Serving at Her Throne

Submitted by: A Happy Wife

Peter made love with a furious passion almost as though he was angry. He moved in and out like a mad machine, a piston or a pile driver. He had to make it last, he had to make her cum, he had to satisfy her, he had to prove he was a man. Salina was quiet. She smiled at his frantic activity, his compulsion to please her, his need and his want. Peter wanted her to cum, to scream his name, to say how big he is, how hard he is, what a stud he is how he is the only one who can do this to her. They both knew he was not that big and that he was not the only one. Peter suspected there were others. Salina knew of his suspicions and fed on them. Peter's sweat ran down his chest and legs, he was out of breath but he kept on pumping waiting to hear from her. A soft scream, a sigh the gasp of feminine orgasm but she would deny him that. She tapped his cheek and said it is time to put it away sweetie. He came, he came in a torrent, a flood of semen, he screamed like a girl, she came like a man, silent without emotion. He did not even know she came. It was softening but still he pounded trying for just one more spasm but his body was done. She tapped his cheek again and repeated, it is time to put it away sweetie. Peter did not want it put away again or any more. Peter wanted it out, loose, free and manly. Salina would put it away.

Peter reached down and gripped the condom on his penis and held it as he pulled out of her. He kneeled on the bed and she reached over to the night stand and picked up a couple of tissues. Using the tissue between her fingers she removed the condom and moved it to peter's lips. Peter opened his mouth and she emptied the contents into Peter's open mouth, he swallowed, she smiled then she placed the condom in his mouth along with the two tissues. Salina reached over to the night stand and picked up some pieces of metal and handed them to Peter. She said clean up and put it away them come to me and I will lock it for you.

In the bathroom Peter flushed the condom and the tissues, brushed his teeth and tried to raise his erection once more for one last hurrah before it was put away. His body denied him even that. After vaginal intercourse masturbation by his own hand was not enough to arouse him to full strength. Peter installed the device then removed the tube for one more try but it was to no avail. He slid the tube on his penis and clicked the small latch. Salina lay face down on the bed. Her hips were raised by a pillow, her buttocks were high in the air, she was dripping on his pillow, she would make him put his head in the wet spot and smell her leakage. He stood at the side of the bed and watched her place the small lock in the latch and he heard it click shut. She looked at him and asked, well what should we try for this time? She reminded him they had done six weeks, should we try for seven? He didn't think he could do seven weeks without touching his penis. He went crazy with six weeks and he did not think she went six weeks without sex. She said to him why don't you pay some attention to my rose bud? Peter knelt on the bed between her legs, spread her buttocks and began the worship procedure of her anus that she had taught him.

He used his hands to spread her then he put his face in it. He smelled, he used his nose, he probed with it. The smell was tangy, if a smell can be tangy. He moved his nose up and down the crack, she sighed. He knew he would carry her scent and be reminded of her long after he was done with the worship. He placed his mouth over the opening and used the tongue to circle the rim. He waited for the next sigh then he used his tongue to probe, to lick, to taste, to satisfy. He made his tongue firm and slid it in and out, something he was denied with his penis. As much as he had tried to convince her that penis to anus contact would be nice she denied him that. Now days she pretty much denied him everything except for the occasional use of his tongue. Peter knew he would be there for a long time. She might even nap while he worshiped. He knew his penis would revive and be straining in the too small tube it lived in. He knew that the length of this incarceration had not yet been decided on and he knew better than to ask for a reduced time or to protest any limit she set. Peter worried that she saw other men. He knew how attractive she is to them. He knew they tried, lusted and wanted just as he did. Peter wondered if she told them about him. He knew she had told her girlfriends. Was it common knowledge that his penis was locked up? Did they all know he worshiped at her rose bud? Did they all know he went weeks without sex for her? He thought they might know, they might laugh, they might feel sorry for him or just ignore his plight. Salina shifted and positioned her vagina so that his mouth was at its special spot and his nose was in the rose bud. His job would be to lick the special spot and use long tongue strokes to lick the full length of both those precious openings. She would cum. When she came from his licking she was not quiet. She would gasp, pull him into it, scream and kick. It was a response she never had from his penis only his tongue, only from his worship. Peter would hold his position until she dismissed him he had been taught that he held the spot and continued the worship until she was complete. His jaw would ache, his tongue would hurt, his lips would be sore but he would labor on for her just for her to tell him he was man enough for her. But he would not hear those words and he would not know if she felt them. She had dozed off now and still he licked, kissed and sucked at her. His position was insured in her life as long as she held the key he would worship at her throne.

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