Chastity Consummation

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Something amazing and wonderful just happened to my wife, the woman I love and have been happily married to for over ten years now. I was so fortunate to be allowed to watch. It was beautiful, and I cried tears of joy. I had so much anxiety leading up to this big event. But as it unfolded, well, it was just...

Allow me to back up a little. My wife locked me into this new, high-security chastity device only a few days ago. We both had a lot of anticipation during the weeks we waited for it to arrive.

The day we locked it on was special. My wife had planned a private "installation ceremony" in our bedroom. We spent two hours together focusing on the changes which were about to begin in our lives. She was clothed comfortably, and I was naked except for my submissive's collar. She asked me many questions to help us both be sure we were entering into this new realm openly and willingly.

I revealed all my secrets to her about my masturbation habits over the years. I had no other lovers, but we agreed that it had been wrong for me to squander my sexual energy away from her. I felt terrible as she opened my eyes to how my solo self-pleasuring and use of porn kept my focus away from, instead of on, her. We talked deeply about all things intimate and sexual.

I was humbled to hear her admit that she had never felt sexually fulfilled by me. She appreciated my average cunnilingus skills, but she had been consistently disappointed during intercourse. Between my inadequate size and my tendency to orgasm before she did, she confessed that it had never been that much fun for her.

I shed tears when she explained how she had faked nearly every "orgasm" she had with me. Her compassion had held her back from shattering my delusion of being an above-average lover. She admitted it was wrong to keep this from me, and I accepted her apology for witholding it. True intimacy requires that we sometimes face hard truths. She loves me enough to be honest, and I love her for that.

When the time finally came, she instructed me to light some candles. She had me sit with her on our bed, and together we assembled the device on my genitals. We were both very pleased by the fit and how it looked. For the first time we could both see that it would indeed be completely secure, thanks to my genital piercing.

Eventually she nodded to me, and I proceeded to secure it on myself.

As I worked with the keys, she explained gently that this will be the last time that I will ever touch the keys. I replied "Yes, Mistress." The lock installed easily, and in just a few moments my genitals were securely locked within the metallic cage.

I put one set of keys into a breakable but tamper-proof emergency box. The plastic halves snapped together loudly, sealing the keys within. She gently explained that even in an emergency I was not to touch these keys, but to give them to the emergency personnel to handle. I replied "Yes, Mistress."

I gathered the key box and the remaining keys in my hands, and with a submissive gesture I presented them to her. She took them from me, got off the bed, stood, and gracefully pointed to the floor between her feet. I knelt before her, and she asked me these questions:

"Do you promise to respect the fidelity of this device at all times?" "Yes, Mistress."

"Do you turn over all decisions about release to me, forever?" "Yes, Mistress."

"Am I free to pursue my sexual needs however I wish?" "Yes, Mistress."

"Why are you not allowed inside me anymore?" "Because my manhood is inadequate for your pleasure, Mistress."

"Why are your orgasms in my control?" "To help me focus on you, Mistress."

"Why are you no longer allowed unauthorized erections?" "To save my energy for you, Mistress."

"Very well. It is done." "Thank you, Mistress."

Still on my knees, I put my arms around her waist and hugged her. I felt fulfilled, accepted for who I am, and I relished the new reality of surrendering myself so fully to her. I felt so happy. I cried, and she stroked my head in comfort.

Our life together over the next few days was relatively normal. I adjusted quickly to my new chastity device and felt fortunate to have no issues with the fit or comfort. With her permission, I hid the emergency key box in my car so that it would always be nearby in case of a true emergency.

What I did not know was that my wife had also planned a "consummation ceremony". And that is the "big event" I have just witnessed. It was a most wonderful surprise. Our evening was free, and in mid-afternoon I noticed her uncharacteristically take a phone call in private. Afterwards she directed me to accompany her to our bedroom.

I disrobed as she asked and then she gestured for me to sit in a chair. She sat down on our bed, still clothed, and explained that this was going to be a second ceremony related to chastity. Her instructions to me were simple:

- Take the hood off when I felt her touch my knee
- Do not speak or make any noise at all
- Do not touch, only watch
- Put the hood back on when the candle goes out

She put our sensory deprivation hood on my head and tightened each of the many straps. I could see nothing, and my breathing echoed in my ears. Between each breath I could just hear my wife moving in the room, but then I heard her start one of her favorite mood music CDs which then masked the sound of her movements. I felt her kiss the back of my neck.

I pondered what might come next. Most likely, I figured, she would put on a sexy display to tease me and test my limits while the cage constrained my cock. However, I realized that to set any expectations for myself was wrong. My focus should be on her. So I set aside my thoughts about whatever she had planned.

