Adjusting the OG Ratio

Submitted by: Becky

It was about 2 years ago I meet Jen at a party of some mutual friends. I'm a little bit of a shy person and have always had trouble meeting a talking to attractive women. A friend introduced us and help kick the conversation off. I've always found girls with an Irish accent a real turn on and Jen has one, Not really thick as she moved from Ireland when she was quite young, but it was so hot.

She wasn't supermodel thin but she has a nice hourglass shaped figure and everything was in proportion. I've never really been a fan of really thin girls but I her figure was very attractive to me although she was probably getting towards the top end of her BMI, but it didn't bother me in the slightest she was gorgeous. She also had stunning long red hair which is really attractive to me, actually she was pretty much the perfect package visually.

We all chatted for a while and after a few more drinks all seamed to be going well, gradually others drifted away from the conversation and soon it was just Jen and I chatting. She was really easy to talk to and we had a lot in common. She is a consultant in a computer firm and I was a freelance tech, amatuer programmer, did some graphic design and websites. I discovered she loved to ride motorcycles which is something I have done nearly all my life. I found out she was single and looking for a relationship. We chatted all night about lots of things and I felt really attracted to her and more than just physically.

When the evening started to come to an end I felt I had to go for it and ask her for another date. Being a bit shy its always been hard for me to ask girls out and then I usually screwed up the date somehow but tonight I'd had a couple of drinks and I said to myself 'what are you doing, she's gorgeous, we have a lot of similar interests, you gotta ask her out' what's the worst that could happen.

I had a sudden attack of butterflies and said 'So ... Jen I was wondering .. If you .. might like too..' and before I could finish she said "Yes ... Id like to see you again" well I could have nearly fainted in on the spot but at the same time could have done cartwheels all the way home.

We had another drink, the party ended, we exchanged phone numbers and it was time to leave the party. I really didn't want it to end because I'd really enjoyed being with and talking to her. I walked her out to her car and said goodnight which seamed to linger a bit, I really wanted to kiss her and it must have been the alcohol because I thought what the hell, and I did!. She hugged me back, jumped in her car and drove off. I was on such a high.

The next day I rang Jen and asked I she'd like to go for dinner and a movie maybe and she said no!. Oh ok I didn't know what to say, there was a short pause and then she said "Its Sunday, its a nice sunny day, lets go for a ride down the coast and have lunch somewhere" for a moment I thought she had changed her mind about seeing me again, what a relief "she gave me her address and asked me to come and pick her up.

When I arrived Jen had her bike out and was nearly ready to go, she looked so hot in leathers. She said "I've heard about this place just down the coast I'd like to check out is that ok with you" I said "Sure" to be honest, I really didn't care where we went I was just happy to spend some time with her. We headed out of town and I guess we rode for about an hour or so. Riding down the coast on a warm sunday morning is an awesome thing on its own. The views along the coast are truly spectacular, and the one on the bike in front of me was as well.

After a while we pulled into what looked like a farm. All the grass was nicely cut, it had beautiful view of the ocean in one direction and the green grass rolled all the way back to some mountains a couple of miles away. They had a restaurant on the ocean side of the complex. We went in and had a really nice meal sitting next to a window with a really spectacular view of the water.

When we were finished the waitress brought our bill and I said "Its a really beautiful spot you have here" the waitress said "thanks, yes it is". Jen said "a friend told me I had to come and check this place out what do you do here?" "Its holiday farm". "We have a number of rooms out the back, mostly people come down from the city for the weekend. In the holiday season people stay longer and take advantage of the many and varied facilities we have here." Jen said awesome, do you have some brochures I can take?. The waitress went off and came back with a handful of brochures and gave them to Jen, she put them in her jacket, we paid our bill and headed back to her place. She said she'd really like to ask me in but it was late in the afternoon and she had to finish off some work for a presentation at work tomorrow and to be honest I had heaps of stuff to do as well, so I left it at that, said goodbye, we kissed again and I headed home.

I had a busy week that week but I had trouble concentrating, thinking about Jen all the time. We spoke on the phone a coupe of times during that week, just normal stuff though. On thursday I rang Jen again and asked if she'd like to get together again on the weekend. She said yes. I was so excited. Jen said she'd been reading the brochures the waitress gave to her and suggested we go back to the holiday farm for the weekend, some of the stuff they do there sounds really amazing. I thought to myself Wow!, I might even get lucky this weekend and agreed immediately. Good she said, I've booked us in, come around to my place after work tomorrow and we'll head down in my car.

I packed a bag with what I thought I would need for the weekend and went to bed. Fri after work I went home got changed, grabbed my bag and went to Jen's place. Jumped in the car and we headed off. Although we talked in the car it was just general stuff, all the while I was thinking to myself I think I might be in love with this girl.

Arriving at the farm we were greeted by the receptionist and given our room keys. The receptionist said, "are you excited about the costume party tonight?" Jen quickly said oh yes and looked at me with and little sly grin. I said costume party? I don't have any gear with me to go to a costume party and she said "dont worry they provide all the costumes and I have chosen one for you" I thought ok what the hell, it should be fun anyway, and went along with it.

The receptionist said leave your bags there we'll get the porter to bring them to your rooms shortly. Your rooms are ready now and your costumes are waiting you should go and get changed, the party is just getting started in the club room. I thought wow great service they have here. We grabbed our keys and headed off to our rooms.

I got a bit of shock when I saw what was laid out on the bed for me though, or lack of it really, little more than a pair of leather shorts and what appeared to be some bondage gear, some cuffs, what looked like a some kind of harness and something I later found out was a leather hood. Surely she doesn't expect me to wear this in public, I immediately rang Jens room and she said "yes honey I want you to wear it for me, this is a fetish farm everyone will be in similar gear, Please will you wear it for me?". My heart sank, I've never done anything like this before, I thought about it for a minute but eventually agreed. "Now go and have a shower and get ready.. Please?".

