The Longest Day of My Life

Submitted by: MD

"Do you want to hear more about my little fantasy?" asked Jeff. A kind of a game, where we play for a couple hours, you tie me to the bed and tease me as much and as long as you want. You decide if and when I get to have an orgasm.

Jeff had always had fantasies about being dominated by a woman as he had heard that the denial experience is SO much more powerful, intense, erotically beautiful and of course SO much more satisfying. He understood that it is only in denial that men are able to emulate and empathize with their superiors, females - as males tend to be totally crotch minded but in denial they achieve sensuality.

Jeff had read that women are much more sensual and feel pleasure and reward in things sensual and yes, by not cumming for a prolonged time, men become more sensitive to those feelings in them in order to experience pleasure. Until now hed never had the guts to do anything about it but here was the opportunity, right in front of him.

After putting the wine down Angela approached Jeff and told him to slowly undress. As he did, he turned to the side, perhaps out of embarrassment so as not to fully expose himself to her.

She gazed at Jeffs nakedness and told him to turn around and face her. Angela had not seen many uncircumcised penises before and was in awe at the sight of this one. She did, however, know of some of the vulnerabilities and liabilities associated with uncircumcised cocks. For instance, she knew that the head, usually covered, is not exposed to the normal wear and rubbing that a circumcised penis encounters throughout the day. But, when uncovered, the uncircumcised cock is a huge bundle of nerves, ever so vulnerable to teasing. This too could prove to be a liability too much stimulation too soon would ruin the evening. And she had plans for a very long session of teasing and tormenting.

Angela told Jeff to pull his penis back a forth a few times. As he did so, she told him that this was the last time for a very long time that he would be able to control his own destiny.

Angela told him to stop. She then told Jeff to slowly pull back the foreskin, to leave it in the fully retracted position and for Jeff to put his arms at his side.

Angela asked Jeff if he was sure he wanted to do it this way - to be restrained to the bed with no possibility of release for the rest of the day, no possibility of having intercourse with her, or not even knowing if he would be allowed to ejaculate that night.

Jeffs answer was in the affirmative. She laughed a little and the smuggly said "You don't know what you are getting into!" It was a day that Jeff wouldn't soon forget.

She beckoned Jeff onto the bed where he laid on his back. Padded straps were already in place at strategic locations allowing for the arms to be secured at the wrists and legs at the ankles, with pillows to elevate his butt and head. She secured the padded restraints around Jeffs wrists and ankles and began to snap the restraints to the bed.

She finished securing his right leg to the bed, then stood back and admired her work as Jeff lay there, bound, naked and vulnerable before her. There are few compliments more encouraging than to be willingly entrusted with the cock and cum control of another. Angela knew that this was a precious responsibility.

"Excellent" pronounced Angela. "Can you move anything except your head or butt?" she asked. Jeff tried tugging on the restraints, which only lifted his butt off the bed and tightened the pull on his legs. Arching his back or flexing forward only pulled more on his arms. "No Ma'am" Jeff replied. "Good, after all we wouldn't want you to end the fun prematurely would we" she announced.

"Well, well, well, little Jeff. It looks like you are in a rather awkward predicament. Here you are naked and helpless, all locked up. I love the sight of a vulnerable cock and if you haven't figured it out yet, I own you. I have total control over you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, said Angela.

Angela continued, "This is extraordinary. I've never had the opportunity to have a guy so totally helpless.

Looking at his small penis she said Good things come in small packages, but sometimes small packages don't cum.

Angela sat down on the bed and had a closer inspection of his small but very erect package. She slowly raked her fingernails up and down Jeffs inner thigh stimulating all the exposed nerves and said "There is no way you can get out unless I let you, is there?" to which the simple answer was "No.".

How long since you last came? Angela asked as she continued her slow and methodical raking. Jeff did not reply

How long ago? she asked again, now with a slight grip to his balls. She smiled ever so sweetly. There are things a knowing woman can do to a mans soft testicles that make him quite cooperative while he lies helplessly strapped down and spread-eagle on a bed. Angela shifted her grip to his balls and weighed them. They were pretty swollen. She squeezed them a little, feeling the soft eggs inside rubbing together.

8 days ago, he gasped, anxious to answer her truthfully as the pain set in.

Eight days? You will be so anxious to cum after just a few minutes with me today, let alone the few hours I have planned for you. Men have a problem lasting more than three days without shooting a load, thats why they have to masturbate so often.

She smiled with those soft, kiss-me lips. Its too bad I cant let you shoot. So as soon as you get close, I have to stop. Then after youre not so urgent, Ill tease you again. Sort of drives a guy crazy after a while -- being teased and manipulated to the brink over and over without being allowed to shoot. This gets to be a real torture after a few times.

