On the roof

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He'd been keeping me horny for a reason.

Marc had been keeping me locked in a CB6000 chastity device for a few months now. He was good to me, and let me out every weekend for play, but he liked keeping me locked up and horny for him during the week when we were apart, and it just made me love him all the more.

But last weekend was different. He made me suck his beautiful hard cock, then fucked me while I was still locked up, as he likes to do, but then just said, "That will be enough for now," and went to sleep, without unlocking me and giving me any relief from my frustration. He just said, "it will do you good to stay wanting for a while."

So, frustrated was how I stayed for the next week. I hoped I would get some relief eventually, but I had the feeling he was planning something special, and hoped it would all be worth while, so I didn't say any more about it.

Finally, the weekend came. He said he was busy on Friday night, so had another night of helpless lust, and went to see him on the Saturday morning.

It was a hot day, and I wore shorts and a tee shirt. I was impressed to see Marc wearing a vest top showing off his muscles, and tiny little jogging shorts showing plenty.

He said, "We're going out. What you're wearing is no good, it just won't do. Strip down, now."

I always liked it when he got assertive. In seconds, I was standing in front of him wearing not a stitch, only the plastic tube and metal lock of the CB6000, currently well filled and bobbing up and down.

"Oh, are you still wearing that?" He laughed, his cheeky, sarcastic expression making me smile.

"Yes," I replied, "I'm as horny as I've ever been, as you well know, and I'd be up your arse right now if you weren't keeping me locked up!"

"Good, that's how I like you. I suppose I'll have to find you something to wear..." He rummaged in a draw and picked out a pair of pale blue tight lycra cycle shorts and threw them at me. He said, "Unfortunately, I'm going to have to make a small adjustment to you, otherwise you'll definitely get arrested."

He picked up a key, saying "Now, I'm only unlocking your cock because your shorts are too tight to hide your CB. That doesn't mean you're unlocked, and you will have to promise you'll behave like you're still locked. Do you promise?"

I sighed. It would be great to get out of the CB, even if I wasn't allowed to do anything with it. "Yes, I promise."

Marc unlocked my CB6000. It was heaven to feel it sliding off my cock, and in seconds I was showing an erection three times the size of the CB. Before I could even touch it, he pulled the shorts up my legs and over my bulge.

The result was obscene. The shorts were so tight and pale, you could see every detail as though I were naked. Marc said, "Of course, you're going to have to sort yourself out there. If you go thinking sexy thoughts in those shorts, you'll surely get arrested."

"How am I supposed to do that! I've not cum in two weeks, and you're dressed like a sex-god, everything around me is making me horny!"

He kissed me on the lips and whispered, "I'm sure you'll find a way. Just do it for me."

The irony! His telling me not to be hard was getting me as hard as ever!

He turned back to his draw of clothes, saying, "Don't worry, I'm not going to make you go out just wearing that." Then he handed me a teeshirts. Except it was hardly a teeshirt, it was a cut-off vest top. I put it on and the bottom edge of the top didn't even reach down as far as the top edge of the shorts.

As an explanation, Marc said, "Well, if you were wearing one of those big baggy teeshirts, it would cover up your shorts entirely, and where woud be the fun of that?"

Somehow, I managed to calm down enough to shrink the bulge in my shorts down to a manageable size, and we went out shopping in town. We must have looked quite a sight - him in jogging shorts much too tight for him, and me in lycra shorts much too tight for me - we were certainly the gayest looking couple in the shopping centre.

Marc was so cruel to me. He would sometimes whisper obscene things into my ear, and it took a supreme effort to not think about what he'd said, to keep my cock down to a respectable size.

He took me into a lift in the shopping centre, and pushed the button for the top floor. As soon as the doors shut, he said to me, "On your knees!"

In three seconds, I was down sucking on his cock which was hanging out of one leg of his shorts. He was moaning as I was sucking, and the taste of his pre-cum was giving me a raging erection.