Time passed, and I floated. I felt comfortable and loved, special and accepted. I meditated on how much I loved my wife, and how very important her happiness was to me. I lost track of time.

Then I felt her hand on my knee. I willed myself to become grounded again, slowly returning from the escape provided by my lack of senses. Remembering her instructions, I loosened the buckles and removed the hood. My eyes adjusted themselves from the blackness, and I oriented myself to our bedroom lit by candlelight.

The scene surprised me. A black man was naked in our bed, laying on top of my wife. Her eyes were closed and he was kissing and caressing her breasts. I sat quietly as they proceeded with their foreplay. I watched how gentle he was with her and how responsive she was to his attentions. My surprise melted away and I became mesmerized by the movements of their bodies.

Other than an occasional whisper, it was quiet except for their breathing and expressions of pleasure. I realized her mood music CD had ended, and I briefly thought about restarting it for her. But I recalled my instructions, and decided not to do anything to change the environment.

Eventually I stood and slowly walked around the bed. His body was beautiful, his flesh starkly dark next to her pale white skin. I found the contrast simply breathtaking.

She wrapped her legs around him and I could see her rubbing her labia up against his good sized and very erect cock. His scrotum hung low and his large balls were impressive next to her small, firm ass. He kissed her neck, stroked her hair, and moaned as the outside of her sex pleasured his shaft. Her pitch gradually rose, crescendoed, and fell. My wife had just orgasmed with another man.

I felt so many things. Sincere happiness for her pleasure. Astonishment about this event as a whole. A little jealousy, wishing myself to be in his place. Contentment, knowing that my greatest wish - my wife's happiness and pleasure - was being fulfilled. I was briefly aware of my own small cock straining against the tight metal cage, but my focus quickly returned to the two of them.

I went back to the chair as they changed positions on the bed. He was sitting up now, his impressive penis displayed proudly. My wife turned her full attention to his genitals. I realized then that neither of them had acknowledged me or even looked in my direction. This was about them, not me.

My wife took her time pleasuring his manly cock with her hands, lips, tongue, and mouth. By the sounds he made, he was enjoying this very much. I had never really been into fellatio, and her enthusiasm for enjoying his cock in this way was evident. I wondered if this had been another way that I had deprived her of pleasure, and I felt a pang of guilt.

She whispered to him and they adjusted themselves again on the bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs for him. He knelt briefly between her thighs, then went forward to be on his knees and elbows. Their bodies were parallel, with her breasts reaching up to him, and his cock reaching down to her.

They kissed, mutually savoring the apex of their foreplay. My wife rocked her hips back and forth slightly, wordlessly letting him know that she wanted him inside her. He lowered his hips until the tip of his cock just touched the open and glistening lips below her hairy mound.

With both hands, my wife reached down between her legs. One hand parted her labia, the other gripped his hard shaft and guided it towards her. The contrast of her delicate white fingers around his large, dark brown penis was stunning, and it struck me as so beautiful. The next moments proceeded before me as if in slow motion.

Following her gentle pull, he lowered himself slowly and I watched as he slid inside her. I was impressed with the grace that he showed by following her lead. It was clear that he wanted her to be as comfortable as possible since his large member would stretch her much beyond what I ever had done over our years together.

By her moans I could tell this was an intensely pleasurable time for her. I could see on her face how much she was enjoying the feeling of a such a manly penis within her. Her arms were around his upper body, and she had wrapped her legs around his muscular thighs. My wife is strong for her size, and I was amazed to see her hanging down from this powerful black man.

With her legs she was easily able to control the penetration. Slowly she worked herself back and forth on his member, both of them moaning now. It seemed that each of her thrusts brought him just a little deeper inside her. I had never before heard her make the sounds she was now making.

I was aware of feeling so happy for her in these moments. How truly fantastic it was that she was experiencing the feelings of a real man's cock inside her. I saw with clarity how we had arrived here. Yes, it was due to my inadequate manhood, but instead of shame I felt joy at her ability to finally have what I have been unable to provide.

He was now fully in her. She was still, and holding him tight, breathing deeply. He lowered himself until she was on the bed and could relax her grip. They lay still together for a while as she acclimated to his size, a soft moan with each breath. He waited patiently, stroking her hair. Her hands were now around his head, the ends of her slender white fingers lost in the black curls of his short hair as they kissed again.

I was so grateful for the gentleness he was showing to my wife. I stood so that I could move around and watch more closely. I admired the angles and contrast of their arms, legs and bodies together. I briefly wished that I could photograph this sexual artistry in front of me. But I knew that she intended for us all to be fully present for this experience with no distractions.

