A New Life

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The Beginning

I was a successful business man who had worked hard all my career to reach my ambition of retiring by the age of 50. Although not a multi-millionaire by any stretch, my small business was running well without my involvement providing me enough income to live the moderate lifestyle I desired. And I certainly wasn't a sloth who wanted to spend all my time on the lounge. I enjoyed keeping fit, tending the garden and going to the beach.

My wife on the other hand was 5 years younger than me and still very much the corporate go-getter. At 5'10", higher in the stiletto heels she wore everyday, Sue was blessed with a firm figure and ex-cheerleader looks that attracted glances whenever we went out. Her leadership approach was also demonstrated in the bedroom where little bondage games, leading to her ultimate satisfaction, not necessarily mine, were regular occurrences. We both got off on tease and denial play showing we were pretty much a perfect fit for each other.

In bed together about a week or two after I finished up work Sue felt particularly sexy, wearing a black, shiny, long sleeve spandex catsuit. This always meant she wanted a back rub, but at the same time she would rub me until I was close. Never close enough, mind you, but just excited enough to be enthusiastic in providing a good back rub. I imagined her long slender fingers with long red perfectly manicured nails sliding up and down my very erect penis.

"You know", she said, "I'm not so sure I like this idea about you being at home thinking about sex all the day while I'm out earning money."

I'm not sure I liked the sound of this or where it might be heading. It was true that with more time to relax, my mind had turned to what comes natural and I definitely wanted more action in the evening when Sue got home. But like most women, Sue preferred to be cuddled and massaged rather than being groped and performing sex acts on me.

"I think from today we're going to introduce a new program." I definitely wasn't liking this declaration, but she kept rubbing me. Keeping me excited, but never enough to cum.

"Instead of cash I will pay you an allowance in monopoly money. For every day when you bring me breakfast in bed, the house is perfectly clean, a cooked dinner is ready for me and you look after my needs in bed I will provide you an allowance of $10."

"What sort of needs in bed?" I asked - hoping for some two way benefit here.

"Well it is ME paying the allowance." She responded. "So I'd definitely want more back rubs. And wearing those stilettos all day . a foot massage would be nice. And of course you could use your tongue. I'd like that."

"But, but what about me?" I asked.

"That's where the allowance comes in." Sue responded. "I'll let you spend it with me. Let's say $50 for a hand job, $100 for sex and, let me think, $150 for a head job. Cash up front."

My heart sank, but my cock was more erect than ever before. Doing the maths my opportunities for release wouldn't be nearly as often as I would like - but I reasoned, I still had my right hand and all the day to myself. She kept stroking me until the second I said "ok". Then she immediately withdrew her hand and rolled on to her stomach.

"Good." She said. "We can start straight away. Neck and shoulders please."

After a few minutes, an obviously relaxed Sue said "Oh and another thing. Around the house I want you to wear a uniform. I've bought you a few pairs of black lycra speedos. You can wear just those and nothing else. I've set up a wireless webcam in the living room which I can check during the day. If I see you wearing anything else around the house - no allowance for you."

And that's how my new life as a household slave began.

My New Life

The daily routine was sort of like this. My alarm was set for 20 minutes before hers. I would rise, being careful not to wake her too much, shower and get changed into my speedos. Make breakfast, which fortunately was usually just a cup of coffee and some toast. I would then just wait nearby in case she wanted anything else. Somedays if she had a particularly stressful day coming up Sue would ask for a neck and shoulder massage while she ate her breakfast and drank her coffee.

While Sue was at work I would perform whatever chores needed to be done and shop for dinner. Luckily I was allowed to get dressed when I left the house. But I was very careful to get dressed just inside the front door. I didn't want her seeing me fully clothed on the webcam. Losing a whole day's allowance was a big punishment. I would then prepare the dinner and when I heard Sue's car pulling in to the drive I would pour a glass of wine for her and be waiting inside the front door for her to arrive.

I would hand her the glass of wine, we'd share a kiss and if she was in a particularly teasing frame of mind she'd rub the front of my speedos. I was already hard from anticipation and submission, so this rubbing was just a formality. Here I was, just dressed in speedos with a raging erection most evident while she was dressed in a tailored business suit, crisp blouse (often quite low cut depending upon which client she had met that day) and of course those high heels.

