Alpha to Beta

Submitted by: tttruth

I used to be an alpha man.

I used to have sex with my woman all the time.

I used to be able to get an erection all the time.

I could stimulate myself to ejaculation all the time if need be.

I could feel my penis.

Now, not so much.

I met Mistress Heather eight months ago.

She had kept her husband, Tommy, in a male chastity device. His little pecker could never satisfy her, she claimed. So she locked it up, except for every other week when he would be allowed to masturbate. This was after a introductory phase where the belt stayed on continually for two months. Mistress Heather said two months proved that the male no longer had control over his penis.

Well, Tommy had no control over his little penis. Mistress Heather rarely would engage in sex with him. She later told Tommy that she would cuckold him, that she needed a real mans cock to satisfy her.

Thats where I came in.

You see, I was originally the bull in the relationship. After picking me up at a bar and explaining the unusual arrangement these two had, Mistress Heather explained that I would be used primarily as a fucking device. I had no claim to a relationship with her, but, I could expect all the sex I wanted. Because of Tommy's chastity tube, there was little fear of retribution from him, lest he be punished with longer denial time.

The arrangement went on well for a few months, until I got bored. Yes, despite being the dominant man fucking a beautiful woman while her eunuch waited on her there wasnt much in the relationship for me. I felt unfulfilled. I needed something more.

So, I started sleeping with other women. Figuring that Mistress Heather and I had a non-traditional arrangement, I figured that would be just fine. I could connect with a woman, and, I could still be the bull on the side.

Except Mistress Heather found out rather quickly. To this day, I still dont know how she found out, but she did. She was angry.

She sat me down and explained while she was hurt I would cheat on her, she expected something like this might happen. Thats why shortly after we started this arrangement; she measured my junk for a custom-fitted steel chastity device. It had already been made. She pulled it out of her nightstand drawer. It had the padlock and everything, ready for my boys to be taken captive.

Seeing the fear in my eyes, she leaned in and gave me a kiss. We made love, hot, angry, scary love.

When it was over, she got out of bed, got dressed, and took my boxers and pants.

Here is the situation, love. I have some errands to run, and I will be holding onto these until I return. I will give them back to you, but, only until after you complete one task for me, she said. I nodded in agreement.

You said you needed to connect with someone else. What you dont understand here is, its not about you. Its about me, about pleasing me. Thats why I locked Tommy up in the first place. Do you think he likes it? He hates every second of it. Your needs are secondary to my own, she said.

I gulped.

While I am gone, you are going to figure out who amongst you will be locked up. I want at least one of you, if not both, locked up. There is a total of three months that will be spent in a belt. You can spend one day, and Tommy can spend the rest. Tommy can spend all three months in a belt. Does not matter. You have to decide, and rather quickly, too. I shal not be gone long.

With that, Mistress took my pants, my underwear, out the door with her and drove off.

Well, I didnt want to spend a single second inside that infernal device! I was brought in because someone was already locked up. Tommy can spend three months in a device, I decided. Except, would mistress want that? Why show me the device if I wasnt to spend time in it?

I will spend one week in it, and Tommy will spend two months three weeks in his, I figured. Wait. If I want one week, mistress would want more. Two weeks for me, two months two weeks for Tommy.

Then it dawned on me. Mistress said a two month minimum was essential to training a chastity slave. If I was to wear the device, which I know she thinks I deserve, then, it would have to be for two months. Which meant Tommy and I would be in a device for a month together, but then hed be out for a month while I stayed locked in. The cuck would be free while the bull would be locked up! I got angry at the thought of Tommy tormenting me, the way I would tease him, waving my erect cock around while he couldnt even get half a hard-on.

When Mistress Heather came home, she put my pants and boxers on the floor next to me. I assigned you to divvy up three months of lockup between you and my husband. What did you decide? Is Tommy going a quarter of a year without?

With sadness and nervousness, I managed to blurt out No Mistress, Tommy only gets one month, I get two.

And why do you think you deserve two months?

Because I thought with my dick, not thinking what you wanted.

Two months seems rather cruel.

You said it was the only way to be sure.

For Tommy it was. I actually happen to like your cock, though. What will I do for two months?

I gulped.

Whatever you want, Mistress. You made it clear its not about what I want.

She smiled.

You know, you made a good bull, but I think you are going to make an even greater cuck.

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