As we felt the lift come to a stop, Marc pulled his cock back inside his shorts and I swiftly stood up. The doors were half way open when I realised that my shorts were definitely obscene now, cock fully hard and throbbing. I could do nothing but put my hands in front of it and hoped it was covered up and didn't look too strange.

Fortunately, there was hardly anyone on the top floor, it was mostly offices. As we walked along a deserted corridor, Marc said to me, "Hands by your side!" Of course, I complied immediately. Marc smiled at the way my cock flapped back and forth inside my shorts, like an olympic sprinter.

He pushed open a door, the sort of door that shoppers should not normally push open. Inside was a starecase and he beckoned me to go up them.

It opened out onto the roof of the building. we went to lean on a railing, looking out over the city.

Marc said to me, "Give me your top." I took it off and handed it to him. He threw it off the top of the building, and we watched it float off, landing in a nearby park.

Then, he said to me, "Give me your shorts."

I hesitated. Having to walk home topless in just some tiny shorts was quite a scary thought, but having to walk home naked was something else entirely.

He said, to me, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes, I do."

"What do you think I'm going to do?"

"I think you're going to throw my shorts off the top of this building."

We stared at each other. I looked into his eyes, and I knew that it didn't really matter what sort of mock protest I made, he would always win because I would always do whatever he asked of me.

I took my shorts off and threw them off the top of the building.

Marc took my exposed cock in his hand, and said, "You're learning well. It's good to see your horny frustration hasn't affected your thinking.

He took my hand and lead me across the roof top, up to a building which had a ladder on the side. He turned me so my back was against the ladder, then rummaged inside his shorts. I was looking forward to seeing his hard cock poking out, and having him push my head down onto it.

But I didn't expect what I saw. From somewhere in his shorts, he pulled out a pair of thumb cuffs. We had used these many times to keep me secured somewhere, and we had found they were very effective - once they were locked onto me, there's no way I could escape.

I opened my mouth to protest, but realised that whatever he wanted to happen was going to happen, so I let him do it. A few clicks later and I was cuffed, naked, to a ladder on the top of a shopping centre, with no way to get free and nothing to wear even if I could.

Marc grabbed my cock with his fist, and slowly slid it up my shaft. His touch was electric, and I was precumming on the spot. He brushed a finger against my slit, then slurped the precum from his finger into his mouth.

He said, "That will keep me going for a while," then let go of my cock, turned and walked off down the stairs.

I had to wonder what 'a while' meant. I was hoping he would reappear a few seconds later, laughing, and unlock me or at least let me shoot my two weeks load. But those seconds turned into minutes and he didn't come back.

I had no idea how long I was there. It felt like hours but it was probably really about ten minutes.

The location I was secured left me completely exposed to the sun, and it was getting hot. If I was stuck out there for long, I'd get fried, without even clothing to hide behind.

Eventually, I heard the door to the stairs open again. Mixed emotions - it could be Marc come to rescue me, or it could be some stranger about to discover me. Either way, there's nothing I could do about it.

A large, hairy man walked straight towards me. He was covered in tattoos and piercings. He didn't look at all surprised that I was stood there, naked and locked up. He stood in front of me, then took my cock in his hand. I spoke to him but he ignored me.

From a pocket, he took a notebook and tape measure. He started measuring and noting all sorts of distances and widths and stretches around my cock and balls, which were by this time quite limp. Then he took out a small vibrator and held it against my body, between my legs behind my balls. While he was staring at me, I couldn't help getting turned on by the vibration rattling through my body and especially my cock and balls. As soon as I got to full hardness, he put the vibrator away and started making more measurements and notes.

Once he was done, he turned and left.

Another age alone, hot, sweaty and horny.

Marc appeared! He said, "Hi honey, hope you've been okay here. I sent my friend Bill up here to keep you company for a while. He's a friendly guy, isn't he?"

