Forced Into Slavery

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Part 1

Before I get into this story here is a little about me. I am 48 years old, height: 5'11". I weigh about 250 although I don't look it and have more gray in my hair than I would like. I am a dom but have sub tendencies. I am also a key holder for male chastity devices. I do both local and online. With profiles on a few different sites I spend a lot of time online looking for guys that want me to lock them but also searching for a real time full time live in 24/7/365 slave of my own.

As I was cruising the different sites I have profiles on I started chatting with a guy that lives in Montreal. We spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other and did a few web cam sessions so we both knew and were comfortable with each other. After two months of chatting regularly he decided I was going to lock him and we agreed on a chastity contract which read :

Contract of Chastity
This contract shall serve to define the terms of chastity between XXXXXXXXXX , whom shall be locked and XXXXXX XXXXXXXX whom shall be the key holder. Both parties agree this contract has been entered into freely and without reservation on either parties part. Both Parties agree this contract will be for a term of 1 (one) year, from the date of signing of this contract. .

  • The locked party agrees they will be locked in chastity device for periods determined by keyholder only.
  • The locked party understands that the keyholder will never under any circumstance send a key to the locked party until the locked period has been served.
  • The locked party agrees that if device is removed by emergency situation it will be relocked as soon as possible.
  • The locked party agrees to adhere to the following terms.
    • A) The locked party must never use his cocklet to penetrate anything and he must never stroke it (jerk it off). Holding should be kept to a minimum. Instead, the locked party may tap his cocklet with the tips of his fingers and he may use such toys as vibrators and estim devices to stimulate his cocklet.
    • B) The locked party must always be shaved and clean of body hair from the neck down. Where possible, when communicating with his Keyholder, The locked party should be naked save for his chastity device. And, where possible, the locked party should be naked (save for their chastity devices) when they are in doors.
    • C)The locked party should have an authorized release of their boy juices when scheduled to do so by their key holder this will be done by prostate message only.
    • D) All boy juice that comes out of the locked party must go back into the boy.
    • E) Chastity devices are tools to be used to help a boy obey the Prime Rule and be good.
    • F) The locked party will go on cam for inspections on demand, if demanded time is not doable because of work or others present a new time will be scheduled immediately.
    • G) The locked party will be in communication with key holder at least once per week so key holder can make sure there are no problems or concerns.
    • H) The locked party agrees the all unlocked time and milking when allowed will be on cam with the Key Holder.
  • The locked party agrees that time will be added to locked period for failure to comply with these terms .
  • The locked party also agrees that at the end of a lock(s) period the old lock and key(s) will be returned to key holder with out delay.
  • The locked party understands the purpose of this contract is to control masturbation, to control all sexual activity and to train the locked party.
  • The locked party understands the key holder can change the terms of this contract without the consent of the locked party
  • Both parties agree that the locked party may not quit this contract at any time.
  • Both locked party and key holder shall be bound by this contract.
  • The locked party will print out 2 (two) copies of this contract, fill print his name at the top as locked party and will sign both copies at the bottom as locked party and date it and will include a copy of his id as proof you are who you say you are and mail both copies to the key holder. The key holder will sign and date and return 1 (one) copy to the locked party.

___________________________________________________ ________________________________
Locked Party Date
___________________________________________________ ________________________________
Key Holder Date

Sean agreed to this contract but never signed it. A week before the contract was to take effect I get an instant message from Sean saying can you come and lock me in person if I pay your way. Sean then typed we can sign the contract live and not have to wait for the mail. I then responded by typing sure that could be a lot of fun.

A week later I drove to the Windsor train station walked up to the counter and told the clerk I should have a ticket here already paid for and told him my name. Sam the clerk said yes I have your ticket right here handed it to me and told me which gate to report to. I checked my luggage and went to the gate and waited which turned out to be only a 30 min wait as the announcement came over now boarding for Montr'al. I boarded found my seat and sat down. Once the train got underway I fell asleep but had the feeling I was being watched.

A few hrs later and after a layover in Toronto I finally arrived. Sean was supposed to meet me at the station so I started looking around for him. I got my luggage and not finding him in the station I went outside to look for him. It was pouring rain and a bit chilly outside so I stayed under the awning to try to stay dry. Sean finally came up to me and we started talking as he said sorry I was later my car wouldn't start. I told Sean don't worry about it, it happens. Then someone came up behind me put a rag soaked in chloroform over my mouth and nose, as I saw Sean smiling I passed out.