"I think a foot massage would be in order today." She might say before sitting on the lounge. I'd sit on the foot rest, carefully remove her shoes and provide the best foot massage I could. My allowance depended on it. When her glass of wine, and the foot rub, were finished, she'd go to her room to get changed while I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

She would always appear at the dining table dressed in a way to tease me. It was normally shiny, often tight spandex, but sometimes a revealing gown or perhaps just a fluffy bathrobe that left it to my imagination to guess what was underneath.

At bed time usually some sort of massage was on the order and if she was feeling amorous I felt her hand on my head pushing me between her legs. Not a word was spoken, but I knew exactly what to do. She was forceful, but loving and gentle at the same time.

If I did everything to her satisfaction, $10 in monopoly money would be left on the breakfast tray when I cleared it away each morning. Each note had a little stamp on it, so I wasn't just able to go to a toy store and buy another monopoly set. Believe me, I thought of it at the beginning. I also had to keep a tiny little whiteboard on my bedside table where I wrote the up to date balance of my account. My wife wanted to keep track of it everyday to ensure there wasn't any funny business going on with my stash.

The first week was a torment but I was doing well and getting my allowance each day. I made up my mind to settle for a hand job after 5 days. I told her this while giving her a back rub and got excited and had to rub myself against her. "Stop right there!", she commanded. "You're the hired help in this relationship and I don't appreciate unwelcome sexual advances from the help."

The next morning there was just $5 on the breakfast tray. So I was short $5 for my much anticipated orgasm. I'd had visions of her long fingers with painted nails rubbing up and down my cock. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken long for me to squirt my load all over her lovely hands. But now it wasn't to be I lamented as I sat on the lounge during a break in my chores.

Sub-consciously at first, I started to rub myself through my speedos. It felt so good and it was only a matter of time before I freed my manhood from its spandex prison and I started to take matters in to my own hands. Just then the phone rang.

"Damn!" I cursed. "Hello?". It was Sue.

"What do you think you're doing?" She demanded. "I was afraid of this."

"Keep your clothes off and stay in sight of the camera where I can keep an eye on you for the rest of the day. We'll have words when I get home. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." I weakly responded, feeling like a scolded kid waiting for my Dad to get home to punish me.

The next few hours dragged on. I was stark naked, still as horny as all get out and frightened of doing anything that might be observed from the camera as touching myself. So I mostly sat on my hands, watching the minutes advance until my wife got home.

About an hour later than usual I heard her car arrive. Still not wanting to disobey my instructions I sat where I was waiting for Sue to enter the room and to continue her admonishment of my behaviour. But I was wrong. Sue was smiling and as well as her brief case she carried some small shopping bags.

"I can see how stressful this new way of life is for you my sweet" she said. "So I bought some things that might help."

"First some new uniforms." She said as she cheerily pulled out of the bags some tiny white see through thongs. They didn't leave much to the imagination, but she always did like looking at my butt. This certainly wasn't going the way I expected.

"Oh, and there's one more thing." She said as she sat down next to me on the lounge. "Let's try it on."

With that she pulled from the other bag a box marked CB-6000. Now this definitely was taking a turn for the worse and I'm not sure I liked it one bit once I saw the plastic chastity belt. But still feeling submissive from my long day waiting and the speed at which my wife removed the device from its packaging stopped too much protest from me. With a bag of ice from the freezer, some gel and a few attempts, my pride and joy was soon encased in a new plastic prison and with a single click of the padlock my one source of freedom had been taken away from me.

With barely a word Sue took the key from the padlock and looped her necklace through it dangling the key to my release from her neck resting between her beautiful breasts just in view to continue to tease me.

Cheerily she ignored my plight and said "Now let's see if these fit." As she passed me one of my new white thongs. My new uniform was a tight squeeze, but the panties just covered the plastic cage and I must admit the sight of the enhanced bulge at the front was quite a turn-on. It was just a shame I couldn't do anything about it.

"Don't worry", she said "I'll remove the lock whenever you want to pay for my services. But I am fining you $25 for what you did earlier today. Hand it over and go get dinner ready."

I went upstairs to fetch my $25 fine and had a quick feel of my package. It felt odd that I could rub all I liked, but not feel a thing where it counted.

So I was back to just $20, still no satisfaction after close to a week and no way for me to satisfy myself if the need arises.

A Chaste Life

So life continued as before the chastity belt. Without any alternative for release I worked extra hard on my chores and ensuring I received my fully daily allowance. And I was doing well : $30, $40 then the magical $50 I needed for a handjob was in my hot little hands. This was easy I thought - despite my sexual frustration, maybe I was just finding my rhythm and the thought that full sex (intercourse) really would be nice crossed my mind. And after all, it would be about the two week mark (all going well) since my new lifestyle began. It would be tough, but I could do it.

