Chastity Ceremony

Submitted by: Throne

What was the worst part of how my wife Cara initially dealt with my relentless girl watching? Well, there's the fact that she put me into chastity. And that she told her three best female friends. But what upset me most, somehow, was that when she put the chastity tube on me, she performed a little ceremony. You should understand that the women I watched the most were Danni, El (for Eleanor), and Sarah, the BFFs mentioned above. Cara couldn't miss how I snuck looks at their lovely, compact figures, glossy hair, and sweet doll faces. Whenever one or more of them were over for chat or to watch a rented DVD or to pick up my wife for shopping, I couldn't resist eyeing their obvious charms. That's why, one evening when the two of us were alone, Cara announced that I could stop ogling her closest companions or else have my sex life cut off. I sheepishly agreed, hating the fact that I was also admitting my wrongdoing. But I had no other choice. I'm one of those guys who is horny all the time and starts to become a wreck if he doesn't have release often.

That might have been the end of it except that, the next time I saw the three ladies, it was at a pool party in Danni's backyard. All the women were wearing tiny bikinis. They might as well have been in their bras and panties. The guys were off to one side, at the grill, drinking beer and talking about sports. I stretched out on one of the lounge chairs and pretended to relax, all the while admiring the parade of female flesh. After about fifteen minutes of my voyeuristic pleasure, Cara was suddenly standing alongside me. She looked down at my crotch and said, her voice muted but angry, "What's that in your swim suit, lover boy?" I glanced down and was shocked to see that I had gotten a hard-on. I clumsily crossed my legs and blushed deeply. She must have told the girls before she approached me because they had all turned my way by then and seen my physical reaction to their charms. Cara sat on the foot of the chair, glared at me with icy threat in her eyes, and said, "If you don't agree right now to do whatever I say to make up for lusting after my friends, you REALLY won't have a sex life --- because I'll be throwing you out."

I knew she had me, and with three witnesses, and that she would follow through with her threat. Also, she or the others might let the trio of husbands know what had occurred. Feeling trapped, I nodded my agreement to terms I hadn't yet heard. She smiled cruelly and walked away. The rest of the afternoon went smoothly but when we got home she revealed that my sentence had been passed, not just by her but by all four of them. They had agreed that I would pay for a chastity tube, to be sold to them by a guy El's sister knew who worked in metal. My wife made me strip and shave off my pubic hair, then stand there while she took pictures with her cell phone, some while I held a six inch ruler alongside my flaccid member, and then sent them to be used to 'size' me, in lieu of a fitting. It wasn't cheap. In ten days it arrived. My wife left the box out on the dining room table so I had to look at it at breakfast and again at dinner. She said nothing, letting me squirm. Then, about eight o'clock, she announced it was time and told me to strip down to my jockey shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. I did and then had to stand there while she eyed me up and down. I just wanted to get it over with.

That was when the doorbell rang. I shot my wife a startled look. She smirked impishly and said, "Well, dear, go and answer it." I gestured toward my half undressed state and she told me, "I wouldn't worry about that." I went to the door and, with nervous caution, opened it a few inches. Standing on our front porch were Danni, El and Sarah, all dressed in outfits that were both stylish and sexy. I swallowed with difficulty as they pushed past me and greeted Cara. My wife made me go and open a bottle of Merlot that had been chilling in the fridge. I poured four glasses and brought them out on a silver tray, as instructed. There was no fifth glass because I wasn't being allowed to drink. I had to stand off to one side of the living room while they chatted about clothes and cosmetics. Then my wife brought up the topic of my misdeeds and impending punishment. All four of them raised their glasses and Cara proposed a toast, "To keeping my sneaky, lustful husband in line." She ordered me to go and fetch the box. When I returned I had to hand it to her. Then she cheerfully told me to strip. I looked from her to the others. As my gaze went around the room it was greeted with their amused expressions.

Feeling awkward but with no alternative, I sheepishly pulled my shirt up over my head. The women chuckled and clapped. Then I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts. They giggled and stared. I began to lower the snug garment and Sarah said, "Aww, poor baby doesn't have any hair down there." Cara snickered and said, "Not since I told him to shave it off." Danni chimed in with, "I hope you plan to make him keep it that way." "For sure," my bride told her. El added, "Maybe you can use one of those hair removers to keep him nice and smooth, and because the razor won't be able to reach any spots the chastity thing covers." They all thought that was a fine idea. Meanwhile I was trying to avoid the inevitable, hoping some distraction would save me from being naked in front of a quartet of women who had paybacks on their minds. I thought about how much I had enjoyed surreptitiously watching them. Now it was time for my comeuppance. Cara carefully opened the box, taking her time while I anticipated my fate. What she brought out and held up for everyone to see was a small device consisting of a tubular metal cage with wide-set bars, a ring that would fit around the base of my scrotum, and a lock that would hold everything in place. She walked it around so each of them could get a good look while I stayed put, trying not to let my shuddering show. They all fixed their eyes on me and I reluctantly dragged down my shorts, over my hips, past my thighs, and let them fall to my ankles. I stood there on display for a moment and then stepped out of them and picked them up. I knew better than to try to cover my hairless crotch with the garment. El came to me, took the waistband gingerly between her thumb and forefinger, and retreated to toss them behind the couch. They were where I couldn't get them without moving the piece of heavy furniture and that made me feel somehow more naked than I was.