There was a cruelly prolonged teasing in store for him. Jeffs male organ would suffer much teasing that day. Angela now understood his desire for this treatment, but she too had a deep desire to have this type of total control over a man.

Angela couldn't resist having a little fun right away. Jeff's pulsating manhood was just too tempting. She ran her index finger lightly up and down its length while grinning at Jeff. Slowly and delicately, she pulled up and down on the foreskin of his uncircumcised penis, exposing the sensitive head and corona. She ran her finger lightly down the swelling, enjoying his first groans of frustration as her finger tips rested lightly on the sensitive end of his erection. Angela appeared in no hurry as she casually examined his cock and balls, using both hands.

"I hope you're comfortable Jeff you will be like this for a long time."

She laughed as his rock hard dick twitched under her touch. She grinned up at him impishly and deliberately slid her thumb lightly across the tip. His cock jerked frantically and he groaned in frustration. Angela ignored his agonized moans, and calmly curled her slender fingers around the rigid organ and squeezed it gently. Jeffs hips thrust forward and Angela knew what to do. She held his cock firmly and moved her hand up and down slowly. She could tell from his harsh panting that she was doing something right and she pumped his throbbing cock with a steady rhythm. When his excitement mounted to the point where his body was shaking, she paused and slid her thumb teasingly across the tip. All the time her wide eyes gazed calmly up into his.

She re-positioned herself kneeling between Jeffs legs. And taking one nut in each hand she started a careful examination of them rolling them each between her fingers and thumb. "My God these are full" she giggled. "You REALLY must need to cum by now. I can't imagine what kind of a load this is going to be if you get to cum."

If? Jeff thought. Jeff's reaction was immediate. He began thrashing around, pulling furiously at the straps that held him, but to no avail. It was fun to watch a highly aroused male, who had not cum in over a week thrusting his hips and see his cock twitch helplessly in thin air desperately seeking something to rub against. My, how the desperation sets in after only a few days of not having had an orgasm. Angela was enjoying the control that she had over him.

Very slowly and sadistically she teased poor Jeff nearly to the point of tears during these first 15 minutes using various techniques, including the use of a make-up brush on his legs and thighs, balls and shaft, but not the head ever so slowly and lightly teasing him to the point where he's right on the brink of orgasm, then just holding poor Jeff right there... never really letting him calm down, but never quite giving him enough stimulation to cum!

Peals of agonized groans ensued from his mouth as the exquisitely sensitive underside of his penis and the soft sensitive skin of his balls were gently explored by the silky, probing sable-tipped brush. Jeffs body twisted and contorted in every way possible in a feeble attempt to escape this tormenting device. Each careful stroke only added to further his maddening torment.

His body was instinctively trying to get off, doing what would normally lead to cumming. Thrusting, pumping into... nothing. Jeff was fucking the air, no release, and just more desperation.

"Uhhh uhhh", Jeffs breathing came out as grunts, and he could not speak. Jeff was so horny, so frustrated, and wondering why he had ever agreed to let her tie him up! He just need to CUM! Through his haze, he did realize that he had never had such pleasure, and such intense erotic sexual sensations, in his life. But Jeff couldn't take any more! Once again he tested the restraints, but it was hopeless.

The thick shaft of his cock had become very red and the plum sized helmet was swollen to a deep purple hue. Angela considered how excruciatingly sensitive a knob so engorged must be. His anguished smothered groans told her of his urgency under her expert manipulations. He writhed in desperate frustration, held captive by the non-yielding restraints. She knew she could continue this maddening treatment for quite some time, as long as she desired. Soon, she moved the brush up to the sides of the shaft of his cock, going up and down with almost imperceptible strokes, but with enough pressure to send tingles through his body and lightning through his cock.

Now its been almost 30 minutes since she first started working on Jeff. He's now squirming frantically, pulling at the restraints and trying desperately to raise his hips, thrusting his cock at the brush and her hands to get just a little more stimulation. But she simply withdraws the implement of torture when necessary to stop him from cumming. Jeff is moaning and whimpering, thrusting his hips furiously as she continues to taunt and torment him laughing at his futile struggle to reach his orgasm.

"Please",Jeff begged her, "your driving me crazy".

"That's the whole point", Angela teased. "Now shut up and let me make you crazy with lust." With that, she proceeded to move the brush off the shaft directly to his swollen cockhead. She swirled the brush around and around on the cockhead, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Jeffs cock was jumping around so much that it was hard for her to make consistent contact. So, she grabbed the shaft of his cock firmly with her hand, looked right into his eyes, and commanded me "Watch this."