After an unknown amount of time I started to come to and found I was bound to a St. Andrews cross and was gagged. Sean and another man were sitting there watching me and the other man says aaahhh finally he comes to. Roger walks up to me grabs my chin and says alright bitch you are now going to be our slave and will be trained to worship our bodies and serve us domestically and sexually. Sean tells me this is Walter my boyfriend and house mate. Walter points to a mirror and says as you can see you are locked in a full steel chastity belt and believe me it is very secure, with out the key you will not be able to remove it.

I was severely beaten with whips and a belt. Sean then went into a drawer and pulled out electric clippers and shaved my head and body. Walter came up with shaving cream, a razor and bowl of water and shaved me clean from the neck down. They kept taunting me asking if I still thought I was a dom and telling me I am just a slave now. Sean says you need to learn who you are now. From now on you are a slave not a dom and again was beaten. I was then taken off the cross and forced into a small cage that was not big enough for me to move much in any direction. Once in the cage the gag was removed and I was told a slave never talks unless spoken to and that I would have two seconds to respond. I was told I was to always refer to them as Master and failure to follow any rule will result in punishment. I instinctively to both of them to fuck off and this was illegal you can force me to become a slave. Walter then started to cattle prod me telling me I was to apologize for the out burst which I finally did to get the pain to stop. Sean then asked if I was hungry which I replied yes and again the cattle prod. Sean then repeats are you hungry bitch. I replied yes Master. A bowl of cold lumpy oatmeal and a bowl of warm water was placed in the cage and they told me to enjoy my meal. They both went up the stairs while I tried to eat and drink my meal.

An hour later they came back down the bowls were removed from the cage and then they took me out. As they tied over a table they asked what I was and I said a master. I was given another 100 lashes as Sean said not any more you are a slave now. Sean came up to me and forced his cock in my mouth and told me to start sucking it. I then felt the sting of a whip on my back as Walter said do as your told bitch. After several more lashes I started to suck him till he got hard and pulled out. Walter immediately put his cock in my mouth and I felt my ass being lubed. With out warning Sean shoved his cock in my ass as I sucked Walter and I was being fucked from both ends. Sean and Walter both continuously whipped my back as their cock went in and out of me in sync. After what seemed like hours Walter shot his load down my throat and told me I better swallow every drop. When Walter finished I felt Sean start to pump his load in my ass. When Sean finished shooting he rammed a plug in my ass and told me this will remind you who owns you bitch. I was then taken off the table and told to look in the mirror. Walter says a Master is not beaten and covered in welts like you are slave. I was then placed in a standing stocks. Sean unlocked the belt took my cock out and while holding it says you like stroking this don't you? I answered yes and Sean told Walter to bring him the special lube. Sean applied a sports cream called icy hot on my cock and stroked till I was on the edge. My cock was burning and I wanted to shoot so bad I was in tears. Sean kept edging me for four hours then locked the belt back on without allowing an orgasm. I was told I was I was not good enough worshipping their cocks and they whipped my chest repeatedly till I was begging them to stop. When Sean finished he informed me I would never be allowed hair anywhere on my body . And thus began my training to be their slave.

Part 2

I was awoken from the little sleep I got by Sean pulling the leash attached to my collar. I was led to the center of the dungeon and the leash was replaced with a 2 ft chain. Walter was peeing into a stainless dog dish as Sean put two packets of instant oatmeal in another dog dish and peed into it. He then mixed it up and both bowls where placed in front of me and Sean said enjoy your breakfast slave as they left the room.

After what seemed like hrs Walter and Sean reappeared in the dungeon and Sean saw I did not eat or drink anything. He grabbed the bowls and put them up and said food and our nectar will not be wasted that will now be your lunch. He unlocked the chain from the floor and lead me to a makeshift shower stall. A large plug was inserted and a hose from the shower head was attached to the plug. They turned the water on and made sure I was very full before they shut it off. I was forced to hold the water in for 20 minutes then Walter said release it now. It felt very good to release all that water but it was short lived as they again filled me with water. Again I was made to wait 20 minutes before emptying. Once I was empty the second time I was again filled and the shower plug was removed and a locking plug inserted. Sean said now we know you will not be able to release any water or take a shit with out us letting you. The short chain was replaced by a longer chain and I was ordered to clean the dungeon and the shower . Walter said we have to go out for a few hrs and it better be clean before we get back.

It seemed like days but they finally returned. Sean grabbed my chin and asked how their new bitch is doing. I snarled hungry thirsty have to shit and want out of here now. I was knocked to the floor by the back of Sean's hand then I was doubled over in pain as a sharp powerful electric current went through my cock and balls. Both Walter and Sean laughed and said yes the belt is wired for electo punishment that was a level 5 and it goes to a level 8. I was then secured to the cross again back side out and whipped severally again. I was in so much pain I passed out.