My wife moved her arms to be around his shoulders. He began to slide in and out of her very slowly. I moved to where I could see the penetration more clearly. I was transfixed by the sight of his dark cock, moist with my wife's juices and buried between her swollen pink labia lips. My emotions welled up, and I started having difficulty discerning what I was feeling.

My wife seemed to be thrusting herself upon him now. Suddenly his motions slowed and stopped as my wife climaxed. I watched her face as the waves of sexual intensity washed over her. It felt magical to watch her like this. I could easily tell that this was a peak sexual experience for her. Her body jerked a few times with the erotic spasms I've seen her have after rare and powerful orgasms. I was impressed that just a little motion of his manhood could provide her so much pleasure.

He patiently waited for her, again lightly stroking her hair. Her eyes were closed, and I knew she was just riding that cloud of contentment that she enjoys so much after cumming. I longed to kiss or caress her, but remembered my explicit role as observer.

Soon she opened her eyes and whispered to him again. Very slowly they resumed copulating, moving together now in an easy rhythm. I heard a new noise, and realized the extreme wetness of her pussy from her orgasms had substantially lubricated his cock, which made a soft, moist sound as it moved within her. I was certain I had never seen her so swollen and wet.

I could see more determination in his movements. His breathing increased, and he vocalized his pleasure more clearly. She too was moaning, and with her arms and hands she guided him more vigorously. I watched transfixed as they both built towards their climaxes. I felt that something incredible was about to happen.

And then it did. By his sounds and the change in his rhythm, it was clear that his orgasm had finally arrived. With awe I realized that his sperm and semen were now pumping through his impressive cock and deep into my wife. She gasped, and later she told me she could feel the force of his hot spray inside her.

Moments later, she came again. The two of them bucked together, their moans quite loud now, as their simultaneous orgasms peaked. During his thrusting I could see that a coating of white had appeared on his dark cock. My knees felt weak as I realized that my wife's vagina was literally full of this man's fresh cum.

This was a momentous occasion. Something incredible and wonderful had just happened. At one level I had just officially become a cuckolded husband. But it felt more significant for me that my wife had just transitioned to a new place as well. As cuckoldress, her pleasure is what exclusively mattered now. Perhaps the future would hold teasing, humiliation, and more. But this moment was focused intently on her achieving the sexual pleasure that she so deserved.

They lay there together for quite some time. I noticed he was still in her, and his penis was still quite large. I felt briefly ashamed to realize that I would certainly have been flaccid by now, and my limp cock would have already fallen out of her. Instead his thick member remained like a plug that kept all of his ejaculate inside her.

She allowed herself to float and be gently pampered again by his light attentions. He caressed her, kissed her, stroked her hair, and gave her the time and space to fully enjoy these moments. The beauty and joy of it all overtook me and I quietly wept.

Through my tears I barely noticed her whisper to him again. He reached over and put out one of the candles, and then returned to her. I recognized the cue and pulled the hood back over my head. The dampness on my cheeks made the leather slide smoothly across my face. Not wanting to make a lot of noise, I tightened just the neck buckle and then let my arms hang limply at my sides.

Time passed, perhaps half an hour. I floated in that sensation-free place, replaying the images I had just witnessed in my mind. The beauty, joy, intimacy, pleasure, and freedom that she had just experienced brought me to weep briefly again. As I waited patiently, I felt nothing negative, no resentment, no selfish sense of loss for myself. I just felt so happy for her.

Eventually I felt a hand on my shoulder. After a moment I realized she was likely waiting for me to remove the hood. I did so, my eyes adjusted again, and I saw that she had on her soft, white robe. He was gone. She motioned for me to join her as she reclined on the bed. I put my head on her chest, and she gently rubbed my scalp with her hands. My nose savored the smell of her sex, and I could still smell the scent of him on her.

She stroked my hair and we said nothing for a while. Eventually we talked, she asked many questions, and I revealed all my feelings to her. She spoke briefly of the paradise she had just visited. I listened intently, but did not pry further for details.

Although she didn't need to tell me, she wanted to be sure I understood. "As I'm sure you can tell, this was not about some male fantasy of cuckolding. This was about me and what I want. Now that you are locked away, I'm finally able to have some wonderful and very satisfying sex."

I told her that I understood and that I was very, very happy for her. I felt so connected. It wasn't long before we were both in a contented slumber.

While chastity certainly does not imply cuckolding, our focus on her pleasure being paramount makes it more than appropriate in our relationship.

I still feel so amazed at my wife for orchestrating such a clear and wondrous ceremony to commemorate, or as likes to say with a smile, "consummate", our new life together.

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