She slide her hand up his cock, and squeezed the cockhead so that the hole was open and exposed. She then swirled the brush directly on his peehole, putting enough pressure that some of the hairs actually went down the hole. The feeling was absolutely incredible.

Angela was leaning over Jeff's face giving him a tantalizing view of her cleavage while she tickled his poor cock and swollen balls with a soft little brush. His eyes went wide as Angela removed her top and bared her rose tipped breasts before his eyes. She leaned forward and jiggled them inches from his eyes. His ties prevented him from being able to touch or taste the teasing morsels.

The incessant genital stimulation, plus the visual tease is driving him insane. He's been kept on or near the edge of orgasm for over 45 minutes now. Jeff is just sure that he can't take another second of this cruel cock-teasing torture but is painfully aware that he can't do anything to stop it either Angela has complete control of his body.

Jeff looked helplessly at the woman who was slowly busting his balls. Sitting comfortably next to him on the bed, now exposing her panties that Jeff knew he wouldn't get into today or any day for that matter - no matter what he did.

Angela continued to pose for Jeff, teasing him with her legs and panty crotch while mercilessly taunting him. She smirks and laughs as Jeff locks his eyes on the little "V" of panty between her silky smooth thighs and groans in frustration. He knows what pleasure lies beyond the silky material, but for him, it might as well be a thousand miles away. Angela spreads her legs slightly so Jeff could get a better look. He finds himself hypnotized by her crotch - staring at what must be an exquisite pussy beyond that cloth covering.

"Mmmm. poor boy -- hee hee hee -- too bad you can't have any, huh? Poor baby so worked up and just can't cum -- hee hee hee."

"I don't suppose you can get free," she said, "And I can see that my body excites you. Would you like me to show you more?" "I know how much you'd like to touch me. It's too bad you can't," she pouted, her voice a taunting, little girl imitation. "Just imagine how nice it would be to sink your cock into this pussy."

Angela reached down to slowly move her panties off to one side, exposing her bald and very beautiful vagina.

"I see you like me with no hair on my pussy," she taunted with baby talk, as she turned and lifted a leg, to give him a close up of her bald mound beneath her panties. Jeff had always fantasized about seeing a hairless slit.

She placed her legs on Jeffs shoulders and pulled his face to within an inch of her slit, again reminding poor Jeff of what he was missing that his penis will not have a chance of visiting this heavenly, sweet and divine spot. With her pussy so close to his face he tried to lift to kiss it but found it just beyond reach. Angela bunched up a pillow behind his head but still he could not reach it. "Well, she said, that's too bad. I guess you'll just have to watch if you can't reach it".

She was wet already when her fingers touched the soft swelling of her pussy lips. Jeff could only watch as her fingers and thumb parted her outer lips and her finger started to massage her labia and clit. Her fingers dipped into her pussy as she moaned in enjoyment. They came out glistening with her moisture. Her fingers slipped through the folds of her inner lips, pressing even deeper between the delicate folds. "It makes me feel soooo good." Her clitoris looked swollen to vast proportions and throbbed nicely. She came quickly. See how easy it is to cum she asked Jeff, too bad you cant!

Would Jeff ever enjoy the comforts of her moist burning depths, pumping into her until his sperm jetted into her velvety channel? Not today, not ever, she reminded him, as she again teased him with a view of her glistening pussy held inches over his face with some of her juices dripping onto him. His nose was right at the height of her pussy. Her scent was filling his nostrils.

"Is that what you want? Is it?" No answer came from Jeff. Jeff lifted his head as high as he could, hungrily offering his tongue, pleading to let him lick her and Angela slowly and teasingly lowered her pussy to it, only to back off just short of his tongue. She did this over and over, teasing poor, bound Jeff.

Angela starts back in on his penis light, but deliberate brushes to his most sensitive spots. Jeff has been reduced to whimpering pitifully soul at this point... held right on the edge just a few light strokes would take him over the top and give him the relief he so desperately needs. Angela looks on, amused and giggling as poor Jeff thrusts his tortured cock pathetically at the brushes that are once again relentlessly tormenting him. His captor keep slowing down or pulling back just as he's about to cum.

Just then, Angela looks down at Jeff, grinning wickedly and says, "Awwww poor, poor baby... thrusting and squirming like that and no way to relieve the terrible urge to reach orgasm ha ha ha ha. Too bad little man... we have a long way to go and it's only going to get worse for you I'm afraid."

Angela breaks into another lusty laugh as Jeff pull wildly at his restraints. Angela sits on his chest with her now wet clit only millimeters from his face and started playing with herself again. He lifted his head, but she took her free hand and pushed his forehead back down. "No, you can't have any," Angela scolded him. "Just watch."