When I woke I was in the cage again and the two bowls that were my breakfast were in the cage with me. Sean looked at me and said finally he came two. When we get back those bowls had better be empty. I tossed the bowls across the room and said now they are empty. Walter picked the bowls up and said fine maybe tomorrow you will be a bit hungrier and they left. I fell asleep but 5 minutes later a siren went off and strobe lights started flashing. I heard a voice say slaves do not sleep when they want only when we say. Every time you try to sleep the lights and siren will sound Try to sleep more than 5 times they will be going all night as well.

After 3 hrs Sean came in let me out of the cage fed me his cock. He said if you do a good job sucking me off I will unlock and remove the plug so you can empty yourself. If you don't you will go back in the cage as you are for another 3 hrs. I knew I could not go another 3 hrs full like that so I did the best I could sucking him off. As I felt his cock swell he grabbed my ears and pushed all the way into my throat and shot his hot load. Sean said not bad at least you tried and unlocked the plug and let me empty into the toilet. When I finished the plug was locked back in. I was then taken on my hands and knees up to the main room of the house. I was told I am the foot stool for the rest of the afternoon and I had better not move.

I was used as a foot stool for hrs then I was told to get up. I was tied down on top of the coffee table and they took turns using my ass and making me eat theirs. After they each shot a load in me they informed me they were having a party and all 150 guests would have free access to my mouth and ass as often as they wished to use them. I immediately started to protest and Sean took his leather belt off and began whipping my chest and legs some blows hitting me square in the balls. As my chest and legs started to really burn and glow I said alright stop ill do it. An hour later the guests started arriving. Within minutes my ass and mouth were stuffed with the cocks of unknown to me men. By the end of the night my jaw and ass were extremely sore and I had taken at least 4 loads from each guy. Cum was leaking from my ass and my stomach was full of cum. When all the guests left I was again taken to the cage, plugged and locked in for the night. Once the light were turned off and I was alone in the dungeon for the night I cried myself to sleep wondering why I was stupid enough to go so far from home to meet a guy I really didn't know. Finally I fell asleep.

Part 3

Hours turned to days, days to weeks, weeks to months. I no longer knew what day it was how long I was there and was starting to forget who I was and where I came from. I was beat and raped daily and barely fed any food. The only thing I drank was cum and piss. Sean and Walter where no longer locking the cage but still I never left it unless they took me out. I had been locked so long in chastity I was forgetting what an orgasm felt like. Then one day they came down to the dungeon said out of the cage boi. I crawled out and Sean tells me you have been here 3 months and have been locked in that belt just as long. We are going to give you a chance to be out of it for an hour. We will give you a test pass you get out of the belt and we will stroke your cock, fail and you not only will wait another 3 months but you will be beaten severally. Do you wish to take the test? Without thinking I said yes knowing any chance to be unlocked is better than none. Sean and Walter each jacked off and shot into a shot glass. I was told to pass I have to correctly tell them whose cum was in what glass. The two glasses were placed in front of me and I correctly guessed which was who's. I was tied to the rack the belt taken off and they stroked my cock till I was right on the edge and they stopped. They repeated this for 4 hours and I was begging and crying to orgasm. Finally the stroked till I came with the largest load of my life. They cleaned me up and relocked me.

Four months later I was again given a test this time it was their piss. Again I was correct and again tied down and edged for 4 hours. This time I was relocked with out an orgasm. As time went on I was given harder tests every time they felt like it. I had completely given in to the fact I was a slave and had become a very good and obedient slave. A yr after arriving I was informed that I would be taken to auction and sold to the highest bidder. I was dressed fro the first time in a year, the cloths actually felt uncomfortable, and we went to the bar the auction would be held. There were about 50 other slaves there fastened to movable crosses and I was attached to one and stripped of my cloths. The auction lasted 5 hrs and I sold for $1500.

I was taken to my new home and shown my responsibilities and how and when things were to be done. My new owner has had me pierced and tattooed and has been more a sadist than Sean and Walter ever were. I was told a slaves sexual needs mean nothing only the Masters sexual needs mean anything. I have now been with my new owner for 2 yrs and he has decided to give me a choice. Master said I could unlock for 24 hrs and have as many orgasms as I wanted but after I would be castrated but would no longer need to be locked, or I can just let him seal the lock with epoxy and become a permanently chaste slave. Whether I made the right choice or not I chose to have the lock permanently sealed.

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