Drifting into Femdom

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Authors note: The story is a fabrication of my mind. All names, sites, venues, although they may seem familiar to you are fictional. Only the expression of human emotions, the hardship, the pleasures and frustrations are real. This is the story of a wannabee slave and his circuitous route from attorney into a new reality involving chastity, body worship, humiliation and a new station in life.

So, it was Monday Morning at 6 AM. My alarm was about to go off but it was so noisy and unpleasant that I had trained my mind to wake up about 5 minutes before its sickening ring.

Mistress Fiona was still sleeping after a wild night partying in this large villa sitting right on the Richelieu River in Quebec. The neighbour's rooster was the back-up wake-up plan. Mistress had left me a large book of rules and regulations which I had to memorize. In it, was an Appendix of various Punishments and Discipline protocols, some were really medieval. The training was essential a journey of seven steps to success.

Sleeping was punishable by a two thousand dollar fine, a hot wax body treatment and 25 lashes from the Cat o Nine tails as well as a special Kahli's bracelet around the Penis for at least ten days and a full day and night attached outside in the rain. Most of the punishments were devilish enough but required little time for Mistress who was usually busy sipping champagne, building houses or being on the phone.

As usual, in the morning, I was promptly administered a fresh batch of proprietary mix of drugs that made me more pliant and obedient and often made me lose trace of time and place . As my Mistress often repeated, my time was worthless and I was nothing but a pathetic worm and Sissy-Maid at best. My new station in life meant abnegation, lust, suffering, an eagerness to obey and please and my yearning for any type of attention from my Mistress even if it was humilating. Without, these elements present, I was told, my value of a slave was even more dubious.

My time was essentially worthless and the value of wages was not really paid but was indicated at year-end on a T4 slip for tax purposes. The many deductions effectively reduced my wages to about $1500 per year. So far, I was indebted to my Mistress for about $88,000 and I maxed out my cards to pay it down to $58,000 last week. I was now on the verge of Bankruptcy and some last minute refinancing of property I still owned kept me temporarily solvent. My T4 slips and fictional tax reports were used at the bank to obtain loan approvals. My Mistress had conditioned me to look forward to such refinancings as she usually allowed me to make love to a sex-doll in Mistresses image.

The fines and training expenses and uniforms were quite high and the mandatory piercings and equipment purchases of me at the various stages of my initiation also were prohibitive in cost. Just last month, I was billed for the wood horse with metal studs and diamond insertions for $17,000. My Mistress had said: "It's well worth it because it's like your condo as you'll be spending many hours riding it in that moist basement while I'll be getting on with my life. "It's a priceless artefact built by chastised artisan and certified Femdom. "You're right Mistress.". I said meekly.

She said "It's actually quite cheap for a world class torture instrument. Those zirconium inserts are expensive and the design alone cost over $8000 and the electronic buttons provide bio-feedback and response capability. Drop to your knees Drippy. Now lick my boots and beg me to let you buy it from me".

I immediately got down to the floor, crawled on the floor eagerly licking her shiny black boots and I begged her on my knees and after about two hours of begging, she finally agreed to let me try it out when she came for the third time in a violent shudder of pleasure... while I had my tongue in her asshole.

I really had no more money to give because my wages as a slave was now minimum wage. To stay clear of provincial labour laws and anti-slavery statutes, Mistress had her attorney draw up a Personal Services and Training Contract.

The Contract and training equipment for slaves had been developed in the Netherlands where more tolerant mores and experimentation with maids from Indonesia and the Ukraine were possible.

After being an attorney for 20 years, mostly in Family Court, I had seen the cruel side of female revenge on their ex-husbands and mates and had been the victim myself in a calculated female campaign to evict me from this profession. I often felt like the odd man out in a field overwhelmingly controlled by female attorneys, their often bitchy assistants or trainees and judges that had a clear feminist agenda, usually stripping the guys from their assets and greatly limiting access to their kids. Some ex-husbands were put into chastity devices if they wanted access to their children.

Anything was now possible in this feminist controlled system where "Fathers for Justice" a movement of disgruntled fathers seeking justice, did not get to Square One in Court and no attorney was courageous enough or crazy enough to represent their case. But then of course, those men were clearly too emotional and out of control, trying to sue everybody from the Minister of Justice to the Child care agencies and the judges... etc.

But back to my reality of getting up at 6 AM, cleaning the floors on my knees and being restrained in one way or another.

The latest contraption my Mistress had obtained was a tongue piercing for me that attached to a rubber muffler and that effectively made my speech feeble and slurred a bit like Tom Waits.

It was quite convenient for Mistress to have me don this invisible apparatus during Parties or Catering Contracts she accepted when, I would serve canopies, dressed in sexy Maid's outfit and black fishnet stockings and high heels that gave me that "fuck me now" look. Her catering extravaganza was based on wholesale exploitation throughout the entire food chain... lol... from the abject farmer that worked 12 hours a day and grew the eco-bio foods across the street, to the recent female immigrants from North Africa that prepared the food meticulously, as well as the "free" agents that referred new contracts to her, everybody was under the firm control of her gloved hands.

Some of Mistresses more affluent female friends also had their husbands serve at the functions and Mistress would charge them for training them and would get bonuses from her Clients depending on any extra humiliations that their husbands were subjected to. Garden parties were really popular as the maid-slave-husbands usually were locked out at a certain hour while the Mistresses and their friends and lovers were left to fornicate inside. Often, it rained and the Husband Maids mascara and make-up and sissy uniforms would be soaked by morning and the Mistresses revelled in shooting pictures and videos for their off-shoot Filmdom websites.

Sooner or later, all Sissy-maids were however inevitably tattooed and given permanent make-up so that they would always look fresh and crisp so that they could serve an early breakfast or brunch to the sex-exhausted guests.

One July night, we were out in the forest looking in the rain for mushrooms, truffles, wild herbs and rare wildflowers under the guidance of Miss Alberic, a stubborn and glamorous transvestite sorcerer, with a medical degree from Brazil and training in rare herbs and magical potions. At one point, most of us got lost in the woods and we had trouble walking in the forest in the high heels that were padlocked to our sissy feet.

In the morning, I was aching from the cold and the rain and the kneeling picking up rare moss to be used for various Femdom rituals. The black bears were walking around and Miss Aalberic told us to stay clear of the blueberry bushes, solely reserved for the mamma bears, their young and Mistresses. Blueberries could be picked but had to be promptly remitted to him so that he could hide them and eventually take them back to the house It was Female Domination throughout, in the wild and elsewhere also...

I was so hungry by now that I gladly threw myself on the hallucinogenic potion that they prepared for me at the house. All objects were floating around me and I was floating myself while people around me giggled and laughed. I remember little, most faces were hazy, but I remember sucking somebody's pussy, boots and anus until the She came violently in my face.

I had finally found out how to achieve a form of inner peace and the much touted place that we all aspired to find called "simple-mind".

To be Continued...

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