And she made him watch while she came again. Angela could tell he was getting so jealous! The pressure of not being able to cum for an entire week was getting to Jeff. He was totally mesmerized by what he saw.

After her second orgasm, Angela took her wet fingers and smeared them all over his face. He just moaned. He was so turned on he couldn't speak. "What's the matter? Did you want to join in?" He just moaned again in reply. Angela took off her panties to expose her hot cunt, and turned around so she was facing his erection, and squatted over his face. He stuck out his tongue, trying to reach her love spot.

"You want to taste my pussy?" Angela asked him, keeping her hips just out of reach. Jeff was really stretching his tongue now, obscenely. "Too bad," she teased.

"You can just . . . watch, while I touch myself," she said, and started to finger her clit, moving it around in circles, to get herself going - again. Jeff was pulling hard on the restraints and making an absolute racket, but Angela was pretty certain he wouldn't be able to get loose. Slowly Angela leaned down so that her face was right in front of his hard cock.

"Oh god, your cock is so hard," she was saying between pants, "and it really wants to come, I can tell, it's bobbing back and forth, trying to jump into my mouth. You'd like me to lick it, wouldn't you? It would feel so good if I just took my tongue and ran it up the ridge. Come on, can't you stretch that little penis of yours a little further? It's so close, it's right at my lips, I can almost taste it."

Angela let a string of drool creep out of the corner of her lips onto his skin. He quivered, and she laughed a little.

"If you get your cock between my lips, I'll lick it real good, I promise. You'll come harder than you've ever come, OK?" He strained underneath her, but it was no use. He just couldn't get his cock up far enough. "It's just too small," Angela teased.

"Come on, just jam it right here," she taunted him. Jeff bucked hard, trying one last time, but she moved her wet lips out of the way.

Angela snuggled up to Jeff, rubbing her still-wet pussy against his side, and sliding a leg lazily onto his chest. "This feels good," she cooed. "If only you could have got your cock . . . right . . . here," she whispered into his ear, "you would have gotten to come too. But you didn't, so you don't get to come. I get to come as many times as I want, and you . . . you get to come only if I want you to. And I don't want you to." She reached down to give his balls a little squeeze. Jeff cringed and moaned in frustration.

Jeff is in a state of agonizing sexual frustration so desperate to cum ... practically screaming now... pleading for mercy... begging and pleading for someone anyone to please help him! All poor Jeff gets in response is more giggling as he moans and thrashes around frantically trying to cum.

Angela moves off the bed and pulls out a new device of torture. His eyes were wide as she slowly waved the feather duster across his nipples. It made even wider sweeps, as she cut the edges of the feather tips across both his nipples, making them draw up into hard little knots.

"Bet you didn't know you were so sensitive there," she laughed as he gasped at the delicate sensation. "I think you'll find it quite pleasant, but it really makes you want someone to touch your penis again, doesn't it? That's too bad - I won't touch you there at all just yet."

"Angela, please!" Jeff gasped as the feathers brushed across his nipples. "I can't stand it!" The tight knots darkened and became super sensitive as Angela teased them lightly. His hips bucked as she continued to torment his nipples for minutes that seemed like hours.

"That's too bad," Angela cooed in a taunting, little girl voice. "You'll just have to stand it a lot longer. Besides, I don't see that you can do anything about it, now can you?"

Every inch of his body was helplessly exposed to her torturous maneuvers. His penis was so stiff it looked like it might burst.

Angela knew that he won't be able to come from the light brushings that she was now applying to his shaking manhood for a good while longer. She knew she could feather the shaft and eventually build him up enough to make him come, but that would take hours, really driving him wild.

Angela applied herself to giving Jeff only the lightest touches all around his balls. He groaned, and restraints creaked as he writhed in his bonds.

Through glazed eyes Jeff saw Angela running the feathers over his genitals. "This feather duster is my new favorite." she explained to him. His cock was twitching at the air and his balls were beginning to suffer from an all too familiar dull ache. She giggled. "No, I don't think we'll let you come just yet," Angela informed him and she proceeded to hold his cock at the base with her first two fingers and her thumb.

The tickle of the feather was the next thing Jeff felt as she slowly ran the soft bristles lightly around his glans.

"Does that feel good? she mocked.

"Yes Angela."

"Do you think that this could make you shoot?"

"Yes, please Angela, please make me come", Jeff begged.

Jeff was, however, wrong on that account. While the feathers brought him maddeningly close to orgasm there was not in fact enough friction to put him over the edge. He was literally delirious at this point as Angela mocked his predicament.