So that night in bed I told Sue that I wasn't going to buy a handjob, I was going to save my allowance and save up for full sex. "Ok" she said "It's your money. But if you're going to be in that chastity belt for an extended period of time, we need to organise some regular cleaning."

With that she got out of bed, rummaged around in our bottom drawer, where we keep our play things, and returned to cuff me to the bed on my back. Wrists cuffed to the head board and ankles spread wide apart cuffed to the foot of the bed.

Sue then dangled that key, which for the last few days had tormented me, hung from her necklace between her lovely breasts. Click, and I quickly sprung free from my chastity belt. It felt so good just to be hard again without the plastic constriction.

Sue went to the bathroom and returned wearing rubber gloves, sat down beside me and washed my cock and balls with a wet, warm wash towel. It was heaven. I almost came right there and then.

"Next some moisturiser." She said as she started to rub cream on to my cock with her rubber gloved hands. With just a stroke or two I was near the edge.

Sue then lent back next to me in bed and in a playful mood just lightly stroked my cock with her finger tips. "So you're saving your money so you can afford full sex with me. Is that right?" she tormented.

"Yes." I replied, trying not to think about what she was doing to me or how good the sex would feel.

"But that's ages away." Sue teased. "Let me think. $50, $60" she continued with each count she stroked the underside of my cock keeping me right on the edge. "$70, $80", more stroking and teasing. "$90 and $100."

"Do you really think you can last that long? She asked as she lightly tickled my magic spot just under my cock head with her index finger.

"I'm going to try." I stammered. I was a frustrated wreck of a man by this stage. Desperate to cum, tormented by a sexy woman but somehow determined to wait at least another 5 days just so I could have sex with her.

"Will it feel better than this? She asked as she formed a large "O" with her thumb and index finger which ever so lightly encompassed my straining cock. I just didn't want to think about it. I was twitching like a madman, so close to orgasm.

"Oh yes." I replied. "I'm going to do it."

With a quick, curt "ok", Sue pulled away from me and rolled over. "Tell me when you're ready to be locked up again, and it had better be soft enough otherwise you lose your allowance for the day. I don't like my time being wasted waiting for you to get rid of a hard-on." She admonished.

I thought of mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, anything except sex and my raging hard cock. After quite a while I let her know I was ready and Sue reached over for the cock tube and padlock. But just her attention and fitting the tube got me hard again. But I was lucky and thanks to the moisturiser Sue was just able to refit the chastity belt before CLICK, it was secured back in place.

This was our new nightly routine. She would instruct me to cuff myself to the bed when she was ready for my "cleaning" which was really just a torment session that made waiting for my goal even harder. But I persisted until I had $90. I was very good all that day knowing that next morning there would be another $10 on that breakfast tray. My plan was as soon as I got it to present her with $100 to buy sex before she headed off to work.

But first, my now nightly cleaning. Sue was looking particularly hot that night wearing a tight leopard print spandex that was cut very low at the front affording me a great view of her firm tits with that damn key hanging between them. I had already cuffed myself to the bed as instructed when she returned from the bathroom wearing the rubber gloves and holding the moist towel and moisturiser.

CLICK, unsnapped the lock as I quickly sprang to attention. I think of anything except tomorrow's sex as the warm face towel cleans me down followed by the moisturiser and teasing session.

"So tomorrow's going to be the big day lover boy?", Sue asked. "You'll be like a horny sailor on the town with cash in your pocket ready for action. And I'll be there in high heels, hot pants and a tiny little top with my boobs ready to burst out." This and the associated hand rubbing wasn't making this any easier for me.

"Please stop." I begged.

"Ok, but first let me count your money." She said. "$10, $20" she started, not actually counting the money, but with each count Sue again stroked my cock lightly with just her fingertips. This was torture.

"$50, $60", I was about to cross that point of no return.

"$70, $80" and with that I shot my load. Two weeks' worth of pent up horniness burst forth. But as soon as I started to spurt, Sue withdrew he hands as quick as a flash and I was left furiously pumping air with my cock.

"That's $50." She matter of factly stated and she proceeded to help herself to $50 of my hard earned money, "and don't think you're getting any allowance for today 'lover boy'." She sneered.

No! What had I done? A couple of slaps to my cock later and Sue was able to refit the chastity belt, take offer her rubber gloves before uncuffing my wrists from the head board.

"Good night my sweet." She said as she turned over leaving me once again a trembling wreck of a former man.

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