I agreed and hung up. I stripped down, got in and had a nice long shower. After, when I came out of the bathroom I noticed, my bags haven't arrive yet? I did think too much about it I figured the were busy with every one checking in and would get to it eventually. That's when I realised the clothes I had been wearing were gone along with my wallet, phone and keys. Oh shit!, I rang reception and said I think someone has done over my room while I was in the shower, she said no its just the maid, your clothes are off being cleaned and your personal stuff is securely locked in our safe as per Jen's instructions, you can have it back anytime, you don't need any money this weekend though the whole weekend has been prepaid by Jen. I though ok this is a very strange hotel. The voice on the phone said "you should put on your costume and come down to the party its really starting to get warmed up down here, I think its going to be a awesome night!,. I rang Jen and told her what was happening, she said "please dont worry I said it was OK for them to do that . I wanted to make sure you would wear the costume I picked out for you that's all. Please put it on and come down to the party. You should see mine its so hot!".

So now I had to figure out how to put all this stuff on, I guess these are shorts so I'll start there, they had a zip down the front like normal shorts but it went a lot further almost around to my ass. Also they looked really small, I really didn't think they would fit me. I wiggled and struggled and eventually got them up over my ass, but I couldn't get them to do up they were too small. There seamed to still be a bit of room in the bottom though so I though If I can get them up over my hips I might be able to get them done up around my waist. I laid down on the bed, pulled them up as far as I could, sucked in my gut as much as I could and eventually got them done up. I wiggled the zipped up and man they were tight nothing down there was moving anywhere while I was wearing these. Next I grabed the cuffs and put one on each of my wrists and ankles. I have to admit thought, it was exciting to be doing something a little bit naughty.

The harness I didn't know where to start with that one, I eventually worked out 2 straps would go up over my shoulders from a 4 inch ring in the middle of my chest to another in the middle of my back. Another shorter strap at the front had a clip on it so I stretched it down and cliped it on a ring at the top of my shorts. Another strap at the back seamed to line up with another ring on my shorts so I attached it there. 2 last straps went around the sides of my chest and attached to the ring at the back.

I didn't really want to wear the hood but I took it with me and went down to the party. I met Jen at the door she said "wow you look great", I said "thanks you were right about your costume, its really hot". She was wearing a short leather skirt and a corset, fishnets and knee length high heel boots. She smiled and said thanks, where's your hood though. I said I didn't really want to wear it. She said "oh don't be silly, look around all the other boys are wearing theirs, put it on for me". Reluctantly I said ok and stretched it down over my head it was pretty snug and constricting. Jen pulled the zipper down the back and I heard a click. "what was that" I said "I want you to keep it on all night for me so I've put a small padlock in so you cant take it off" She spun me around and said Let me look at you, I was a bit worried, it was going to get pretty uncomfortable after a while. She smiled and said "Thanks you look awesome we're gonna have some fun tonight its only for a few hours" She fiddled with something in the front of my shorts and I heard another click. I looked down and there was another padlock in the front of my shorts locking the belt and zipper shut. She looked at me and said "I don't want these coming off either, now lets go and have some fun".

We had couple of drinks, danced for a while, wandered about for bit checking out some of considerable bondage furniture in the room. We locked each other to some of the devices for a while. Jen wanted to chat to some of the other girls for a while so I was locked in some stocks and left there. Jen seemed to be gone for quite a while but eventually bounced back with excitement on her face "You gotta come and check this out".

She released me and dragged me around into another part of the room where there was some more fetish stuff mounted on the wall.

"Look at this"

"what are they"

"modern day chastity devices" she said

On closer inspection there were devices for both men and women, she was so intrigued by these things we looked at them for ages.

"Look the female device is made of steel, completely covers her clit and vagina and locks around the waist. There's no way I'd be able to touch myself let alone have sex with that thing on" she said then continued "oh god the thought of that is making me hot! ... Look here ones for a man, the tube goes over your dick and the ring locks it on, how good is that? There'd be no masturbating in that thing"

Then she grabed me and looked straight at me and said "Take me back to my room I want to have sex right now!"

Well what does a guy say to that!, I picked her up and we were off. Back at her room she unlocked my hood, she took off her corset and skirt while I extracted myself from the hood. She lay on the bed and I said "what about my shorts"

"I want an orgasm now. Use your tongue" she demanded

I got down and with some fondling, rubbing and fingering she had the first orgasm, "I want you to use your tongue, please go again" she said, I went in again and licked her clit and pussy until what appeared to be a very satisfying second orgasm. After that she found the key to my shorts and we had intercourse until she had a third one, and I came at almost the same time.

"That was amazing!" she said "How do you like the weekend so far?"

I have to admit at that point it was probably the best night I've ever had and said "Yep mind blowing, I think I love you" and she replied "I love you too"

At that point we cuddled and pretty much fell asleep in each others arms. It'd been a big day!

Next morning I said "I need to head back to my room an get some normal clothes then we can go have breakfast" Jen said "Oh I didn't tell you you did I. They will be holding all our clothes till sunday night just before we go home. We must wear our costumes all weekend.

"What .. I cant wear these shorts all weekend"

"We must or be naked that's the only 2 choices we have. If we go out in normal clothes they will ask us to leave" I thought seriously about leaving for a few seconds but the sight of Jen in her Corset, skirt and heels won me over. I lay down on the bed and worked myself back into the shorts and did them up they were so tight around my waist and legs there was no way I could touch myself at all and thought maybe these are a leather version of those chastity devices we saw last night. I got up off the bed and Jen said "Good, the rest of it too"

"You mean I have to be in this hood all weekend"

"Yep I have to wear this corset all weekend and I assure you its no party either"

Reluctantly I put it on and the harness and we went to breakfast.