"Now," Cara intoned with sudden solemnity. "We will conduct a ceremony of chastity for my husband." Danni opened her copious pocketbook and produced a large candle, which she handed to El. As El set it in place, Sarah struck a wooden match and lit it. Five more followed and were spotted around the room. Then the lights were turned off. Cara commanded me to kneel and stretch my arms out in front of me, hands opened, palms upward. I did it and she stepped in front of me to set the chastity device there. The metal was cold against my skin. A shiver ran up my back. "Now," Cara said levelly, "I will ask you questions and you will answer." I nodded. She said, "What did you do to earn yourself the sentence you are about to begin." I swallowed drily and responded, "I kept looking at your friends, at Danni, El and Sarah, at their... bodies." "And did you have lustful thoughts about them?" "I... did," I confessed ashamedly. "What did those nasty thoughts include?" With all of them staring at me I admitted that I had seen myself in a variety of sexual positions, which I detailed, and being catered to orally. I finished up with, "And I pictured them in the sexiest lingerie I could imagine. Like in those catalogs you get, Cara."

There was a pause while they all considered those revelations, and then my wife went on with, "And did you ever touch yourself in an inappropriate way?" I hung my head and revealed, "Yes, sometimes, when we weren't having sex as much as I needed. You know how worked up I get." She didn't react, simply going on to ask me, "So you are a masturbator?" I said yes but she wanted me to state it. So I told them all, "I am a masturbator." "You will respond to the next several questions the same way," my wife said in a no-nonsense tone. "Are you a wanker? Are you a jerk-off? Do you like to play with your wiener? Does my husband pull his pud?" Each time I had to repeat it back, making one more humiliating confession. At the end she declared, "For all those crimes we sentence you to be put into chastity. And to remain that way until all four of us agree that you have endured it long enough." I tried not to sniffle, or to let them see that my lower lip was trembling.

The next step of the ceremony was for El to fetch an ice pack and give it to my wife, who made me stand and pressed it against my crotch. When my penis had shrunk to its smallest dimensions she took the chastity from me and slipped it over my flaccid member. Then she put the little padlock in place and clicked it shut, announcing, "I now declare you dick and cage." I stayed there while the lights were turned on and the three other women joined her around me. All at once they were touching me, blowing in my ears, and making lewd suggestions. Of course my cock tried to get hard but in its confinement it could only strain outward against unyielding metal. I moaned with discomfort and frustration. Like succubae who sought only foreplay and not intercourse, they continued. It struck me just how frustrated I would be from then on, until they agreed -- unanimously -- to free me. I was used to getting relief almost every day. What would it be like to go for an entire week without emptying my balls? What if it was longer? What if they kept me caged for -- a month? Or more? I trembled as they spent another five minutes arousing me.

Then Cara reached into the box once more and took out something else. It was like the chastity, but in two separate pieces that I could see would fit together and be latched. But its halves were lined with cruel little spikes which were arranged so they would fit through the cut out sections of my cage. She fitted it on and closed it. Even though fear had started to soften me down there, I could still feel the points biting into my meat. Then she latched it shut. Her fingers went to my nipples and began to tease them. I tensed and, though I tried to wish it not to happen, my cock sprang to the fullest it could within its prison. Those needles drove into my flesh, almost piercing it but not quite. They were the perfect length to cause maximum pan without any real damage. My wife and her friends kept me wildly excited -- and in torment -- for another ten minutes before she at last relented and removed the outer casing. I sagged with relief but she snapped at me to stand straight. "And don't worry if you didn't get enough of that," she said. "All four of us will be teasing you whenever we feel like it."

"There is also one more feature to your sentence," she revealed with a wicked grin. "Because you can no longer have intercourse with me, I will be taking a lover. In fact, it is your boss, Mr. Johnson. I've already talked to him and told him what we had planned for you. I also told him that any sexual fantasies you confessed about my three friends I would act out with him. Mr. Johnson and his johnson are going to be very, very happy. And if you try to give me any trouble he will take it out on you at work. Understood?" Totally defeated, I could only turn my eyes downward and say, "Yes, Dear." She glowered at me, so I added, "I'm sure you will be very happy with Mr. Johnson." "I know I will," she said with venom in her voice. "Often and in any place we choose -- including the master bedroom here, husband dearest. Oh, and I'll be shopping for that lingerie you mentioned. I'll use your private credit card and then holding on to it. You won't be allowed to buy anything without my permission." She was pushing me but I couldn't push back, only go along with her plan to make me a cuckold. I would have to endure my chastity and her open cheating for as long as she wanted them to go on. I had a feeling that it would be a really long time.

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