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I couldn't believe how kinky I was being!

I was cycling along wearing only a little one-piece cycle suit that was a few sizes too small for me, just bare feet on pedals, wearing nothing else except a butt-plug and a cock-ring. Only I hadn't anticipated that the plug bumping against my saddle was then bumping against my prostate, giving me a huge erection and an obscene bulge in my cycle suit.

Surely it couldn't get any kinkier than this!

I was on my way to my friend Steve's house. He said he had something to show me that I'd like if I was in a fetish mood. I thought, "He's going to be impressed when I turn up looking like this." It's got me in the mood for whatever fetish game he has in mind.

He was impressed when I pulled up my bike into his garden, still hard as a rock and bulging like I was hiding a tube of Pringles down there. He took me into the back garden and sat me by the pool with a beer.

After a few drinks, he said to me, "Dave, I think you're the ideal guy to try out a little something I've been playing with. Are you up for a bit of kink this afternoon?"

With a few beers in me and my cock still hard from the plug in me, I was up for anything. "Yea, sure, the weirder the better!"

He replied, "I'm glad you said that. You'll have to start by stripping off that cycle suit."

I was up for anything, but I didn't know Steve that well and thought it was a bit freaky getting naked in front of him. But I thought, why not, what's the worst that can happen?

In moments I was stripped down, as Steve was bringing what looked like a pile of rubber out from the house and put it by the pool side.

He said to me, "Stand in here," and pointed to the middle of the rubber pile. I stepped in and was surprised to find what felt like shoes in the bottom of the pile. Only they were rubbery and very well lubricated, and they had individual toe holes. They fit my feet perfectly.

Next, Steve pulled some of the rubber up my legs. It felt like he was getting me into a catsuit or something, except the legs were attached to each other. The further up my legs they went, the more they were pulled in to each other. I had a tricky time staying upright.

"Dave, put your hands into here," he said, pointing at what I thought were pockets in the side of the suit, but turned out to be something like full gloves, very lubricated and perfect fitting. Once both of my hands were in, he adjusted something and I felt a tightening around my wrists. I tried to pull my hands out, but they wouldn't shift. "Don't worry," Steve said, "that's just to keep you under control. You'll see why when you find out what's coming next."

I was speechless, but realised at the moment I didn't have much choice but to trust him. Then I got a shock as my plug was plucked from my arse. He said, "That's a cute little toy you had in, but not really big enough for today's fun." Then I felt its replacement sliding it - much bigger! But it didn't stop at bigger, it got to huge! I was biting my tongue determined not to cry out as the monster invaded me. At last, it passed the widest point and my arse tightened down on the narrow part to hold the mass inside me. I tried to turn to see what was in me, but I got distracted...

He was lubing my cock! My great tool, hard from hours of plug prodding, was being stroked up and down by Steve. It felt incredible! I tried to reach out, but my hands were still trapped. Could this whole thing just have been an elaborate way to jack me off?

"That's enough lube for the moment," he said as he let my cock dangle, moments away from shooting its load. He pulled up a front portion of the suit and pushed my cock into a cavity there, and my balls into another cavity. It was a very tight fit. I tried to thrust, but couldn't get enough friction to do me any good.

By now the suit was up to my waist, and was tight all over. It was very smooth and slick on the outside, no sign of hands, fingers, toes or cock - they were all bound up inside the suit. Steve pulled more of the suit up my body and over my shoulders. I could see a hood portion of the suit hanging in front of me, and what looked like a big gag in the middle of it.

Steve said, "Dave, open your mouth for me."

I said, "Steve, this is all fine and kinky, but now it's getting a bit weird. Are you sure about all this?"

He replied, "Do you really want to go all this way and then just give up and not find out what this is all about? I thought you were up for anything?"

I sighed. He was right, I couldn't really back out now, it was just too strange to walk away from. I opened my mouth and he pushed the gag into it, then swiftly pulled the rest of the hood over my head.

The gag was huge; I didn't know my mouth would go that wide. There were tubes up my nostrils. My vision was a bit hazy as there were some sort of lenses in the hood. I couldn't hear a thing. I felt immediately isolated from the outside world.

