My Evil Sister in Law

Submitted by: Joseph

My wife and I have been married for 8 years now, my wife Michelle is active in the military and she gets deployed every so often. She comes from a big family and is very close with her twin sister Jessica. When Michelle is home we are like one, we spend every waking moment with each other, that was till my evil sister in-law got divorced and now is living in our basement apartment. Jessica my sister in-law is like the evil side of my wife, she dates all types of men, works in a mental institution, and is always in someone's business.

My story follows as last year my wife Michelle was deployed for Iraq for a 1 year tour. I will have no physical contact with my wife for 1 year and I will be stuck living with my evil sister in-law Jessica. In my house Jessica has access to the entire house but lives in the basement and comes and goes as she pleases.

Now it has been nearly two months since my wife has been gone, I miss her so much. One Friday night I had this strange desire to put on my wife's underwear and bra and just laid in bed. I had come to realize that I enjoyed it, so I continued to wear more and more of her underwear, bras, an even her garter belt and stockings, it was a true turn on. This has become my fetish and I began to wear them at work.

Almost a month later I thought I was home alone, dressed as a woman dancing around the house, with a big surprise my sister in law caught me and videotaped this little incident. She looked at me grinned and walked away. almost a month has gone by and not a word was said, I did stop wearing them due to my embarrassment, but missed wearing my wife's underwear.

One night I was out with friends at a bar, and a beautiful girl had approached me. We were hitting it off, drinking having a good time, so good I forgot all about my wife in Iraq. One thing lead to another and we ended back at my place. Thank god my sister in-law was away for the weekend (so I thought). The girl and I continued drinking and the next thing where both passed out. After that I don't remember anything , but when I woke I found myself in my sister in-laws bedroom tied down to the bed in 5 point restraints like the ones in a mental hospital and a large rubber gag in my mouth. I had no idea what happened but I couldn't move. I heard noise from the other room but I couldn't even call for help. It felt like hours went by and my penis felt like it was on fire.

Several hours later the door opens and my sister in law Jessica is standing there with a grin from ear to ear. I felt like I was going to die. She asked, "How is my brother in law doing? I see you got yourself in to a little jam." I just laid there quietly. She then sat next to me and said this is how it's going to work from here on out. First I still have the video of you dressed in Michelles underwear, and secondly I set you up with Heather (you know the girl from last night). So, for now on, you will do as I say for the next 8 months or Michelle will find out about all this.

Jessica stood up and then removed my gag. She then said listen carefully, these keys right here control your freedom, since you can't be trusted. I asked her what that meant. With that she pulled down the covers and pointed to my penis. All I saw was a shinny piece of metal. What the fuck I said, she then said it's a chastity belt and your going to wear it, or else. Also in this bag is a whole new wardrobe for you to wear, I really enjoyed seeing you in my sisters underwear so I bought you some of your own which you will be wearing all the time. I didn't have much to say but agree. Jessica really would tell my wife. She then let me out of the restraints and said take a shower. We are going to try on your new clothes.

One whole month has passed, wearing woman's underwear, and bras, not being able to touch my own penis with my sister in law inspecting each morning and in the evening. Jessica would make comments about my new femine side and always ask how my fellows were doing. She would constantly tease me and asked if I would like my freedom back, then she just laughed.

Now we are at the 10 month mark. I haven't had sex since my wife left for Iraq, wearing woman's underwear for the last 7 months and I have forgotten what my penis looks like. One Friday night Jessica had some friends over and she insisted that I hang out and serve them. I know Jessica told her friends what she has done to me. This evening seemed like it was going to last forever, Jessica and her friends were getting drunker and drunker. Now as the night went on her friends asked me if they can see my sexy underwear and chastity belt. Man, was I was embarrassed.

Later on that night I found myself in Jessica's bed in 5 point restraints and gagged again. (She drugged me again). But this time Jessica and her friend Tina were laying in bed with me completely naked passed out. I mumbled loudly they both awoke (grinning) Jessica looked at me and asked "do you want release from you chastity belt?" I grunted loudly yes. Well then you must give me and Tina 3 organism's each. Man I was so horny I would have done nearly anything. So for the next 2 hours Jessica and Tina took turns sitting on my face and with only one my of hands released.

After the two hours had passed they both received what they wanted, and with a big surprise they re-secured my wrist and re inserted the gag, shut the lights and both left leaving me restrained and chastised still. Several hours had passed and Jessica came back and said well I'm glad to see you didn't leave and then laughed. She removed my gag and gave me some water. Now still restrained she had gotten on top of me and started to kiss my neck, rub my legs and whispered do you want out? She then took out the key and removed the belt. Freedom at last with that Jessica got back on top and rode me for hours, I was grossed out by having sex with my sister in law but I must say it was some of the best sex I ever had.

Jessica then released me and asked me if I had learned anything from this experience. I replied yes. She then asked what. I then grabbed her by her hair and began making love to her. With all that has happened, Jessica and I continue to make love and my wife was redeployed for another 9 months.

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