and each blow was followed by one, two, three, four from him

By the time she had got to 25 each utterance from him was more of a sob, but he continued to count.

Finally 49, 50...

Cecilia was breathing deeply from the exertion, and flushed with excitement. She had not come like last time, maybe because she had not used the vibrator to add to the stimulus, Her thrill was still to come.

He had managed to hold it together and not cry, but he lay there limply as she untied his ankles from their position over his head.

"Good slave, that has got us both in the mood now hasn't it?" she was still panting.

He was silent, and clearly trying to resist crying..

"Now, slave, it is time to fuck."

He could believe his ears, she was going to let him into her sacred place, to feel that juicy and wet pussy on his aching cock. He throbbed in his plastic prison.

"Thank you Mistress. Thank you"

"You might not be thanking me , it is not as you might think its going to be "

Kneeling down next to him, she pulled the key to the lock for the CB3000 from around her neck. He had not seen it there before, and unlocking the padlock, pulled it from his cock. Before he had a chance to erect, she slid a tiny ring over the head of his still shrunken cock. The ring was about 1 inch in diameter but had tiny spikes inbed around its circumference. He could not feel anything in his deflated state just that she had put something there. Returning to the cupboard, she replaced the whip and brought out another cock shaped item.

Over his ringed cock she slid on a hollow penis sheath, which fastened behind his balls where the chastity had been positioned. This dildo was 3 inches longer that his small cock, thus extending his length to a mighty 7 inches.

"Mistress, what are you doing" he asked, not understanding what was happening.

"First thing you must realise slave is that your pathetic offering for a cock is never going to feel the inside of my beautiful pussy. That is not for slaves.."

"What do you mean Mistress, do you mean we are never going to have sex again?"

"What you must understand slave, is that I am your Mistress, and you are my slave. You are not worthy to have sex with me ever again as a man. You are not a man any more. You are just to be used and abused."

He started to say something, but thought better of it. The whipping had left him broken and weak.

"Secondly, I make the decisions on our lives now. You have to accept everything I do. My choice for our lives is as much pleasure for me, and as much pain for you. You will accept this because it means you can be near me, worship me, and see me dressed as you have always wanted to see me. I may occasionally allow you some pleasure and today might be one of those days if you please me now"

"Yes, Mistress, please let me cum, Please let me please you" he added realising he had said that wrong.

Standing back up again, she undid her tight skirt and wriggled it down her nylon clad legs. Then stepping over him she sat on his face, the tiny nylon panties positioned on his mouth. She was already wet with excitement from whipping him earlier, so her panties were damp and pungent.

"Lick me slave, make me wet enough to fit this big cock into me.."

He licked her, pushing the nylon against her clitoris, and she came quickly. After pausing for breath, she pulled them to one side and order him to continue, and to get his tongue deep inside her..As he was doing this, he started to erect, seeing her beautiful body writhing on his face, feeling the stockings on either side of his face, and tasting her juices flooding into his mouth, made him harden , plus the fact that he hadn't come for a long time.

As he erected, the teeth from the ring started to dig into the sensitive head of his cock, making him squirm, and then to hurt him..

As he cried out, she realised what was happening, and it excited her, making her move more on his tongue and riding to anther shattering orgasm.

Then, gathering her composure, slid back down his body and lay on him kissing his helpless body. When she had got her breath back she pushed down onto the black rubber cock that was fastened to his ringed cock. Slowly it edged in.. she had never had anything this big before, but she was so wet, and so excited it slid in easily.

Finally, it was fully in her, and she started to ride it, up and down. He could not help it, as much as he tried to resist, he got harder and harder inside the rubber cock, the teeth of the ring digging deeper and deeper into his tortured flesh. As she writhed up and down its length, his cock inside was rubbed up and down, the metal teeth pulling against his skin, agony and yet as the rubber masturbated his cock, some pleasure too. As she pumped up and down he was overloaded with sensations, the metal teeth digging in to his cockhead, the rubber from the dildo pleasuring him, the feeling of her nylons on his body, and her spiky heels digging into his legs.. and looking at her pumping up and down on his body, clad in the black corset, her chest heaving, hair long black hair astray over her face..

The pain from the metal teeth got more and more intense as his cock grew and grew from the sensations, and just when the thought he could take no more, Cecilia screamed with pleasure, only just drowning out his own screams of pain. She lay on his chest getting her breath back , panting from exertion.

"My God, that was incredible" she finally gasped. " Your cock is so big .. you finally have pleased me with it"

If he was ashamed to hear those barbed words, he didn't say anything as he was still recovering from the pain in his gentiles..

"Whenever your cock is allowed in me from now on, it will always be wearing this extension..." Her words stuck fear into him.

As she pulled herself up from his body, she looked down on the long black extension strapped to his small cock.

"Yes, that is what a cock is, not your pathetic thing" she whispered.

"But, you have pleased me, and now it is time for you to come"

She unfastened the sheath and pulled it from his abused cock. It was still hard and the ring firmly dug in behind the head. Red scratches were all over the top of his cock, and the head was almost purple. She managed to slide it off pushing a long nail underneath it and with more pain to free him from its metallic embrace.

"Now then slave, as you love my feet and shoes so much, they will give you your pleasure today. She stood above him and placed the sole from her platform shoe on his abused cock. Slowly she started to rub up and down, it instantly hardening again.

Occasionally she would dig her spiky thin heel into his ball sack, and rub it the length of his cock but then resumed rubbing with the sole of her exotic shoe.

"Come on slave, show my beautiful shoe that you love it, come for me, show me that you love my sexy shoes"

Her words spurred him on, the sole of her shoe, rubbing he super sensitive glands, and the feelings overtaking him

Finally he started to come, as he cried out with pleasure, she rubbed faster and faster, and just as he came, she rammed the spiky heel into his cock just below the head, and dug it in deep adding pain to his final pleasure.

His cries were a mix of pleasure and pain, he didn't know which at that point.

Finally he spurted all over his body, one reaching all the way to his face, such was the intensity of the orgasm.

"There we are slave, I hope that you are satisfied. You cant say that I don't look after your interests."

As his cock deflated, she replaced the chastity , locking him once again, and ensuring his life time of devotion.

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