What a Night it was and how did I Wind up Here?

Submitted by: Thomas

The last thing I can remember is dancing with Jim at the bar. We hooked up on craigslist and finally met up. Man he is so hot! We talked and danced all night and we were doing shots all night too. But how did I wind up in this situation?

I woke up cold, probably buck naked. I am unable to move my feet. All I know is that my feet are spread apart and it feels like I am lying on some kind of table, with my feet elevated above my head.

My hands are in some sort of rubber glove with no fingers in it making my hands completely useless. Not that that would matter much because they are secured to the table I'm laying on. Someone also put a rubber gag in my mouth and I think I'm wearing a gas mask that the eye glass on it has been blacked out. There is what feels like a dog collar on my neck that is holding my head down. It feels like I have a rubber sheath on my dick and balls. I can't complain about that it feels really good. Also there is a rather large butt plug in my ass. I'm not too sure what I think about that just yet.

So I start to struggle against my restraints and quickly find out that it's completely useless I'm not going anywhere. At least, not until I'm released by whoever did this to me. I can't make a sound with this gag in my mouth. My head is killing me with the worst headache I have ever had in my life.

What happened last night? Well I guess I'm about to find out. I feel a hand on my balls then in a low voice I hear Jim say: "Well, you are now my sex slave and you better get used to being all tied up". He then removes the butt plug from my ass and puts a different one in. After just a minute I find out what is going on. As my gut is being filled with water, I start to cramp up and have never felt pain like this. He says that I will get an enema twice a week so I had better get used to them. He says I will get to like getting them eventually. He continues to fill me up and up I feel like I am going to burst. Then the water flow is shut off. He makes me hold it for what seems like forever then all of a sudden he takes out the butt plug and says OK you can release now. The pressure is gone with a messy spray, I am sure. But I don't care, it feels wonderful to get that water out!

Then, I feel cold water spray washing my ass and next I feel him start fucking me. It feels so good! I have loved to be fucked ever since junionr high when Tim the football captain fucked me but that is a different story. Jim continues, and it feels very good - I start to moan with pleasure. Jim says "It is good you like this, you will get this all the time. He fucks me for a long time. I feel the pre-cum ooze, and then all of a sudden I start cumming. I have never cum from someone fucking me before and it fills great.

Suddenly, I start to taste cum - What is going on I wonder? Then it hits me the gag must have tube in it that is hooked to the rubber sheath on my dick - I am being force fed my own cum! Jim grunts with his own orgasm, and pulls out. Next I feel him putting something else up my ass and it starts fucking me. It sounds like a power tool, like a sawsall or something - at that is what I imagine is pounding my ass.

Suddenly, I loose control of my bladder and my own hot piss flows into my mouth. I don't like it, but there is nothing I can do about it but drink it to keep from drowning. The flow stops, but the sawsall driven dildo continues it's pleasurable work. Finally, the action slows and then stops - perhaps the battery is dead?

I then feel him put a butt plug back in, but this one feels different to me. Once in, I feel it getting tighter - it is expanding! Jim tells me it is an inflatable, locking butt plug, and I will be stuffed with it most of the time from now on. I feel him removing the rubber sheath from my still hard cock, and then I feel him removing the Prince Albert piercing I had installed at Jim's e-mail request last month.

My cock is starting to go back to a flaccid state when I feel him putting my balls and cock through a cock ring. But wait, that feels strange, and he tells me it's not a cock ring it is a chastity device. I feel him re-installing my PA and he tells me he has attached it to a ring inside the device. I feel it being closed, and then hear a metallic click. He tells me that I will have this Chastity Device on me all the time - 24/7 for no less than 365 days and that I will no longer going to be able to see or touch my dick.

He then removes the gas mask, and I can finally see what is going on. The gas mask did indeed have a hose going from my gag, thru the mask, and leading to the rubber cock sheath. That confirms how he got the cum and piss in my mouth. He leaves the gag in my mouth and asks if I need a drink - I nod yes. He then gets on top of me and I see he is wearing a rubber sheath on his dick and balls. I know where this is going but I can't fight it as there is no way I can move away. He hooks up the hose that connects his sheath to my gag and starts to piss in my mouth. I feel sick and all but all I can do is drink it or I will choke to death. He says that I will be trained in being a toilet and very quickly I will be eating shit and drinking piss right out of the source without being forced, therefore I had better learn to like it now.

He then puts a dog shock collar on me saying I had better do as told or I will get the shock of a life-time. He asks if I will be a good boy and I nod yes. He leaves the room for a moment and I get a chance to look over my situation. I see that I am in combat boots and they are strapped in a pair of snow board bindings that have been attached to a foot stirrup set up off a gynecologist table. I see the chastity device it looks like one I have seen on line before called the seed pod only this one looks to be made out of stainless steel. My hands are in rubber fist mitts. I see that all my body hair has been removed.

He comes back in and is holding a rubber jock strap and full body rubber suit with feet and hands and a full hood attached to it. He then tells me this is what I will now wear around the house at all times. Then he starts to releases my feet and take off the boots. Then he unhooks my hand cuffs, rubber fist mitts and collar but leaves on the shock collar and gag. He then puts the rubber jock strap on me then starting at my feet works the body suit on as he gets it up to my neck he stops to put a leg iron on me chaining me to the table. Then he removes the shock collar and puts my head in the suit zips it up along my back like a wet suit he then pulls the built in collar tight and locks the zipper to the collar. So I am now locked in this suit and covered from head to toe in tight rubber. Then back on with the shock collar making sure to get the shock pins into holes in the neck of the suit and touching the skin on my neck.

I am then lead over to a cot and told this is where I will sleep and told to get in bed. Then my hands are re-cuffed to the bed and my feet are put back in to the combat boots and cuffed to the bed. He then puts the gas mask back on me hooking up the drinking hose and tells me to go to sleep. Tomorrow morning he promises will begin a long day of training.

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