I was a bit nervous heading to the dining room but when we got there everyone else was dressed so I relaxed a bit and we had a nice breakfast. after that we sat and chatted for a while, went around to the games room and played some pool, video games and then had a nice lunch. There was heaps of other stuff to do but we were both tired so we retired to our rooms a slept for a couple of hours seeing we didn't get much last night.

A maid came in about 5 o'clock and woke me up she had a fresh costume for me, she said "You should get up, have a shower and get ready, there is another party tonight". With the memory of how last night turned out still fresh I got up straight away and headed for the shower. I met Jen at the restaurant, had dinner and went to the party. The night went pretty much the same as the previous night, drinking, dancing, some bondage play and culminating in me simulating Jen to a number of orgasms before she rode me to a mind blowing OG of my own. We were both exhausted and were soon asleep.

When I woke up Jen was already gone but had left a note. Gone to meet some of the girls for breakfast come down when you get up.

I got dressed and headed to the restaurant, Jen was there with a number of other girls. I joined them and had some breakfast. Eventually the group broke up and Jen and I had a very relaxing day doing not much at all. After lunch we wandered over the road to the beach and went for a walk. I was panicing a bit about crossing the road in our costumes but it was a very quiet road and we didn't see anyone other than guests of the farm. The time passed quickly then it was time to go home. We went back to our rooms where our normal clothes and personal stuff had been returned. I got dressed met Jen out the front and we began the journey home.

Back at Jens I thanked her for a really great weekend, and that I'd never done anything like that before. I said I was a bit nervous at first but it turned out to be really great, She said she had never done anything like that before either but really enjoyed it as well. The friend that told her about it had been trying to get her to go for ages but she never really told her why. Now she knew, she wished she had done it a lot sooner.

We kissed and hugged and I headed home. It was late we were both tired and we both had to prepare stuff for work in the morning.

Over the next couple of weeks we hooked up up a few times, I felt I was so lucky to be going out with this stunning, great girl, each time we had dinner then went to a bar or a movie usually leading back to the bedroom. But I wasn't really into the oral stuff and straight sex just didn't seem to cut it, there was something missing. Out of probably 4 encounters I think she only orgasmed once. Not that it was particularly bad we just didn't hit the heights we did at the farm.

The next week Jen said she was going to be out of town for work all week. It had been nearly a month since the farm visit and she couldn't stop thinking about it. I had been thinking about it a lot too. Wednesday arrived and the phone rang. It was Jen. "Hello I wasn't expecting to hear from you" and she suggested, how about we head down to the farm again next weekend again. I fly back in on Friday morning we can head down friday after you finish work. I immediately agreed and she said great. I'll book us in and confirm the details with you. I offered to pay for it but she no its ok we'll work it out later. She called back and confirmed we were booked in and that they were having another fetish weekend this weekend apparently they have them every month, a different theme though this time. I'm going to keep that a surprise for you. I was excited. I wonder what the theme is this time.

The rest of the week couldn't go fast enough I was aroused all the time thinking about the fun we had last time and fantasising about what the theme might be this time. I was masturbating twice a day to try and keep the tension at bay.

Quiting time on friday came and I was straight out the door, I went home and got my gear, went and picked up Jen and we were off. I spent the whole trip trying to get some clues as to what the theme was for this weekend but she wouldn't tell me. It was fun, I came up with a lot of kinky ideas none of them correct and some that even made her blush.

We arrived at the farm were greated by the receptionist as before, She said leave your bags there we'll have the porter bring them to your room, but I knew that wasn't going to happen, so I got out my keys phone and wallet and plonked them the counter and said could you put these in the safe for me?. She gave me a sly smile realising I knew about some of what was to come and said 'Sure Sir no problems' We grabbed our key and headed to the room, we only got 1 room this time.

At the room I was expecting to see some costumes laid out for us on the bed but there were none, I asked Jen "no costumes ?" she said "yes but we need to have a fitting for them this time. They will call us when they are ready to do it " so I lay on the bed and turned on the tv for a while, they had nothing but fetish and porn videos going on every channel. Jen went to the bathroom and when she came back said "Oh I see that you are excited about this weekend". My cock was bulging the front of my pants after watching the stuff on the tv. Shortly after the phone rang, they were ready to do our fittings for the costumes. We were to remove all our clothes and head to the fitting room.

They did Jen first. Her costume didn't seem that much different to the one last time. A corset, leather skirt, fishnets, did her hair and make up and some of the sexiest stripper high heels I think I've every seen. She was so hot, I can't tell you, Then one of the fitting girls said " Oh I see you like our work sir" I said " yes you've done a great job" They beckoned me over and said its your turn now.

They had me stand in front of something that looked a bit like a cross. There were two small platforms to stand on so I turned around and stepped up on to them and leaned back against the upright. Some girls moved around me, they asked me to lift my arms up so they were level with my shoulders and before I knew it both my ankles and wrists were bound to the cross. One of the girls started to wind a handle behind me and the cross started to tilt back almost to horizontal. I started to protest but Jen was right there " It's ok I know what they are up to, relax" She started to wind another handle which spread my legs wide apart, then they blindfolded me, added another strap around my waist and two round my upper thighs. I was completely immobilised .

They seamed to take a lot of measurements for a long time, much longer than Jen, and most of them around my genital area. Then they put something really cold there, must have been an ice pack or something and left it there for ages until the whole area was nearly numb from the cold. Then took a couple of final measurements. It was about then I realised, wondering what the hell they could possibly be measuring me for, It must be for one of those chastity devices. I started to protest again but almost immediately a gag went into my mouth and was buckled on. And a blindfold was put on. Sorry sir please don't interrupt us during your fitting ok said a voice. Then I heard some one say Ok we'll use this one. Next I felt a sharp pain near the end of my cock. Not too painful just like someone poked it with something with a sharp point on it. I heard some one say "hold on to that for a minute or 2 " and it kinda felt like some one was holding my dick but I could really tell as most of that area was still covered with ice packs and was pretty numb. Few minutes later other person came and said "let me see, that's looking good, ok you can fit it now"

By this point I had no idea what was going on I thought maybe it was a tattoo, hadn't seemed to be painful enough for a piercing. Then I felt someone lift up my cock and slide a ring down over it and pull my balls through it as well. Then I felt tube being installed and I knew it was the chastity device. There was no point protesting the gag in my mouth muffled almost all of sound coming out. There was little bit more fiddling and felt another twinge where the sharp point was before And heard some one say "Ok we're done".

