A New Life

Submitted by: Patrick

So I have no idea what time I came out of the club. I was alone, and it was late, and I didn't have a clue where my friends were. Man I was drunk. I mean, I've been drunk before but this was different...

At the time I didn't think about it, but looking back I must have been drugged and I think I know by whom, kind of. My memory from that night is obviously fuzzy, but I do remember trying to walk home. It must have been raining when I left the club and I mustn't have been able to find a cab, I assume they were probably all taken due to the rain. I can't remember exactly it raining but I do remember my clothes being wet later on my walk home, so that must be it. Like is said, my head was in a state.

I do remember however that I was on my way home and cold, probably because it wasn't the warmest of nights and all I had on was a shirt, which looking back now must have been soaking wet as well. I remember a car pulling up and someone saying something to me, it was a woman's voice I think, although they were sitting in the back and it was very dark and I really can't remember. The last thing I remember was getting in the car.

Everything else in this story, I remember crystal clear.

I woke up in a room so brightly lit it hurt my eyes. I took a while for me to adjust and when I came round I was in a simple, square room, maybe 20ft by 20ft. I had by this point noticed that I was completely naked; that my arms and legs were aching and that I couldn't move them. With my aching eyes I look at my hands and noticed they were clamped to the wall. Whoever had me here certainly didn't want me going anywhere.

I called out, hoping that someone could hear me. I yelled for a while then I heard a sound in the distance. I could hear things slamming in the distance, it got louder and louder then I heard footsteps then finally the jingling of keys. It sounded like a lot of keys, and I began to wonder how many keys were actually there, and for that matter, just how many other rooms there were just like this one.

A woman entered. She was beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her; she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. She told me I had a choice: I could either stay here forever as her slave, or I could go free. If I were to stay as her slave, then this room would be where I spent the rest of my life except for two weeks to finish my life on the outside world and sever all ties to my old life. Or the second option, was that I could go free.

Obviously, there was a catch. Whichever option I chose would have to wait a year before deciding. I began to protest, she couldn't do this to me, it wasn't human, it wasn't right. I got a swift hard kick in the balls. I stopped protesting fast. This was crazy, here was this super sexy woman offering me a ridiculous deal, of course I wasn't going to stay here for the rest of my life. I had a life, I liked my life, and I wanted to get back to it. I told her that I wanted to choose the second option. Boom. Another kick to the balls. I felt sick and dizzy. She reminded me that I had to make the decision in a year's time, and if I mentioned it again it would only get worse. She then asked if I understood. What choice did I have? I knew exactly what was coming if I disagreed so I figured I had no option.

"Good my little bitch, you are now mine for the rest of your life" she said as she walked out the room, "wait" I shouted back, "I thought I had the choice to leave after the year". "Oh you will get the choice, but I guarantee you won't take that option" she said as laughing as she disappeared into the darkness outside the room.

A little while passed, then she came back into the room, holding something in her hand. It was shiny and metal but I couldn't see what it was. She left it by the doorway then came over to me. Suddenly she started playing with my cock. It was amazing. I don't know how long I had been chained to the wall but my arms and legs were hurting badly, but I didn't care about that anymore. This was amazing, I mustn't have cum in a while and I got excited fast. I was just about to blow when she stopped. I begged for her to continue but she just kicked me in the balls again. I was beginning to think that she had never learned the word "no", and that ball kicking was all she knew. Either case, I knew what it meant.

The pain in my groin quickly removed my hard on, and when it was down she slipped the metal device over my cock. I wasn't stupid, I knew it was a chastity device. I had read a lot about them, and in all honesty the concept of them had really got me horny in the past.

For the next two weeks I remained chained to the wall, fed and drank plenty which she supplied for me without ever having to ask, and was edged three times a day by this beautiful woman. By the end of the first week I started begging again to let me cum, just once. I expected the customary kick to the balls, but she just laughed this time. After two weeks she told me I was ready to come out my shackles and have free roam of the room when she wasn't there, on the condition that I must lock myself up again whenever told, or she wouldn't come in the room and edge me.

I agreed but my mind was a mess. I considered trying to escape, but all I could think about was getting edged. I was never allowed to cum but just this heavenly woman edging me 3 times a day was intoxicating. I couldn't wait for her next arriving and I was locked up as soon as could hear her coming in the distance.

Days, weeks and months past and now my whole life was this woman, I was completely hers and was so desperate for her to edge me that a few times, she couldn't even touch me, as I might have blown my load right there and then. Everything about her was the most erotic thing in the world to me. I was completely and utterly a slave to her.

Then, without even realising it, the year was up.

She came into the room one day and told me that it had been a year. I couldn't believe it. She explained what was going to happen next. I would be dumped out in the street near where I lived, and I could go home but I would still be wearing the chastity device. I had two weeks, and when that two weeks was up I would receive a letter containing the key to my device, and I would be free forever. Or, I could open an envelope that she then handed to me anytime in those two weeks, and in it would be a telephone number I could call and it would be arranged for me to return here forever. If I didn't call before the letter arrived, then the number would no longer work, and I would never hear from her again.

I hesitated for a few days. When I returned to my home everyone had assumed that I had been to Australia for the year, and commented that it was strange that I went to such a hot place but came back with less of a tan than when I left. I could only assume that she had organised this excuse somehow.

After a few days I had fought it enough. I had tried to deny what I knew I really wanted, so I ripped open the envelope and read it. There was a name and a telephone number. I had never known her name up until this point. I called the number and said "Hello Mistress", she laughed "I told you that you would be mine forever". She told me someone was going to come and pick me up within 2 days, and that I should say goodbye to my old life forever. Just before she hung up the phone however, she told me that I was only going to get edged once a day, and that was only if I earned it this time. For the past year they had been edged for free every day, but now I was going to be tortured, tormented, put through insufferable pain and humiliated all for her pleasure all just to earn 5 minutes a day where she would edge me. By now however I was a complete slave, totally addicted to my Mistress, and I couldn't wait for it to begin....

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