Well, hearing a man beg just happens to be something that spurred Angela on to tease more and more. Nothing gets her hotter than watching a man beg and plead a woman to let him cum. Just knowing that his cock and his orgasm are in her control was quite arousing to her! It's like, the more he wants to cum, the more she wants to keep it from him. The more Jeff begs Angela to stop the "torture", the more she wants to continue it. Angela never knew she would like this so much, or that she had so much power and control over a man.

"Let's see how long I can tickle your balls without making you come," said Angela. For 15 minutes of pure erotic torture, she feathered his balls and thighs constantly, making him arch and strain, trying to come. Each time he almost reached the point of no return, Angela stopped. Then when his impending orgasm subsided, she would begin again, tickling all around, but totally avoiding his throbbing cock.

Jeffs eyes widened as he watched Angela twirling her fingers, massaging his helpless tool to release only to stop the delicate torture just a fraction of a second before relief took him. Jeff was again left weak and quivering. His dick was literally pulsing with each heartbeat. The head was swollen and almost a dark purple. The veins were standing out prominently. Jeff was truly aching to cum. Angela just ran one fingertip up and down the large vein on Jeffs cock, making it twitch even more.

One hour into this cruel torture Angela knew she had to decide in the next second whether or not to let him cum. She made up her mind: an almost wicked smile came to her face. Her eyes were shining bright. Jeff was oblivious to it all.

It was the instant of truth!

Angela had decided, but she was going to see if she could hold Jeff right here for a while longer first. She slowed her strokes and loosened her grip even further.

Jeff started to beg again, "Angela for God sake, please, PLEASE finish me. I can't take it anymore. Please I'll do anything you ask, please just make me cum! PLEASE" he went on and on.

Angela was clearly enjoying his desperation. She teased even more "Jeff, this is making be so horny I can't stand it. I need to cum just as much as you do. Maybe I need to see how good your tongue will be on my pussy. It wouldn't be fair of you to just leave me hanging if you get to cum, don't you think."

Jeff had no idea what to do or say. "Angela, I'll do anything you want. Please let me cum, please, PLEASE!" Jeff was really at the end of his ability to stand this anymore, yet this girl was merciless. She was keeping him closer to cumming than he'd ever been in his whole life, but not giving him what he needed to finally get release. He struggled against the restraints, only serving to show her just how helplessly he really was secured.

Angela kept at it, very, very slowly and lightly. Jeffs balls were sucked up nearly inside his stomach. His cockhead was bigger and darker than it had ever been. The skin on his cock was so tight it looked as if it would split. His cock was pulsing and a steady flow of precum was running out of the end of his dick on to his stomach and down his sides.

"Oh Jeff, this is making me so unbelievably wet and hot. Maybe I'll just keep you right on the edge then decide what to do about you" Angela was laughing lightly.

Precum was spilling out of the tip of Jeffs cock. Angela waited a minute until his twitching subsided, then started gathering the precum and spreading it around again, taking special care to work it into his cockhead, teasing Jeff with small strokes that only enveloped the very tip.

Please shoot for me," Angela pleaded hotly. Her little-girl voice begged him, teasing him toward spurting his seed as her steady milking brought him to the another crescendo.

Then just as he could almost pump out the geyser of his frustration in a white furious torrent, Angela suddenly stopped lasciviously pumping his swollen shaft and jerked away, laughing out loud. Jeff tossed his head back and forth in denial, clenching his thighs, trying to squeeze out his boiling juices.

His balls were swollen and heavy and his lust crazed penis was super sensitized. Shackled to the bed, he couldn't escape the touch of her long fingers as they once more tickled his fat purple plum of his dick head and tender shaft and all around his delicately sensitive ball sack.

He strained and twisted as she deliberately petted and teased him just short of release.

Ten long red fingers impelled him to orgasm, goading him helplessly toward a climax he would not be allowed to achieve. She took him almost there then cruelly denied him at the last instant, pausing to let him subside only to repeat the performance over and over.

Once she waited long enough for his cock to soften halfway before resuming the torment. Jeff was powerless to stop her as she tickled his seething come filled balls to the boiling point with her fingers and the feather duster.

She masturbated him to the brink a few more times, constantly withholding his orgasm from him.

She adeptly balanced him on the cruel point of orgasm. Suddenly at the last possible moment each time she withdrew her hands, laughing mockingly at his cries of powerless disappointment.

"It'll just get better," Angela said. "I just love to watch what happens to your body, and to your balls. I love the control I have over you. The more you think that maybe you'll get to cum, the more I'll be able to drive you crazy."

