She Asked, and I Gave

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I wanted to share my experience of the past year in terms of my Mistress and I and the mutual arrangement we have.

What started as a planned for pay session ended up a deep love affair with both of us enjoying what we each had dreamed of. We met online and after significant emailing, then lengthy phone conversations, we finally set a date. We live about two hours apart and our first rendezvous was complete bliss. Very romantic, not a session, but like two separated lovers reuniting. We had plenty of toys brought by both of us and used them all.

I knew she was not a fan of being penetrated so I knew what not to expect. We both had terrific orgasms as we eagerly pleased and teased each other in many ways. There was lots of Femdom activity including ferocious nipple biting, CBT, and pegging. I lapped at her shaved pussy with great pleasure and great success. She has beautiful full breasts, the likes of which I had never enjoyed so much.

There were subsequent interludes and we both knew we were meant for each other. She was never really a Pro but was bored and looking to satisfy some urges and make a few bucks safely. She halted that after we met. That is when she said we needed an understanding which would define our roles and further our lust for each other. She knew I liked being sub and a healthy dose of kink. Her suggestion was the following arrangement.

She said she and I would be monogamous. She would not seek any other men. And I would not be with any other women. She then asked if I would be willing to give up pussy for the rest of my sexual life in exchange for a perfect satisfying Femdom relationship. I had already told her since my divorce I had not penetrated or ejaculated through normal intercourse in eight years. She said the price to pay would be to agree to never be allowed to cum inside any woman ever again. She said you are 55 years old and still get hard, but I want you to give up penetration and the hope of cumming inside a woman...and eventually you will age to where you can't get hard enough to do that anyway, and you will have given me a wonderful gift... knowing I have taken that very personal and masculine act from you.

I was taken aback. Before I could ask anything or reply, she said wait... let me finish please. I didn't say give up orgasms or kink, or fun. You have already gone eight years without fucking a woman. She knew I had only sought handjobs at a massage parlor or masturbation by my own admission. You have a great streak going, just continue it. In fact, I am willing to let you enter me every once in a while, even though I don't need the penetration, just to remind you of how it feels and what you are giving up for me. I even want you to put your cock in my ass maybe once a year or for your birthday. Not to do any great amount of thrusting and certainly not to cum, but to remind you what you are giving up for me. So you will enter only me and only very rarely until you can't physically get it up anymore. Now if you can do that for me, I will make you very happy. I will play with your cock and balls incessantly, jerk you off, dress up nice and kinky and use any toys you want. You will please me orally and I will not ration your orgasms but will let you cum on my tits, my ass, whatever you want. You can cum till your heart is content just not through intercourse. I know you like facesitting and that will be more of a reward. She has to be in the mood for ass licking for some reason unknown to me. She said I will try to accommodate you more in that regard, and you will get plenty of pussy licking. You will be allowed to service my ass as well, but you will have it when I offer it. All the discipline, CBT, teasing, porn, handjobs, toys you want just for giving up penetration. I will allow you to thrust and pretend when you are masturbating or fucking my hand, to satisfy your urge to penetrate, but we both will know it is pretend. I may allow you to penetrate and ejaculate into a fleshlight or similar device while I hold it in my hand or between my thighs. So you see, we can have all sorts of fun once I know you are mine completely and have given me a wonderful gift.

Now as she described it, it was indeed sounding better and not so one sided. I quickly blurted out... without thinking... what about blowjobs? She said you can have those. You know I like to get you really hard with my mouth. And I will promise I will let you cum in my mouth at least once before your sexual days are over, so you have that to look forward to.

We already have taken a vow of celibacy when we are apart, unless we have phone sex. I asked about that. She replied that things would stay the same and she would be keeping me satisfied. If she ever thought I was cheating by ejaculating without her, then if we were to continue our relationship, a chastity device would be required of me for certain. I got the feeling she kind of wanted that anyway, but was afraid to push for too much at first.

She said what do you think? I said well it sounds okay I guess. I said ... and no more pussy fucking, ever? She said nope, just slide it in maybe once or twice a year and right back out. Wow. She was serious and I could tell she wanted an answer.

She tried to close the sale. I will make you very happy if you give me what I am asking for. You know I can make you drip and give you other things you crave. I could feel myself dripping as she spoke those words, so I said okay lets try it.

She quickly said... no trying. I am going to make you sexually happy in all kinds of ways all the way until you are impotent. But mentally we both know the price you are paying without even having to speak it. I thought about how long it had been and how much fun she was, and how sexy she was, and I decided after weighing things out, I was not likely to meet another woman sexually charged like she was anyway before I go limp, so I said okay.

She squealed like a schoolgirl. Then kissed and hugged me. She released me and said oh I almost forgot. Forgot what I said. She said, of course you know YOU will get penetrated properly and often with my strapon. And the prostate milkings will continue just as frequently. I know you like it and I do too, so one of us will be getting some penetration. And I know we don't do much of the humiliation thing, but I may elect to tell just a girlfriend or two, or maybe the adult store clerk our arrangement if it comes up. I get wet just thinking about casually mentioning to a clerk helping us choose a toy... that you aren't allowed penetration, but I do the fucking. I may ask you to confirm that on occasion. I also may have you professionally milked or disciplined by a pro domme at some point, and I will reveal our arrangement to her in front of you. But most of the world will never know of our pact and all the fun we are having.

