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My sister Donna lives over on the coast, several hundred miles from me. I hadn't seen her for a few years, and thought it would be great if I could visit. And, I'd have a chance at playing in the ocean, too. I contacted her. She invited me over.

Since I write for a living, I could take my laptop and keep up with my work during my visit. What to do about my chastity device -- that was a different problem. I didn't want to take the key, as I anticipated too much temptation at the beach. And yet, I didn't want to leave it and have to take extreme measures in case of emergency.

The "key" is actually a sort of screwdriver, My device locks with a screw which requires a special screwdriver to torque it in or take it out. This system does away with the need for a padlock (and the unsightly lines a padlock sometimes makes). I have the high security option, so there's no going to the hardware store and getting the appropriate tool. The store won't have it or be able to get it.

A pal of mine, Jacob, turned out to be the solution. I packaged the key and addressed it to me at my sister's address. Jacob agreed to send it overnight if I should call and ask for it. Jacob is very reliable, and I felt okay about this arrangement.

The drive across country to my sister's home was uneventful. She has a guest bedroom which was all ready for me. We had a good time catching up, and Donna said I could stay as long as I wished. We made plans to go to the beach the next day.

The beach was all I hoped it would be. Donna's friend Irene went with us. Both the women are curvy and sexy, especially in their bikinis. I was glad I had my device under my swim trunks, or my erection would have been very evident.

We had fun playing in the surf. One game was for the three of us to race toward an incoming wave, dive in, and see who came up the farthest out. I saw Donna say something to Irene before one of our races, but thought nothing of it, even though they looked at me and giggled.

We ran and dived, and while I was under water I felt a tug at my trunks. Then there was another, and between them the two girls dragged the swim suit completely off me. We were in waist-high surf. They laughed at my distress and played keep away with the trunks.

"Okay Donna, that's enough," I yelled over the sound of the surf. "Give me back my trunks."

"Come and get them," she laughed.

The two of them ran out of the ocean and sat on our beach blanket, watching my predicament.

I continued shouting at them to give back my pants. Donna yelled back that I would have to come get them. They were having a great time.

The beach was not crowded. When it seemed most of the people were looking the other way, I made a mad dash to the blanket and grabbed my shorts.

"My goodness, what's that on your penis?" Donna asked wide-eyed.

"Never mind," I said embarrassedly struggling into the wet trunks.

"Oh, I know what that is," Irene said. "That's a chastity device. I had a boyfriend once who liked to play with them."

Donna was all questions then, and I eventually had to explain to her that I used it to control my masturbation urges.

"Oh yeah," she said. "I remember how you used to play with yourself all the time when we were kids. So that's something that followed you into adulthood, huh?. But don't you have the key? Can't you just get out whenever you want to jack off?"

"There is a key, but I don't have it with me," I said.

I explained that I had a friend hold the key and only give it to me about once every week.

"But, what if you had some kind of emergency, like you almost had here at the beach?" Both of them thought this was funny.

"My friend will send the key."

I explained about how Jacob would immediately ship the key to me at her house if I called him.

"How long have you had the device on this time," Irene asked.

"Well, it was five days when I left home. I guess it's a week now."

"My," said Donna. "You must be getting uncomfortable by now with all these sexy beach bunnies out here. Don't you wish you had the key with you?"

"Well, sort of," I said, still embarrassed. "But the point of wearing the device is to keep me from doing anything about my 'discomfort'."

"Still, I worry about you having some kind of emergency while you are here with me. I'd feel much better if you called your friend and had him send the key," Donna said.

Donna sounded very sincere. She dug her cell phone out of her beach bag and had me make the call right then and there.

Two days later, I suddenly realized that I hadn't received the key. I told Donna I was somewhat anxious and thought I would call Jacob again.

"Oh, FedEx brought your package yesterday," she said. "I have it and it's securely hidden away."

"What? But Donna, I'll need it pretty soon. I've never gone over ten days before."

"It's about time we have a talk," Donna said with a serious look on her face. "I've been recalling some things from our childhood when you weren't very nice to me, and I've made a decision.

"Do you remember how you used to grab me, pull down my panties and spank me?" I did remember, but I stayed quiet. "Well, it occurred to me that I now have a chance at some revenge for all that mistreatment."

"But Donna," I stammered. "We were kids. I was just playing around. I thought you were too."