"Maybe? You can't do all this then just leave me hanging. You have to make me cum..."

"Would you like that?" Angela asked. "Oh baby, it would be so easy to make you cum now. Just the tiniest bit more and you'd explode" she teased some more.

"You want it so bad you'd do or say anything, wouldn't you? I wonder how long we can keep this up?" she giggled some more.

"Yes Angela, anything, anything at all, whatever you want I'll do, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM" Jeff was gasping, barely able to breathe.

"I have to decide now, don't I. Even I can't keep this up much longer. If I speed up, you are going to have the best cum of your life. You'll explode so hard you can't imagine what it will feel like. So now you find out what I've decided!" and she laughed hard as she stopped stroking, but just held his cock!

"NOOOO! GOD NOOOO!" screamed Jeff.

But his scream lasted only a few seconds, because Angela had decided long before this that soon would be the time. This would be an orgasm like none he had ever even come close to experiencing.

"Jeff, do you know the difference between being made to cum and being allowed to cum?" Angela asked with a disconcerting nonchalance.

"No Angela, I don't know that I do."

"Well, if I bring you to the point of cumming and then pump your dick more and more, then your orgasm would be inevitable and you would cum like never before, right?"

Cautiously Jeff answered yes.

"But if after the first squirt, if I stopped stroking, you'd keep dribbling, but it would be a pretty disappointing cum and the jism would just squirt out, but you wouldn't feel wonderful like if I kept pumping while you came and drained you dry, right?"

"I see what you mean now. No, that would be very disappointing as opposed to making me cum hard by continuing to stroke me as I came. Angela, please, don't do it the second way. When you finally do, please MAKE me cum hard, don't just let me cum. Please, Angela, PLEASE!" Jeff was begging and nearly whimpering again.

She reached to the nightstand and drew a bottle of Astroglide lubricant and dribbled some onto his cock. With deliberate slowness, looking into his eyes, she moved her hand to his cock, and closed her hand around it. Several seconds passed, as Jeff agonized with anticipation. Finally she slid her hand up, and down, rotating it to spread the lube all over his cock, then continued a slow but firm stroking.

Jeff started breathing faster, rocking back and forth, as she relentlessly pushed him towards cumming. He opened his mouth as she got him to the edge, and his hips started to lift off the bed. Angela stopped, and took her hand away. "Nooooooooooo, Angela! Don't stop!"

Angela laughed softly, watching his face and body. Then she added a little more lube to her hand, and started on his cock again. This time, she used her other hand to lightly tickle his swollen balls. Jeff couldn't stand that! He started to struggle, tugging on the restraints. As she got him close to cumming, still tickling, his head rolled back and forth. When his hips started to lift, orgasm seconds away, she stopped again! Only this time, she only stopped the stroking. Angela opened her slick hand, and pressed it on his cockhead, moving it is circles, around and around, touching only the head.

"No! Stop Angela! Please stop! I can't stand that. Noooooo!", Jeff hollered. Still rubbing, she leaned closer to his face and breathed, "I know, Jeff. That's why you are tied up." After less than a minute, she pulled her hand back. Jeff collapsed back onto the bed, quivering.

"I'm going to tease your balls until you are begging to come."

She poured some more Astroglide into her hand and lifted her cupped hands to her lips to warm the gel with her breath. Her full red lips turned upward as she reached to cup his balls. Jeff closed his eyes and sighed at the feel of the warm gel and slippery silk enveloping his balls.

He groaned as Angela cupped his swollen balls like delicate eggs, letting him feel the wet warmth of her hands around his scrotum. Then slowly and gently she began to massage his swollen testicles.

He thrust his hips up as she tended to his balls. Teased and aroused, there was no way he could resist her expert ministrations. She smiled, knowing exactly what she was making him feel.

"Come for me Jeff," she cooed, coaxing him toward orgasm. "Come for me." The warm sensation on his overly teased balls and her soft whispered entreaties was too much to stand. Suddenly, just as he was about to spurt, she removed her hand, leaving him horny and still hard.

"There, there," Angela teased, continuing to stroke and massage his balls. "You were so close, weren't you? Let's do that some more!" Jeff couldn't resist her exquisite hands around his balls. Minutes later, he was about to climax again, when she stopped again, laughing.

Several more times she brought him on, nearly making him come just by massaging his balls.

Angela hadn't even started to stroke Jeff yet, she had just spread the lube all over his dick, concentrating on head play. She was now holding his cock right under the head and spreading the mixture of lube and precum all over his glans. Jeff was moaning and squirming harder than ever.