The blindfold and the gag were removed and the table was brought back almost the vertical position. There was another woman there I hadn't seen when I came in. She said "Hi there I'm a doctor we've just performed small procedure on your willy. You won't have any adverse effects from it after this weekend so don't worry, This weekend is a D&S theme , All the women are Dommes and all the men are slaves and you must do anything your Domme desires, OK. We wanted this weekend to be as realistic as possible so you 've been fitted with a chastity device for the weekend. No cumming for any boys here this weekend understand? Unless your really good, then you might get released a little bit early .

What choice did I have, just nodded. She continued, look down here I'll explain some of the features of the device we've fitted. The whole device is made of a special hardened surgical stainless steel, so cutting it off really isn't an option, the ring around your balls is attached to the tube here. The clearance between the back of the tube and the bottom of the ring is quite tight so if you were to try and pull it off you would have to rip your balls off. In the other end of the tube is sort of like a cage around the end of your cock which will deny you access to the majority of it. And the best part, she turned it over , is we gave you a PA piercing. If you'll notice this bar goes up through your PA and out through your wee hole. So you can't remove it from your cock. Ok? I had to admit the device was beautifully made and looked really secure. Oh, she added, the device is locked by two small , high tensile security screws, These are custom made for us and each pair of screws is totally unique. So If you think you might be able to get a tool at a hardware store to open it think again. These are registered designs. The manufacturers who make them are not allowed to remake any keys without the express permission of the registered owners, which is us. They make these things for law enforcement agencies and the military so they are really serious.

I thought ok? Seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a fetish weekend but I guess she did say they wanted to make it as realistic as possible. The rest of my restraints were released and I had a chance to examine the device for myself. She was right, its definitely not coming off without the key. I said where is the key? Jen said I've got it, it was was on a chain around her neck. We were ushered out another door into a small room. This is where Jen will give you her rules for the weekend. If you are good you might get out early ok. But if your not you will be punished ok?

Soon we were alone, So .. I said a little apprehensively, the rules .. Yes Jen said. look I have to be honest with you I didn't go away for work last week I meet up with some of the girls I met from the first time we were down here. They've opened my eyes to a whole new world and brought some of my kinky fetishes to the surface , I do love you but our relationship is going to have to change a lot if we are going to stay together. One of the things I learned on my week of discovery is that I'm Bi. Our sex after we left the farm the first time was really unfufilling for me, I need something more. The orgasms you gave me here were awesome and that's what I need more regularly.

Last time we were here you demonstrated quite a submissive personality letting me do all the stuff I did to you, I was going to break up with you but the girls convinced me you might be exactly what I need, if you're willing to change. I said I love you Jen and would do almost anything for you. Ok I'm going to give you two choices one now and one before we leave to go home. I said ok. First one is we can continue on with this for the weekend doing it my way or I'll unlock your CD now and we'll go our separate ways, you'll never see me again. I thought about it for a while. I knew she wasn't a cruel or vindictive person, and I really loved her and didn't want to loose her. I thought they've pierced my cock surely it couldn't much worse and reluctantly agreed. Jen asked are you sure. I said yes I don't want to loose you. She said great.

So one other thing they didn't tell you about your CD is this black box at the top of the ring it a remote electro stimulation device. I have the remote control and it allows me to give you and pleasurable stimulation like this, she pressed button number 1 and the CD came to life. There was a slight vibration and a gentle electro stimulation applied to my cock and it felt really good, I tried to get hard almost immediately which was very quickly limited by the CD tube. Or I can punish you if you are bad like this, and before I could say a word she hit button number 5 and it felt like some one had kicked me in the nuts and I was on the floor in agony. Jen lent down and said I'm sorry darling but I need to understand the consequences of failure. Like I said its my way or the highway, That was level 5 and this thing goes up to ten. They tell me most guys pass out from the pain of a level ten punishment. I didn't want that so I said I'll do what ever you want Jen.

Ok some rules

From now on you'll always address me as Mistress,

You will be attentive to my needs and conduct yourself in a pleasant and happy manner

This weekend you will be known as Selina. If hear your real name you will be punished. ok

You are my slave.

There'll be no complaining or asking for release,

You'll do absolutely anything I say, without question or argument.

As I said before, in my week of self discovery I learned I'm BI but I've decided I prefer to be with girls so we are going to start a program of feminising you so you look a bit more attractive to me, you'll be my male lesbian partner.

When we finish here you will go immediately and shave everything except your head and eyebrows. Do your nails, I've chosen a wig for you and apply some makeup.

We've organised some high heels for you and you'll wear them the whole time we are here. I think I might put you in a corset and a collar as well.

I was pretty disappointed with the orgasm ratio after we left here last time so we are going to turn that around. I think it was 1:4, this weekend your goal is 10:1 meaning if I get 10 orgasms I may allow you to have one. I started to protest about how I would give her orgasms with my dick locked up but before I could finish she hit button 5 again and I was on the floor with aching balls . She bent down and brushed my face and said "sorry darling, what was that?", "nothing" I squeaked. She said good boy now go and clean yourself up as I instructed and meet me in the club room,

I stumbled back to our room and sat on the bed for ages thinking about my predicament. I loved Jen so much, she was the best thing that ever happen to me. I don't think I can bear being without her but at the same time I don't know if this kinky lifestyle is what I what. I've always been a bit of a shy guy and never really fitted in with the rest of 'the boys'. I don't have that many friends and I just realised quite a few of them are women. I guess I'll try it out for the weekend, and see if I can handle it.

