The Commercial

Submitted by: Muwatalis, copyright 2013

A wonderful blond girl of 25 or so stands in sight of a camera.

A perfect bust fills a pair of steel breast cups with silicon fillings. Enormous buttocks are tightly squeezed within the limits of the steel bands of a chastity belt designed for sports. The steel wire from the back of the chastity belt is squeezied tightly between her butt cheeks. The front panel with the secondary shield completely covers her lovely labia and her clit.

The spotlights are heating up the studio like in an oven. Reflections of the light are sparkling in the steel of her underwear.

Above her hangs one of this mike booms. Directly before her stands the camera. Behind the camera, there are a lot people. You would not believe how many people you need for a production of a commercial. Between her and the camera there is a stand on which the wares are on display.

Audio on!
Video on!

She speaks directly into the camera.

Good evening, dear Sirs and Madams, here we have some wonderful and needful things for you!

One escape - and tamper- proof chastity belt with much little sweet gadgetry, which will provide a hellish piece of joy to you.

Here we have one little shield with electrodes for the clitoris and the labia to use for education or stimulation.

This one is an electric stimulator for the vagina with additional G-Spot-electrodes and another plug with electrodes for the anus. All of these are solely or in every combination installable and controllable with only one remote control.

I have all of these integrated in my chastity belt to show you the effect. Here, I will play with the remote control a little bit.

She pressed a button on a small black box and turned on one of the current regulators.

This is the current for the electrode on my clitoris.

Aaah, uuuh, oooaah, that is great!

Its getting me absolutely horny, this is gorgeously prickling through my love knob!

She began to twitch and to rotate with her hip.

With these you can get yourself satisfied weirdly nice and easy. You can make it quick or you can play for hours and even longer. For example you can get yourself to the brink of orgasm over and over again, without letting yourself cum, aborting at the brink, let yourself cool down and heating up again every time.

Thereby you can use the vagina stimulator for help, who is detecting the arousal with his sensors and can give you an electric shock every time, when you get to the brink of orgasm.

I will show you this.

She pressed one of the red buttons on the box. Immediately she began a wild dance.

Uh! Aaargh! Thats hell!

See this, that has hunted me away directly from the brink of orgasm and now the play can start again, for that prickling currents on my clit are arousing me directly again.

Thousands of possibilities to play these electrodes offer for your vulva and for your vagina and anus.

Each one of the electrodes can provide joyful prickling or severe punishment to you.

All what you wish for you can do to you with your remote control.

Moreover, you can play with yourself or you can give the remote control and the keys to your chastity belt to a person in which you trust and invite him or her to play with you and care for you.

Infinite possibilities it provides to you!

Order your play kit now today!



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