"It was pretty painful 'play' for me. And embarrassing, too. You're two years older and a lot stronger. I didn't have much choice in the matter."

"Well, I'm sorry about that, Donna, but we're all grown up now. I'm sure not about to spank you now."

"No, you're not. But still, turnabout is fair play, isn't that how the saying goes? I've made a decision." This sounded ominous.

"Wh- what have you decided?"

"I'm glad you asked. I've decided that when you tell me you want out of your chastity device, I will say 'Okay'."

That was a relief. I opened my mouth tell her, but she interrupted me. "The only provision is that I will spank you before letting you out."

"What? But Donna, I'm not a child."

"Spankings are supposed to be for bad behavior," she replied. "I never deserved the many spankings you gave me. That was bad behavior on your part. Now, you'll get your belated punishment for your bad behavior."

"Oh gee. Okay, I want out of this thing now. So go ahead and spank me and get it over with." I was thinking that she was a girl, not very strong, how bad could it be?

"All right, take off your pants while I go get the paddle."

"What? What's with the pants and the paddle? Just spank me and get it done with."

"Oh no. You get your spanking on your bare butt, bent over the back of the couch, and with the paddle Irene loaned me. Now, do you want your spanking now, or do you want to think it over? I should add that your spanking will consist in one hundred swats with the paddle. I will stop any time you tell me you can't take it any more, but I won't unlock your device if you tell me to stop before one hundred."

"Donna," I said angrily. "This is going beyond playing in the surf with my swim trunks. This is ... bad. Severely bad. Now cut it out and give me my key."

"I've told you my conditions," she said. "Decide."

"Okay, okay. Get your blasted paddle."

I took off my pants, but left my jockey style briefs on. Donna came back with what looked like a leather paddle they use in college sororities for hazing newbies.

"This is a nice paddle Irene gave me. It's made of two layers of latigo leather with a steel spring inside. So it's more flexible than a wooden paddle. What are you doing with your underwear still on?"

"That looks murderous," I said. "And I'm embarrassed to take off my briefs."

"Strip, Buster. That's part of the condition for getting free of your chastity device."

So I pulled off my underwear. Then she made me bend over the back of her couch. "Spread your feet apart," she instructed. "I want to have everything available." I did as she said.

"All right. Now, I want you to do the counting here. I want to concentrate on efficient stroking. So count each swat. If you miss one, it doesn't count, and we'll have to do it over."

"Donna this is awful," I said. My butt was in the air, the highest point of my body now. I was very embarrassed.

A loud smack of the paddle against my backside was her answer. I jumped and yelled. It hurt like crazy. It was followed by another, and I thought it must have raised a blister.

"I can't hear your count," Donna said. "How long are you going to let this go on before you start?"

Whack. "Three," I yelped.

"Oh no," she replied. "You haven't counted anything yet.

"God, One!" I shouted before she could hit me again.

By the time I counted to ten, I had tears in my eyes and was putting my hands back to shield my burning buttocks. My feet were dancing and kicking behind the couch, and one accidently kicked Donna.

"We can't have this," she said. "Stay still there. You can have a rest. I'll be right back."

My butt was on fire. It was very nice to have a respite from the awful paddling. Donna was back too quickly. She had some nylon rope, which she quickly used to tie my hands to the front legs of the couch. Then she went around and tied my ankles well apart to the back legs. I ended up pretty much unable to move.

"Now, that's better. Where were we? Oh, I remember!" and there was another swish and splat!

I jumped as much as the ropes let me and yelled.

"What was that?" She said as she took another swing. "I didn't hear the number."

"It was eleven," I shouted. "And this was twelve. Oh, please don't hit so hard!"

"I seem to remember saying that to you when you used to spank me," she said. "You didn't pay any attention."

The terrible paddling went on until it reached twenty, and I just couldn't take it any more. I told her to stop, hoping she would keep her promise. She did.

"You know, though," Donna said, "You don't get out of the device until you take a full hundred the next time."

"It hurts terrible, Donna," I wailed. "I won't never be able to take that many."

"Well, sissy, just remember that I couldn't stop the spankings back then, either. You're getting just what you earned with your bad behavior."

Donna left me there, stretched naked and crying, over the back of the couch. She came back with her camera and I could hear her taking several pictures. She showed me one of my flaming rear end, with just a silvery glint of my chastity device showing between my legs.

"When you want to try again, just let me know," she told me jauntily.

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