As she slowly started to stroke him, lightly and slowly, building him up as slow as she could she started taunting "Do you think this time is it, Jeff? You must really, really need to cum by now! Remember, don't hold back, try to cum as hard as you can. This might be the time. It has to be soon you know. This could be the time Jeff. Oh God you feel hard, I don't think I can resist making you cum this time." At this point she slid one hand down and cupped his balls "Oh God these are full, I think we have to drain them soon! Of course you still don't know if you answered the question correctly, do you? If not we might have to wait until tomorrow top cum and stay locked like this all night long. Could you stand that Jeff?"

Jeff nearly screamed "NO! For God' sake Angela, you've got to make me cum!"

With more lube on her hands, she started stroking his cock, two quick strokes followed by several slow ones, again and again, building him up quickly towards the climax that he needed so much. As Jeff got close, his body squirming on the bed, she slowed down, more and more, until each stroke took several seconds. Jeff tried, really tried, to cum on every stroke, but it was just a LITTLE too slow! So close, almost there, just a little faster.

Angela laughed her sweet, wicked laugh, and Jeff realized he had been moaning. "What's wrong, Jeff? Don't you like my hands stroking your cock? Aren't you going to cum for me?", she said. "I ..... can't, Angela! Stroke me a little faster, please!" "No, I like this speed. I like how it makes you try so hard to cum. In fact, it makes ME want to cum again!"

She continued for several more minutes, stroking and squeezing, then started moving her hand a little faster. "OOOOOOoooo", he groaned, feeling his hot cum start to move, his hips lifting involuntarily in his agony of anticipation. "Angela, please, oh please ....."

With one last flick of her wrist, she pulled her hand up and off his raging hardness. Pausing only to reach to the nightstand again, she moved up to straddle his shoulders. Jeffs eyes were wide, both in horror that she had denied his climax again, and in awe of her beautiful, powerful pussy directly before his eyes. This time, she spread her lips with one hand, and pressed her thumb to her clit with the other.

"Look, Jeff", she murmured, "Watch me cum again!" Her hips rocked gently as her pleasure grew. "I can cum any time I want to, you know. I really don't need you." Angela lowered her crotch to within inches of Jeffs eyes. He could see her lips pulsing, slick with her juices.

"Don't you wish this was your cock going in and out of my pussy, Jeff?", Angela teased. "My pussy is as hot, wet, and tight as its ever been".

"Oh, ohhhh, OHHHHH", she wailed, throwing her head back as she climaxed, her hot cum liquid dripping on his face! Somehow he felt her orgasm in his own body, quivering and shaking as she came right in front of his eyes.

Angela collapsed on the bed beside him, gasping for breath. Her hand went to his belly, then slowly slid down. "Wow!", she whispered in his ear, "That was wonderful! Cumming is just SO GOOD, don't you think? Letting out all that sexual tension! Oh, but you haven't cum yet, Jeff, have you? All that tension is still building up inside you. You must be ready to burst! I'm gonna have to make sure you cum real soon, baby."

Angela returned to slowly stroking his manhood and kept building Jeff towards orgasm. He was very close now. She slowed down even more, paying careful attention. Holding his balls, feeling them tighten. "It would be so easy to make you explode now. It would feel so good, wouldn't it? Well, do you think this is the time Jeff?"

Jeff just groaned.

"Answer me Jeff, do you think this is it?" Angela asked as she very slowly continued to push Jeff even closer. A few more strokes and it would be over she knew.

"Angela, please, for God's sake PLEASE make it this time, please!" Jeff begged.

Jeff was there: if she kept it up he would cum. Instead she started just barely touching and stimulating those most sensitive spots she had discovered and holding Jeff on the very brink. Not enough to trigger his cumming, but enough to keep him from backing off at all either.

"Oh I love this part Jeff, I can keep you right on the edge for a very long time. Then I can either just stop, or I could give you some good firm strokes and you'd have the most intense orgasm of your life, wouldn't you?" Angela just kept touching and touching his cockhead and corona and gently massaging his balls. "Are you trying to cum Jeff, don't forget to try!" She teased some more.

Jeff couldn't believe the sensation. This was the closest he'd been yet. There was no way she could stop. He strained to cum. Just a little bit more.

Then Angela said "Okay" and wrapped both hand around his shaft and started to pump. Jeff tensed, this was it he was positive. One stroke, a second then NOTHING!

Angela laughed "Oh GOD that makes me wet, Jeff you are such a gem. You really were trying to cum at last, see what a difference it makes!"

Then, painfully slowly, she began sliding her hand up and down the shaft, practically paralyzing him with pleasure. Jeff thrust up, trying to move his cock against her hand just a bit faster, needing just a teeny bit more speed to trigger his orgasm, but Angela simply let go of his cock, warning him "If you don't hold completely still, babe, I won't touch you at all! The only way your poor little cock is going to get any relief at all is to be still and not move, or you'll be sorry!"

