Complete Surrender

Submitted by: Del

Del stood straight and naked. He was blindfolded and his ears were plugged. He knew that the lady he worshipped and feared was close by and her presence both excited and scared him. Witout sight or hearing, time seemed to lose all meaning. He began to reflect on how his life had led him to this moment. His thoughts were interrupted by the sensation of a tongue licking his semi-erect cock. He knew it was not the tongue of Mistress Julie but the tongue of some man that paid her for this service. His cock had sprung to attention and he knew Mistress Julie would be smiling as she watched his cock stiffen with pleasure. He also knew that she would be instructing this new slave on how to suck cock like an experienced whore.

Mistress Julie was smiling. She could feel the wetness begin between her legs. Such power. Two naked men. Both heterosexual but because of her power both performing like gay sluts. She spoke with complete confidence that her commands would be carried out to the letter.

"That's a good boi. Lick up and down the shaft. Lick it the way you would want your cock licked if you were a real man."

Matt, the new slave, had never had a cock in his mouth until this moment but he couldn't deny that carrying out the commands of Mistress Julie made his own cock stiffen.

"You're such a good cock sucker. Now take it deep into your mouth. See how far you can swallow it. Let it touch your throat."

Del felt the mouth around his cock moving with increased excitement and enthusiasm. His own cock was throbbing with pleasure. Somehow the shame and humiliation of enjoying his cock being sucked by a man was something he had got used to but he could remember vividly the first time he was commanded to suck a cock. It was in this same dungeon and he didn't really think it would happen. Mistress Julie had teased him many times about how he would make such a good sissy whore, sucking cocks for money. He had thought it was just a fantasy, a way of humiliating him verbally. He had been stretched over a gym horse and tied so that he could not move. Mistress Julie was dressed in her nazi-like uniform and when she wore that she seemed particularly sadistic. She had just finished whipping his ass when she had told him that he was such a wimp, such a cry-baby. He wasn't a man, there was no use pretending. She knew exactly what he craved. Then this naked man appeared, his cock large and fully erect. He walked over to where Del lay naked and vulnerable. Del could remember her exact words: "Ok, my little sissy-whore, I know you crave some cock, but I'm not sure which hole this cock should fuck. You can choose...... mouth fuck or ass fuck?" Del could remember the fear and his desperate pleas to be untied and let go. He babbled about how he didn't really want any cock. He wasn't gay. He had only been playing along with her verbal teasing. She had become angry and had whipped him hard again. Then she told him if he didn't make up his mind in 30 seconds she would command her slave to fuck his ass without any lubrication. Del could remember the panic and fear but he could also remember how easy the choice was. He was to be mouth-fucked. However, Mistress Julie had taken some pity on him, or maybe she thought it would be more humiliating, when she told him that he could avoid having his mouth fucked if he gave her slave a blow-job like an experienced tart. He had no real choice. She urged him on, laughing and giving advice as he licked and sucked on his first cock. His humiliation had deepened when Mistress remarked on how stiff his own cock had become. To make matters worse she took photographs. He could sense that she was becoming very excited and when her slave climaxed in his mouth he knew that Mistress Julie needed to be satisfied as well. So it didn't surprise him that when his straps were untied hurriedly, she opened her legs and pressed his head against her wet pussy. This was something he was much more experienced at.

Although these memories brought some deep humiliation they also brought excitement and he could feel his throbbing cock reaching climax. Just as he was about to cum he felt an ear plug being removed and he could hear the sensual whisper of Mistress Julie "Enjoy your last orgasm, whore." Del was too far gone for those ominous words to stop him shooting his load into the mouth of an unknown man.

By the time his blindfold had been removed the dungeon was empty apart from Mistress Julie and himself.

"That made me so wet, my little delboy tart. Get down on your knees and eat my pussy. You've had your fun, slutboy, now use your mouth for the purpose it was created"

Despite Del lacking some libido as he had just cum, his pussy sucking soon brought his cock back to life.

Ever since that first occasion when Mistress Julie photographed him sucking cock he knew that he was losing control of his own life. What had been a kinky interlude in an otherwise vanilla life was taking him over. It had become an obsession. There were times when he wanted to end the relationship, especially when Mistress Julie had insisted that he had his cock pierced with a Jap's eye piercing. He had initially refused but Mistress Julie had used all of her sexual power with hints of blackmail to force him to carry out her wishes.

After he had brought Mistress Julie to a climax he had felt as if he would like to leave the dungeon for a while and he was pleased that Mistress Julie had said that it was time to go, they had an important appontment. His initial pleasure began to transform into fear as he drove Mistress Julie to where she wanted to go. Their appointment! What appointment? He didn't know of any appointment.

He parked the car and Mistress Julie led him to what seemed to be a tatoo parlour. he reluctantly followed her inside. What now? Another piercing? A tatoo?

He was led into a backroom. In the backroom was a couch, the type of couch you might see in a doctor's office. Del was instructed to take off his shirt and lie on the couch. He did so but he couldn't hold back his questions any longer.

"Mistress, what's happening. I don't want another piercing or tatoo."

He hadn't expected a slap but he knew he deserved it.

"I didn't give you permission to speak. And since when do your wants matter. Now apologise for embarrassing me in front of this lovely girl here."

He had noticed the girl and she was lovely but there was something about her smirk that made this situation even more frightening for Del.

"I am sorry, Mistress. I should not have spoken."

"And apologise to our friend here."

He looked at the girl and apologised. She didn't reply, she simply smiled as if knowing something he didn't know, something that would be a suitable punishment for an uppity slave.

The girl strapped his arms to the couch and then she began to unfasten his trousers. Not another cock piercing he thought. He was also worried that his cock might harden in her presence. It didn't take her long to get his trousers and underpants off. There he lay, naked with his cock semi-erect. the girl didn't seem to react. She strapped his feet to the couch. Now he was vulnerable and helpless.

"I didn't give you permission to have an erection. But I want you to enjoy it. Your last proper erection."

What! Del did not utter this word aloud but it filled his mind with dread.

Mistress Julie stepped closer to him and began to stroke his cock, in front of the girl. It was embarrassing but he couldn't deny that on the occasions when Mistress Julie had stroked his cock, all his worries had melted away and his submissive feelings had risen to the surface.

"Good boi, Del. It's nice to have your cock stroked. I want you to remember this moment. I want you to treasure it. I also want you to remember this morning. I want you to remember cumming in Matt's mouth."

All of this talk was making Del so horny that he was hoping he could cum again but Mistress took her hand away and turned to the girl. "It is time" she said.

The girl moved in closer and put a bag over Del's cock. A bag of ice. Del winced and groaned.

He couldn't see what she was doing but he could feel her working down there like a surgeon carrying out an operation. The whole area around his cock felt numb. No pain.

After what seemed like half an hour the girl stood back admiring her handiwork. Mistress Julie looked delighted.

"You may look, Del, my beautiful chastity slave."

He looked. His cock had some kind of contraption around it but there was no lock. It seemed to be welded to his piercing.

Mistress Julie grinned with excitement and kissed Del on the forehead.

"Complete surrender. Your cock is mine. It belongs to me. You will have no use for it. Your mouth will now be the centre of all your sexual excitement. Whether you are sucking cock or eating pussy your own little cock is redundant. Let me show you."

Mistress Julie turned to the girl and spoke,

"Could you take off your top just so that we can see if your work has been successful.

The girl unbuttoned her blouse. Del looked and felt a stirring in his cock but then all he could feel was pain. His cock was trapped and couldn't become erect. Mistress Julie and the girl laughed. Del began to cry.

The End

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