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I could feel my cock getting hard, but I couldn't grab it. It was maddening, thrusting my hand down my trousers, grasping for my cock but just feeling a smooth surface, while it's throbbing away longing to be manhandled.

It was perhaps the most unusual exploitation of the new hyperspace technology that had recently been discovered. The high tech metallic substance allowed trasportation of objects between normal space and hyperspace, the infinite number of universes that exist between each atom of our world.

Once you established a hyperspace portal, anything you put through it would just go into hyperspace until you took it back, and so would seem to take no space. Storage and transportation were revolutionised.

Someone had the bright idea that if you made underwear out of this stuff, you would never need to use the toilet, you could just put machines in the hyperspace to process waste. Then someone more kinky had the brighter idea that if you made this bonded onto the person's body you could use it to store their genitals out of harm's way in hyperspace where they couldn't be contactedby the owner unless the bonded hyperspace portal was removed, but they could still feel their horniness.

In my case, it was self-inflicted. I had a hyperspace chastity device which contained my cock. It gave me a completely flat groin, as the hyperspace portal didn't need to be big, but allowed my cock to grow into infinite space without any touching from me. It was timer controlled, and had been configured to stay bonded for three days.

This had been the three horniest days of my life. I hadn't imagined how frustrating it would be to feel no restriction to my cock but to not be able to grab it. I sat waiting for the timer to tick down the last few minutes, longing for the time I could rip off the portal and grab my meat.

Finally, the timer hit zero, I heard a small beep, and the portal on my groin started to withdraw and return my cock to me. It had been hard for hours, but finally I could grab it beween my fingers and tug it mercilessly. It didn't take long for me to shoot my load, the first of several times that night.

Having freed myself and satisfied myself, I studied the device's manual, pouring over the many options available for my next period of incarceration. The hyperspace that my cock was in could be somehow connected with the hyperspace containing someone else's genitals, and there was a configuration option to do this at random, and the gentials involved could be arranged together in anyway, including, of course, one inside the other.

So, for instance, if a guy and a girl both independently chose this option, they could at some time be fucking. There was not even any need for protection, as something in hyperspace prevented any viruses or bacteria from passing, and even prevented pregnancy. However, the two people could be anywhere in the world, and there was no way of knowing who was doing it.

There were many other options too, including anal sex, and arranging whether it should be taken to climax, or stopped just before it.

After some consideration, I decided that I'd try out the option to have sex at a random time but averaging about once every 2 days, with 80% chance of it being a pussy and 20% chance of anal (there was no way to select or find out the gender of the anal recipient) but, just to keep it interesting, 50% chance of orgasm and 50% chance that I'd be pulled out just too soon and be left frustrated and horny.

Then came the critical decision - for how long would I lock this thing onto myself? Once set, the programming couldn't be changed until the time was up. I figured thatI should definitely go for longer than last time, andI hoped to be getting to cum often, so two weeks would be a reasonable time.

I held my breath as I clicked 'OK' and put the small control disk just under my balls. It expanded, moved upto cover my balls and then my cock (which was of course very hard at this point) then enclosed them and shrunkdown to a hard flat surface where they used to be. My cock was still hard and bobbing, but nowhere to be seen or felt.

All I could do now was long for my cock to slip into something warm and moist, without any control when or what it would be.

After three days, I started to think that something had gone wrong with the programming, or that I was just very unlucky, when I had a new experience at work.

I was sitting in a sales meeting. It was quite dull, people showing charts of forecasts, I was having trouble staying awake. My mind wandered and my cock was hard, which for once was quite acceptable in work as I had no visible bulge.

Then, something touched the tip of my cock. For the first time in three days, I was getting some contact. I sat up, but tried not to look too surprised, as my cock brushed against some other flesh while my meeting continued. It seemed to be rubbing around something soft and damp although I had no control of its movements.

Suddenly, it plunged forward and thrust through some soft folds that were definitely someone's pussy. It drew out and pushed in, started thrusting harder, started getting faster, and I prayed that this would be one of the 50% of times when I'd be allowed to cum.

Through all this excstacy, I was hardly aware of the meeting I was in although I tried my hardest to control myself. But what caught my eye was the expression of Jayne Patterson over on the other side of the table. She was looking at a blank wall, but her eyes were wide open, almost as though she was trying to force herself to maintain composure while something very different was going on elsewhere.

I watched her closely. My cock thrust deep into the pussy, as Jayne's eyes bulged. It slid out and rubbed up against her clit, and I could almost hear Jayne whimper. I don't know how this had happened, but I was fucking a girl across the other side of the table during a meeting!

My cock thrust in and out more rapidly, and finally I shot my load deep into her. I was all I could do to stop from crying out. Jayne's eyes looked as wide as anyone's I'd ever seen, and her jaw was clenched, stifling something powerful.