So that is the story of how I voluntarily gave up pussy for the rest of my life. Things are working out great. She is giving me all she promised and we have great sex as it were. She has become more fond of CBT and discipline. There has been no talk of a chastity device. She has broached the subject of ruined orgasms for me, but so far I am encouraged to stroke it all out once I start to cum. She loves to see that. She has taken to wiping precum with her finger and making me lick it during foreplay. I am afraid one day I will be required to consume my actual jism as she progresses in kink.

She assured me she would not introduce a third party, so the threat of being cuckold or having to service another man is out.

Two months ago, she put my silicone cockring on as usual and commented how my veins were bulging. It must have been a good visual for her, because she commanded me to put my dick in her immediately. I was stunned and she chided me... you want some pussy, now is your chance. I put it in and managed to actually get in a couple of strokes. I could have and would have come because it felt so damn good. She was lusting heavily, but after six or seven thrusts initiated by her, she shoved me away. I popped out rather unceremoniously and dejected. She said you know the rules. Then she said we will take care of that eager hardon later, right now start giving me your tongue. That's the last pussy my dick has experienced and there has been no hint of putting it in her ass, though I am secretly wishing for it, since I know its a possibility.

We never discuss our arrangement, we just know the boundaries. She has not done any facesitting since our arrangement started, and I now want that too. For those who want the sordid details, it has been like follows.

We do a lot of touching and kissing. I am rarely tied up and restrained although sometimes. She used to tie my cock and balls a lot, but not seems to prefer leaving them untied so she can abuse them.. Abuse them she does. She squeezes and stretches my balls for minutes at a time and she can get off doing it. I usually service her orally often for an hour or three or four orgasms. She has always liked and still does give my prostate a good going over with her fingers or a suitable toy. I have never seen a woman who actually could get off doing that. She does even without touching herself. Sometimes she has me turn around and jerk off for her on her heavy tits while she watches, but most of the time when she decides my prostate has given enough juice, she puts on her strapon. She is very adept with it. Thankfully its not huge, because at this stage she is lusting hard and doesn't always enter so gently. But her fingers and the lube present make things okay. Again, she is so sexually charged, she can get off just from wearing and using her strapon. While she usually does some serious thrusting with it, sometimes she gets off just after putting it in without much effort. Its incredible. I just take it while she thrusts and pumps until I know she has cum a couple of times. Usually after using her strapon, she is mostly spent. There may have been some whipping, spanking, sucking, or other stuff in the mix and each time is different. She does lick me to tease me, but there has not been enough sucking going on to even come close to ejaculation in her mouth. I have only received two handjobs from her. Almost all the time, she grabs the bottle of Astroglide and flips the cap open and waits for me to hold out my hand. She looks me in the eye and we know what happens next. She is through and she wants to see me jerk off for her. Often she will scoot up and position herself so I will be able to shoot on her tits. At my age, I don't produce a lot of semen, so I am grateful for all I can shoot. She likes to supervise and most times I am still wearing the little silicone donut type cockring. I think that helps me actually spurt further. I know it makes my cock bigger and veins bulge. I just have to resign myself that this is how I am going to have to get sexual relief from now on. She watches and sometime edges me for a time. She will often grab my balls with one hand and hold out her other palm cupped slightly, which means I am to deposit my load there instead of aiming elsewhere. I just know the day is coming when she holds her hand up and says if you lick my hand clean I might let you stick your cock in my ass next time it bulges that big. I will probably concede. She has me truly pussywhipped and by the balls, although it is fun.

The last couple of times she has watched me jerk for her, I think she has positioned her face and mouth closer as if to tempt me to try to shoot there. She even opened her mouth and taunted me, risking that I wouldn't be able to reach that far with a spurt. We never discussed that, but I really don't want to have something like that count for my one blowjob to completion I was promised. So I consciously try not to aim there now just in case. I may have forgotten a rule she laid down earlier. I cannot cum any kind of way unless she grants my request. She always has so far. Sometimes she will make me stop and stand me up to take some more discipline or fetch a toy, but she has never denied me an orgasm, So more specifically, the rule is, I must ask for permission to shoot. Not tell her I am cumming, or say I am about to, but I must verbally formally ASK her if I may have permission to cum. She knows at that point I am really ready, and she might only stall five or six seconds before giving the okay. Sometimes her answer is immediate and enthusiastic, but many is the time I had to slow my stroking down in that critical few seconds before she gives permission. She likes to keep me guessing. It is especially tough to comply if she has not used her strapon, because she will have left the prostate massager in me and it is working on me while I jerk for her.

I am not masturbating without her present because she has kept me really drained and sated like she promised. Also I am afraid if I do, she will notice the decline in my already meager volume of semen and have my manhood locked up. Worse she would feel betrayed. I have settled into my role and her direction and I am looking forward to our relationship as we get older. I have not minded giving her my gift of giving up penetration as she has kept things fun and lively. If she gets off mentally on me doing without, I am glad to provide that. I only hope as I get older and more limp I will not regret having done so while I could have.

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