The hood got tighter as Steve pulled something down the back. He then showed me a jar of something. I could see him speaking but couldn't hear what he was saying. Then I read the label on the jar, it was "Quick drying rubber sealant". I could feel him brushing some onto the back of the suit. He wasn't just zipping me into this thing, he was sealing me into it!

I panicked and struggled, but realised I was quite unstable since my ankles were pulled together. I took deep breaths and realised that, with my hands pinned down and my body covered up, there was nothing I could do except to trust in Steve.

But I didn't expect the next thing to happen. Steve tapped my shoulder.

I was so unstable on my bound feet that I staggered and swayed, and then fell over. But I was right next to the pool, so I plunged straight into its depths!

I then realised in a flash, his plan was to drown me! He bound me up so it would be easier to bury the body in a shallow grave! I was going to drown!! I was hyperventilating with the realisation.

I lay in the pool, waiting for death's bony finger to touch my chlorinated grave.

But then realised that I was still breathing! Somehow, even though I was deep under the surface, I was breathing quite normally. I heard clicks as I breathed in and out, and thought it must be an on-board air tank keeping me alive. So Steve wasn't a murderer after all!

My arms were bound at my side, my legs bound together, but I found if I wriggled my body, I could get some movement through the water. I managed to get myself up to the surface, where Steve was looking down at my progress. If I hadn't been gagged I would have sworn all sorts of things at him then.

He picked up a microphone and spoke, but I could hear nothing. He gestured for me to go under then water. I did, and then I heard, "This is an underwater speaker system. You won't hear anything above the water, your hearing will only work down here. Now, let's play a game of fetch."

He was talking about games? I was trapped in a rubber tomb, floating underwater, unable to speak, hear or handle things, not even sure where my air was coming from, and he wanted to play games? But what choice did I have?

I came above water, and he threw a hoop at me. He missed. He tried again and I moved my head to intercept it. He gestured for me to give it back to him, so I tried to move myself across the pool to return the hoop.

This went on for a while, and I started to get the hang of moving through the water. Soon I could swim from one side of the pool to the other, and was able to jump for hoops that were not quite thrown at me.

Steve picked up the microphone and I went underwater. He said, "Have you worked out what's in your arse yet?"

While swimming I tried clenching and wiggling my arse, and it made a big difference to how I was able to turn corners. I realised, I'd been fitted with a dorsal fin! I could actually move myself around by moving the fin on my back which ended up my arse.

We played on. After a while, he said through his microphone, "If you get thirsty, follow the flashing light." I saw a distant light in the pool, and went over to it. There was an odd looking round fitting. I guess it connected to something, I couldn't really see what, but I thought perhaps there was something on the outside of where my gag was. I tried to push this up to the fitting, and after a few goes it seemed to interlock with a click.

Then I got a sudden surge of water filling my mouth. I instantly choked and spluttered. It was as though it had injected a mouthful of water straight into my mouth. If I could swallow it fast enough, I might not drown. I tried a few times, and eventually got the hang of pushing into the fitting while holding my breath, then swallowing the water.

I needed to piss. I figured that this suit must be expecting that problem, so I should just piss where I was and I guess it would just go around the suit. It was quite tricky to 'let go' but I managed to relax enough. I felt the piss flow out of me, but then started to feel a tickle deep inside me. I realised that my cock was connected to the plug in my arse, and my piss was getting recycled inside me!

Steve said over the speaker system, "Okay here's where you get to show whether or not you're an intelligent mammal". Then a light flashed at one end of the pool along with a tone sounding.

Under the light was a button. I pushed it, then the light flashed and tone sounded, followed by a different tone and a light at the other end of the pool. Guessing what was happening, I pushed the first then the second button, and sure enough the first two repeated with a third light and tone. I repeated the sequence.

After the fourth set, I noticed a buzzing sensation around my cock. I was getting a short burst of vibration! I continued to the fifth, then got a stronger vibration and what I think was a small tingle of electricity which was quite stimulating. I was so surprised by that that I messed up the sequence. As soon as I hit the wrong button, I got what felt like an electric shock in my arse. It was not too painful but not something I'd like to feel too often.

And yet... the cock stimulation from getting a sequence right was definitely worth the arse shock from getting a sequence wrong. I saw the light and started a new sequence.