I had a shower. I'm not particurlaly hairy guy but it still took ages to shave my legs. Then I shaved my arms, underarms, chest, pelvic region and face. What a different feeling that is, very sensual. I came out of the shower and found the collar, corset and shoes on the bed. Some nail polish, makeup and a wig on the counter. The collar had a lock with no key, So I assumed it would be there all weekend as well. I struggled to get the corset up to my waist. It seamed to have a one way action when I pull the strings it would get tighter but I could see no way to release it. Looked like it would be on all weekend as well. I thought I wont pull it too tight maybe it wont be to uncomfortable. I looked at the make up and had no clue where to start, I'm going to have to get some help with this but where, I opened the door and there was a maid standing outside which startled me a bit. Can I help you sir, she said. I stammered Ah yes I was wondering if you can help me ... I have to put on.. she cut me off saying "You'd like some help with your makeup would you sir" Yes I said thank you. She seamed to work on me for ages, do girls have to do this everytime they go out? I thought. Eventually she finished, Would you like me to do your hair as well, I said yes please. She put the wig on and brushed it, sprayed some hairspray on it to hold down some bits that wouldn't stay in place. There its done.

I turned around and looked in the mirror and wow. Was that me, I bearly recognised myself. A very feminine face looking back at me. You don't scrub up too bad the maid said and left. I spent a few minutes looking at this quite attractive face looking back a me and the phone rang it was Jen, "Selina, where are you its been ages, I anwsered Yes Jen I'll be ... " and bam, I was on the floor again with aching balls. I eventually got back to the phone and asked what was that for?. Remember our rules you will address me as Mistress this weekend. "Yes Mistress" I answered. Now get down here it's getting lonely sitting here without a partner. "Yes mistress I answered I'll be right down"

I put on the heels and stumbled around a little bit till I got used to them and headed for the club room.

When she saw me she said "Wow you look very pretty maybe we can be together after all". She kissed me on the cheek and whispered good boy in my ear.

Stand back and let me look at you, your very pretty Selina, but somethings not quite right turn around, Oh your corset is not quite right. Wait a minute. She worked at the strings for few minutes and pretty soon It felt like it was crushing my chest, my waist was so small I could barely breathe. Felt like she was trying to cut me in half. There that's better. We sat down, had a couple of drinks and chatted a little bit. I wondered when we would get down to business, 10 orgasms in 1 weekend was going to take some time and I thought we should get started if I was going to have any chance of getting one. I asked if mistress if she was ready to go back to the room, she said 'No I'm having fun here and anyway I'm not turned on enough yet. Tell you what, why don't you go out on the dance floor and dance for me, think about being a sexy girl trying to attract a mate, maybe that'll get me started.

I'm not much of a dancer at the best of times, and I probably looked like a horse trying to waltz in those heels at the beginning, but after a while I got the hang of it and eventually Mistress came and joined me and we danced for while. Had another drink or two, danced some more and eventually she whispered to me Ok I'm ready lets go back to the room. And with combinations of licking, rubbing, massage and a strap on I managed to get the count up to 4. " That was awesome, thank you Selina you've done really well, how do you feel?"

I've been aroused and hard the whole time and my cock hurts from the confinement of the CD. I don't know if I could stand any more tonight.

I want you to understand what its like to be aroused have sex and not OG. That's how I felt when we were together after the farm last time.

I'm sorry Mistress.

"That's enough for tonight I'm spent anyway" she said and pretty soon we fell asleep. Next morning we both overslept and missed breakfast. We eventually got up and mistress had a shower. She released my corset and I had a shower as well. Then it went straight back on. Mistress said " I loved your hair and make up last night did you do it yourself?"

No one of the maids did it for me.

Well I like that you were resourceful enough to get the job done properly but I want you to learn how how to do It yourself ok?


I found the maid that helped me last night and asked if she would teach me how to do it myself, she agreed. She said she had worked in a beauty parlor before and it was really quite easy to do. I'll come to your room when I'm finished my work and we can get started.

Ok Thank you.

It was just after lunch we got a knock on the door and the maid came in with all her makeup gear. We went thought all the steps foundation, eyes, blush, lips, mascara etc she showed me some different options that worked with my eyes and complexion and also how to remove it. Mistress was very impressed and might have even picked up a few tips herself.

Your very good at what you do. She said thanks

Can we pay you for your time. She said no its ok I enjoyed it.

Mistress said no I insist come with me, Wait here Selina I'll be back in a minute.

I could hear them mumbling outside the door but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

Then the talking got a bit louder and I heard Oh great I think she'll enjoy that thanks for your time. I'll send her up at 3.

Mistress came back into the room, I've negotiated a price for your make up training. She will be in staff quarters room 5 at 3, and you will give her 3 orgasms with your tongue. I probably won't let you service other women very often in the future but I think at the moment you need the practice.

Ok Mistress I'll be there

Good boy. Now do your make up again I want to see how much you have learned.

I did my make up again and did a reasonable job of it but it was no where near as good as the maid.

Mistress said, you'll get better with practice, Its getting close to three now you better head up to the maids room. I found the maids room, knocked on the door and she answered, asked me in and said "I see you've re-done your make up" and gave me a few pointers where I had gone wrong.

I thought we might start with you giving me a massage. I said ok and she got undressed and lay on the bed face down. I started with her feet and worked my way up her legs, thighs and the her back. I was so hard my cock was starting to hurt already. This was going to be a difficult task. I massaged her for about 15 min and I knew she was enjoying it, I could hear her moans of pleasure. After a while she rolled over and said ok I'm ready. I got busy and eventually brought her to 3 powerful OG's. She said thank you so much that was great. You may go now. I said thanks and headed back to our room.