But I wasn't listening to Marc, I was concentrating on what his hands were doing to my cock and balls. His magic fingers were doing all the things that thrill me, once again getting me up and ready for action.

He knealed before me, and sucked my shaft into his mouth. His lips slid up and down as his tongue tickled my slit. He worked me gently, forcefully, expertly, but didn't let me get over-excited.

After much coaxing, I started to feel the beginnings of the build-up of an orgasm, deep within me. But, as soon as the delicious release had started to gain momentum, he stopped. I cried out in frustration, but my protests were ignored.

Bill, the hairy, tattood, pierced guy, had appeared and Marc had stopped pleasuring me to chat to him. Marc stepped aside as Bill stood in front of me with a bag of equipment.

He looked at my hard cock, and sighed. He took from his bag a thermos flask, opened the top, then thrust my cock straight into it. It was full of icy water, bitterly cold and very shocking to the cock. Within seconds my shaft became a walnut, retreating into the safety of a small surface area.

Bill took a small black tube, a ring, and some other parts from his bag. He started to push my cock through one part and pull my balls through another, arranging all the bits around my groin. He did some rubbing of cream into one part, and lube into another, assembling the equipment around me.

I looked over to see Marc had pulled his cock out from his shorts and was openly wanking while watching what was happening to me. He was very intently excited by it, looking like he was building up to something big.

For the first time, he spoke to me, saying, "Take a deep breath." I did, then he pushed something into the equipment around my cock, and I felt a searing pain like someone ripping my cock in two. But, in two seconds, the pain had gone.

I heard Marc shout out, and saw a huge load of sperm shooting from his cock, splattering onto the black roof of the building.

Bill dismantled some bit of the equipment, leaving a small, smooth tube around my cock and behind my balls. He tugged it, and it felt like it was tugging right through my cock head. I guessed I had been pierced.

Bill turned to Marc and said, "Look after these keys, they are high security locks and he's got a big problem if you lose them."

Marc said to Bill, "Oh, high security, that's quite scary. perhaps it would be safer if you kept hold of them. I'll probably come and get them in a few weeks or so."

Without another word, Bill and the keys to my new high security cock left the roof.

Marc turned to me, stroking the black tube which used to be my cock, admiring its security. He pulled a piece of string from somewhere in his shorts and tied it to a part of the cb, leaving the other end dangle. Then he said, "Well, I guess I'll see you at home. Byee!" and turned and left the roof.

I waited, because there was nothing else I could do. Marc wouldn't just leave me stranded, naked and chained to a ladder on a roof, without some sort of plan for me. After a time, it looked like he wasn't coming back, so I had to come up with my own plan to escape.

I wondered about that piece of string hanging from my secured cock. I couldn't see it, but I could feel something hanging from it, which would occasionally tap against my thigh - something small and without much weight.

My hands were secured with the thumb cuffs behind me, but low enough that I could try to swing the string through my legs back to my hands and catch it, to find out what the object was. This was easier said than done, it was very difficult to get the string swinging when I could hardly move.

Eventually, I managed it, and, as I had hoped, the object on the string was the key to the cuffs. It's always very difficult to work a key into thumb cuffs when you're already locked into them, but having been locked so long and around a ladder made it even worse. I dropped the key once and had to swing for it again.

But I made it, I unlocked the thumb cuffs and was finally able to stretch out my arms. I was also able to touch the steel tube securing my cock, and it felt very solid and heavy, and felt like it wouldn't come off without the key, regardless of how I tugged and twisted it.

As I suspected, just out of my sight Marc had left me a short pair of shorts to wear home. However, I wasn't expecting when I put them on that they had been cut between the legs - they just about looked like shorts but they felt more like a skirt. My heavy cock was left danging free, and only just out of sight of the public. But, of course, I had no choice, so walked back through the shopping centre and home.

I wondered about plotting revenge, but I knew that I would never do it. He now had control over my cock, which was a strong bargaining chip, and I loved that he had that control, and wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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