This was getting very horny. I was up to eight lights in the sequence, and once I'd hit the eighth, the vibration and stimulation of my cock was heavenly. I figured that if I got to about ten, it would be enough to bring me over the edge and shoot my load. I went for the next sequence of nine, but almost couldn't think about the wonderful cock pleasure, and I knew I couldn't miss out on the tenth one. I went for the sequence again, determined to get my reward.

I was up to the sixth tone, swimming for the high tone button, then realised the next was a low tone, at the other end of the pool. I flipped and shot to the other end.

I must have been inches from the button when the pain struck. I could not have imagined such a bolt of lightning up my arse. I curled up in agony and fell to the bottom of the pool, crying with the pain in my arse and the loss of the precious tenth reward.

I swore never to play the game again, but hardly half an hour passed before I was hitting those buttons again and striving for the goal that I never quite managed to make.

I realised it was getting dark in the above-pool world, and thought this is probably when Steve would let me out. He told me to follow another flashing light, which was at the end of a long cage. He said I should push through the front bars of the cage and swim inside.

I did that. The bars closed behind me, leaving me quite tight inside the cage, but there was no exit available to me. Then Steve said, "Goodnight" and the lights went out.

I slept well. I woke a few times, with nightmares about eating fish and being caught in fishing nets. Eventually, dawn rose and I found the far end of the cage was open for me to swim out.

I played the light sequence game again several times, and regretted it each time. Then Steve came out and we played fetch with hoops again - this time my swimming skill was so much better than the first time, it was almost too easy.

Steve lowered a board into the pool which had on it buttons labelled with the letters of the alphabet. I could see it was connected to a screen on the surface.

He said, "Dave, I hope you've enjoyed your aquatic adventure. I hope to make these suits and sell them. Do you think they'll be popular?"

I punched up my message on the letter board and words appeared on the screen: "Yes very much".

He asked, "Do you want to be let out now?"

I punched: "Yes please".

Then he said, "Do you want to come to do it again?"

"Love to".

"Well," he said, "it's not going to be quite that easy for you. If you're going to be playing with my toys, I want something from you, too."


"You might regret saying that. You remember a while ago we were talking about chastity devices, and you said you couldn't imagine how anyone could survive with their cock locked up? Well, now's your time to find out. You can come back in two weeks to spend time dressed in the suit in the pool, but only if you spend the time locked in a chastity device."

There was a long silence. No movement in the pool. Then, eventually, Steve saw: "Okay".

Steve used a net on a pole to pull me out of the pool. It took him a while using a solvent, but he eventually managed to unzip the back of my head, and at last I got to feel and breath the real world again. I delighted in being able to close my mouth and speak at long last.

I said, "That was amazing. I felt so trapped in the suit, but so free in the water. That light sequence game was so infuriating. I never quite got to win on it."

As Steve peeled off the layers of the suit, he said, "And you won't be winning for another few weeks, too!" He got the suit down so that my cock was free and as hard as ever, but my hands were still secured in the internal gloves. Then he produced a shiny steel tube with some locking mechanism on one end. He used ice to make my erection go down, then pushed my cock into the tube and locked the end around my balls. And then he pushed a metal ball into my arse which was attached to the device by a bar. "You'll have to keep that in your arse all the time you're out, unless you want a strange lump in your trousers."

He finished off securing the device, then said, "That's staying right where it is for two weeks, until you're back here again and secured for the pool. If you think the ride over here got you horny, see what another few weeks of it is like."

He released my hands and peeled off the rest of the suit. My hands went straight to my cock only to feel the hard steel tube it was trapped inside. And every time I moved the tube, it moved the ball in my arse! I already knew how frustrating this time was going to be.

Steve said, "I washed your cycle suit for you. I hope it shrunk in the wash."

I pulled it on, barely managing to get it over my body without bursting the seams. The cock tube looked huge and obscene. I looked at Steve as if to say, "Are you serious?" and he looked back as if to say, "You know you have no choice".

And so I rode home with a different kind of bulge in the front of my suit - steel this time - and my prostate still being beaten by an invader - larger this time.

This had been an amazing few days. Surely it couldn't get any kinkier than that!


This story was inspired by ideas that came up in a converstation between myself and zentaiskeletonuk.

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