I was sort of hoping mistress wasn't ready for some more servicing, my tongue was really starting to hurt, but at the same time I hoped she was so I could get a bit closer to having one myself. She wasn't, we got cleaned up, went and had dinner and then back to the club. It was a bit easier tonight, after a few drinks and some dancing I actually started to enjoy myself a little. I mustered my best feminine charms to try and get her in the mood and eventually it worked.

We went back to the room and I got the total OG count up to 8, but Mistress was spent again and to be honest I don't think I could have gone on any longer either. My tongue was sore my cock was really starting to hurt from the cd and my attempted erections were pulling the ring behind my balls and stretching my scrotum which was in turn crushing my balls. And the corset felt like it was just about to cut me in half.

Mistress again said that was great, I do love you and I think we might be able to make this work. I wasn't convinced at this point though.

Soon we were asleep. Again we overslept and missed breakfast. Mistress turned to me and said "I ran into the maid at the party last and she said you were amazing. The massage you gave her was incredible, she was so jealous that I had such a good sub.

Would you like me to give you one now?

Yes please. She got naked on the bed and I went to work. Again starting with her feet, ankles, calves, thighs, and then on to her back and shoulders. Again I new she was enjoying it from her moans of pleasure. After a while she said I'm so aroused right know I think I could almost OG. I reached down between her legs with one hand and rubbed her clit for a bit and she had a powerful OG. I thought awesome that makes 9 and I didn't even have to use my tongue.

I let her relax there for a bit savouring the moment. After a while I asked how was that ?

That was amazing!.

It was getting late in the day and almost time to leave but I still have 1 OG to go.

Mistress said you've been such a good sub this weekend, that OG was amazing and I know you have been working hard and although you've only made it to 9 I'm going to take into account the three you gave the maid and your good behaviour and let you out. I jumped up and down and shouted yes, yes, yes!

Ok I see your excited come over here and I'll unlock your CD. Lay down on the bed.

She attached some cuffs to my arms and legs and pretty soon I was spread eagled on the bed, securely tied down. She got the key and removed my CD and my cock immediately sprang to attention. She began to massage my cock time and time again to the edge and then stopping, for at least a half an hour I was so desperate to cum it wasn't funny. Then she straddled my face and I started licking her pussy until she was close to OG. She started rubbing my cock again and I kept licking her pussy. She was getting very close to OG and I was right on the edge too, then it happened she had a powerful OG and her spasms took me over the edge as well.

That was the most powerful OG I have ever had in my life!.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes and eventually she got up and released me.

Ok that makes 10. Good work. Our scene for this weekend is over, you may call me Jen again now for the time being. I told her I loved her, we kissed and hugged and she said she loved me to. It felt great.

So I guess now we have to talk about your second choice. My heart sank a bit and I had a feeling I knew what was coming and I said tentatively O.. O..k

Ok I guess you can see where this is going

Yes I said

This will be totally your choice but you have to make it here an now. I've really enjoyed this weekend and this is how I want things to continue if we stay together. Here's what I propose.

If you want to stay with me, and l'd like you to, I want you to move in with me.

You'll get rid of the majority of your male clothes and all of your male underwear. I still need you to pass as a male for some work outings, family occasions and nights out with my vanilla friends. Apart from that you'll live as a woman at all times. We will get married as man and wife but 99% of the time we will live as a lesbian couple.

You will wear this chastity device at all times and we'll decide on the OG ratio a bit later although I reserve the right to change it at any time. I will let you out when your goals have been reached as I have done today. At those times you will be strapped down and the chastity device will go back on before you are released.

You will be milked once a month to make sure you don't have any prostate problems. It'll be kind of like your period.

You will do all the house work like a good housewife and I will continue to work and bring in the money.

You will maintain an attractive figure, pleasant demeanour and appear well presented at all times.

You have experienced the price of failure and the punishment device will remain on the chastity device.

If I find any attempt to remove it or attempt to stimulate yourself without my permission you'll get level 10 I assure you it cannot be removed without the key.

Once a week you will be placed in bondage for three hours, during this time you will only address me as Mistress, this is just to help remind you who is boss. If you have displeased me at anytime there will be some punishment along with that.

You will wear this collar at all times except when I tell you, usually if we are out with straight friends and only if it can't be hidden under clothes. I will have a steel swing tag made for you and it will be attached to you at all times it will have "Owned by Mistress Jen" on it, You may attach it anywhere, the collar, your CD and I think I'll have you get you nipples pierced so it could be attached to a nipple ring if necessary.

You will get both your ears pierced so you can wear earrings.

You will let your hair and nails grow long and until its long enough you'll wear a wig.

You will keep your toenails done at all times and fingers except for vanilla outings

You keep your body clean shaven or preferably waxed.

You will wear a bra with breast forms at all times unless I say.

Later on we may look into getting you some hormone therapy so you can grow some of your own.

I should be able to give you some jobs from my work to bring in some extra money and keep you skills going, you may continue to work for your current clients from home as long as it doesn't interfere with your chores.

You will be free to leave at any time I will remove the CD but I will have nothing more to do with you, you will never see me again.

You will service me any time, anyway I desire.

Lastly I reserve the write to change these parameters at any time.

I think that's about it.

What do you think?

I said I don't know I'm going to have to think about it for a bit.

She said take your time, I understand, I'm going to go down to the bar, meet me there when you have an answer.

It must have been about an hour, I was flooded with all kinds of emotions and thoughts, Again I still couldn't bear to loose her but at the same time the lifestyle change was going to be a huge journey for me.

I eventually made my way down to the bar, and asked, so what will the OG ratio be?

Lets stick with 10:1 for the time being. that meant for every 10 OG's I gave her she would give me one.

I hesitated a little bit and eventually said yes.