The rest of the meeting was a daze. I have no idea who said what. I wondered what, if anything, to do about Jayne. She didn't make eye contact with me, and I'm pretty sure she had no idea I was involved in her playtime.

"I just fucked you," would have been a strange thing for me to say to her. But I thought I had to do something - she was the only person who would understand what I was doing, and it would be great to have someone in the office who knew about it.

I decided to come straight to the point. When she went to the water cooler, I joined her, and whispered in her ear, "You and I both havehyperspace chastity devices, which were active during the meeting this morning."

She dropped her cup of water. She stared at me, dumbstruck, unable to work out if I was joking or blackmailing her or coming on to her; unable to work out if she should be offended or pleased,if she should slap me or hug me.

She just stared, her brain too busy running through a thousand scenarios.

"It's okay," I said, "I'm in the same situation asyou. I'd quite like to talk about it. We could get a coffee, if you'd like to."

She stared some more. Finally, she said, "Yes." That was the first word I ever heard her say, and I had already fucked her.

Jayne was in the same situation as me, an entheusiast for kinky things who used the hyperspace chastity device for a bit of fun and self-teasing. At first she was shy talking about it, but once she had seen I was a kindred spirit, it all flowed out of her - the years of growing up not understanding what it was she felt, then the boyfriends who didn't understand what she wanted, and the discovery of her own kinky toys.

She had locked her hyperspace device on for a month. She'd done shorter times, but she wanted to push herself. Her hand drifted down between her legs as she told me how hers was configured with only a 5% chance or orgasm. During the meeting, she came so close but couldn't quite cum from it, and was now dripping, frustrated, horny, and could think of nothing else.

I said, "I'd love to help you out with that, but I think your own actions have prevented anything I could do."

To which she said, "And your actions haven't helped yourself much, either!"

We instantly hit it off, being into the same things and going through the same experiences. We worked out a system, we had each other on speed dial, and would call whenever our genitals became intertwined with someone elses. It turned out that about one time in three, when I was slipping my cock into someone, it was her. And not always her pussy, either.

I loved the times when I got to cum. I knew she almost certainly would never experience an orgasm during her lock down time - that in itself was as much a turn-on for me as anything else we'd done.

And we did a lot of other things. There was something very erotic about lying naked in bed together, caressing each others bodies and turning each other on, knowing there was no way we could go any further.

Finally, after another two weeks, my time came to an end and my cock would finally be returned to me. I agreed with Jayne that, since she still had two weeks to go, I would also lock up again for another two weeks. But I managed to talk her into a little play time before relocking.

I showed her the software which controlled my device,and let her configure my next two week lock down. Meanwhile I got myself as naked as I could getand ready watching the clock for the last few minutes until my device unlocked.

But Jayne said, "I agreed to help you get over your frustration once your device is off, but you're going to have to do it my way. I don't want your hands going and spoiling things when you're so good to go."

She threw some handcuffs at me, and I knew exactly what she wanted. As I'd done several times before, I lay back and handcuffed myself around the headboard of the bed.

She lay down with her head between my legs, and we waited.

It seemed like an age, but finally the device withdrew and my rock hard cock sprung out of its prison, all primed and ready for action. She leaned over and started to lick it, ever so gently. The first sensation in two weeks that anyone had any control over felt like heaven. It was much too light a touch, otherwise I might have cum right then.

She continued, teasing me, teasing my cock, gently rubbing and kissing it, gradually moving through to taking it into her mouth and lightly rubbing herlips all around my shaft. She started to rub a little harder, taking my foreskin with her lips and bringing the anticipation ever closer.

She looked up and said, "Perhaps I should have mentioned,I set your device up to relock in about... 20 seconds."

What! This could be my last touch for weeks. This could be the best chance for a really body shattering orgasm, and I had to have it in the next 20 seconds!

She continued on my cock, but still only light touches, never anything strong enough to put me over the edge. I started pumping with my body, but she cleverly moved with it to give me no stimulation from it.

Then I felt the device come back to life. It slowly crept up over my balls. For a moment, my cock was still accessable when Jayne sucked the whole shaft into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could.

That was enough, I felt the cum rushing from my balls and out of my cock, making me thrash in my handcuffsas the bolts of orgasm hit me.

But the cum shot into nothingness, because by then my shaft only occupied hyperspace and was untouchable by anyone or anything.

She said, "And I guess I should let you know that for the next two weeks while you're locked up, you have no chance of cumming at all, so I hope that one was worth it. You will have some fun though, but it will be your arse rather than your cock that sees any action. Hope you learn to enjoy it!"

She kissed me on the forehead and walked out of the room, leaving me still handcuffed to the bed and wondering what I'd got myself into, just as something started pushing its way into me...

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