Jeffs cock was twitching more than Angela had ever seen. The little spasms and contractions lasted for nearly a minute. Angela was right - Jeff had been truly trying to cum, not holding back at all. It made his frustration much greater when she finally stopped this time. His body sagged. He actually sighed so hard he sobbed.

"Jeff, you look like your poor cock is going to explode any second. I've never seen you this hard, or this horny! And, where'd your balls go? They're drawn up so tight, I think they've disappeared!", she giggled.

And after a 10 second pause she started stroking again. Not the slow agonizingly loose ones she'd been doing for the past fifteen minutes or so, but firm, steady strokes at the pace of about one a second. Straining at his bonds, his whole being centered on his cock, Jeff felt his cum boil up from deep within, and rise to the surface yet again, as it had been teased from him so many times over the past hour or so.

Angela started stroking him again. As she did she added more oil, so the lubrication was high and the friction was low. She gave him ten very firm, fast, full strokes. "Do you know what they say in the book Joy of Sex?" she asked? Dr. Comfort says that a man can't stand more than about 10 minutes of "Slow Masturbation". I think more like 25 would be the right time, what do you think?

"No, please" Jeff begged, "Please don't do this."

She just smiled again, and poured a bit more oil on his cock. You already told me this is what you want she said. Ignoring Jeffs pleadings, Angela spent the hour giving his cock 10 hard, fast strokes alternating with 10 slow ones. Sometimes the slow ones would be hand over hand, from tip to base, sometimes the opposite. When he got very close, Angela would wrap her left hand around the shaft of his cock very firmly which would make the head bloat even more and turn a darker shade of purple. Then she would pour a bit more oil in her right palm and slowly and gently rotate her palm clockwise over the head, being sure to just graze the glans.


All of a sudden, Angela stopped all stimulation and left the room and waited for the erection to subside. After waiting a short while, she returned to the room and to Jeffs pleadings to get him off. Ignoring all of his requests for continued stimulation, she used some ice water on a washcloth to reduce the swollen penis to its normal, shriveled size. She immediately placed the chastity device back onto Jeffs now sore, short and very frustrated penis and told him Maybe another day you will get to cum, maybe you wont.

ALTERNATE ENDING (only if Jeff has been really good since his last approved ejaculation):

Finally, Angela gripped slightly firmer on his cock, and stroked him much faster -perfect to make him explode, and in about 20 seconds that is exactly what he did.

The first shot was a thick rope of gooey cum that literally shot through the air and went over the head of the bed making an audible splat on the headboard. It was by far the biggest gush of cum Angela had ever seen. She was amazed as his orgasm continued, the next three or four shots were nearly has powerful. She kept her perfect pace on his cock as jet after jet of cum shot out of Jeffs prick.

"YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Jeff screamed.

Every muscle in Jeffs body was contracted as he came and came and came! Finally it started to subside, but Angela kept up the stroking. Jeff's tension was easing but he was still cumming. He was how spewing cum like the start of an average man's orgasm. There were still healthy globs of cum slapping out on to his stomach. It must have been nearly 30 seconds before it was completely over.

Angela finally stopped pumping, but just held his still hard massive cock in both hands. Jeff's eyes were shut. His body was visibly relaxing. His breathing and pulse were slowly approaching normal. Angela could feel his pulse in his cock which was just now beginning to soften.

Neither of them made a sound. Angela had been absolutely transfixed. She could not believe what she had just witnessed. Never had she dreamed an orgasm of the magnitude she'd just observed was possible.

The End

Implements of torture, tease and torment:

  • Wrist and ankle restraints
  • Perhaps other restraints?
  • Angora sweater or glove
  • Pantyhose / nylons
  • Ostrich feather
  • Make-up brush
  • Very soft model paint brush
  • Feather duster
  • AstroGlide
  • ProLong
  • Blindfold


  • She does get on Jeffs face for as many orgasms as she demands - he must give really good ones otherwise he will never get one of his own IF he even gets one !!!
  • Use ProLong or other penile desentisitizing cream instead of AstroGlide lube to reduce the feelings on his penis and to pro-long the teasing, suffering and agony
  • Double or triple all the times listed in the story as time permits, i.e., 15 minutes becomes 30 or even 45 minutes, etc


  • Room temperature
  • Use bathroom before you start-you wont have a chance once tied up
  • Have Jeff take a Viagra or two to ensure that his penis stays erect for a very long time dont want to have any accidental down time, do we?

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