Jen was really happy jumped up, kissed an hugged me and said "I hoped you say yes Thank you I'm really looking forward to our new life together". We had a celebratory drink and went back to the room and she re-installed the CD, We had our cases sent up from reception, we got dressed and headed back to Jen's place.

When we arrived I asked, when do you want to start?

A soon as possible, you will pack up your stuff and move in here as soon as you can. We can announce our engagement and plan for our wedding in about two months time. In the mean time go and get you ears and nipples pierced.

She hugged and kissed me again. Told me she loved me and I told her I loved her as well. Then I went home to get started packing.

Moving day arrived I was starting to feel a little excited, the change wasn't turning out to be that bad, the chastity device has been really hard to get used to. I'm up early every morning, I have no choice in that. My morning erections usually start while I'm asleep and soon become quite painful in the CD. I have to get up and do something to take my mind off it, but most of the time going to the toilet is enough.

Being with Jen is so great, I feel so lucky to be with such stunning, great girl, the dominant side I saw at the farm isn't part of our day to day life as long as I behave myself and it almost feels like a normal relationship, She is a loving partner and I am becoming more and more in-tune with her needs and desires.

A few weeks on, most of my furniture has been sold but we kept a lot of my electronic stuff, home theatre and computer stuff. Almost all of my male clothes are gone, except for a suit and a few other items. All my male underwear is gone.

The house work doesn't take that long to do, I can knock most of it over in the morning which leaves me with the afternoons free. I'm still able do some computer work from home and that's something I really enjoy.

I've only been punished twice, once because I wasn't doing the housework up to standard. I'd had a couple of warnings so I guess I asked for that one. The other time I found the remote for the punishment device in my CB. I immediately had a flurry of ideas about how best to destroy it, but when I reached out to pick it up it punished me. It seems it has a proximity circuit, If I get within 2 feet of the remote it will shock me. I can't tell you how much it hurts to get a level 5 punishment, It really is like getting kicked in the balls!. I really don't want to experience a level 10.

I was rolling around on the floor when the phone rang. It was Jen. Seems the remote had paged her was well and let her know what was going on. " I'm sorry honey I probably should have warned you about that, you must not touch the remote ok.?"

"Yes" I squeaked"

"Also I'll tell you now if you trigger the proximity circuit again, It will shock you at level 10, so I suggest you stay well away from it"

Oh shit! I thought.

"I'm going to leave it out from now on so you can see it and know where it is. Ok"


" Now go back to your chores I'll see you when I get home"


That night Jen cooked a really nice dinner, she felt a little bit guilty about the events earlier but then again I shouldn't have tried to mess with it. She also mentioned my CD needs to be recharged once a every 2 months. I'll plug you in while your locked up for your bondage session as it needs to charge for 3 hours.

I had to ask, although I had a pretty fair idea of the answer, and I is was right.

"What happens if it's not charged"

"Oh good question" she said " At first you'll get 10 level 1 shocks, one every minute, so you need to find the charger before the 10 minutes is up. Level one isn't painful, just enough for a warning. After that you get 3 level 5 shocks, 1 every 5 minutes. After that it will start delivering level 10 shocks, 1 every 5 minutes and even though the battery will be getting low they told me it will still have enough power to deliver about 60 of these before the battery dies completely. Would you like to test it? She said with a smile on her face"

"NO THANKS!" I replied.

"Ok I'll leave the charger near the bondage gear so we know where it is".


The bondage sessions aren't so bad we have a few devices but a device similar to this is the one we have used so far.

It helps me remember my place, and gives me time to think about ways I can please Jen. After 3 hours my arms get pretty sore, our device doesn't pull them back quite so far, so its bearable.

Jen has planned most of the wedding, as with a lot of women, she has been planning her wedding day down to the smallest detail since she was a young girl. And I will play the part of the perfect husband. Jen has allowed me to have a bucks night however the CD will not be coming off. So I'm going to have to be careful what happens, I know Jen has booked the stripper, I just know, it's going to be torture.

It was the week before the wedding, I was heading out for the bucks night. I didn't have my collar on but the cd was securely locked. Jen had booked a small function room at a local pub for us and I was really nervous, if I end up naked, handcuffed to a pole somewhere I don't think I could handle the embarrassment. I was determined not to get too drunk and it had been working so far, then the stripper arrived. She sat me in a chair in the middle of the room and started her dance. I was sure this would be one of the girls from the farm who inflict some horrific torture on me, but I was wrong she turned out to be just a normal stripper.

She danced around for a while, and she turned out to be very good, the rest of the blokes were really enjoying it, whistling and shouting, it was starting to get really painful for me. I was so hard but the CD was doing its job.

Eventually she was sitting on my knees facing me and started working on my pants. I was shitting myself, she would find my cd for sure. And she did, she zipped my pants straight back up grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room. The guys were going banana's thinking I was going to get lucky.

She dragged me into the toilet and demanded I drop my pants. I did and she gasped, what the hell is that. I reluctantly explained it all, what it was, where and how I got it, the punishment feature, the farm, everything. It was making her so hot she said I want one of these for my boyfriend. I said you have Jens number, talk to her, she will give you the details. She said thanks and demanded I finished her off. It didn't take much obviously the conversation had really turned her on. I guess we'd been gone for about half an hour but finally returned to the room with the others to a huge cheer, whistles, shouting and stuff. I guess they thought I got lucky. If they only knew the half of it.

The stripper gathered up her gear and was on the phone to Jen on the way out the door.

The rest of the night pretty much went as I'd feared it might, I ended up handcuffed to a street sign, barely conscious, in just my boxer shorts. Thank god for small mercies I suppose. I don't remember how I got there or if anyone found the locked package in my shorts. Eventually some Police officers arrived, unlocked me and delivered me home.

Jen was in complete hysterics, the officers dumped me on the lounge and although they were trying hard to be professional, they were fighting back laughter as well. Trying to keep a straight face they said goodbye and left.

The next morning I had a massive hang over, Jen couldn't stop laughing and complained about sore ribs from laughing so much. I mentioned I thought the stripper would be from the farm. She said 'No just a dancer she knew'. She said she had a phone call from her and told me how it all went and they had a long discussion about the farm and your CD. Apparently her BF is quite abusive and she'd had enough, but was unable to get out of the relationship. They were booked into the farm on a special plan, seems they really like to punish abusive men down there. They liked me so I hate to think what this guy is in for.

Jen explained Well that will be your last night out with 'the boys' so I hope you enjoyed it. To be quite honest I could have lived without it, although some of it was fun.

The wedding day was huge I can't believe how big Jens family is. The ceremony was absolutely perfect in every detail, exactly as she had planned it. She was the most stunning bride I have ever seen. We had all the photos done. We went on to the reception and I was the perfect husband.

Eventually it was time to leave. We said goodbye to everyone and the limo delivered us to the farm.

We went to our room and Jen unlocked my CD and we had great night as Man and wife. Lots of love making. I made sure she had 4 OG's before I had one. Jen was really happy, everything had gone exactly as she had planned and it had been a perfect day.

Next morning we had showers and Jen mentioned they're having another D/s weekend and I knew what that meant. There was no point trying to resist, I lay on the bed and the CD was re-installed. We put on our costumes and headed for breakfast, then had some fun playing with some of the bondage gear in the club room for a while. We went back to the restaurant and had some lunch and the waitress asked if we were coming to the show tonight. We had to ask what kind of show? She said I can't say but it will definitely be worth the effort, we don't see this kind of show here very often but they are very popular when we do. We were intrigued and decided to go.

We retired for the afternoon and got some sleep, yesterday had been a big day and we were tired.

We got a table in the showroom, sat down and had some drinks, there were various little entertainment shows, some singing , some dancing, some fetish demonstrations and other bits and pieces. It was all quite entertaining and fun. Another couple sat with us and were experiencing almost the same situation as us. We chatted for a little while, I noticed the stripper from my bucks night walk in. She sat with us for a little while and mentioned that she managed to get her boyfriend down here and they had a big night last night. Jen asked I thought you wanted to get out of that relationship? She replied I thought I did but I've spent some time with the counsellors here and they offered to help me straighten him out, and winked at Jen. Jen had pretty shocked look on her face and whispered to me. Poor guy. She said I can't sit and chat I'm the finale of the show tonight. Jen asked Are you dancing for us? She said No.

The lights dimmed and the mc came out and said its time for the finale of our show, and tonight we have something really special for you. Everyone cheered and shouted. Ok settle down he continued. Tonight we have a demonstration for you, we have a woman here, Tracy, who has been suffering in an abusive relationship for many years but she came to us and we have given her some guidance and have been teaching her how to take control of her relationship. Last night we started some training for her partner and he is progressing ok but still has a way to go. He needs some more punishment so we've decided to allow you to watch tonight. Clapping cheering whistles.

'So lets get our slave out here and we can begin.' Some music starts. 'He seems reluctant to come out.' Then he appears as if shoved from behind. He is almost naked except for a hood and a chastity device just like mine, and hands cuffed behind his back. There was a bondage table in the middle of the stage and Tracy was next to it. Get over here she ordered. He shook his head and turned to start walking off stage. Tracy hit the remote for his CD and he was on the floor in agony. Obviously the hood must have had a gag in it cause it looked like he was trying to make a lot of noise but not much was coming out. He crawled over to where the bondage bench was Tracy ordered him to stand up and bend over the bench. Some assistants came out and cuffed his legs to the bottom on one side and released his hands from behind and cuffed them to the bottom of the bench on the other side.

Tracy started to whip him with all sorts of things till he had red welts pretty much everywhere legs, back, arms and arse. She whipped him until he started to cry for her to stop. MC 'Now we are going to try a new punishment, Tracy found a video on you tube showing a technique call bollock nailing and wanted to give it a try, should we do it? ' The entire female audience shouted YES. Most of the guys weren't so sure about it. Jen and I looked at each other. 'Ok here we go. '

Obviously the subject didn't like the sound of it, when he was released from the bench he made a dash for side of stage. Tracy used the remote again, and he was soon brought back to centre stage. By now the bench had been replaced by the cross device I was locked into when my CD was fitted. He was soon attached and was tilted back, not all the way, but enough so Tracy could work on him and we could still see what was going on. He was tied down with many straps, he wasn't going anywhere. And assistant brought out a piece of board roughly 2 feet square with about a 3inch hole in the middle. It was lowered over the the subjects package and all pulled through. MC 'so now what happens is we stretch the subjects scrotum out over the edge of the board and its nailed to the board with small nails. You can see the subjects rate of breathing is increasing. I'd probably be a a bit a bit worried at this point too! ' he said as a gag. The crowd laughed.

Tracy stretched out a piece of flesh, and with a small nail and hammer nailed it to the board. All the girls cheered, all the boys couldn't watch and the subject screamed in pain. Tracy added another 8 nails and stretched his flesh out nearly all the way around the hole in the board. MC 'And that is how its done'. Tracy bowed. And that was the end of the show. MC 'We are are going to leave him on display here for a while feel free to come up and have a close look if you like, otherwise our DJ is starting now, have some more drinks and dance if you feel like it.'

I think all the girls went for a closer look. I didn't see any guys go. Jen and I had a couple of drinks, danced for a while and went back to our room and made love as we had done before. 3 OGs for Jen then I was released a synchronised OG for both of us. Later I asked would you ever do that to me? Bollock nailing? She said 'No I love you and you are a good boy. I could never be that cruel'

I thought to myself 'Thank God'

Soon we were asleep. Next day we headed home and my intensive training would begin.

Maybe more to come .... Comments welcome

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